The Royal Buffoon

A state jester. Economics and State.

Our society lacks one really important government job.

The one of a Government Jester. It should be a person who will tell rulers, ministers and all those in power... not only what they want to hear or what official opposition likes to scream out (while being supported by competing clans, magnates and neighboring states)…
but also something ...kind, light and right...

In olden days there was a position of a royal jester. A jester was allowed to do and say a lot and no none got offended or put dogs on him. However, a jester was often allowed to make quite sober statements even though he made it in a humorous way.

Honestly, I don't like to vote for anyone. But I would surely vote for some main government jester candidate.






1760.     AR AR

Our  society  lacks  one  really  important  government  job. 
The  one  of  a  Government  Jester.  It  should  be  a  person  who  will  tell  rulers,  ministers  and  all  those  in  power...  not  only  what  they  want  to  hear  or  what  official  opposition  likes  to  scream  out  (while  being  supported  by  competing  clans,  magnates  and  neighboring  states)… 

but  also  something  ...kind,  light  and  right... 

In  olden  days  there  was  a  position  of  a  royal  jester.  A  jester  was  allowed  to  do  and  say  a  lot  and  no  none  got  offended  or  put  dogs  on  him.  However,  a  jester  was  often  allowed  to  make  quite  sober  statements  even  though  he  made  it  in  a  humorous  way. 

Honestly,  I  don't  like  to  vote  for  anyone.  But  I  would  surely  vote  for  some  main  government  jester  candidate. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



10.7095. People need to be loved.     AR AR

Gourmet aesthetes.  They love people and love fine restaurants.  What do they mean?

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10.7057. One of the three.     AR AR

No matter what you choose, the majority will be dissatisfied.

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10.7011.     AR AR


The reason for the revolution of 1917 in Russia was pride.  The level of shit and contempt for the lower classes in the heads of the Russian aristocracy became so high that the system could not withstand the pressure and exploded.  However, the French, German, and all other revolutions were of the same nature.


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10.7005.     AR AR

Civilizations are dying out for two reasons.  Or they will degrade into a single-celled Paradise.  Either technology and complexity reach the point where hell becomes unbearable.  The unbearability of life in hell leads to the self-destruction of the system.

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10.6977. A slap in the face of public deception.     AR AR

Telling the truth to your face is something like public Masturbation.  If you need to attract the attention of snobs, there's probably no better way than to jerk off in front of them.

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10.6954.     AR AR

The real king is naked because he is real.  The king has nothing to fear and does not need a dress.  The idealist is the opposite of the naked king.  An idealist is a cowardly fake, an empty dress without a king.

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9.92. Mask.     AR AR

Democracy is a mask. Mask smiling, good and fair. Anything can hide under this mask, but it does not matter. The evolutionary progress and advantage of democracy over other forms of government lies precisely in this public goodness. In order not to hide under this mask, formally it is forced to somehow match its shape. And this form is the only thing that can hold back the monster hidden under it.

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8.1876.     AR AR

The  State  can  be  regarded  as  a  universal  scapegoat.  It  is  a  common  enemy,  which  distracts  people  from  eternally  waging  war  with  each  other.

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8.1875. A public enemy.     AR AR

The  State  is  a  universal  public  enemy  seeking  to  stop  the  war  of  all  against  all.  To  survive  in  this  context,  the  State  has  to  divide  people  by  cultivating  individualism  among  them;  this  will  prevent  people  from  teaming  up  to  strike  a  violent,  collective  blow.  Pointing  to  an  external  or  internal  enemy  is  another  great  way  to  shift  the  public  focus  elsewhere.

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8.1954.2   AR AR

I would base ethics and morality on economic expediency and security issues.  Violation of the norms of ethics and morality on all sides is too expensive.

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8.1964. Divide and rule.     AR AR

Of  course,  the  State  wants  to  divide  people;  the  thing  this  universal  public  enemy  wants  least  to  see  is  a  collective  opposition  to  itself.

