10.15290.   AR AR

Truth is not the addition of extremes, but their multiplication.

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10.15292.   AR AR

Indeed, if you are smart, you should not be very afraid.  Fools are very afraid, or not at all.  Fools, full of extremes, and smart moderate.

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10.16446.   AR AR

The essence of extremes is to love each other and connect in the middle.  However, if you need to turn, one of the extremes prevails for a short time.

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10.16454.   AR AR

Confidence softens sharpness, making words and movements smooth.  Uncertainty is contrasting, vain, and it seems as if it freezes and twitches.  Confidence is moderate.  Uncertainty fluctuates between extremes or sticks to them.

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10.16803.   AR AR

The past and the future are two extremes that strive to connect in the present to one point.

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10.16804.   AR AR

A thing now and a thing in the future are two extremes, one of which tends to become the other. 

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10.16835.   AR AR

God is the absolute, the unity of black and white, and life is a movement between these two extremes.

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10.18004. The ball of truth.   AR AR

By holding back extremes, you do not reject them, but you humble them by squeezing and turning them into one.

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10.18445.   AR AR

An introvert is an inferiority complex.  An extrovert is a megalomaniac.  There are still many intermediate categories.  Ideally, both extremes should be contained and integrity should be sought.

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10.19150.   AR AR

The truth is one, and everyone has their own ignorance.

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10.19180.   AR AR

You are wrong to separate form from content, extremes are always lies, truth is a whole entity.  Any extreme is always a drug.  Too much love is called pride.  Too much joy creates suffering.

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10.19971.   AR AR

Integrity implies a combination of extremes, a situation where  some of the extremes are repressed, incompatible with the concept of integrity.

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10.20252.   AR AR

Extremes are always pride that breeds fear.

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10.20618.   AR AR

Honey sell very cheap, and the tar is very expensive…  That's the whole secret.

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10.20820.   AR AR

It is good when it is normal, bad and better it is all overkill and extremes.

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10.21664.   AR AR

If you want a lot at once, want a little at once.  The system requires balance.  You can't want one thing by choosing one extreme, you automatically choose the other extreme.

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10.21746. Blue planet.   AR AR

Conflicts within the family are conflicts of two extremes, Mars and Venus.  If these two will meet each other halfway, they will be able to create unity on the basis of the planet Earth.

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10.22164.   AR AR

Pride gives rise to contradictions, because the pride is always the extreme.  Humility is the Golden mean and unambiguity of decisions.

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10.22437.   AR AR

Lie and truth are two axes of coordinates-vertical and horizontal. Where the lie is the vertical axis, and the truth is the horizontal axis. On the other hand, the system is three-dimensional, so the lie has two extremes, that is, it forms the Z and y axes. Curiously, there is no clear division between the axes. Rather, the axis of truth is time, and the other three axes are lies.

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The beginning of the book

44.   AR AR

There  is  a  couple  of  perfect  utopian  communities  known 
to  nature.  Hives  are  perfect  female  communities. 
Anthills  are  perfect  male  communities...  And  of  course 
no  one  would  deny  that  extremeties  are  effective.  But 
is  there  truth  in  them?  And  who  in  fact,  really  needs 
these  extremeties  and  what  do  they  finally  result  into? 

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83.   AR AR

In the literature I have identified...
The image - like form, the sense - content...
The content should carry information and novelty...
The form must have novelty and perfection...
The basis of information is the truth.
Truth, as a function of perfection, does not tolerate 
extremes, the perfection of form is subordinated to
Too much is not necessary, time is money, money is energy, 
energy must be conserved...
Concentrate form and content...

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3.50.   AR AR

Lying is extreme.  Lying is the inferiority and envy of the lower ones.  The lie is the arrogance and contempt of the Supreme.

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5.59. The extreme is an exaggeration and an understatement.   AR AR

An important symptom of idealism is suspiciousness.  Idealists are similar, in essence, to magnifying glasses, everything seems to them either more or less than it is.  Suspiciousness is an exaggeration of fear.  And where there is suspiciousness, there is an underestimation of fear. 

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7.41. Sensible philosophy 10.   AR AR

There   are   two   extremes:   you   are   either   zero   or   one.   No   matter   what   one   does,   it   remains   one.   No   matter   what   zero   does,   it   transforms   everything   into   zero.   A   successful   and   sensible   person   is   one   who   was   able   to   unite   these   two   extremes   inside   himself   and   to   become   ten.

Quantum   nanophilosophy   (Syntalism)   can   be   called   the   philosophy   of   the   North   or   the   philosophy   of   common   sense.   The   North   is   very   cold   and   a   lot   of   energy   is   required   to   survive.   In   the   North,   any   mistake   can   cost   you   your   life.   In   the   North,   common   sense   and   pragmatism   are   very   important.   Syntalism   is   the   harmony   of   the   incompatible.   By   absorbing   the   wisdom   of   Eastern,   Western   and   Southern   philosophies,   nanophilosophy   achieved   the   synergetic   integrity   that   provided   access   to   sources   of   huge   energy.

