2196.   AR AR

Don't  flatter  yourself.  You  do  everything  for  yourself.  Anything  else  is  hypocrisy. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2216. About hypocrisy.   AR AR

We  hide  our  negative  attributes. 
As  our  negative  attributes  significantly  deteriorate  our  value. 
We're  not  appreciated  for  being  full  of  negative  attributes  and  no  one  wants  to  deal  with  us. 
Even  all  those  similar  to  us  in  being  full  of  negative  attributes, 
...demonstrate  hypocrisy  when  they  don't  want  to  deal  with  us... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


9.9035.   AR AR

Anyone  who  did  a  bad  job  can  be  blamed  for  hypocrisy  and  lying  because  he  had  promised  to  do  a  good  job  but  he  did  a  bad  one  This  person  spoilt  something  good,  which  is,  certainly,  a  dreadful  sin.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


9.9340. Hypocrisy.   AR AR

The man loves to forgive them their sins, and strangers, so the bastard doesn't want to forgive.

Translate: NeuronNet


10.2741. Golden indifference.   AR AR

I don't like sympathy.  Sympathy is hypocrisy.  The crying attracts the laughter, these sympathizers hypocritical face in the shower laughing.  Similarly, I do not like congratulations, I do not like their eyes full of pain and envy.

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10.2888.   AR AR

What is honesty?
"It's righteous anger. 
What is false deception? 
- Hypocritical smiles and cowardly kindness.

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10.4741.   AR AR

Don't believe the facts.  The facts are hypocritical and false.  From one total fact three different people will draw three diametrically opposite conclusions.  And all these conclusions will be absolutely true.

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10.6855.   AR AR

Sincerity is honesty.  Insincerity is a lie.  Liars are secretive and hypocritical.  Lies are often hidden behind the mask of wisdom and submission.

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10.6909. Get rid of the hypocrisy.   AR AR

Fear kills all creativity and the ability to make good decisions, because it is a lie.  On the other hand, lying breeds fear.  The result is a vicious circle.  To gain intuition and creativity, you must eliminate fear and lies in all their manifestations.

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10.6936.   AR AR

Deceit, hypocrisy, and closeness create fear, which means that they kill truth, beauty, creativity, and generally interfere with team work in every way, preventing the achievement of goals. 

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10.7377.   AR AR

To be silent for fear that people will think you a fool or think badly of you is a vivid example of falsehood, hypocrisy and cowardice.

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10.7943.   AR AR

"Clear stump", because the idol was cut down, and it turned out that this is an ordinary tree, nothing special.

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10.8276.   AR AR

I wanted to say, say it...  When you say what you think, it is honesty, otherwise it is a lie, hypocrisy and fear.

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10.8601.   AR AR

Honesty and joy are love.  False love turns a person into a vile liar.  The liar aggressively begins to demand joy from the object of his love ... the Liar intimidates and tortures his love... the Liar does not want to love at all, people hate and despise liars.

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8.2023.2.   AR AR


10.10291.   AR AR

The word sin in translation means error.  Mistakes arise from ignorance and weakness of experience, and, of course, pride.  Pride is a hypocritical lie that insists that this is not a mistake, but it should be.

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10.13539. Two pair of boots.   AR AR

Perhaps, chistoplyuystvo this such a same abomination, as and all the, with than chistoplyuy struggles.

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10.14642.   AR AR

Honesty is when you honestly tell people about your feelings, and not hypocritically lie that you are doing well.

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10.14844.   AR AR

Abomination is pride.  If a person tells you about love with a sad expression on his face – it is not love, because love is admiration and joy.

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10.15219.   AR AR

Hope can be very painful.  Hope is a hypocritical mask of desire.

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10.17523.   AR AR

It is due to the fact that he was afraid to lose her, does everything possible to ruin it...  He is a hypocrite and a liar.  No one likes liars, she tells him: "Be real, I can't love lies."..  And he doesn't hear her and sees only his own fear and lies.

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10.20062. Holy man.   AR AR

He keeps the bad ones around him and makes them look like a Saint.  He likes being a Saint.

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The beginning of the book

662.   AR AR

I  think  that  when  we  do  something  for  someone, 
we're  not  sincere,  we  fake  it  all. 
…  it  turns  out  to  be  very  insincere  and  unnatural. 
I  think  verything  should  be  done  only  for  oneself 
and  to  oneself. 
Everything  at  all. 
Even  accomplishing  feats  and  self-sacrifices 
should  be  done  purely  for  oneself 
so  that  to  flatter  one's  own  self-esteem  and  vanity. 
And  minor  acts  shouldn't  even  be  mentioned. 
All  to  oneself  and  for  oneself. 
And  no  more  hypocrisy. 
Even  giving  a  candy  to  a  child 
in  fact,  we  please  ourselves  as 
we're  glad  to  see  how  glad  the  child  is. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


7.68.   AR AR

If on each occasion to be sad, it is possible to fall into chronic viciousness.  I recommend you look more positively at problems and troubles.

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7.74. A rotten man.   AR AR

A  dejected  man  is  a  flawed  man.  The  following  are  the  manifestations  of  dejection:  laziness,  vileness,  nihilism,  somnolence,  apathy  and  so  on.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


1922.   AR AR

Before  letting  someone  gain  power,  this  someone  should  be  given  nobleness,  morality  and  ethics. 
Someone  who  has  been  given  power  but  has  lacked  nobleness,  turns  into  a  pig  who  brings  harm  to  things  around. 

The  society  should  control  the  power  so  that  it  would  only  go  to  noble  and  virtuous  people. 