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8.1603. An endless circle.     AR AR

Two  main  problems  of  democracy:  people  who  are  chosen  and  people  who  choose  them.  People  who  are  not  to  be  trusted  choose  those  who  are  not  to  be  trusted. 

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8.2001. The basis of personal liberty.     AR AR

You  can  be  free  only  if  you  have  a  strong  sense  of  duty.  Either  you  control  yourself  and  live  like  a  free  individual  or  society  will  chain  you  up  and  you  will  become  a  slave  or  a  dog.

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9.7654.     AR AR

The  «Egyptian  pyramids»  project  is  a  great  solution  of  the  unemployment  and  overproduction  crises  problems.

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9.7655.     AR AR

The  more  the  rich  there  are,  the    more  they  compete  for  the  workforce,  which  is  very  good  for  the  poor,  as  it  raises  their  income.

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8.2972.     AR AR

A  jobless  person  is  dejected.  Inventing  a  job  for  himself  will  bring  him  joy  back.

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8.3202. Gregarious instinct.     AR AR

The  human  brain  turns  off  automatically  in  a  crowd.

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8.3657.     AR AR

Bureaucracy  is  like  winter:  huge  banks  of  snow-white  documents  and  children  in  suits  throwing  snowballs  at  each  other.

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8.3703.     AR AR

Our  people  are  cheerful  and  joyful  despite  the  State’s  efforts.  Of  course,  everything  could  be  better,  but  the  fact  that  we  have  not  yet  died  out  is  a  pretty  big  deal,  I  guess.

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8.4009.     AR AR

The   law   is   a   matter   of   modesty:   without   laws,   people   will   just   grow   more   brazen   and,   fearing   nothing,   they   will   lose   all   sense   of   proportion.

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8.4252.     AR AR

What  we  call  democracy  should  actually  be  called  zombicracy.

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8.4431.     AR AR

In  fact,  people  do  not  care  what  to  believe  in.  They  believe  in  what  the  media  tells  them  to.

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8.4807.     AR AR

Drawing  conclusions  from  the  past  is  rather  dangerous,  given  that  it  contains  much  more  fantasies  than  reality.

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8.5321.     AR AR

It  is  necessary  to  make  people  feel  good,  otherwise  they  vote  sadly  and  for  wrong  people…

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8.5560.     AR AR

All  of  our  wars  are  in  the  name  of  peace  and  justice...  I  can’t  recall  any  in  the  name  of  war  and  injustice.

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8.6854.     AR AR

Since  there  is  less  and  less  work,  I  suggest  that  studies  should  drag  on  into  retirement.

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8.6730.     AR AR

The  main  reason  for  economic  crises  is  restricting  small  businesses’  access  to  buyers.

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8.8745.     AR AR

The  elites,  which  turn  their  people  into  slaves,  lose  their  power  very  quickly,  for  the  slaves  don’t  care  who  their  owner  is,  they  serve  the  one  who  is  stronger. 

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9.487.     AR AR

Small  business  needs  a  shelter  to  live  –  the  environment  where  big  and  middle  business  can’t  get  into.

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9.5326.     AR AR

Both  carrot  and  stick  turn  people  into  slaves.  But  it’s  more  pleasant  to  be  a  slave  of  a  carrot.

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9.5604.     AR AR

War  is  a  cry  of  the  innocent

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9.5894.     AR AR

Everything  is  forbidden  at  our  place…  That’s  how  we  live.  We  can  only  do  what  is  forbidden.

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9.5914. Theoretically.     AR AR

The  essence  of  the  public  opinion  state  management  is  to  motivate  fools  to  do  the  things  that  the  clever  ones  do  on  their  own.

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9.6146.     AR AR

Brain  is  a  weapon,  the  state,  however,  is  against  free  possession  of  weapons.

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9.6420. Hungry in spirit.     AR AR

They  hang  on  every  single  word  of  their  leaders...  What  will  they  say  about  these  or  other  people  or  events,  what  can  be  loved,  who  can  be  greeted,  who  can  be  admired?  Any  thought  demands  approval.