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8.88. Organic style.   AR AR

Looking  at  the  world  through  rose-coloured  glasses  is  just  as  silly  as  having  a  morbid  outlook  on  life.  Life  should  be  seen  in  a  broad  realistic  view.  Anything  organic  is  always  better  than  chemical  things. 

All  those  colored  glasses  only  strain  eyes  and  distort  reality.  Those  who  live  in  a  fool's  paradise  and  lose  touch  with  reality,  soon  become  useless  people. 

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9.37.   AR AR

The problem is not that you crossed the line, but that you didn't get back in time. Life is the process of swinging the pendulum from extreme to extreme with respect to the point of equilibrium. What you call peace is equilibrium oscillation.

Peace is death, but peace is emptiness, emptiness is a place to live. How is it that death and life are the same thing? "Both life and death are extremes, and You are a pendulum swinging between them. You need to find a point of balance and move relative to it, it will give you energy to maintain your materiality.

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9.60. Three strategies of access to energy.   AR AR

The  strategy  of  digging  money  resembles  the  work  of  electrical  generators.  You  can  be  a  pendulum  that  moves  from  extreme  to  extreme  (up,  down,  left  and  right)  over  a  spot  of  balance.  Can  move  on  the  circle  of  extremes  (spiral)  without  going  into  balancing  states.  Or  you  can  sit  in  the  spot  of  balance  far  from  extremes  and  spin  on  the  same  place  like  a  whipping-top.

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990. Ребёнок, похожий на бабушку.   AR AR

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1056. Laziness saves a fool.   AR AR

Laziness  is  a  trait  inherent  in  extremes.  Laziness  saves  the  world  from  a  fool.  Laziness  saves  a  fool  of  himself.  There's  nothing  scarier  than  an  energetic  fool.  There's  nothing  worse  than  a  spirited  wiseacre.  By  creating  the  monster,  nature  has  taken  care  to  ensure  that  this  creature  troubles  wouldn`t  cause  too  much  trouble.

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1613.   AR AR

Sadomasochism  and  sadism  are  the  qualities  of  the  soul,  inherent  to  feminine  essence  (  not  to  sex,  but  to  the  very  essence).  These  are  so  called  «compensational  desires». 

Sadomasochism  is  inherent  to  person  due  to  lack  of  confidence  and  guilt.  Therefore,  a  person  feeling  guilty  subconsciously  wants  to  be  punished  and  this  way  to  be  released  from  fear,  pain  and  responsibility.    He  gets  calm  and  forgiveness.  It  gives  great  pleasure  and  satisfaction. 

But  any  extremity  can  easily  turn  into  its  opposite.  The  inferiority  complex  easily  turns  into  the  «God  complex».  Fear  and  pain  turn  into  hatred  and  anger.  The  same  way  is  here:  inner  sadomasochism  easily  turns  a  person  into  a  sadist  under  some  circumstances.  People  that  were  beaten  and  humiliated  much,  bully  the  weaker  with  particular  pleasure  and  cruelty  having  got  power.   

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1681. A few more words about happiness and its nature.   AR AR

[In  brevi] 

In  order  to  feel  happy  and  contented  with  life  it's  important  to  find  more  reasons  for  joy  and  pleasure  and  fewer  reasons  for  pain  and  negative  emotions. 

And  it  should  be  taken  into  account  that  the  weight  of  any  sources  of  «happiness»  and  «unhappiness»  is  relative.  It  may  change  with  time  or  may  differ  among  different  people.  Usually  we  appreciate  something  that  we  don't  have  more  than  what  we  have.  That's  why  available  happiness  tends  to  lose  its  value  while  unavailable  one  gets  more  precious. 

One  can  also  be  quite  happy  at  the  moment  when  it's  possible  to  get  away  from  various  problems  and  difficulties  that  bring  one  pain  and  disappointments.  If  one  gets  what  hurts  out  of  the  head  and  concentrates  on  what  brings  happiness,  it  gives  the  feeling  of  local  happiness. 

Not  everything  that  we  consider  to  be  evil  is  evil  indeed  and  what's  good  is  not  always  good.  The  good  means  balance  and  justice,  in  the  first  place.  The  evil  is  what  disturbs  the  balance  and  goes  into  extremes. 

Many  people,  being  full  of  pain  and  sorrow,  however,  put  on  masks  to  hide  it:  smile  and  pretend  to  be  happy  during  day  time  and  cry  at  night  when  no  one  sees. 
People  don't  like  it  when  others  see  their  weakness,  sins  or  real  nature... 

When  one  doesn't  have  anything  to  eat,  bread  crust  will  make  this  person  happy. 

