3.93. After the explosion.   AR AR

Degradation  can  go  on  and  on  and  the  very  fact  that  our  universe  exists  proves  it.

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10.6917.   AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   man   was   banished   from   Paradise   for   humane   reasons,   because   Paradise   and   reason   are   incompatible.   In   Paradise,   the   mind   degrades   and   dies.   The   mind   is   that   which   overcomes   problems   and   obstacles.   In   conditions   of   complete   relaxation,   higher   fungi   degrade   and   turn   into   single-celled   fungi,   a   typical   example   of   this   is   yeast.

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10.7341. Don't relax, or he'll move out.   AR AR

Fear is necessary not to relax, because if you relax, you will degrade into a yeast fungus and dissolve in alcohol.

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10.9201.   AR AR

Let's be honest, people settled around the world and evolved not from a good life, but rather from despair.  The question was: either progress and evolution, or death.  The good life only degrades people.

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10.9274.   AR AR

War and conflict are the same engine of progress as competition, the mother of the economy.  Just as the economy will die and degrade without competition, so human civilization will degrade without conflict.

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10.9709.   AR AR

Parents love their children, even if they beat them and don't allow them to do anything.  So is God.  The task of God is to make a God out of a person, and not allow it to degrade into a single-celled one.

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10.11139.   AR AR

Perfection leads to unity, because perfection is not possible in everything at once.  You can choose one or more things and become perfect at it.  Everything else will automatically degrade and a vulnerability will arise.  The perfect need to unite, because they are very weak and vulnerable when they are alone.

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10.11456. Your own love.   AR AR

If you draw love only from the outside world, a person will atrophy his own love, and he will turn into a typical neurotic idealist, empty as a pitcher, full of fear and dependent on external love, on someone else's opinion, outwardly smiling and kind, but inside rotten and rotten.

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10.11717.   AR AR

I have noticed that things are going much better if you refrain from constantly monitoring them.  Endless checks cause things to fall apart.

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10.18010.   AR AR

From an overabundance of ease and difficulty, a person degrades, but one who is moderate and unhurried grows.

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10.18471.   AR AR

You should not just choose the easy, but make the heavy easy.  It is said, " Love your enemy and he will become a friend."  If you just do a lung, you will weaken and degrade.  Moreover, you are weak and helpless, surrounded on all sides, squeezed by enemies, and you will perish from fear.

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10.18936.   AR AR

Love or fear gives form to a person's life, losing love, losing fear... a person will lose form, morally decompose and lose the meaning of life.  Such meanings of life as the search for pleasure or serenity will quickly turn a person into a yeast mushroom.

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10.18998.   AR AR

The dependent person is automatically degraded.  Weakness breeds fear, laziness, illusions, and pain.  This state of Affairs provokes in the dominant active personality a sense of duty and a desire to take care of the weak.

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10.19647.   AR AR

Truth (absolute)  this is a kind of integrity that has reached a critical mass and divided itself into an infinite number of new forms.  It is impossible to know the truth, because the truth is the whole real world, which is infinite, because the division of the absolute can take place indefinitely.  In fact, what you call the evolution of the system is the continuing degradation and disintegration of the system from a simple and unified absolute to some sophisticated and very complex forms.

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The beginning of the book

624. [In brevi]   AR AR

Social  animals  are  made  so  that  they  reckon  more 
on  the  information  from  the  fellow  individuals. 
Strong,  big  and  influential  neighbors 
take  away  from  the  weaker  individuals  their  own  ability  to  think  and  make  decisions. 

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645.   AR AR

I  noticed  that, 
I'm  an  ideological  materialist  - 
living  by  miracles… 
My  whole  life  is  a  sheer  miracle… 
I  don't  even  know  how  I  live… 
Just  while  I'm  useful  - 
it's  all  to  me,  all  for  me, 
but  as  soon  as  I  stop  and  reach 
the  ceiling  limit, 
the  miracle  stops  at  once… 
and  I  have  to  break  the  ceiling  and  climb  up  to  the  next  floor… 

So  how  many  floors  are  there  left  above? 
How  long  will  I  be  able  to  move  forward? 