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9.6439.     AR AR

Unambiguity  results  from  consolidation  of  three  extreme  points  of  view  into  one.

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9.6520.     AR AR

  I  dreamt  of  a  perfect  world,  it  had  many  flaws,  too,  but    I  forgave  it  all  of  them.

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9.6544.     AR AR

There  is  a  nationality  and  there  is  a  socionality,  i.e.  belonging  to  a  particular  socium.  Socium  is  defined  by  language,  culture,  history  and  dominant  philosophy.

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9.7026. Integrity of thought.     AR AR

There  are  the  left-wingers  and  the  right-wingers,  there  are  even  the  centrists,  but  respectable  people  adhere  to  common  sense  and  integrity  of  thought.

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9.7041.     AR AR

The  problem  of  today  is  that  there  are  diabolically  many  temptations  now.

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8.685.     AR AR

It's  only  patriots  who  are  allowed  to  criticize  their  motherland  and  no  one  else  can. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



8.     AR AR

I  saw  totally  simple  things 
in  complex  ones... 
And  I  was  surprised  to  learn 
that  anything  complex  contains  many  simple  things... 

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Art by Martin Anderson



8.2054.     AR AR

The  more  laws  there  are,  the  harder  it  is  to  respect  them.

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8.2159.     AR AR

Democracy  could  have  existed  in  the  real  world  if  the  votes  were  weighted  rather  than  counted.

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8.2178.     AR AR

The  main  problem  with  democracy  is  that  people  demand  the  impossible  out  of  stupidity,  and  presidential  candidates  are  forced  to  tell  lies  and  promise  them  what  is  not  and  never  will  be.

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8.2179.     AR AR

False  jesters  is  the  main  problem  with  democracy.

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8.4229.     AR AR

Problems  with  democracy:  false  heroes,  false  clowns,  false  horses…  and  real  zombies…

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8.4883. Democracy is the tyranny of the media.     AR AR

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8.7930. Evolution of a worker into an artist.     AR AR

Although  our  society  is  post-industrial,  it  does  not  mean  that  people  should  be  left  without  jobs  or  that  they  should  work  in  the  service  industry  as  salesmen,  waiters,  etc.  It  rather  means  the  transition  to  the  production  of  unique,  non-mass  market  goods,  made  with  a  high  degree  of  novelty  and  manual  production.  It  is  moving  away  from  cheap  mass  production  towards  individual,  piece  production  with  a  large  surplus  value.  It  is  the  moving  away  from  handicraft  and  stamping  towards  art.  Production  is  not  a  craft,  but  an  art  in  the  post-industrial  society.  Now,  it`s  not  a  craftsman,  but  an  artist  who  should  be  engaged  in  production.

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8.8642. Shelter.     AR AR

In  order  for  the  food  supply  not  to  be  eaten  out  by  predators,  herbivorous  need  shelter  and  sanctuaries  inaccessible  by  predators.  Otherwise,  all  predators  eat  their  prey  and  then  they  all  die  out. 

The  same  happens  in  economics,  small  business  needs  shelter  against  big  business  and  network  business.  A  social  agreement,  which  will  grant  small  businesses  access  to  retail,  loans,  marketplaces  and  customers,  is  quite  necessary. 

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9.4.     AR AR

See  the  point.  Having  printed  money,  they  created  it  from  Nothing.  Next,  having  conversed  their  form  several  times,  they  accumulated  a  huge  amount  of  dead  energy  in  the  form  of  debts.  Now  it’s  necessary  to  erase  these  debts  and  send  them  back  to  Nothing,  thus  finishing  the  money  conversion  cycle.  It  can  be  said  that  money  was  created  from  light,  and  if  it  is  burnt  now,  it  will  become  light  again. 

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9.11. Working time reduction up to 20-30 hours per week.     AR AR

Most  part  of  the  GDP  is  generated  in  the  services-related  industries  and  the  economy  itself  is  hit  by  the  crisis  of  overproduction  and  declining  profitability  due  to  over-increased  competition  and  reduced  demand  in  a  post-industrial  society. 

