10.21789.   AR AR

All true deeds are extended in time.  Extension is an act of faith.  The longer the process, the more truth, security, fruitfulness, reality, wonder, and beauty it contains.

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10.16169.   AR AR

Justice is useful because there is a remedy for fear.  Anyone who observes the law is safe under the protection of the law.

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10.11784.   AR AR

The fact that you cross the road at a green light at a pedestrian crossing does not give you a 100% guarantee of safety, but it dramatically reduces the likelihood of an accident.  Accordingly, switching to red in the wrong place is also not a guarantee of disaster.

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9.1226.   AR AR

To  love  what  is  yours  is  the  safest  of  all.  You  risk  getting  beaten  for  loving  what  is  not  yours.

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10.7300. Fear of losing?   AR AR

Humility is the realization that as long as there is fear, we are safe.  Pride is when a person loses fear.

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10.18033.   AR AR

What is fear?  This is an eternal concern for your safety.  They say that's how animals live.  Reasonable people are happy and trust in being.

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10.19338. Pyramid of control.   AR AR

To protect A from B, you start C. to control C, d appears. as a result, the pyramid grows and the monster becomes so strong that it devours the host.  By the way,in the end, a piece of everything was stolen.

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10.19844.   AR AR

They are so afraid because their experience tells them that as long as they are afraid, they are safe.  Their experience does not deceive them, but the excess of fear carries an even greater danger.

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10.20146. There's no hurry.   AR AR

As long as you're in the flow, you're safe.  Do not rush to reach your goal, the slower you run, the longer the joy will last.

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10.20198.   AR AR

In the very sight of death, it is safest, for death is afraid of those who look bravely into its eyes.

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10.21021.   AR AR

In the evolutionary struggle, the weak one wins, because the poor in spirit are blessed and ready to love their enemy.  The fact that predators protect their victims, predators benefit from reproduction and the safety of their food.  The sheep who have placed themselves in the power of a prudent shepherd fall under his iron protection.

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The beginning of the book

2437. Gravitational fields.   AR AR

The  weak  like  the  strong  a  lot.  As  being  around  them  makes  the  weak  ones  feel  as  if  they  get  a  part  of  their  strength  and  get  the  feeling  of  being  safe.  That's  why  the  strong  ones  are  usually  surrounded  by  the  weak. 
And  someone  strong  becomes  even  stronger  due  to  gaining  the  aggregate  strength  of  the  weak  ones.  Now  these  people  are  the  strong  person's  supporters.  And  the  strong  one  may  use  their  energy,  knowledge,  power  and  wits.  In  a  situation  like  this  someone  strong  becomes  even  stronger  beyond  one's  own  strength.  Gradually  someone  that  strong  may  even  go  beyond  the  strength  and  turn  into  a  usual  demon  who  hates  everything  and  everyone. 

The  same  can  be  said  about  any  authority.  The  smart  ones  are  usually  surrounded  by  the  silly.  The  beautiful  ones  are  surrounded  by  the  unattractive  and  the  rich  ones-  by  the  beggars. 

However  it's  not  a  matter  of  friendship.  As  friendship  likes  equality.  Here,  it's  rather  a  matter  of  some  kind  of  symbiotic  relationship.  Slaves  need  a  master.  On  the  other  hand,  if  a  master  gets  obsessed  with  pridefulness  and  becomes  an  evil  demon,  the  slaves  will  have  hard  time.  But  if  a  master  remains  a  nice  person,  everyone  will  be  generally  happy. 

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2569. The functions of the state.   AR AR

The  main  functions  of  the  state  are  about:

Limiting  the  influence  of  those  in  power  in  order  to  prevent  them  from  enslaving  or  taking  everything  from  the  weak  ones.

Giving  people  the  feeling  of  safety  and  justice.  Making  people  more  friendly  towards  each  other.

Providing  protection  and  support  of  the  small  and  the  weak  until  it  becomes  mature  or  strong  enough.

Promulgating  ruling  philosophy,  ethics  and  moral  codes.

Providing  the  protection  of  national  economic  clans  from  any  external  threats

Reducing  the  influence  of  any  external  forces  on  the  policy  and  economics  of  the  state.

Enabling  the  operation  of  «means  of  social  mobility».

Providing  citizens  with  jobs  and  meaning  of  life.

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2735. Victory over passion.   AR AR

To  cross  the  borderline  and  see  there's  nothing  good  behind  it  and  go  back. 

One  day  when  I  was  walking  in  some  Hasidic  neighborhood  in  New  York  City  I  noticed  a  child  sitting  on  a  grill  and  hanging  out  of  the  window.  They  fit  grills  on  windows  as  protection  from  thieves.  But  hasidic  grills  were  so  strange  as  they  stuck  out  half  a  meter  and  resembled  something  like  a  semi  cage.  So  that  a  child  could  easily  hang  out  of  the  window  and  get  on  this  grill  as  if  being  in  the  street. 
I  watched  that  child  who  was  playing  in  that  window  and  couldn't  understand  the  use  of  that  grill.  And  suddenly  great  joy  thrilled  through  my  heart.  I  finally  got  it. 

A  human  being  is  curious.  And  curiosity  is  everyone's  passion.  The  only  way  to  overcome  it  is  to  give  in.  But  if  you  give  in  to  your  passion,  this  passion  may  easily  destroy  you.  And  that  grill  is  a  nice  way  to  give  in  to  the  passion  and  cross  the  borderline  but  a  protection  from  bad  consequences  as  well.  A  curious  child  wants  to  hang  out  of  the  window  to  see  what's  behind  the  borderline.  Without  a  grill  a  child  could  be  so  eager  to  get  there  and  see  the  unknown  that  it  could  result  into  falling  out  of  the  window.  The  external  world  is  cruel  and  passions  are  so  destructive  that  they  may  destroy  a  weak  human  being.  The  grill  helps  to  cross  the  borderline  and  sate  the  curiosity  by  seeing  that  there's  nothing  interesting  out  there  and  get  back  safe  and  sound.  So  it  makes  a  child  happy  to  sate  the  curiosity  by  crossing  the  borderline  and  the  grill  is  a  protection  from  what  is  behind  that  borderline. 