-  Perhaps,  that's  why  hypocrisy  has  long  become  the  synonym  for  power  and  wealth... 
  Monsters  don't  want  us  to  see  their  real  faces. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



2062.   AR AR

Let's  not  be  hypocritical.  We  always  act  in  our  own  self-interest,  even  when  we  do  something  for  others. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2158.   AR AR

Eternal dissatisfaction is akin to infamy. And eternal abomination, as we remember, is a terrible universal sin.

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2181. Hypocrisy is a mask of lie.   AR AR

We  all  know  it's  a  lie  but  we  prefer  not  to  notice  it. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2217.   AR AR

Hypocrisy  is  bad  due  to  its  being  a  powerful  energetic  screen  that  consumes  a  lot  of  live  energy.  And  generally  wearing  masks  is  very  exhausting.  As  sometimes  it  would  be  so  nice  to  take  off  a  mask  and  just  be  a  beast  for  a  while. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2496. The joy of a predator.   AR AR

The  best  praise  is  when  you  praise  yourself.  This  very  self-pleasure  that  tells  you  -  Yes,  you  managed  to  do  it,  You  did  it,  You  won  over  yourself,  You  got  a  nice  bag,  Today  is  your  day. 

It's  silly  to  accept  the  reaction  of  others  in  this  situation.  As  these  people  may  have  strange  motives  and  may  know  nothing  about  the  object  of  the  hunt.  Or  they  may  be  in  the  wrong  mood  and  don't  care  about  you.  People  are  full  of  envy,  vanity,  anger,  greed-  so  does  it  really  matter  what  they  may  think? 

A  predator  praises  himself  for  his  bag  on  his  own  and  it's  only  sheep  who  wait  what  the  herd  may  bleat. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2497.   AR AR

Boredom is almost the same as abomination, only worse.

Translate: NeuronNet


2753. Lie is only a mask of the truth.   AR AR

That  is,  a    lie  is  only  a  matter  of  form,  but  what  will  we  see  if  we  look  in  and  examine  content  carefully? 

Do  you  want  to  say  that  a  lie  is  the  truth  pretending  not  to  be  itself?

I  want  to  say  that  pretending  and  hypocrisy  are  a  mother  and  a  father  of  lie.  It’s  especially  curious  when  one  lie  masks  another.

I’m  completely  confused..  How  can  it  be  recognized  then?

By  absence  of  the  truth.  A  lie  is  absence  of  the  truth.  A    lie  is  what  pretends  not  to  be  itself.

Translate: NeuronNet


2878. Art is a woman that demands admiration.   AR AR

A  person  who  wants  to  make  money  by  creating  works  of  art  is  a  fool. 
Besides,  this  person  is  doomed  to  be  poor  as  art  doesn't  like  hagglers.  Art  is  like  a  woman:  you  should  admire  it  for  its  beauty.  You  should  be  excited  even  by  being  close  to  it.  But  try  to  imagine  what  will  happen  if  a  woman  finds  out  you're  with  her  only  for  money. 

On  the  other  hand,  there  are  kept  men  and  pretenders  who  are  professionals  and  their  love  is  a  hard  job. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2963.   AR AR

Imposing  one's  opinion  and  will  on  others  is  probably  the  worst  thing  about  people. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.207. Get rid of hypocrisy.   AR AR

Pain   is.   The   only   way   to   stop   oneself   from   lying   Lie   without   limiting   yourself...   having   seen   your   mendacity   people   will   start   beating   and   scolding   you.   Pain   will   make   the   demon   of   lies   leave   you.   Demons   can't   stand   the   truth.

Translate: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.224. An honest liar.   AR AR

It   is   impossible   not   to   lie   but   I   wondered   how   lie   and   truth   could   be   combined.   All   you   have   to   do   is   to   stop   being   a   hypocrite   and   to   say   honestly:   “Yes,   I’m   a   liar   and   I’m   always   telling   lies”.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.232. Arrogance is the lack of resignation.   AR AR

A   scarab   is   the   metaphor   of   Sisyphus.   The   only   difference   between   Sisyphus   and   the   beetle   is   that   the   scarab   resigned   itself   to   life   and   enjoys   it   whereas   Sisyphus   hypocritically   refuses   to   admit   he   is   a   dorbeetle.  

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3273. About beauty and joy.   AR AR

Work  brings  joy.  A  working  person  is  beautiful.  One  who  does  one's  part,  is  beautiful. 
Sport  brings  joy.  A  person  who  plays  sports  is  joyful  and  beautiful. 
Joy  is  beautiful. 

A  person  on  the  job  is  beautiful. 
A  joyful  person  is  beautiful. 

Something  easy  to  understand  is  beautiful.  Understanding  is  beautiful. 
Something  logical  and  laconical  is  beautiful. 
Something  natural  is  beautiful. 

Wisdom  makes  a  person  beautiful. 
Strength  makes  a  person  beautiful. 
Spiritual  strength  makes  a  person  beautiful. 
A  hero  is  beautiful. 

Hypocrisy,  showing  off,  unnatural  manners,  forlornness,  laziness,  feebleness,  dullness,  obscurity,  stupidity,  verbiage  are  not  beautiful. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3314. Fear and sensibility.   AR AR

Anonymity  lets  people  put  off  masks  while  openness  makes  them  insincere. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.367. Parents ' pride.   AR AR

The meaning of the conflict between fathers and children is that you can not grow above the one from whom you take an example.  However, life requires us to evolve and grow, so children, taking everything they can from their parents, reject and choose a higher goal for growth.  Parents not in forces to transfer such disobedience, full of anger, pride, resentment and jealousy fall into infamy.

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3.490.   AR AR

Impertinence,  vileness  and  weapiness  do  not  make  job  seekers  attractive  in  potential  employers’  eyes.

Translate: lushchenko Marina