9.7789.   AR AR

Life   often   punishes   a   man   out   of   humanistic   considerations.   It   wants   what’s   best   for   him   and   chases   him   with   a   stick   towards   the   best.

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10.6917.   AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   man   was   banished   from   Paradise   for   humane   reasons,   because   Paradise   and   reason   are   incompatible.   In   Paradise,   the   mind   degrades   and   dies.   The   mind   is   that   which   overcomes   problems   and   obstacles.   In   conditions   of   complete   relaxation,   higher   fungi   degrade   and   turn   into   single-celled   fungi,   a   typical   example   of   this   is   yeast.

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10.8640.   AR AR

The dog should be kicked out of humanism.  Beats – it means love.  The dog spends a lot of valuable time barking, time should be protected.  The dog should be taught to behave culturally, not to bite or bark at passers-by.  Otherwise, it will have to be put down, which is inhumane.

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10.8834.   AR AR

Problems are humanity that implements the "Falling push" thesis.  Out of humanity for the dying, it is better to kill him quickly.

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10.9028.   AR AR

A blind man from the Bible is a proud man.  The proud man sees and hears no one but himself.  A person who is fixated in his own thoughts is, in fact, very unhappy, you should feel sorry for him for reasons of humanism.

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10.9319. Does humanity's salvation?   AR AR

Awareness of mistakes and overcoming problems is the only way of moral and intellectual growth...  And the question is, here's a man made a mistake, and you saved him...  does he realize his mistake, will he get rid of the excess, will he find the strength to change?  The proud man, in order to overcome his pride, must pass through despair and, metaphorically dying, be reborn as a soul.  If you constantly save him from despair, he will remain a slave to his sins and vices.

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10.10115.   AR AR

Belittle the one who claims to be superior...  for intemperance requires humanism, that is, restraint.

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10.14166.   AR AR

It is humane to save a man from his own vices.  Bodily slavery saves the weak in spirit from the bondage of the soul.  Slaves of Vice lose power over their bodies, so it is humane to take their bodies away from Vice, preventing its destruction.

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10.14192. The limit of pleasure.   AR AR

All your emotional UPS and downs are a metaphor for Sisyphus.  Sisyphus is a proud man, hungry for power.  Power is a great pleasure.  Having reached the top of pleasure, Sisyphus gets used to it and falls to the bottom of suffering.  What kind of injustice do you see in this system?  If Sisyphus is not cooled, it will simply overheat from pleasure and burn out.  Sisyphus is thrown into hell for the most humane reasons.

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10.14460. The inhumane.   AR AR

I never tell anyone the truth, the truth is terrible, liars cry as soon as they hear a word of the truth.

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10.14749.   AR AR

For reasons of love and humanity, people should be protected from their own desires and vices.

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10.16204.   AR AR

Vices are cunning and humane, they do not immediately kill their slaves, but allow them to live long and painfully, reproduce and work.

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10.17342.   AR AR

If you have advantages, don't expose the shortcomings of others.  He looks for the shortcomings of people who do not have their own advantages.  Everyone judges for themselves.  Second, by exposing other people's shortcomings against your own merits, you cause people pain, suffering, and fear.  Be humane.

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10.17343. Humanism.   AR AR

If you love a person, you should try to make them happy.  To make a person happy, you need to be attentive to their desires.  The desire to own a person without making him happy is pride, false love.  If you can't and don't want to make a person happy, let them go.  This is called humanism.

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10.18265.   AR AR

"Push the falling one»  this is an act of love and humanity, for if you push love, it will grow stronger and begin to grow.  If you push something that has no love in it, it will collapse and this will save it from endless suffering.

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The beginning of the book

1984. Paradoxes of cruelty.   AR AR

-  Sometimes  it's  more  acceptable  to  kill  someone  with  humanity  rather  than  let  one  live. 
-  Pain  and  punishment  make  one  better  and  kinder. 
-  Something  that's  little  and  evil  is  a  cure  for  something  big  and  evil. 

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2134.   AR AR

Everyone's  inner  judge  is  much  more  humane  than  any  real  judge. 
As  an  inner  judge  can  only  sermonize  and  appeal  to  conscience... 
While  a  real  one  can  sentence  to  prison  or  charge  a  penalty  or  do  something  even  worse... 

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2548.   AR AR

It's  difficult  to  make  someone  think  as  it's  even  easier  to  kill  this  someone.  But  killing  someone  is  an  inhumane  thing  to  do  so  it's  better  to  make  this  someone  think. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



2767.   AR AR

Many  people  think  that  beating  others  with  words  is  better  than  with  sticks.  I  disagree.  The  wounds  from  sticks  heal  really  fast  while  those  from  words  can  hurt  for  years. 

