3.54.   AR AR

When   seeking   gold,   money   or   other   things   useful   for   the   household,   seek   not   them   but   what   comes   with   them.   To   find   truth,   you   should   find   a   specific   lie   that   likes   being   near   it.

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3.59.   AR AR

Lie is a shadow of truth, to find gold, you should look for its accompanying minerals and circumstances.

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6.99. False admiration and false fears.   AR AR

Slaves of Golden idols doomed to serve vain dwarfs on Golden stools

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9.6757. Pure gold.   AR AR

The  good  barely  exists  in  pure  form,  usually  it  is  mixed  with  the  bad.  That's  why  you'd  better  look  for  the  bad  and  pick  out  the  good  out  of  it.

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10.7917.   AR AR

In order not to be afraid of anything, you should know that the simpler and less, the more effective and profitable it is.  At the bottom are hidden deposits of gold.  If you are courageous and fear has not blinded you when you fall into the mud, you will see that it is gold mud and you will become so rich.

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10.7918.   AR AR

Don't be afraid to fall to the bottom.  There is nothing particularly good at the bottom, except perhaps gold mines.

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10.9968.   AR AR

The grass had turned yellow from the cold and looked like gold.  Gold is restraint.  When you are cold and calm, money loves you.

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10.10296. Pocket God.   AR AR

The Golden calf is a symbol of an idol that serves its creators.  An ordinary God does what he wants, and an idol created with donations from concessionaires tries to do what he is asked to do.

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10.14103.   AR AR

"Not all gold that glitters" can be interpreted, including, and so that not everything is good, that it wants to seem so.  The best is the enemy of the good.  More doesn't mean better.  Overkill breaks everything.

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10.14470.   AR AR

The truth is hidden in plain sight.  Truth is not hidden at all.  It is absolutely obvious and completely invisible.  The devil, the king of lies and deceit, thought himself better than God...  Hell looks better than heaven...  The devil speaks better, more profitable, more useful, more delicious.  The best is the enemy of the good, because the best is the devil and overkill.  The obvious is invisible, because it pales against the background of a brilliant lie.  The Holy Grail Cup was made of wood, not gold.

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10.14885. The Golden guide.   AR AR

Love is when you are ready to realize your goals at any cost, having accepted all the negative consequences in advance.  You are the guide, your task is to hear the idea and make it.  Neither the idea nor its results belong to you.

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10.15826. Don't push.   AR AR

Great is your faith; let it be to you according to your desire.  Remember, the less the more.  A faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains, and a faith the size of a mountain is a lie and pride.  True faith is collected drop by drop, drop by drop, and each drop is worth its weight in gold.

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10.14689.   AR AR

A single sample of 1m3 ore of 300 grams of gold means nothing compared to 6 grams in a sample of 100 m3.  Truth is a length of time, not a few bursts.

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10.16445.   AR AR

Health is more expensive than gold.  A healthy mind is a healthy body.

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10.18453.   AR AR

Any uncertainty is beautiful because it can be turned into certainty.  Uncertainty is the raw material, the gold ore from which gold is extracted.  Gold is a certainty.

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10.18952.   AR AR

What is truth?  Sand!  Our cities are built of sand and we are like children playing in the sandbox.

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10.20738. The Sands of time.   AR AR

The essence of your ignorance is that you think that money is gold, but in fact, money is sand.  Money is not something that is not enough, but something that is a lot.

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10.22334. A grain of sand.   AR AR

Variothoughts   is   sand,   not   gold.   According   to   Syntalism,   our   world   is   built   of   sand,   not   gold.   The   most   valuable   thing   is   sand,   sand   is   bread,   and   gold   is   salt.

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The beginning of the book

8.42. You will either eat or be eaten.   AR AR

-Not  exactly.

Hens  are  not  always  eaten,  some  of  them  lay  golden  eggs.  A  sheep  is  a  valuable  source  of  wool.  Donkeys  can  work  for  you  well.  And  one  better  buy  a  more  powerful  opponent  off  or  avoid  direct  conflicts,  than  risk  one's  head  fighting  him.

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1103.   AR AR

Looking  at  Truth  someone  would  see  gold,  someone  would  notice  silver,  but  someone  will  see  only  trash,  so  he  steps  on  it  and  goes  on… 

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1158.   AR AR

It  is  better  to  look  for  gold  under  your  own  feet,  than  under  the  other’s…

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1245.   AR AR

If  you  decided  to  be  a  treasure  hunter,  you’d  better  like  digging  in  the  ground. 