It  is  necessary  to  reduce  the  working  day,  increasing  productivity  to  revive  such  an  economy.  Working  4-7  hours  a  day,  people  will  have  more  time  to  spend  their  money,  thereby  stimulating  demand  for  services.

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9.7637.     AR AR

The  right  to  work  is  a  great  honor.  Only  very  decent  people  can  get  the  right  for  a  good  job.  Less  decent  people  are  restricted  in  their  right  to  work.

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9.7642. Social benefits.     AR AR

The  system  where  those  who  work  pay  for  those  who  don’t  work,  is  necessary  not  for  spawning  parasites,  but  because  there  aren`t  enough  jobs  for  everyone.  Having  a  job  is  a  great  pleasure.  And  you  remember  that  pleasure  should  be  paid  for.

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10.6659. A slap in the face to public taste.     AR AR

Art can be different ... Masturbation is also an art.  Diogenes performed onanism in a square in the center of Athens, and it was an act of real art.

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10.6693.     AR AR

The weak are more capable of evolutionary growth than the strong.  The weak are able to unite, consolidating their best evolutionary advantages and findings. 

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10.6889.     AR AR

Pride is the devil's desire to become the highest.  The main symptom of pride is contempt for the lower and servile worship of the higher.

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10.7127.     AR AR

Truth is born in dispute and conflict.  This does not mean that the parties will come to peace, convince each other, or one of the parties will definitely win.  This means that one or more truths will be born.

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8.4258.1.     AR AR

They promise us a beautiful future, but our dirty present and past suggests that all their promises are false…

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10.2604.     AR AR

Why should you create?  - the strong tell the weak.  "You are so imperfect and ugly, and we are so perfect and beautiful.  Better we all let us to build themselves, and you go in hell.

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10.2672.     AR AR

Evil hates evil.  But evil loves and serves the greater good.  Evil admires good.  If evil beats you, then you are evil too.  Think about it.

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10.2673.     AR AR

The unity and struggle of opposites is not the struggle of evil and good, but the struggle of opposite types of evil.  Evil hates each other, but being unable to separate itself from itself, lives and suffers.

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10.6202.     AR AR

Natural selection in human society works cunningly.  The tares kill themselves, and the grains grow and thrive in the absence of strong competition.

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10.6249.     AR AR

There is nothing wrong with so little truth and light.  1% of light in the realm of 99% of darkness is the normal state of things.  You don't need a better one.  The best is overkill and the enemy of the good.

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10.6583. Humility and pride.     AR AR

The difference between a human society and a mycelium, hive, or anthill is the comparative isolation and independence of individual individuals.  The hive is egoistic and full of pride, which creates in it fear and isolation from the world.  People are more open and this gives them certain perspectives.

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10.6624.     AR AR

Human society is something like a form of evolutionary development of mycelium.

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The beginning of the book

9.1. Money is a particular case of energy.     AR AR

The  energy  conservation  law  describes  the  laws  of  energy  conversion  and  motion.  As  can  be  seen,  financial  system  (markets  and  money)  is  basically  a  similar  system.  Consequently,  the  physical  laws  related  to  energy  conversion  and  motion  work  in  the  financial  sphere  ,  as  money  is    particular  case  of  energy.

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9.2.     AR AR

Question.   Does   the   idea   that   money   can   be   printed   violate   the   energy   conservation   law?

Question.   Does   the   fact   that   the   Universe   appeared   from   a   point   and   started   to   expand   mean   that   the   energy   creation   process   is   nevertheless   going   on?

Question.   Is   the   acceleration   of   the   Universe   expansion   the   source   of   its   energy?

Question.   Is   the   Universe   expansion   mechanics   linked   with   the   idea   of   the   unity   and   struggle   of   opposites   and   is   it   a   source   of   energy?

Question.   Money   is   energy,   solar   energy   is   energy,   too.   Can   we   say   that   the   process   of   printing   money   is   the   process   of   the   solar   energy   conversion   into   the   money   form   and   it   is   linked   with   the   number   of   people   and   infrastructure   in   the   state   through   derivatives?  

