7.5054.   AR AR

To relax and achieve calmness, take a deep breath and exhale ...hold your breath for 30 seconds.

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10.18818.   AR AR

If you're scared, drink a glass of water and you'll feel better.

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10.19174.   AR AR

There's no point in crying, but you cry anyway.  There's no point in laughing, but laugh anyway.  Do what you want, and don't regret anything.

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10.19411. Fear needs to be drained.   AR AR

Fear accumulates and when it reaches a critical mass, a chain reaction begins to divide and break down into many new forms of fear.  Suspiciousness is the process of disintegrating a single fear that has reached a critical mass into many illusory forms.

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10.19873.   AR AR

To get rid of stress and fear, focus on your problems and think about why bad is good.

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10.20274. Three-day crying.   AR AR

If you have a grief, don't hold back your crying.  Cry for three days, then dry your tears and move on.

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10.20458.   AR AR

Fear should be sublimated into excitement, curiosity, and mindfulness.

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10.20793.   AR AR

Following the rules and control leads to the accumulation of fear and aggression in a person, which must be taken somewhere.  For this purpose, suitable sport, open conflict, the psychologist, the conversations, complaints, comfort, games, etc.

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10.21402.   AR AR

To quickly take control of yourself, calm down and overcome fear, start making rapid eye movements, shifting your gaze to the right and left from one object to another.

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10.21630.   AR AR

In the darkest hour, you can also sleep, minimizing energy consumption to a minimum.

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10.21692.   AR AR

Pull up and stretch is very healthy, devote at least five minutes a day to it.

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10.21928.   AR AR

When you feel like you're losing control, drink a glass of water.

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10.22184.   AR AR

Emotional overdose should be treated with curative hunger, fasting in food, sports, humility of the passions, peace and restraint of their desires.

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The beginning of the book

1502.   AR AR

Even  when  everything's  going  wrong,  it's  necessary  to  relax  …  exhale  …  say  to  oneself  that  such  is  life  and  keep  on  doing  things  in  a  relaxed  way…  Generally,  statistics  show  that  90  per  cent  of  problems  and  difficulties  fade  away  on  their  own.  And  if  they  didn't  fade  away,  well  then  it  was  not  meant  to  be… 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Olesy Zaharova



3118. Pure as a baby.   AR AR

Emotional  overload  reboots  and  resets  them.  Peace  and  silence  can  be  reached  not  only  by  pensive  meditation,  but  also  by  expressive  emotional  overload.  Burst  of  emotions,  wild  expressive  music,  howl,  cry,  scream,  madness,  squeal…  having  reached  the  «X»  point,  they  will  switch  conscience  to  total  peace  and  appeasement.  This  method  is  more  efficient  than  ordinary  meditation,  as  it  totally  resets  emotions  and  stress,  while  ordinary  meditation  just  slightly  reduces  stress  relative  to  average  level.

The  emotionally  reset  person  is  totally  calm.  All  the  fears  and  superfluous  emotions  leave  him.  All  that  seemed  important  and  caused  headache  seems  unimportant  and  even  funny  now.  The  person  who  poured  out  all  the  superfluous  emotions,  dirt,  fear,  and  other  stuff  is  perfectly  pure  and  empty,  as  a  baby  born  yesterday. 

P.S..  The  method  is  efficient  for  star-crossed  lovers,  for  taking  work  stress  away,  for  taking  general  negative  and  discontent  with  the  world  away,  takes  the  reality  overload  away.  It’s  good  if  it’s  necessary  to  be  reset  totally,  but  less  radical  ways  don’t  work  properly. 

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3.371.   AR AR

The meaning of half of Indian meditations is the removal of muscle spasm and tension arising from stress and tightness.  Shaking, dancing, twitching...  laugh...  and relax.  - Maybe we should have sex again. 

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4.355.   AR AR

A storm in a glass of water is a symbol of a limited and manageable scandal to relieve tension and stress. Family and other relationships useful such scandals out of nothing, to avoid these storms.

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5.187.   AR AR

In crop production, water and sun are energy, money, love, a breath of freedom, affection and moral support. Manure is a Vice to relieve tension-righteous anger, rest and sleep.

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5.415.   AR AR

Internal stress arises from the fact that it is not compensated by external stress. The voltage should either be deleted or to provoke a conflict and yelling.

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3.1684. Catharsis.   AR AR

Provoking conflict, a woman provokes a storm.  When the storm is exhausted, the man will begin to feel remorse and try to make amends.  Storm is useful, it helps to relieve stress and achieve peace of mind.

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3.1906. Energetic man.   AR AR

Freeing your head from unnecessary thoughts and emotions, you will create a void.  The void will instantly be filled with energy.

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4.1659.   AR AR

You   should   relax,   waiting   for   fear.   Having   rationally   decided   that   fear   would   disturb   you,   relax   in   advance   and   meet   your   fear   with   your   muscles   deeply   relaxed.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


4.2084.   AR AR

They tell you to relax, but no matter how you relax, your inner anxiety will always stay with you. What to do? You're too tense trying to relax. Your relaxation consumes a lot of energy. I think you'll be more relaxed without trying to relax.

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4.2086.   AR AR

Before you relax, you need to first very tense, then relaxation will be quite natural. You need to strain hard and long, strain to the limit and keep the tension until you have enough strength.

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4.3471.   AR AR

Complain or brag... or maybe share the admiration and joy, and you will feel better, you will feel good. In your head formed a joyful peace and order. You need someone who will listen to you, someone who will not say too many words and will not spoil everything. Such a person is called a psychologist or psychotherapist. A doctor who treats souls.

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4.4278. A glass of water.   AR AR

To get to collect will in a fist and force yourself to do something you do not want to drink a glass of water. A glass of pure water in a moment of time greatly strengthens willpower.

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5.1180.   AR AR

Harmless blasphemy and swearing is stress relief.

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5.1723.   AR AR

Nervous system and conversations with yourself calms best work, audio book or forced account to thirty. It is necessary to banish from the head all emotions and superfluous thoughts. Initially not breathing, then enable the audiobook to listen to.

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5.4683. Dreaming is good.   AR AR

Dreaming aloud is like dreaming, closing the Gestalt, relieving the tension of an unfulfilled desire. To calm desire, dream, talk about it.

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5.4709.   AR AR

The   problem   of   neurotics   and   schizophrenics   is   that   they   struggle   against   their   feelings   instead   of   pouring   them   out   and   relaxing.

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6.1926.   AR AR

The student is a classic neurotic. The right neurosis is a mode of growth. It is very useful for a neurotic to visit a psychologist to talk and relieve tension.

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6.2042.   AR AR

The best way to relieve stress is focused work, when no one interferes and does not stand over the soul.

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6.3521.   AR AR

If tension and aggression are not removed directly or through sublimation, the threshold level of its operation will begin to fall to the point where people will kill each other for a trivial reason. To relieve tension, useful sex, holidays and rest on weekends and holidays, personal growth, some extreme games related to sex or adrenaline, you can even just scream or talk.

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