547. [In brevi]   AR AR

…  relax  and  go  towards  the  aim  on  the  wonder  steps  … 

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557.   AR AR

And  what  can  you  do?  Well  nothing. 
Learn  how  to  relax  and  believe  that  everything's  alright. 

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10.21398.   AR AR

The essence of the incredible ease of being is that in order to get to hell, you need to make a great effort.  Hell is full and there are no places.  Moths are ready to bite each other's throats for the right to be in hell.  In Paradise, on the contrary, it is free and spacious.  No one needs Paradise except those who have love in them.

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10.21439.   AR AR

To accept is to let go.  The excess desire is the cause of failure and resistance.  Those who crave love and pleasure are doomed to lack them.  Those who have accepted the small things will get everything they want and the hunger will pass.

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10.21455.   AR AR

Growth does not require any effort, growth is a disintegration, it is an explosion, it is like falling into an abyss.  If you relax and don't twitch, you can run endlessly.

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10.21499.   AR AR

Don't resist the flow.  Don't rush things or slow them down.  Do what is done, how it is done.  Focus on  Now.

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10.21684. The perfect system.   AR AR

I do a lot of unnecessary things, ... it seems that it would be possible to do without it, but ... experience tells me that nothing superfluous does not happen.

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10.21708. Wait until the harvest.   AR AR

The parable of the wheat and tares can be understood from the point of view that do not rush to be happy or afraid ahead of time.  Do not rush to solve problems ahead of time, many of them will disappear by themselves.  Do not rush to share an unkillable bear, ... everything changes very quickly, and it even happens that it changes many times in a row.

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10.21709.   AR AR

There is an infinite amount of free space, because freedom is boundless.  The occupied space has a form and is limited.  What is fenced in is small, but the darkness is endless.

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10.21725. Lack of chaos.   AR AR

In fact, freedom is spontaneity and randomness, and freedom is joy.  If you have too little joy, allow yourself a little spontaneity sometimes.

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10.21757.   AR AR

Before you fall in love with the illusion of feelings or are afraid of them, try to compare this situation with the movie.  You're smart enough not to fall in love with movies and go crazy with horror movies, aren't you?  You should treat all your other emotions in the same way.

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10.21776.   AR AR

There are an infinite number of options, your job is to relax and just flow in the direction of your goal.

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10.21832.   AR AR

Your chronic fatigue is due to the fact that you are fighting your fears by erecting a barrier of denial against them.  Fears need not be feared, fear is a friend... it comes not to destroy, but to save from Vice and sin.

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10.22077.   AR AR

Intuition is the autopilot of the cybernetic system of human consciousness.  Once you enter the stream, you can relax and trust the autopilot.

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10.22343.   AR AR

When you fall, don't resist…  you need to fall quickly and without any doubts.

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10.22402. Do what you must.   AR AR

You should relax in the sense that yours comes to you easily enough, but what does not come to you, and you try to grab it by force – this is clearly someone else's.  Everything superfluous is done with great difficulty.  So you don't have to be afraid of anything, but just calmly do what you have to do.

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10.22424. You should learn to disregard conventions.   AR AR

The point is to have every minute of your life filled with deep meaning.

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The beginning of the book

69.   AR AR

The world is always beautiful,
even when some lives
within its sad  …
I will say more: think about how much
insects die in a minute...
And relax.
Never mind.,
in the world, which 
always beautiful.

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571.   AR AR

Acutely feel the rules of life...
You can't relax...
In this life, everything is done so that we move.
Once you relax, to think, "well all… 
...ahead of the carelessness»,
right... once...  out of the blue problem...
Yes, this is already breathtaking.
I sit and think:
- again...
And again one starts to think,
and again you begin to fuss,
and begin again to go forward...
Here as well friend God has designed 
this reality...
Even and find fault with not to what...