Question.   Can   we   say   that   the   faster   a   society   grows,   builds   and   develops,   the   more   money   the   state   can   print?   In   the   notion   of   the   link   between   the   amount   of   the   available   energy   to   the   society   growth   acceleration.  

Question.   If   the   growth   has   stopped,   can   the   excess   money   supply   be   simply   burnt   thus   making   the   energy   conversion?   Energy   can   exist   in   various   forms.   Money   is   a   form   of   energy.   Debts      are   also   a   form   of   energy,   a   form   of   money.   If   the   dead   debts,   accumulated   in   the   banking   system,   are   burnt,   it   will   undoubtedly   be   the   act   of   energy   conversion   and   release.

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9.3.     AR AR

The  economical  growth  is  linked  with  the  processes  of  energy  conversion  from  one  form  to  another.  If  the  energy  mass  becomes  too  heavy,  the  growth  stops.  To  resume  the  growth,  it’s  necessary  to  converse  the  heavy  dead  energy  that  has  stopped  participating  in  motion  to  a  new  form.  That  is,  to  resume  the  growth,  it’s  necessary  to  get  rid  of  dead  money  and  burn  the  frozen  debts  accumulated  in  the  banking  system.

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9.5. Scheme of being.     AR AR

I   simplify   everything,   of   course.   It’s   easier   to   understand   this   way.   Taking   the   complicated   into   the   simple   parts,   you   will   better   understand   better   how   it   all   works.   To   understand   the   complicated,   it   must   be   taken   into   the   simple   parts.

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9.6. Construction and growth of the money supply .     AR AR

Growth  of  the  money  supply,  synchronous  with  the  growth  of  the  infrastructure  and  trade  turnover,  doesn’t  cause  inflation.  The  outrunning  growth  of  the  money  supply  relative  to  the  material  turnover  is  what  is  the  source  of  inflation. 

In  other  words,  it’s  rather  safe  to  print  money  for  construction  and  infrastructure  projects.  Until  the  growth  of  money  supply  outruns  the  growth  of  construction,  inflation  doesn’t  occur.

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9.7.     AR AR

It`s  possible  to  create  virtual  worlds  and  illusions  under  overproduction  conditions.  Any  intangible  goods  and  services  are  well  created  under  such  conditions.  Infrastructure  objects,  pieces  of  art,  real  estate  are  rather  safe  to  produce  from  tangible  objects. 

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9.8. Death of money.     AR AR

Money,  as  well  as  people,  should  die.  It’s  necessary  to  prevent  money  from  being  accumulated  in  its  intangible  forms.  Sometimes  it’s  necessary  to  set  it  free,  burning  or  erasing  it.  Death  of  the  excess  money  is  a  necessary  element  of  the  economic  renewal.  Once  in  20-30  years,  it’s  necessary  to  burn  all  the  dead  debts,  accumulated  in  the  economic  system. 

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9.9. Broken motor.     AR AR

The  class  struggle  is  a  source  of  progress  and  prosperity  of  the  society.  Three-class  society  is  some  kind  of  a  three-phase    motor.  The  system  where  the  middle  class  is  nearly  eliminated  is  very  unstable  and  inefficient,  there  is  almost  no  progress  and  motion  in  such  a  system.

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3.40. A perpetual motion machine.     AR AR

The strategy of motivating a person by God is as follows.  First, through temptations, man becomes infected with desires and vices, and then, by limiting these desires, he receives the energy necessary for the service of life.  Vice need then, to, limiting his, obtain energy.

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4.20.     AR AR

Serving society or one's purpose is more important than Economics.  The economy exists for society, not society for the economy.

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4.83.     AR AR

When society prevents a person from being himself, fulfilling his destiny, there is a neurosis.

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5.84.     AR AR

Politics reminds me of the extension of the tail of the dog.  There is a puppeteer whose job it is to make a show and take the attention of the viewer, and there are a number of actors.  Actors saying emotional dialogues, swearing and declarations of love, ...the task is simple – to keep the attention of viewers.

