10.20176.   AR AR

If you are suffering and have a bad heart, then you have problems with philosophy.  Your beliefs do not correspond to reality, which creates fear and suffering.

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10.20209. How can it be otherwise?   AR AR

You should treat your sufferings with tenderness and without fear.  "It's all right," say to yourself,"it's all right."

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10.19261.   AR AR

Your love sufferings are, on the one hand, drug withdrawal, on the other, stupidity and lust for power.  You probably don't know that everything is beauty and everything is love.  Pride makes you pray to idols.

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10.14612.   AR AR

In fact, you can do everything the same way as you did, but only a little more relaxed and without unnecessary heartache.  You strain, ... you are tormented by vanity, greed, fear, doubt, lust for power and lust.  You made up all your problems and you cry about them.

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10.14988. Vulnerable souls.   AR AR

Wounds of the soul become insensitive to pain and joy, which in General reduces the threshold of human sensitivity, making it vulnerable to Vice.  Be wary of causing severe Heartbreak to your loved ones and especially children.

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10.19160.   AR AR

The sufferings of a rejected lover are tantamount to drug withdrawal, and should not be feared or surprised.  If you do not sabotage the suffering and do not eat them with sedatives, 1-2 months of torment and the body will be freed from dependence.  The main thing is not to look for easy ways and not to be afraid.

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10.19218.   AR AR

The proud man from the loss of pleasure as if emptied from within, becomes half-empty, deflated.  Inside a person, a vacuum is formed, depression and a decline in strength.

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10.19243.   AR AR

The skill of the universe is admirable, I have never seen two identical people, each suffering and going mad in their own way.

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10.19825.   AR AR

Put something in your pocket that isn't there.  To divide a skin of not killed bear.  Include the illusion of the future in your self-esteem…  All this is called complacency and a sure way to find yourself sad.

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10.20140.   AR AR


I am a slave to love.  My job is to work, not to suffer and cry.  All my heartaches and pain don't matter.


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10.20439.   AR AR

Sufferings speak of pride.  Souls free from pride are joyful.

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10.22296. God is time.   AR AR

Your job is to do what you have to do.  I forbid you to suffer that you don't have time for something.  Your desire for power over time is pride.  God's ways are mysterious.  Everything is done as it should and when it should.

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10.22409.   AR AR

Pride is an avaricious desire to catch your own tail and devour it.

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10.22502. Do what is available, dream about the impossible.   AR AR

Do what you can do, even if there are many things that are better but not available.  You should choose the best available.  To suffer for something that is not there is foolishness, ignorance, and pride.

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4.2263.   AR AR

Humility is the ability to wait for a tree to grow without suffering too much. We are in too much of a hurry to carry out our plans, it seems to us a tragedy when they are slowed down. As children, we resentfully throw what does not go as we want. Try not to give up the dream because the tree did not grow overnight, wait a couple of years.

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3.3208. The distant past.   AR AR

Treat events now as memories of the past, this will allow you to reduce the energy of negative emotions such as fear, suffering, anger, irritation, unhappiness, pain...  Look at your present sufferings from the height of the future.

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4.296.   AR AR

When cutting proceed from the available material. The point is, if you're planning a business or something, use what you have. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Suffering for what is not is characteristic of a man who is not intelligent.

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The beginning of the book

3.354.   AR AR

Resignation   is   when   you   take   flies   from   your   soup   without   too   much   suffering   and   keep   eating   it.   Arrogance   is   when   you   are   choking   on   your   soup   with   flies   but   keep   eating   it.   Alternatively,   you   refuse   it   and   die   of   hunger.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


4.1163.   AR AR

When thoughts get stuck in the head in the wheel of depression, start writing down everything that is thought on paper. Having written the same thing down several times in a circle, you suddenly realize the ridiculousness of your suffering.

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4.1918.   AR AR

They say genius works against its will. It's true. But who makes him? He is driven by a higher will. The genius inhibits, resists, shouting, "do not want, I won't". "I must work," cries the genius , " I have nothing to eat. But the higher will is deaf to his sufferings. The higher will says to him, " do not complain, you have everything you need. Stop suffering, go do what you have to do."