What's  more  interesting  about  this  method  is  that  it's  interesting  to  get  behind  the  borderline.  It's  similar  to  a  coaster.  And  the  fact  that  one  remains  safe  while  being  behind  the  borderline,  adds  some  elegance  to  it  all. 

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2837. Reaching a critical mass safely.   AR AR

Don't  try  to  do  "something  great"  in  a  crowd.  When  in  the  crowd,  be  like  everyone  else. 
But  do  whatever  you  want  while  being  alone. 

P.S.  But  it  should  be  mentioned  that  it's  not  only  something  great  that  grows  during  your  being  alone.  As  stupidity  and  heresy  grow  well  in  safety  too.  That's  why  it's  better  to  reach  some  level  of  self-awareness  and  wisdom  before  becoming  secluded  for  growing  the  great. 

It's  only  wise  people  who  need  to  become  secluded  to  get  the  enlightenment.  While  stupid  ones  get  the  opposite  result. 

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3302. A matter of survival.   AR AR

Diversity  is  a  matter  of  survival.  Something  big  and  lonely  is  vulnerable  to  any  attack.  There's  not  a  single  lock  that  can't  be  broken.  Thus,  any  system,  no  matter  how  strong,  can  be  destroyed.  But  it's  impossible  to  destroy  a  thousand  systems  as  it  takes  a  lot  of  time.  All  systems  are  different,  with  different  resilience.  While  a  virus  works  its  way  up  to  a  particular  system  or  a  dozen  ones,  another  hundred  of  them  may  notice  and  destroy  it.  They  may  even  adapt  to  it  and  find  a  way  to  survive. 

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3312. Property of love.   AR AR

Love is peace dissolved in pleasure. Love is complete safety and pure joy. Words of love - words of admiration, bringing joy and peace.

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4143. It's not a matter of their lies but a matter of why they lie.   AR AR

Lies  are  fun... 
Lying  is  a  source  of  wonder...  a  source  of  vanity. 
A  source  of  safety  and  calmness. 

They  want  to  seem  to  be  of  more  value  and  use. 

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4.208.   AR AR

Of course, the human mind itself is able to create its own morality and can program its reactions, however, universal moral values allow a person to achieve unity with other people, thus increasing its strength and security. Belonging to the universe inspires one's faith.

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4.343.   AR AR

Nightingales in a cage do not sing. The point is that creative and creative employees who need to think need freedom, security and good food to work productively.

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4.440.   AR AR

At the heart of everything is the desire of the libido to reproduce. It creates a thirst for love and a thirst for love. Having love creates the desire to work and grow to provide and protect offspring. On the desire of reproduction rest all higher dreams, such as the desire for love and sex, the desire to become a star or the desire for wealth. Vanity is a thirst for admiration, because if you are admired, you are loved. Money is strength and security, the strong and the rich are also loved. The libido wants offspring, the more the better. The mind interferes with libido fear, says, we are weak for this. The libido insists that the mind work and think more on this task.

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4.654.   AR AR

"He ate the dog in this case" means mistakes generate experience. A dog is a symbol of the devil that lurks in the details. Experience is caution, he who is cautious is safe.

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4.655.   AR AR

Take the devil into your service, the devil is a dog, he will bark when danger approaches you. Those who are cautious about the security.

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4.777.   AR AR

Depression is a chance. The person fell into depression because he stopped growing and began to wither. He had been dying for a long time, but before he died the last barrier of the security system was activated. Depression is a person's last chance to stop the degradation of personality, rethink their lives and resume growth.

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4.958.   AR AR

A   deer   lives   in   a   zoo,   she   would   rejoice   in   the   fullness   and   security,   but   no.   Squirrel   no   humility,   hope,   dooms   it   to   punishment.

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5.463.   AR AR

What does the depletion of what it means to disconnect from the power supply? When thou art a mountain, or faithful to the mountains, thou art not in danger of such an attack, for the winds love the mountains, and nothing can break the hardness of their passion.

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6.153.   AR AR

With the child you need to talk, convincing that his fears are groundless and in fact all is well. You can make him a talisman and hang on his neck or arm, instilling a sense of security. Also, the mother herself should control her anxiety and fear about the child and his being out of the house. For the fear of the mother is transmitted to the child.

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7.917.   AR AR

In fact, the subconscious (IT) needs pleasure, security and energy savings ...well, give him what he wants. And IT will be your ally.

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3.1652.   AR AR

The dependent person strives for dependence in order to gain security and get rid of fear.  But fear is pride and lust for power and possession.  Having got rid of fear, such a person turns into his opposite - megalomania, which contradicts his dependent position.  In the future, he will either console himself with illusions and self-deception, or enter into conflict and destroy the relationship where he is dependent.  However, to create a relationship, no matter where the dependence, he can not, because he is always looking for security.

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3.1653.   AR AR

Fear is pride and lack of humility.  If such a person is freed from fear, he will awaken a thirst for power and possession.  He, being dependent, looks for those who would give him safety, and then tries to seize them.  If this fails, the relationship either breaks up or becomes chronically conflicted and unhappy.

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3.2715. Girls are controversial.   AR AR

Tenderness and cowardice come from comfort and pampering.  Boys better keep it cool and encourage active play.  Girls can be kept warm and safe, it will make them good wives.

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