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634. [In brevi]     AR AR

A  government  is  god  Zeus, 
while  oligarchs  are  titans… 
And  Zeus  should  protect  people  from  titans  as  this  is  his  job. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


642. [In brevi]     AR AR

Since  a  free  person  should  have  the  right  to  freely  do 
anything  that  concerns  one  personally  and  doesn't  make  others  uncomfortable.  And  those  people  who  want  to  meddle  with  other  people's  personal  lives,  should  better  control  their  own  lives  as  while  watching  the  sins  of  others  one  can  easily  drown  in  one's  own... 

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7.89.     AR AR

If  a  person  is  not  controlled,  he  will  turn  into  chaos.  Every  uncontrolled  system  turns  into  chaos  inevitably.  A  person  can  be  controlled  by  his  mind,  but  sadly,  philosophy,  fortitude  and  power  of  mind  of  many  people  are  weak  and  can’t  control  anything.  Then  fear  and  external  force,  force  of  parents,  society,  state,  tutors  and  so  on  comes  to  the  rescue.

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8.29.     AR AR

It's  not  revolutionaries  who  are  to  blame  for  revolutions  but  those  in  Power  who  don't  want  to  evolve  on  their  own. 

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Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



849.   AR AR

The theory of free market and free competition argues that the state should not regulate the market, they say, in conditions of free competition, he stabilizes naturally, as in nature... and everything will be fine... the so-called macroeconomic equilibrium is Formed. This remarkable theory, which attempts to compare the market with the natural environment, has a number of weak and vicious misconceptions.

Indeed, in nature in a separate area there may exist a balanced ecosystem in which they can successfully exist in the food chain: lions, rabbits, deer, grass, etc. and all these elements of the system are balanced and affect each other, maintaining harmony. It is believed that this system is similar to the"free market". However, this observation is superficial.

Consider the details and compare the natural situation with the open market: this system can only regulate the number of individuals of a species in a certain area. But even this she does with nuances. Consider a pride of lions: pride of food to control some territory, the forces of all prides are about the same, the number of individuals in the pride, too limited of various natural mechanisms. That is, such a phenomenon, when the lion pride will grow to an incredible size and enslave everything around - in nature, this phenomenon is impossible. And the most important difference... the lion, being a natural element, has stable characteristics that can vary very slightly. His strength, size, speed, intelligence is limited... He can't become a super lion-titanium, to invent guns and shoot deer from any distance, use a shovel and gas to smoke rabbits out of burrows... He can not easily and quickly navigate through the world, looking for this habitat is full of food, and he has no enemies (remember the situation when the bunnies got to Australia, where they had no natural enemies for 7 years, ate half of the flora of the island). That is the power and ability of a lion in a systematic way are limited. The lion and his pride a lot of things can not: they do not have communication systems, are unable to store food, we can not control the vast areas, destroying everything around. Their distribution and power is limited by nature in principle. They are not something that can't kill other lions and their prides, they even deer and hares are not able to destroy with all his desire…

And even in this state, this system functions in waves-from crisis to crisis. Rabbits have multiplied, then lions, then the lions ate birds, then the lions died of starvation. This situation is not particularly acceptable for humanity: people do not really like when they are eaten, or when they die of hunger.

But the subjects of economic relations-companies and corporations can do all this perfectly well. Their management systems, communications, intelligence, access to financial sources, allow them to grow indefinitely. That is, if you compare a Corporation with a lion, you can see that this is a very specific lion. It is huge, it is growing all the time, it is constantly getting smarter and improved, it is able to endlessly destroy all its competitors, absorb resources. To escape from it rabbits, ROE deer, and other smaller predators is very problematic... this lion can move freely around the world, getting into conditions where he has an abundance of food and no enemies at all (a natural lion such a joy and did not dream). That is, if the natural lion is naturally limited in its power, then the Corporation, being an artificial object, has no such restrictions, and can grow and modify indefinitely, until it absorbs and fills (as a rule, while destroying) the parent environment.

