10.6309.   AR AR

An overabundance of funds corrupts and breeds lies.  Truth is perfect and energy efficient.  There is nothing superfluous in the truth.  Truth is a wild predator that doesn't have an ounce of fat in it.

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10.7128.   AR AR

Conflict and war are the engines of evolution.  Predators, suffering from hunger, try to eat their victims, and the victims, knowing the predators, learn to defeat them.

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10.9004.   AR AR

Light a fire at night...  and all the creatures of the night will be drawn to you in an inexhaustible stream.  Many cunning predators turn on the lights to attract people to them ...and devour it.  Fire is a predator, you need to be careful with it, you need to be able to handle it.

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10.9671.   AR AR

You must understand that they have the right to lie.  Both predators and their victims have the right to lie.  Only friends can't lie to each other.  But friends should love each other and forgive each other's shortcomings.

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10.12417.   AR AR

Brains were created to lie and deceive predators.

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10.12891.   AR AR

We are people, we will win!  Man is a perfect virus, a predator that always wins.

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10.19891.   AR AR

Truth is a super-powerful weapon and a predator that nothing can resist.  It is impossible to harm the truth.  Truth does not burn in fire and does not sink in water.

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10.20230. A useful parasite.   AR AR

The shepherd is a useful parasite, which parasitizes and kills sheep, but protects them from other predators, provides food and allows them to reproduce.

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10.20902.   AR AR

The ecological niche is very dependent on predators and parasites.  To find your place in life, you need to find the predator that will devour you.  Strong predators protect their food from other predators.

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10.20904.   AR AR

The idea (love)  this is a predatory parasite that turns a person into its slave, while protecting it from other even more dangerous enemies.  Love is a predatory and cruel parasite that requires unquestioning loyalty, but it gives joy and a lot of other useful things for the body.  Love protects its slaves.  All your other enemies will just eat you up and make your life a living hell.

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10.20931.   AR AR

To find food, you need to look not for food, but for someone who will eat you.  A predator that devours you, it also creates your ecological niche and protects you from other enemies, including yourself.

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10.20936.   AR AR

If you want to eat someone, offer them protection.  Predators must take care of reproduction and protection of their victims.  On the other hand, if you need an evolutionary niche, find someone who wants to eat you and is willing to protect you for it.

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10.20967.   AR AR

The predator must be restrained, otherwise it will devour all its food and starve to death.  That's why those who can, don't really want to.

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10.21021.   AR AR

In the evolutionary struggle, the weak one wins, because the poor in spirit are blessed and ready to love their enemy.  The fact that predators protect their victims, predators benefit from reproduction and the safety of their food.  The sheep who have placed themselves in the power of a prudent shepherd fall under his iron protection.

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10.21143. It's very simple.   AR AR

Just do what you're doing and throw it in the water.  It's not your business to think who will pick it up from the water and why.  You feed your energy from the earth and the sun.  Those who eat your fruit are parasites and predators, but they are useful in protecting you and helping you reproduce.

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10.21169. Coral Paradise.   AR AR

Do not rush to devour your victims, because a predator that is restrained in killing its victims is useful for them, because it protects them from other predators.  Thus, the victim itself will seek to enslave the slow and caring predator.

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10.21570.   AR AR

People are daytime predators who were blinded by the idol of the sun.  People have poor eyesight, people don't see anything at night.  Meanwhile, night residents know that it is quite light at night, and the sky is pure white.

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The beginning of the book

375.   AR AR

more just human like
leeches, worms, mosquitoes, etc.
Predators also love,
but I'm afraid more and more.
But parasites, bastards,
not afraid...

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4.17.   AR AR

Fish very much dream of Paradise.  Stupid fish are very jealous of a Man living on a Paradise island.  Fish also want to live as human beings.  Fish thrown on the shore, fish jumping in the network.  Pisces are ignorant, they do not know that it takes a long time to evolve and work on themselves to get out of the ocean to the ground.  Fish don't know that Paradise is full of predators.  Fish do not believe that gills and lack of legs is a big problem.  Pisces is extremely stupid.

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1439. Evolution of cybernetic systems...   AR AR

Once the world was ruled by dinosaurs,
then predators,
people came for them,
Everything, as you know, passes:
kings, emperors,
the oligarchs, presidents
The time has come for corporations,
in essence its,
cold cybernetic systems,
soulless cyborgs.
cyborgs rule the world.
They were created to grow.
Inside them are little men-dwarfs
twist the gear wheel
huge machines.
Huge soul of the cyborg
knows only one goal:
...endless, insane growth,
until everything is consumed.
Less perfect forms of life-people…
- become superfluous...

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1635.   AR AR

Take  what  comes  your  way  and  don't  chase  what  runs  away  from  you. 

