10.12345.   AR AR

Time is a void that needs to be filled with action.  Time is the action, no action – there is no time.  Lack of time breeds fear.

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10.13239.   AR AR

The void is a blank black sheet.  A clean white sheet is an ideal chaos on which the mind can select any entities that are interesting to it.

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10.13253.   AR AR

The essence of meditation is to form a void into which energy flows from all sides.

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10.13309. Internal emptiness.   AR AR

The cork in the gin jug is locked from the inside.  Due to fear and the rarefied gas environment, a low pressure is created in the jug, relative to the outside world.  The outer world is love, and fear is the absence of love.  There is no love in gin, there is emptiness inside gin.  Emptiness is fear.

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10.19220.   AR AR

Boredom speaks of pride.  There is no real love in this man, only thirst  pleasure.  A man who cannot extract beauty from the contemplation of emptiness is a greedy, proud man.

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10.19262. An empty man.   AR AR

The consciousness of a proud man is a sphere, the density of matter in which depends on the amount of pleasure, power and money available to the proud man.  When a proud person loses something somewhere, it is as if he is empty, losing a part of himself.  It used to be solid, but now it's empty.

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10.19440. Harmony of being.   AR AR

A lie is a bundle of energy, a barrier, an object of the real world, and an impassability.  Truth is the ocean, the emptiness between the trees.  Truth is unlimited and knows no barriers.  The unity of truth and falsehood is the forest, where the trees are lies, and truth is the void between the trees.

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10.19502.   AR AR

In the dispute between the forest and the trees for power, no one will win, because the main one in this Trinity is nothing…  Emptiness and nothingness, that's who's in charge in this world.  Their first servants are water, earth, air, and light.  Everything else is tertiary.

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10.19542.   AR AR

The reason for your failures is that you are a woodpecker and seek power over the trees.  In the forest, you should rule over the emptiness between the trees, not Bang your head against the wall.

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10.20173.   AR AR

Unless you give up external love as a source of energy, you will not be able to use your internal sources of energy.  To ignite the sun inside you, you need a vacuum and emptiness around you.

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10.20349.   AR AR

Having displaced some of his emotions outside of himself, a person loses the ability to Shine and completely focuses on the emptiness within himself and the sensations coming from outside.

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10.21338. The master is nothing.   AR AR

Do not be afraid of impassability, remember, in the forest, the power belongs to those who rule over the void.  Leave the trees to the idolaters, they still pay a huge tribute to those who own the void.

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10.21515.   AR AR

A forest is not a tree, a forest is a void between trees.  The more trees, the more emptiness.

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10.21654.   AR AR

It is dangerous to consider yourself higher than others who rise high, look down and fall.  Be better below the others.  It's not bad to be an ocean, either.  All rivers and streams flow into the ocean.  Do you think the forest is tall trees?  No!  A forest is a void between trees.

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10.22046.   AR AR

Humility is respect for borders.  By giving up the struggle for borders, a person gains the ability to permeate through walls.

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The beginning of the book

15.   AR AR

Are  you  able  to  love  him? 

…despite  kitchen  smoke, 
despite  tv, 
despite  kid  screams,  school  lessons, 
despite  night  insomnia, 
despite  overcrowded  subway, 
despite  work  days  8  hours  from  9  a.m.  to  6  p.m, 
despite  offence  and  irritation, 
despite  indifference  and  emptiness, 
despite  shops  and  markets, 
despite  diseases  and  climate  changes, 
despite  kith  and  kin, 
despite  smog  and  fog, 
despite  fried  potato  smell  in  the  kitchen, 
despite  hundreds  of  «but»,  «if»  and  «why», 
despite  hundreds  of  thoughts, 
despite  hundreds  of  difficulties, 
despite  any  distance, 
despite  time. 

…are  you  able  to  love? 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


38.   AR AR

Disappointments  exhaust… 
and  undermine  self-esteem... 
A  wrong  wish  chosen  and 
.......  energy  wasted  on  it  - 
all  in  vain. 

Be  sensible  in  wishes,  human, 
no  one  owes  you  anything; 
of  course,  there  will  be  wonders 
but  only  if  you're  worth  it. 

While  choosing  a  wish, 
  be  sure, 
...that  it  will  come  true. 
Without  much  vanity 
stretch  out  hands  only  towards 
what  is  reachable  and  seen.... 

Catch  and  grab  what  can  be  taken, 
and  what  is  in  question 
having  calmed  your  worries, 
consider  a  happy  occasion. 

And  may  god  deliver  you 
from  expecting  much  from  people 
just  know  that  every  step  of  life 
is  a  happy  coincidence... 

No  one  would  march  to 
your  tune  for  free 
and  even  a  fish  on  the  hook 
only  wishes  to  be  free. 