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3725.   AR AR

Everyone  has  some  flaws:  boastfulness,  talkativeness,  cowardice,  deceitfulness,  stupidity,  intemperance,  arrogance,  greed  or  weakness.  Life  will  teach  a  man  one  lesson  after  another  until  he  eradicates  his  flaws.  Every  time  life  whips  the  man’s  back  is  no  more  than  a  desire  to  beat  his  own  vices  out  of  this  poor  wretch.  Life  is  a  great  humanist  and  its  only  desire  is  to  make  a  sinful  and  useless  man  a  worthy  and  perfect  one.

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4.270.   AR AR

Love is the support of growth and prosperity. In the absence of growth and fruiting love is impossible, or rather it will turn into pity. Pity is humane euthanasia. Pity kills and stops growth, but does so with great tenderness.

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4.579.   AR AR

One  shouldn't  worship  aliens.  Technologies,  that  civilization  has  don't  indicate  intellect  and  morality  of  PARTICULAR  humanoids.  The  fact  than  humanity  builds  spaceships  doesn’t  prevent  particular  people  from  bring  fools  and  assholes.  Moreover,  even  wonderful  education  and  encyclopedic  knowledge  aren’t  indicator  of  smartness.  Higher  education  can't  get  rid  a  person  from  idiocy,  it  only  strengthens  it  more.

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5.661.   AR AR

The chosen one is the one who has been able to comprehend the truth. Truth is joyful, truth is pure beauty, a source of strength, faith, love and hope. The chosen are angels of light, warriors of truth. Demons are the same angels, but fallen into pride and despising those who did not comprehend the truth. Demons want to turn children into slaves, demons despise children. The angels find this attitude to children is inhumane and confront the demons. The chosen one is the adult. Not the chosen one is the child, but the chosen one chooses himself. The child decides when and why to grow up.

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10.188.   AR AR

It is inhumane to pay drug addicts large salaries, they will spend everything on drugs,and then go crazy from withdrawal.

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10.203.   AR AR

Ignorant drug addicts work hard and get little for humanitarian reasons.  The work saves them from the fear born of ignorance, and the restriction of money saved from an overdose of drugs and lethal withdrawal.

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10.339.   AR AR

The expulsion of man from Paradise was not a punishment, but an act of genuine humanism.

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10.638.   AR AR

Fishing and hunting are inhumane.  Raising and killing Pets is monstrous.  What do the plants when they are frustrating, even scary to imagine.

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10.815. When you give, you take.   AR AR

A man has a sense of duty, inhumane to interfere with the hero to fulfill his duty.  The hero is joyful in doing his duty.

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3.1142.   AR AR

It should be remembered that no one owes anyone anything.  True humanism is in Nietzsche's words.  Leaning push.  When a man does not do his job, it is extremely painful.  Dismissal is the most humane way to save everyone from suffering.

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3.1143.   AR AR

A barren Fig tree should be cut down for humane reasons.  Productive activity is joy, but when a person does not do his job, he suffers terribly.

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3.1433.   AR AR

The   point   is   this:   you   are   an   outdated   human   model   and   your   masters   no   longer   need   you.   Your   energy   consumption   is   inefficient   and   you   take   up   living   space.   They   could   update   you   and   make   up   work   for   you   but   they   prefer   to   put   you   to   sleep,   thus   throwing   you   out   of   the   real   world.   It   seems   they   call   it   humane   euthanasia.   You   do   not   want   to   live   in   reality   and   illusions   are   so   beautiful.   Syntalism   offers   you   life   in   reality   instead   of   paradise   of   death.   You   can   update   yourself   and,   thus,   maintain   your   place   in   this   world.

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3.1460.   AR AR

Humanism urges us to give meaning to what has no meaning.  Lack of meaning breeds fear.

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3.2204. Humanity heretics.   AR AR

I recommend that you be neutral in your criticism.  Somewhere it is useful, but in General these people are unhappy, they have no love and it turns their life into hell.

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3.2493. A remedy from hubris   AR AR

Push   the   falling   one   is   the   true   act   of   humanism   and   salvation   of   the   human   soul.   Falling   is   the   only   way   to   remorse,   a   remedy   from   hubris

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3.2992. The punishment of humanity.   AR AR

The criminal needs to be punished, otherwise he will be tortured by the pangs of conscience, and to escape from them, he will sink deeper into the swamp of vices, which will only increase his suffering.

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