And  if  you  feel  like  running,  then  train  more  and  go  in  for  sport  to  work  it  out.  As  a  predator  who  runs  and  chases  goals  should  be  strong  and  enduring. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2303. You should know.   AR AR

When it comes to the Freedom of predators released into the wild. Of course, the will produce and hares, but are lazy and slow rabbits on the loose don't live long.

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2304. A trivial reason.   AR AR

The  existence  of  freedom  in  human  society  is  impossible. 

The  reason  is  very  trivial: 
People  are  too  Strong.  People  are  too  Smart. 
People  are  too  Weak.  People  are  too  Stupid. 

Freedom  sets  strong  smart  predators  free  as  well  as  silly  weak  hares. 
These  hares  won't  be  able  to  escape  predators  and  will  soon  be  eaten. 
When  all  hares  disappear,  predators  will  die  of  hunger  too. 

An  attentive  reader  may  ask:  what  about  the  balance  in  wildlife  where  hares  and  predators  manage  to  survive? 
-  The  matter  is  that  animal  power  is  limited  while  human  power  is  not.  What's  more,  animal  weakness  is  limited  too  and  human  weakness  is  not. 

Of  course,  if  humans  didn't  go  to  extremes  that  often,  everything  would  be  different.  But  we  are  who  we  are. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2358. A morning predator.   AR AR

I  like  the  Light.  When  it's  light  around,  everything  is  clear  and  easily  seen  for  miles  around. 
Light  means  understanding,  in  the  first  place.  You  understand  everything  and  it  makes  you  happy... 

Darkness,  twilight,  fog  –  all  of  them  make  things  unclear.  It  gives  way  to  mystery  and  secrets.  Clearness  and  "I  see"  disappear.  You  resemble  a  hedgehog  in  the  fog  even  to  yourself.  You're  surrounded  by  shadows  and  fears.  And  it's  really  cold  in  the  darkness... 
Darkness  and  fog  are  full  of  misunderstanding  and  deception.  You  don't  understand  anything  and  it  makes  you  unhappy... 

And  even  though  there  are  opportunities  and  nice  perspectives  for  hunting  hidden  in  the  dark,  however,  I'm  not  fond  of  darkness  and  besides  it's  possible  to  hunt  during  daytime  as  well. 
Of  course,  the  light  has  many  disadvantages.  Sometimes,  noonday  heat  may  drive  you  crazy  or  all  potential  meals  hid  themselves  in  their  holes.  You're  visible  to  all  your  enemies  and  they  see  you  perfectly  well  from  afar.  But  daytime  remains  daytime.  And  living  in  the  darkness,  like  a  night  predator,  or  being  a  night  predator  who  never  sees  daylight-  is  a  questionable  pleasure. 

Decent  people  hunt  in  the  morning.  And  generally  morning  is  the  best  time  for  working.  Doing  things  with  a  clear  head  when  the  sun  is  not  too  bright  is  great! 

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2362.   AR AR

It  would  be  wrong  to  call  a  human  being  a  carnivore  as  well  as  a  herbivore. 
Human  beings  are  much  better  as  they  are  omnivores.  Thus,  a  human  being  is  not  only  the  king  of  beasts  but  also  the  king  of  herbs. 

And  those  who  consider  themselves  only  carnivores  or  only  herbivores,  loose  a  part  of  themselves. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2367. Others' smell.   AR AR

Being  half  carnivorous,  people  really  dislike  how  others  smell.  They  see  competition  and  threat  in  others.  In  the  wild  world  it's  the  smell  that  divides  all  creatures  into  insiders  and  outsiders. 

In  order  to  switch  off  this  natural  system  of  identification,  people  regularly  take  shower  and  clean  teeth,  use  perfumes  and  deodorants.  And  it's  all  proper  and  right  except  for  one  situation  when  switching  off  this  system  may  result  into  terrible  troubles. 

When  a  man  and  a  woman  try  to  become  partners,  it's  very  important  for  them  to  like  each  other's  smell  regardless  of  the  state  they  are  in.  But  unfortunately,  at  the  early  stages  of  dating  they  try  to  disguise  their  natural  smell  by  washing  and  using  perfume  a  lot.  But  a  bit  later,  after  becoming  close  enough,  if  one  of  them  forgets  to  take  a  shower  or  clean  teeth  once,  the  other  partner  will  feel  the  natural  smell  for  the  first  time... 
And  it  will  be  the  real  smell  without  any  disguise…  And  if  partners  don't  like  each  other's  natural  smell  and  don't  fit  genetically,  than  this  smell  will  seem  disgusting.  And  it's  impossible  to  live  with  a  person  whose  natural  smell  seems  disgusting  and  sickening. 