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628. [In brevi]   AR AR

-  Be  calm,  be  calm,  relax,  -  a  screaming  whisper 
is  heard  from  within,  - 
don't  worry,  meditate, 
think  less,  breathe  deeper, 
…we  all  will  turn  to  dust. 

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692.   AR AR

Defeats  are  divided  into  two  types:  the  mobilizing  and  the  demoralizing  ones.  And  victories  can  be  also  divided  into  the  inspiring  and  relaxing  ones. 

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9.73. Strategy fat worm.   AR AR

You are useful, you are able to do a lot of things, you are potentially useful. But the tasks and goals that you solve are insignificant and do not like you. The soul wants something more and beautiful. To attract to itself new beautiful deal, and together with him fortune and money, you should free themselves from old desires and goals. You should create a vacuum within yourself that will begin to attract new things to you. Then you just have to relax and wait until someone decides to use you for their cause.

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1502.   AR AR

Even  when  everything's  going  wrong,  it's  necessary  to  relax  …  exhale  …  say  to  oneself  that  such  is  life  and  keep  on  doing  things  in  a  relaxed  way…  Generally,  statistics  show  that  90  per  cent  of  problems  and  difficulties  fade  away  on  their  own.  And  if  they  didn't  fade  away,  well  then  it  was  not  meant  to  be… 

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



2047.   AR AR

A  relaxed  attitude  towards  strokes  of  fate  and  misfortunes  lets  one  get  off  with  minor  scratches  and  not  crushed  bones. 

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2056. The sins of the game.   AR AR

A  sin  of  greed.  You  lost  100  coins  but  want  to  retrieve  your  losses.  So  you  think:  «if  only  I  could  win  back  60  coins  and  finish  the  game».  But  you  soon  you  lose  200  coins,  and  then  300... 
And  then  you  think  again:  «if  only  I  could  win  back  100  coins...».  And  finally  you  lose  everything  you  have. 

A  sin  of  greed  is  about  the  inability  to  stop  and  fix  loses. 

A  sin  of  cowardice.  You  win  100  coins  and  happily  leave  the  game.  And  if  you  hadn't  left,  you  could  have  won  even  1000  coins.  It's  possible  to  win  a  lot  on  a  lucky  day  so  there's  no  need  to  stop  before  its  due  time.  Keep  swaps  15%  lower  than  position  and  don't  be  nervous. 

A  sin  of  cowardice  is  about  the  inability  to  ride  the  wave. 

A  sin  of  hope  is  about  dreaming  a  lot  and  thinking  about  wrong  things.  It's  the  process  of  the  game  that  should  bring  joy  and  not  illusions  or  dreams  that  will  probably  never  come  true.  Relax  and  enjoy  the  process. 

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2065.   AR AR

A  calm  relaxed  person  resembles  a  rubber  ball  while  a  nervous  uneasy  one  is  like  glass. 

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2184.   AR AR

As  is  known,  pain  is  the  first  symptom  of  a  sin.  And  we  also  know  that  helplessness  is  a  sin. 
But  in  order  to  gain  power,  it's  necessary  to  feel  pain,  hence  commit  a  sin. 
Thus,  it  takes  another  sin  to  conquer  some  sin. 
It's  only  Evil  that  is  able  to  conquer  Evil. 

What  if  it's  not  the  triumph  of  Evil  over  Evil  but  only  Evil  giving  way  to  new  Evil? 

-  Did  I  delude  you?  Should  have  I  stopped  a  couple  of  lines  earlier?  Relax,  it  doesn't  matter.  The  problem  is  not  about  evil  or  good  but  about  disturbing  the  balance.  Happiness  is  impossible  without  pain  and  good  doesn't  exist  without  evil.  Too  much  of  a  good  thing  is  not  good.  Forget  the  extremes  and  you'll  be  happy. 