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4.2576.   AR AR

Money is the main culprit of depression. When you have a lot of money, you do not want to work and begin to spend time on pleasure and vices that instantly turn you into a drug addict and you plunge into the abyss of depressive sufferings. If the addict has no money, he also suffers that there is no joy, no pleasure... "How will I live without drugs" - cries the unfortunate addict.

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4.3982.   AR AR

In pleasure, as in anything else, you need confidence, otherwise fun turn into poison, and begin to bring destrade.

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5.3309.   AR AR

I can't eat a bite, Candide said, shoving the meat into his mouth piece by piece.

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5.4513.   AR AR

If we translate the words "positive" and "positive" - it will mean taking place, real, actual. Reality is positive, illusions are doubtful, negative and full of Heartbreak.

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6.6472.   AR AR

The proverb "love to ride, love and sleigh to carry" is about the suffering of sinners.

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7.2850. Better get busy.   AR AR

It happens that a woman is disappointed in a man, ceasing to see a man in him. In her eyes, such a man loses his masculinity, strength and sexual attractiveness. In such a situation, a man needs to regain masculinity, a keen mind, take up work, begin to show male virtues. On the contrary, such actions as nagging, talkativeness, constant shaking, heartbreaking, licking, hugging and other slobbery tendernesses will have the exact opposite effect and will enrage a woman extremely.

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7.4194. Or are you blind?   AR AR

Having  scrutinized  all  the  main  religious  and  philosophic  knowledge,  of  all  the  history  of  humanity,  i  noticed  that  they  all  tell  the  same  things  by  different  ways  and  don't  contradict  each  other.  созданное  за  всю  историю  человечества,  я  заметил,  что  все  они,  в  общем,  говорят  одно  и  то  же  разными  словами  и  не  противоречат  друг  другу.  Al  the  strict  nails  are  resembling,  while  all  the  crooked  are  crooked  their  own  way.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


7.5514. A neurotic cannot refuse a direct request.   AR AR

Neurotic more than anything wants to serve. Well, let him serve. Demand service from him, and ignore his insults, screams, screams and heartbreaks. Sometimes kindly encourage him, but control the distance and time.

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8.1745.   AR AR

If  you  lost  a  person,  find  a  new  one.  There  are  many  of  them  and  no  one  is  irreplaceable.  There's  no  need  to  suffer  because  of  it.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


8.3696.   AR AR

If  worthless  men  govern  more  or  less  decent  men,  the  problem  is  with  the  system.  Decent  men  are  proud  and  refuse  to  work  for  the  system,  which  turns  them  into  the  system’s  slaves.  As  for  people  who  are  not  really  decent,  they  work  for  the  system  without  excessive  emotional  turmoil,  using  its  strength  and  make  peoples  who  are  more  decent  and  intelligent  than  themselves  adopt  indecent  postures.

My  conclusion:  arrogance  and  idleness  turn  people  into  slaves.

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8.3714.   AR AR

To good quickly get used and this kills "good." Dead "good", decomposing and rotting, causes great suffering.

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8.3763.   AR AR

Do you not know that the heart is but a pump, and that it cares nothing for your sufferings?

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8.3812.   AR AR

Humility is the issue of sadomasochism, much nicer to burn in hell, crackling with fun and pleasure than dull desastrada and live eternally...

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8.7398.   AR AR

The quality of life is highly dependent on the mood. In a bad mood there is no life, only Heartbreak.

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9.1256.   AR AR

To  follow  your  destiny  is  psychologically  better  than  not  to  follow  it.  At  least,  now  you  have  someone  to  blame  and  this  will  save  you  moral  suffering  whatever  the  outcome.

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9.1257.   AR AR

Moral  sufferings  pump  energy  out  of  you.  You’d  better  turn  them  off…  Go  with  it,  anyway  you  are  a  slave  and  destiny’s  slaves  cannot  change  anything…

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9.1277.   AR AR

Stoicism  doesn't  espouse  inactivity  or  nihilistic  humility,  but  it  espouses  emotionlessness  and  composure.  "Suffer  little  -  it  says.  "Fewer  emotions,  more  actions,  more  meaningful  movements.  Active  emotionlessness,  do  what  you  should  and  come  what  will".

Translate: Muhortova Natalie