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1773.   AR AR

Moralists, like their antipodes (people are immoral), in essence, all people are extremely unfortunate... Because there are no extremes nor happiness, nor truth... only pain…

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1834.   AR AR

Nietzsche  and  other  philosophers  of  the  kind  were  fond  of  comparing  pleasures  with  swinishness.  Some  may  ask  why.  For  example,  if  one  built  a  house,  grew  a  tree,  painted  a  great  picture  or  baked  a  nice  pie.  And  now  this  person  stands  and  sees  the  results  of  the  work  he  or  she  did  and  feels  great  human  pleasure.  Constructive  work  brings  the  strongest  satisfaction  and  pleasure.  So  what  does  this  kind  of  pleasure  have  to  do  with  swinishness? 

And  what  does  it  have  to  do  with  swinishness  when  one  joys  in  one's  children  success  or  when  one  is  happy  about  hearing  tender  words  from  a  beloved  person...  Nothing  of  the  kind  has  anything  to  do  with  swinishness. 

Swinishness  takes  place  when  one  doesn't  bind  the  sack  before  it's  full  and  runs  to  extremes. 

Among  all  human  sins  it's  injustice  that  resembles  swinishness  most  of  all. 

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2042. About the sense of moderation   AR AR

Extremes  give  birth  to  pridefulness. 
Going  to  extremes  wakes  demons. 

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2135.   AR AR

There  are  no  limits  to  those  who  like  extremes. 

-  They  are  also  called  extremists. 

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2184.   AR AR

As  is  known,  pain  is  the  first  symptom  of  a  sin.  And  we  also  know  that  helplessness  is  a  sin. 
But  in  order  to  gain  power,  it's  necessary  to  feel  pain,  hence  commit  a  sin. 
Thus,  it  takes  another  sin  to  conquer  some  sin. 
It's  only  Evil  that  is  able  to  conquer  Evil. 

What  if  it's  not  the  triumph  of  Evil  over  Evil  but  only  Evil  giving  way  to  new  Evil? 

-  Did  I  delude  you?  Should  have  I  stopped  a  couple  of  lines  earlier?  Relax,  it  doesn't  matter.  The  problem  is  not  about  evil  or  good  but  about  disturbing  the  balance.  Happiness  is  impossible  without  pain  and  good  doesn't  exist  without  evil.  Too  much  of  a  good  thing  is  not  good.  Forget  the  extremes  and  you'll  be  happy. 

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2304. A trivial reason.   AR AR

The  existence  of  freedom  in  human  society  is  impossible. 

The  reason  is  very  trivial: 
People  are  too  Strong.  People  are  too  Smart. 
People  are  too  Weak.  People  are  too  Stupid. 

Freedom  sets  strong  smart  predators  free  as  well  as  silly  weak  hares. 
These  hares  won't  be  able  to  escape  predators  and  will  soon  be  eaten. 
When  all  hares  disappear,  predators  will  die  of  hunger  too. 

An  attentive  reader  may  ask:  what  about  the  balance  in  wildlife  where  hares  and  predators  manage  to  survive? 
-  The  matter  is  that  animal  power  is  limited  while  human  power  is  not.  What's  more,  animal  weakness  is  limited  too  and  human  weakness  is  not. 

Of  course,  if  humans  didn't  go  to  extremes  that  often,  everything  would  be  different.  But  we  are  who  we  are. 

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2385. The law of extremes.   AR AR

According  to  the  law  of  extremes,  extreme  stupidity  may  take  a  step  and  become  extreme  wisdom.  That's  the  explanation  for  the  fact  that  something  extremely  stupid  may  turn  out  to  be  good. 

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2388. Murphy's Law.   AR AR

It's  always  the  same  way:  too  early  at  first  and  too  late  later.  The  difference  is  that  any  «early»  may  bring  success  if  one  is  lucky  enough  while  any  «too  late»  means  it's  useless  to  try. 

When  you  arrive  early,  you  can  wait.  But  when  you're  late,  you  may  only  weep.  A  fruit  plucked  before  it's  ripe  can  ripen  later  while  an  overripe  fruit  is  good  for  nothing. 

The  time  line  with  the  dot  called  «early»  has  enough  other  dots  that  can  let  one  do  one's  part  and  then  sleep  well.  But  a  straight  line  with  the  main  dot  called  «it's  time»  has  only  dots  «too  late»  after  that. 

It  can  be  endlessly  discussed  why  arriving  on  time  is  the  best  decision.  But  it  should  also  be  mentioned  that  the  closer  one  gets  to  the  dot  called  «it's  time»,  the  higher  the  probability  to  be  late.  Not  to  mention  «Murphy's  Law»  that  says  -  «The  more  a  person  realizes  how  late  he  or  she  is,  the  more  obstacles  and  inconveniences  will  make  things  even  worse». 

The  best  strategy  in  this  case  is  to  do  everything  on  time  and  avoid  facing  extremes. 

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