Is this situation unique in nature? Not at all. It exists quite well at the level of the micro-world in the environment of bacteria and cells. And the most striking analogue of the Corporation in the micro-world are cancer cells and viruses. Yes, they can also grow endlessly inside the body, absorbing all available resources, they can constantly change and improve. And in General they're reaching the limit, destroy the body. But even in this natural mechanism is not so simple. Inside the body there is an immune system, the purpose and existence of which is every second and uncompromising fight against all these cancer cells and other viruses. And the result of this struggle is not predetermined: either the immune system will win, or the body will be destroyed.

That is, in fact, corporations and big business (with signs of a tumor and a foreign virus) - this is the very virus, cancer, which seek to destroy the body; and the state is the same organism that within itself should ensure the functioning of the immune system, should fight cancer, destroy foreign viruses. The immune system is what should keep the body stable by preventing something from aggressively multiplying and absorbing or breaking the body.

A) the State is not just a natural natural area. The state is an organism where everything must be balanced and where there are various mechanisms and bodies that perform certain tasks. And where, in particular, is the immune system, which must fight cancer cells, foreign viruses, infections, etc., acting as a natural regulator. The concept of a free market in its pure uncritical form proposes to destroy this system and thus destroy the organism.

B) not all corporations are evil, and not all viruses are evil. A Corporation is a mechanism that performs a specific task. Each body has its own different organs that perform certain tasks related to the functioning of the body. And these mechanisms should work properly. Fight should be with cancerous tumors that begin to grow and destroy all systems of the body. The same goes for viruses. A normal body is always full of viruses and bacteria. Problems arise when a virus breaks through the protection of the immune system and begins to break and destroy the body's system. Especially dangerous alien virus that came from afar, those viruses against which the inside of the body has no antibodies.

C) you Should also pay attention to a very dangerous Maxim about the fact that it is better to import something than to produce inside the body. Say, why do we need our heart, because there is a clinic outside and we can connect to the artificial heart; why do we need certain hormones inside the body, why do we need a thyroid gland, and let's all get it in the form of pills.
A normal organism should receive from outside only raw materials, information, some nutrients, and then without fanaticism, so as not to be poisoned or die of obesity.

D) the Modern economic system to date, supporting the phenomenon of globalization wants to destroy such organisms, as individual States, and create one big state - like cyborg. They want to take 100 people (States) and by surgical manipulation to unite them into a single organism. As part of this process, they offer and, in fact, do a number of things. For example, they cut those States, the organs: heart, liver, stomach, hands, legs, etc., connect them to external devices for artificial ventilation are inserted into a human pile of catheters, connect the artificial heart, liver, prosthesis, etc. But because the body's immune system does not like when in it comes to something foreign, it begins to deal with it... This leads to the need on the part of the invaders completely destroy or weaken the immune system of the body. But what is an organism without an immune system? It becomes open to all diseases. The body begins to very quickly come into disrepair, in response, it begins to stuff pills and drugs. But all the same, the organs die, the body is destroyed... we Have to replace more and more artificial organs. As a result, instead of the person, instead of the state we see some sick biomass stuffed with artificial organs. A kind of futuristic chamber where lies one hundred semi-corpses, wrapped instruments, etc. That is instead of a hundred strong people, we get some kind of leper colony, a Frankenstein monster…

E) Indeed, the idea of "destroying individual States and creating a single planetary state"-to some extent makes sense. However, everything depends on the organization of this process. You can implement it as a Confederation, as a Union of equals, and you can cut off all the heads and connect all to one head. In the fight for efficiency, and optimization then cut all the hearts and connect to one artificial. You can cut off all the legs (why should they?), to immerse to the truck and quickly drive it back and forth... It all comes down to nuances... At least here is such an interesting and subtle nuance: when there were 100 bodies, there were relatively many options for choosing a place of residence... But with a single body, the redistribution of organs within one huge organism makes some huge areas very similar to the ass or legs, and others, on the contrary, ascend into the sky, piercing the clouds with their heads...