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1268.   AR AR

And  every  beggar  paid  in  gold  for  gold  lease 
to  wear  gold  and  not  look  like  a  beggar 

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1405.   AR AR

Here  goes  the  man  behind  me  picking  up  everything  I  threw  away; 
I'm  a  poor  man  without  nothing,  at  all  followed  by  a  golden  one 
who  picks  up  everything  I  threw  away,  fabulously  wealthy 
that  man  is  fabulously  . 

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2236.   AR AR

I  agree  that  the  truth  is  hidden  in  the  depth.    all  that  glitters  is  not  gold 
But  often  gold  that  glitters  is  real  gold. 

  …  When  you're  at  the  bottom  of  a  mountain,  you  barely  have  any  doubts  whether  it's  really  a  mountain… 

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3462. Only in alloys.   AR AR

Gold  doesn’t  get  spoiled,  neither  does  the  truth.

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3.523. Resignation is 12 carats.   AR AR

It   is   pretty   simple:   choose   a   goal   and   start   moving   resignedly   towards   it   without   stopping.   While   doing   that,   you   should   swirl,   i.e.   run   in   a   circle   which   are   a   spiral.   Your   movement   towards   your   goal   is   the   spinning   of   a   bullet   along   the   trajectory   of   a   parabola.   Aim   higher   and   never   stop.   You   need   to   spin   in   order   to   polish   and   perfect   your   skills.   You   have   to   polish   a   rough   diamond   to   make   it   the   diamond   of   truth.   You   have   to   enrich   1%   golden   ore   and   transform   it   into   585   (12   carat)   gold,   or   maybe   even   into   750   or   800   (18-21   carat)   gold.   Look   how   symbolic   it   is:   the   last   mile   is   everything   that   is   higher   than   the   21st   one   –   that’s   too   much.

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3563. A nice opportunity.   AR AR

Problems  and  troubles  are  nothing  but  an  opportunity  to  perform  a  feat. 
Especially,  when  there  are  not  enough  feats  in  our  hard  time, 
this  opportunity  is  really  very  precious. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



3677.   AR AR

Take  the  world  as  it  is.  Appreciate  what  you  have. 
Watch  out  when  they  throw  something  at  your  feet... 
Take  whatever  you  can... 
Search  for  gold  underfoot... 
Enjoy  what  you  have... 
Don't  waste  time  and  energy  on  illusions… 
Everything  and  everyone  around  you  can  be  your  opportunities  for  something... 
  …and  the  main  thing... 
-  Don't  criticize,  don't  judge  and  don't  complain... 
It  takes  time  and  efforts  that  could  have  been  used  in  a  more  effective  way... 

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4074. Gold and lead.   AR AR

A  craftsman  is  a  person  who  creates  useful  things  for  money  and  by  using  money.  A  painter  is  a  magician  who  creates  miraculous  things  by  using  magic. 

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4.907. War of bulls and rams.   AR AR

Interestingly, the symbol of the Torah was the bull, and the symbol of Rama was the symbol of Aries, which we can trace in such terms as the Golden fleece, the shepherd and his flock. The symbol of the bull is the Golden calf, a symbol of energy and strength. The bull is stronger than the RAM, but the RAM has a Golden fleece, however, the Golden calf is also not poor.

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5.194.   AR AR

Each has its own cross, someone gold, another silver or iron, the third wooden. Each chooses his own cross and carries the one that he can afford. The heaviest gold, the lightest wood. Therefore, they say that the poor are happier than the rich, it is easier to cross them.

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5.251.   AR AR

A rich man is a humble ant capable of carrying 50 times his own weight. The Golden cross is very heavy, the weak will not even be able to move it. Moreover, do not just need to move it, but to bear a lifetime in the mountain.

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5.467. Prospector in the gold mines.   AR AR

To take the most valuable, you must persevere, sifting the sand over and over again to find gold in it. The first time you miss a lot, checking over and over again the same thing, you will find true wealth.

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5.470. Miracles, that's all.   AR AR

Everything you need is always at hand, just persevere and never give up immediately. Be attentive to details. Time after time, sifting the same gold sand, you will find gold again and again. Gold is everywhere you look, if you look closely, with 3 or 7 times you will see it and you can take it. And you can do that every day, and every day, miraculously, you'll find more and more gold there. Remember the fairy tales, a cornucopia, a magic tablecloth, a magic penny... It was all true.

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5.740.   AR AR

The acquisition of reason is better than the acquisition of gold. Evil cannot resist the mind, and the gold without the mind begets evil.

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5.848.   AR AR

The value of truth is a thousand times greater than gold.

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6.198. Golden Bentley.   AR AR

Treat your body like a very expensive car. Keep it clean and tidy, take care of it and take care of it.

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