Miracles  make  one  excited… 
Decades  of  miracles  made  the  ability  to  live  without 
them  atrophied, 
to  live  simply… 

Yes,  that's  the  very  situation  when  a  stop 
would  mean  death… 

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657. [In brevi]   AR AR

…only  stick  without  any 
carrot  or  carrot  without  any  stick  means  degradation. 

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920.   AR AR

Reading  others'  thoughts  atrophies  the  ability  to  produce  one's  own. 

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9.52. Evolution of human into a radio-controlled ant.   AR AR

The   technology   of   an   electronic   assistant   based   on   artificial   intelligence,   which   will   help   human   to   remember   information   and   suggest   something,   will   most   likely   lead   to   total   degradation   of   the   human   brain,   which   will   quickly   destroy   humanity.   Now,   when   it`s   not   necessary   to   think,   the   brains   will   be   reduced   even   more   and   human   will   turn   into   an   insect.   The   assistant   will   manage   human   through   a   radio   channel,   and   human,   as   it   befits   an   ant,   will   crawl   and   collect   energy,   dragging   it   in   the   anthill.   The   more   energy   the   ant   gets,   the   happier   it   will   be.

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9.67. The last God alive.   AR AR

Turning   the   society   from   the   three-class   one   into   the   two-class   one   is   degradation,   as   three-phase   systems   are   more   energy-efficient   than   two-phase   ones.   Moreover,   class   contradictions   were   an   important   source   of   progress,   if   they   are   reduced,   the   society   will   start   degrading.   Furthermore,   when   the   elites   replace   the   lower   classes   by   robots   and   artificial   intelligence   systems,   the   issue   of   what   to   do   with   the   majority   of   people   will   arise.  

The   answer   will   be   evident   –   to   immerse   them   into   illusive   dream   to   make   them   perish   in   sweet   pleasures,   like   a   fly   in   the   syrup.   This   decision   will   turn   all   the   social   elevators   and   ladders   off.   The   renewal   of   blood   and   thought   among   elites   will   stop.   That   is,   interclass   motion   will   disappear   along   with   classes.   And   motion,   as   we   remember,   was   the   basis   of   life   and   an   energy   access   mechanism.   Anyway,   everything   will   end   and   perish   rather   quickly.   In   a   couple   of      thousands   years   the   last   God   alive   will   create   a   new   Universe   and,   having   erased   his   memory,   will   self-destroy.

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1734. [In brevi]   AR AR

A  wonderful  occupational  stupidity,  great  underqualification  and  a  simple  amazing  universal  human  poverty  of  intellect...  all  of  the  mentioned  makes  our  world  unique  and  unpredictable.  If  there  were  no  problems  or  no  stupidity,  smart  people  would  get  deprived  of  the  reasons  to  apply  their  mental  abilities  and  would  degenerate  so  that  the  world  would  lapse  back  into  stone  age... 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



1817.   AR AR

Passive receipt of information - such as reading, listening, video-must be mixed with the acts of creating information - it is necessary to write, speak, build, create and train, practicing practical skills. The best proportion, of course, 50 to 50%, and any deviation from the balance leads only to degradation and decline.

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2208. Life cycle.   AR AR

A  person  who  lives  a  smooth  easy  life  quickly  gets  silly  and  dumb. 
A  new  fresh  silly  thing  lets  this  person  make  new  personal  problems  and  difficulties  that  will  surely  make  this  person  stronger  and  better  while  eradicating  the  silliness  out  of  this  person. 
The  circle  gets  closed.  It  only  takes  waiting  for  a  while  to  let  a  new  silly  thing  appear. 

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2272. A spiral of evolution.   AR AR

The   rise   and   fall   of   humankind   are   two   different   phenomena.

1%   of   people   evolve   and   become   «Gods».
99%   evolve   and   "turn   into   bees,   ants,   aphides,   wasps,   worms   and   flies»...

At   first   it   will   cause   a   rise   but   in   time,   Gods   who   don't   face   difficulties   and   competition,   will   fall.   The   rise   will   end...and   a   long   night   will   come.   Later,   in   a   million   years,   there   will   be   a   new   rise   and   a   new   spiral   turn.