Of course, everything written above is a metaphor, and it's not that simple. And this comparison is not completely correct, but, nevertheless, the core of truth in it... And this is worth thinking about…

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850.   AR AR

If we consider the state as an organism, and the corporations working within it as certain vital organs, we can highlight a number of points: what is good and what is bad.

(A) the Number, purpose and tasks of such bodies are strictly defined. Violation of the order of things carries with it very negative consequences. Such bodies should not climb on someone else's territory, they should not be more or less than necessary. They must not die. That is, strategic and corporate bodies is a sacred cow to touch that - like death.

B) Each body does only its own thing and violation of this order of things is fraught. There are sectors of the economy where corporations should work. This is, for example, high-tech production, mining and processing of minerals, engineering, etc.And there are a number of industries where something small should work, for example, small business. This, for example, light industry, food industry, trade etc. and when big business climbs to the territory of a small business, it is as if the stomach had decided to fulfil the functions of the liver. This situation is absolutely unacceptable and can kill the body. Everyone has to do their job. Energy-intensive tasks are tasks for big business, and where small business can work, only small business should work and big business has nothing to do there.

The penetration of big business with its huge resources and Titanic power into the environment where small business should work, leads to crises of overproduction, devastation, poverty, unemployment and in every way breaks the normal environment of the economy. This situation can be compared to the injection of a steroid: at the moment there is an increase in strength, but, ultimately, it destroys the body, depleting all its resources.

C) and here is another interesting situation. An alien system-a Corporation-penetrates the body and destroys the national Corporation, which previously performed a similar task. This situation is reminiscent from the full range of such pleasant things: how to replace your own kidney kidney external, artificial. It's like stuffing the body with pills, drugs, hormones. It's like cutting off limbs and replacing them with prostheses... Or even more beautiful... it involves cutting out the eyes and connecting the brain to other people's eyes, they say, why do you have your own, look with other people's eyes from someone else's body... I Wonder... And your body? God bless him, anyway it is useless lying in a hospital bed on life support artificial life support... And see from someone else's body – Yes, interesting! It's there in a tropical Paradise, swimming in the pool, eating pineapples and chewing grouse. It is the reference body…

D) Another interesting comparison concerning the interaction of external corporations and domestic small and medium-sized businesses. There was the stomach, and there were a lot of bacteria in it. All these bacteria were small businesses. Everyone did their job and everyone was happy. Then came a powerful external antibiotic (infinitely useful), come with flags, with pipes and made his infinitely bright... but the local bacteria... and bacteria? The bacteria died. Who needs those bacteria, huh? However, now without these bacteria the body will constantly get sick, weaken, drop the immune system and have to live permanently and work on tablets…

In General, comparisons and Parallels you can find a lot... And they are all with very unpleasant overtones…

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851.   AR AR

How can all the arguments in texts 849 and 850 on the limitation of competition be combined with the theory of free competition, which is good leading to progress?

It's very simple: competition is good among relatively equal. Competition is good in its weight category, in one sport. And the situation when a 15-year-old boxer participates in a competition of 9-year juniors, this situation is categorically unacceptable. As well as sparring 120-kilogram fighter with 60-kilogram. Even such a seemingly innocent situation as a fight between a fighter and a boxer is not a fair fight, because the principles of combat in these fighters are different. Boxer, by nature, can not kick and go to melee, using this, the fighter can twist it and hold a painful reception. 

And the situation when an organized group of 10 people (say, a large financial conglomerate, Corporation, group of companies) shock and joyfully kick one unfortunate victim - generally requires public intervention.

Competition makes better only relatively equal opponents, in other cases, it only kills the weak. In General, competition, like democracy itself, is possible only among more or less equal. In the presence of strong and weak-need an external regulator that separates them. 

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8.58.     AR AR

Super-wealth is a source of poverty. The system requires balance. The stronger the strongest, the more numerous and weaker the weakest.

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