However,  many  people  don't  get  this  idea  and  think  that  it's  a  person  who  is  dirty  or  people  around  who  smell  badly.  Unfortunately,  it's  not  true  as  "your  type  of  person"  smells  well  under  any  circumstances  while  the  smell  of  others  may  seem  disgusting. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2496. The joy of a predator.   AR AR

The  best  praise  is  when  you  praise  yourself.  This  very  self-pleasure  that  tells  you  -  Yes,  you  managed  to  do  it,  You  did  it,  You  won  over  yourself,  You  got  a  nice  bag,  Today  is  your  day. 

It's  silly  to  accept  the  reaction  of  others  in  this  situation.  As  these  people  may  have  strange  motives  and  may  know  nothing  about  the  object  of  the  hunt.  Or  they  may  be  in  the  wrong  mood  and  don't  care  about  you.  People  are  full  of  envy,  vanity,  anger,  greed-  so  does  it  really  matter  what  they  may  think? 

A  predator  praises  himself  for  his  bag  on  his  own  and  it's  only  sheep  who  wait  what  the  herd  may  bleat. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3126.   AR AR

Sheep  without  a  shepard  dissipate  and  become  an  easy  target  for  carnivores.

A  wolf  can  hunt  alone  but  those  who  hunt  by  pack  have  a  more  plentiful  dinner.  Lonely  wolf  eats  berries  and  hares,  while  pack  has  some  deer  for  dinner.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


3364. Period of rest.   AR AR

A  run  of  bad  luck  is  like  night  after  daylight  as  it's  a  function  of  time  rather  than  of  action. 

P.S.  Theoretically,  it's  possible  to  hunt  at  night  but  I  doubt  whether  a  human  being  can  be  a  good  night  predator.  The  best  time  for  hunting  is  morning. 

The  same  goes  for  studying  at  night.  Obviously,  it's  a  big  mistake.  As  it's  morning  hours  which  are  the  best  for  mental  activity  and  studying.  And  some  hours  during  daytime  when  the  brain  works  at  capacity.  While  it  becomes  really  tired  by  evening  so  that  there's  not  much  it  can  offer. 

«Morning  is  wiser  than  evening  when  it  comes  to  work  and  studying» 

Though  there  are  exceptions  to  this  rule.  Due  to  the  fact  that  night  time  is  associated  with  chaos  and  novelty,  any  creative  work  aimed  at  catching  night  thoughts,  goes  well...  Thus,  it's  nice  to  think  at  night  and  study  during  daytime. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3627. The deuce and evil spirits.   AR AR

A  night  carnivore  is  not  so  black  as  he  is  painted. 
It's  just  darkness  that  makes  him  seem  bigger  and  stronger  than  he  really  is. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3931. Silence is a nice disguise for stupidity and weakness.   AR AR

If  predators  get  to  learn  about  our  stupidity  and  weakness,  they  will  soon  use  it  to  swallow  us. 

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4018.   AR AR

We  are  what  we  eat,  our  food  is  the  construction  material  of  our  bodies.

These  people  have  eaten  so  many  chickens  that  soon  they  would  start  to  cackle  themselves.
Honorable  food  makes  our  bodies  and  souls  more  honorable.  Night  predators  eat  at  night  and  at  dusk,  herbivores  eat  in  the  daytime,  all  of  them  eat  in  the  morning.  Therefore,  meat  can  be  eaten  in  the  morning  and  in  the  evening  and  everything  else  -  in  the  daytime  and  in  the  morning.

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4019.   AR AR

Do  not  touch  the  strong  and  the  healthy  and  it's  a  carnivore  who  should  kill  the  weak  and  the  ill. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


4106. The stupider people are, the easier it is to manage them.   AR AR

Fools  are  cheated  and  manipulate  more  easily.  This  state  of  things  tempts  many  leaders  and  managers  to  choose  an  easy  path.  The  only  issue  is  that  the  majority  of  easy  paths  lead  into  a  trap.  Yes,  fools  are  easily  cheated  and  controlled,  but  the  key  is  that  anyone  who  has  force  and  intellect  can  use  it.  Zombies  don't  care  whom  to  serve  to.  In  these  circumstances  power  is  very  vulnerable  for  sabotage  and  external  threats.  Any  alien  predator  can  come  to  this  herd  of  sheep,  put  on  sheep's  clothes  and  get  the  whole  herd  on  his  side.  In  these  circumstances  power  is  unstable  and  very  weak.

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7.224. Predators eat once a day.   AR AR

If three meals a day makes you obese, switch to two meals a day or one.

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7.225.   AR AR

I noticed that predators eat once a day, and herbivores – all day. Herbivores and usually more oily than the predators.

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9.149.   AR AR

All   plants   are   predators   engaged   in   cattle   breeding,   they   breed   cyanobacteria   and   eat   the   products   of   their   metabolism...   sugars.

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