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2386. How good things get bad.   AR AR

Humor,  jokes  and  fun  bring  pleasure,  of  course.  That's  good.  They  are  especially  relevant  when  things  are  bad  and  they  help  to  live  in  our  complicated  world.

But  I've  noticed  that  people  who  abuse  it  unnecessarily  start  to  look  like  idiots  for  some  reason.  Idiotic  joy,  idiotic  fun,  constant  idiotic  jokes  -  these  people  are  clearly  at  the  last  stage  of  degradation,  they  clearly  need  to  change  something  in  themselves.

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2478.   AR AR

Thoughts  that  are  spoon-fed  usually  cause  mental  enfeeblement  and  boredom  to  death. 

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2480. And vice versa.   AR AR

Excessive  attention  to  the  from  leads  to  the  degradation  of  the  content. 

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2797. The smell of fear.   AR AR

I've  noticed  that  once  I  get  some  fear  within  myself,  many  things  go  wrong  and  misfortunes  follow  me.  As  fear  is  like  a  smell  that  keeps  good  luck  away  from  its  owner. 
Fear  is  a  bird  of  ill  omen.  And  in  order  to  bring  good  luck  back  and  be  aimed  at  victory,  the  first  thing  to  be  done  is  to  overcome  fears. 

Good  luck  can't  stand  the  smell  of  fear. 

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2913. Plunging into «nothing».   AR AR

There  are  two  opposite  forces  within  every  person: 
the  appetite  for  rest  and  the  appetite  for  action. 
In  fact,  the  appetite  for  action  is  craving  for  use  and  order,  beauty  and  perfection.  While  the  appetite  for  rest  resembles  solitude,  death,  space…  But  space  is  chaos. 

That's  why,  logically,  it  can  be  supposed  that  the  appetite  for  rest  should  end  with  chaos  and  destruction  and  turning  into  «nothing».  Slowly  at  first  and  faster  later. 
But  we  know  one  more  thing:  chaos  is  a  place  for  novelty.  Hence,  it's  better  to  plunge  into  the  peaceful  «nothing»  for  new  ideas.  But  moderation  is  important  here.  As  being  in  «nothing»  for  too  long  can  destroy  personality. 

Harmonious  action-rest  schedule  is  the  perfect  variant  that  one  should  be  aimed  at. 

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2959.   AR AR

Sinfulness  is  attractive  as  it  resembles  chaos.  And  chaos  is  novelty.  Everyone  who  lives  in  the  world  of  order  and  who  is  close  to  perfection,  also  needs  novelty  and  becomes  attracted  to  sins.  Thus,  some  people  think  that  anything  disturbing  the  order  is  awfully  attractive  and  new.  But  it's  not  a  matter  of  the  struggle  between  good  and  evil.  It  just  proves  that  there's  no  order  without  chaos  or  perfection  without  novelty...  As  everything  is  like  a  two-faced  Janus.  Everything  is  well-balanced  and  disturbing  the  balance  leads  to  total  degradation  of  mankind. 

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3275. Such is life.   AR AR

Don't  idealize  anything.  According  to  the  law  of  balance,  anything  perfect  should  be  compensated  by  degradation  at  something  else.  Thus,  something  perfect  usually  hides  some  disgusting  fault.  Such  is  life. 

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3289. Perfection in one, degradation in another.   AR AR

In the army, I did not become a General solely because I was immediately born an excellent strategist, which did not allow me to be a good tactician and Manager of action.

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3361. Harmful sententiosity.   AR AR

The  sententiosity  about  how  one  should  work  and  go  all  out,  is  really  harmful  in  itself.  As  doing  things  this  way  will  lead  to  a  person's  fatigue  and  degradation.  What's  more,  finally  it  will  significantly  slow  down  a  person's  efficiency.  Spending  20%  of  time  and  efforts  on  work  is  the  best  variant  as  the  remaining  time  and  efforts  should  be  spent  on  self-development,  rest  and  sport. 

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3.379.   AR AR

Human   degradation   is   profitable   to   them.   In   time   of   a   crisis   of   overproduction,   human   growth   and   fruit   bearing   should   be   restrained.   The   world   needs   caterpillars,   parasites   and   the   mold   of   sin   to   eat   all   the   extra   bits.

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