10.17707. Why would you?   AR AR

If the universe is a complex mechanism, then everything inside it is its parts that perform certain tasks.  Answer me, detail, why are you here?

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10.18171.   AR AR

"Why did you do that?»  - crying alone.  "Wanted and did»  "Yes," says the other.

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10.18203.   AR AR

Why do you denounce your anger in words?  Just bark!  You're a dog, dogs bark.

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10.19199. The insufficiency of the self.   AR AR

Ask yourself questions.  Why should I convince this man of anything?  What does it matter to me that he is ignorant?  Why should I make him think like me?  Why would I need a second one like me?  Am I not enough of myself?

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10.20017.   AR AR

And why should the proud teach the truth?  Truth is joyous, and the proud love to suffer and despise truth, and therefore joy.  If they like to suffer, let them suffer.  Only a fool would pull a Hippo out of a swamp.  Suffering is the home of the proud.

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10.20352. Cowardice is expensive.   AR AR

Time is enough if it is not spent on pleasure.  You say you work hard and don't have time for anything.  Tell me, why do you work so hard?  To earn money and then spend it all on fun?  The source of your pleasure is things, entertainment, and a lot of money.  Do you use pleasure to numb your fear?

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10.21635.   AR AR

You say you need to buy time, but why do you need time?  You want to flush all your time down the toilet?  Do you like delicious food, rest and fun?  Congratulations, your life is a living hell, but you already know that.

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10.21663.   AR AR

Why do you need a lot?  Don't you know that you can't take too much at once?  I tried many times to take a lot at once and everything constantly fell out of my hands, broke and was lost... it would be Better if I went many times on the small, then  I would have many times more than even what I lost at one time.

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The beginning of the book

4.42.   AR AR

I do not advise you to abuse memory training, the better a person's memory, the more he is an idiot.  Why would he?  He remembers everything by heart.  However, bad memory is also not a sign of a big mind.

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4.66.   AR AR

In rules importantly - why they.  Knowledge of the rules implies the realization of their goals, and flexible corners is not associated with deception, and with the support of their true goals. 

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485.   AR AR

I don't want to live in a perfect world,
for, why I there…
It's ready, it's done.,
and me – to walk, to see, to envy,
even zapyatuyu sign nowhere…

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5.43.   AR AR

Mind is something that can form itself, determining where and why it should grow.

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1110.   AR AR

No  one  knows  the  future,  so  why  to  be  afraid  of  it  before  the  time. 

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2240. Ulterior motive   AR AR

Politics is serious business. People up there make money, and we're down here looking for some ulterior motives. Why this stupidity?

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2593.   AR AR

The  wolves  living  among  sheep  should  wear  sheep's  clothing  in  order  not  to  scare  people. 

The  question  is:  why  do  wolves  have  to  live  among  sheep? 
The  answer  is:  Because  it's  warm  and  comfortable  among  sheep. 

And  sheep  are  nice  for  food  and  everything  that  wolves  need  to  feel  happy. 

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2617. There's a time and a place for everything.   AR AR

There's  a  place  for  every  detail.  You  should  realize  there's  nothing  and  nobody  unnecessary.  Everything  will  be  useful.  Study  things  and  people:  think  what  they're  useful  for  and  when  or  how  to  use  them. 

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2783.   AR AR

I've  noticed  that  no  matter  how  he  craves  for  tomorrow,  it's  only  today  that  comes.  He's  a  man  doomed  to  live  for  today  and  he  has  never  seen  tomorrow.  So  why  should  he  think  about  tomorrow?  Perhaps,  he  should  think  about  today  only. 

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3.112.   AR AR

The   squirrel   in   the   wheel   must   be   very   dizzy.    Whether   from   imaginary   successes,   whether   from   the   invented   fears.    Squirrel   severely   out   of   breath,   she   has   no   time   to   take   a   breath,   to   stop   and   think   where   and   why   it   actually   runs.

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3.117. What would you need an explosion for?   AR AR

A   miracle   is   a   superstructure   over   the   basis   of   reality.   There   can   be   no   superstructure   outside   its   basis.   In   other   words,   you   can   count   on   a   miracle   only   in   something   you   can   do   yourself.   In   that   case,   a   miracle   will   be   a   kind   of   super   bonus   and   the   acceleration   of   this   process.

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3.368.   AR AR

Mindfulness is when a person understands what he is doing and why.  Mindfulness is a huge source of energy and strength.

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3.810.   AR AR

Don't judge.  If boss said to do, not your concern to think, why it him and, the more, assess usefulness.  Your job is first to do, and then, if you know why and why, to offer something extra.

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3.812.   AR AR

The "Why" question without an answer gives rise to despondency and indolence.  You either find out (think) clearly "why", or do not ask this stupid question.  The belief that it is necessary will become your cosmic source of energy and strength.

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3.824.   AR AR

Mindfulness is understanding what you are doing and why.  Awareness is truth, unconsciousness is falsehood and sleep of the mind.

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3.856.   AR AR

The moment you stop, you're gonna lie.  Stopping is a lie.  But if you know why you stopped, then that's the truth.  Stop is zero, and zero is as equal a member of truth as one.

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3.889.   AR AR

They say, do not judge, and will not judge, but there is a nuance.  If you know why and what you are doing, then your judgment will produce the desired result.

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3.931.   AR AR

You have to know exactly what you're doing and why, or you're a liar.

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3939. A fish is stupid as it joyfully goes to a net.   AR AR

Three  functions  of  fish  in  ecosystem.  What  are  they? 
Fish  spawn,  eat  and  become  food  for  others. 

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



4.450.   AR AR

A half-wit is the most unhappy man. Faith makes a dream come true. Faith is love and happiness. Fools believe because stupid, believe smart, because smart, know why and understand humility. Half-wits are too smart to believe in stupidity, but not yet smart enough to find humility and, seeing the situation as a whole, learn to believe in lies and stupidity consciously.

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