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2274. A calm contemplation of the vortex of events.   AR AR

If  you  doubt  whether  you're  doing  something  worthy  but  however,  you  want  to  keep  on  doing  it.  But  at  the  same  time  you're  full  of  doubts  and  fears  -  hence,  the  best  thing  you  can  do  is  relax  and  do  what  you  can  while  philosophically  contemplating  what  is  to  become  of  it  all. 

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2306. The main law of life.   AR AR

Relax  and  get  satisfaction. 

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3.331.   AR AR

To plow and sow the fields, you need to try, but then you need to relax and do not climb.  To harvest, it is necessary to exercise an effort of restraint.

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3.371.   AR AR

The meaning of half of Indian meditations is the removal of muscle spasm and tension arising from stress and tightness.  Shaking, dancing, twitching...  laugh...  and relax.  - Maybe we should have sex again. 

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3702. A proper goal setting.   AR AR

It's  important  to  set  such  a  goal  that  after  achieving  its  80%  result,  it  would  be  не  стыдно  было  вовремя  остановиться  и  зафиксировать  прибыль. 

Everything  made  to  be  more  than  80%  perfect,  slows  down  this  process  and  leads  to  death.  Any  thought  going  like  this  «well,  that's  all.  I  have  done  everything  and  now  can  relax  and  sleep  a  peaceful  sleep»  is  the  thought  occurring  a  second  before  the  end.  Besides,  it's  also  a  thought  leading  to  troubles  and  problems.  Recollect  the  «last  mile  problem»  or  the  fact  that  the  final  20%  of  income  result  from  80%  of  your  efforts. 

The  conclusion.  Always  leave  some  space  for  growth.  There  should  always  be  an  unrealized  plan  of  growth.  However,  after  having  achieved  80%  of  growth,  it's  important  to  stop  suddenly  and  avoid  any  changes  or  stop  any  progress.  And  it  will  save  you  from  many  problems. 

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3.724. Useful meditation exercises before a job interview   AR AR

Deep  breathing,  concentration  on  a  point,  crab  meditation,  breath  holding,  muscle  tension  and  relaxation,  meditation  for  pain,  elastic  meditation  and  so  on.

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4015.   AR AR

Getting  too  excited  and  relaxed  too  soon  is  probably  the  main  reason  of  most  troubles  that  defeat  those  unhappy  people  who  tend  to  get  too  excited  too  soon. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



4139. Water style.   AR AR

Life  in  water  style:  relax  and  do  your  work  with  pleasure. 

Water  always  finds  its  way.  It's  difficult  to  stop  water.  Water  exists  in  the  sky  and  deep  below  the  ground.  Water  is  the  base  for  life.  Water  is  both  liquid  and  solid.  Water  is  really  powerful.  Water  always  finds  cracks.  It's  impossible  to  stop  or  eradicate  water.  Water  is  everywhere. 

It's  possible  to  philosophize  over  the  nature  of  water  and  compare  it  with  chaos  and  life.  While  those  powers  that  resist  it  can  be  compared  with  order  and  death.  And  really,  there  are  ways  to  control  water  and  deprive  it  of  freedom.  Freezing  and  ice,  boiling  and  fire,  sealed  reservoirs,  hydraulic  systems,  steam  engines  and  electric  power  plants. 
However,  does  it  tame  water?  Mechanical  power  of  ice  is  so  great  that  it  can  easily  crash  stones  and  metals.  And  heating  turns  water  into  omnipresent  evaporation. 

One  more  interesting  comparison. 
Water  in  its  moderately-standard  state  remains  liquid  and  necessary  for  life.  And  when  different  forces  affect  life,  let's  call  them  forces  of  chaos  and  order,  life  definitely  ends  but  water  turns  either  into  ice  or  into  evaporation.  Its  former  state  freezes  in  icy  rest  and  the  latter  one  goes  up  to  the  sky. 

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4251. Ball.   AR AR

Relaxation is a kind of elasticity. But there are consequences.

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4.255.   AR AR

Tension is generated by the eternal struggle to relax and finally breathe freely, you need to stop inventing enemies and fight windmills.

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