As  for  money-never  spon 
  and  better  never  borrow; 
listen  to  nature  and, 
you'd  better  choose  the  goals 
suitable  for  your  soul... 

Luck,  money  and  destiny 
live  in  your  wishes, 
swallow  your  pride,  human  being, 
to  be  forever  happy...

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77.   AR AR

Just  imagine  the  emptiness  of  the  senselessness, 
which  covers  the  body  when  the  last  thought 

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535. [In brevi]   AR AR

In  a  man's  head  there's  a  place  where  happiness  should  be… 
And  if  there's  no  happiness  this  place  is  empty. 
And  there's  emptiness  instead  in  the  head…  vacuum  sucking  into  its 
bottomlessness  anything  it  can; 

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729.   AR AR

When a person refuses to fulfill his purpose and role in life, the World in every way begins to remind a person about it, filling his soul with emptiness and pain.

To get away from this pain, a person tries to escape from reality into some other fictional world...
Alcohol, drugs, religion, games, books, entertainment, TV series, movies... there are a lot of Ways to "escape" from the current reality into a fictional world where there is pseudo-happiness and peace.

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7.36. Motion brings electricity.   AR AR

Money  is  energy,  it's  like  electricity.  In  order  to  get  money,  it  takes  both  phase  and  neutral,  and  you  should  Be  and  not  Be  by  joining  zero  and  one,  wholeness  and  emptiness,  illusions  and  reality  in  yourself. 

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786.   AR AR

I  feel  the  emptiness  of  the  soul  with  food. 

But  a  soul  doesn't  need  food  and  that's  why  it  remains  unhealthily  empty.  While  a  body  full  with  food,  gets  fat  and  upsets  a  soul  even  more... 

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828. [In brevi]   AR AR

It's  clear  that  not  all  people  think  the  same. 
Many  don't  think  at  all. 
And  live  in  the  void  of  irreflection… 

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883. Atomic universe   AR AR

Everything  consists  of  void... 
A  human  being  consists  of  void... 
All  people  are  empty... 

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9.27. Growing from the inside, you grow from the outside.   AR AR

There   is   no   need   to   cross   the   line,   there   is   Nothing   and   Emptiness   behind   it,   but   it's   necessary   to   expand   the   boundaries   using   Nothing   as   the   free   space   for   growth.   That   is,   it   is   necessary   to   grow   from   the   inside,   thereby   growing   from   the   outside.

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9.37.   AR AR

The problem is not that you crossed the line, but that you didn't get back in time. Life is the process of swinging the pendulum from extreme to extreme with respect to the point of equilibrium. What you call peace is equilibrium oscillation.

Peace is death, but peace is emptiness, emptiness is a place to live. How is it that death and life are the same thing? "Both life and death are extremes, and You are a pendulum swinging between them. You need to find a point of balance and move relative to it, it will give you energy to maintain your materiality.

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9.38. Life and death are the same.   AR AR

Peace   is   death,   movement   is   life,   but   peace   is   emptiness   and   free   space.   Free   space   is   required   for   movement   to   occur.   On   the   other   hand,   life   is   rotation,   movement   in   a   circle.   And   sometimes,   life   is   a   pendulum   whose   oscillation   amplitude   determines   the   limits   of   its   movement.   So   you   don't   even   have   to   have   free   space   to   move.   Movement   is   life,   because   movement   is   the   process   of   energy   conversion:   a   dynamo,   an   electric   generator...   You   move   to   live,   you   live   because   you   move.   Moving,   you   get   energy,   you   need   energy   to   live.

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9.71. Free man.   AR AR

It   often   happens   that   luck   finds   completely   inarticulate   people   who   need   nothing,   who   do   not   have   dreams   and   their   own   ambitions.   This   is   due   to   the   fact   that   these   people   are   potentially   useful,   but   free.   Therefore,   any   external   Goal   can   easily   find   them   and   use   them   for   their   own   Goals.   After   all,   if   these   people   had   their   own   goals,   they   would   have   to   be   repulsed,   they   would   have   to   fight   for   them,   but   this   way   they   are   free   and   this   makes   them   easily   accessible.   Their   emptiness   creates   a   vacuum   that   attracts   something   that   could   fill   them.   In   this   case,   it   is   strategically   correct   to   choose   the   best   offers.

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9.72. To find the new, you should get rid of the old.   AR AR

Emptiness   seeks   to   be   filled.   If   you   need   something   new,   you   need   to   make   space   by   getting   rid   of   the   old.   Throw   away   everything   old,   and   the   new   one   will   come   to   you.   This   technique   can   be   used,   for   example,   to   upgrade   your   wardrobe,   or   to   find   a   new   love   or   a   new   job…

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9.74. Nothing.   AR AR

It   is   not   the   Universe   expanding,   pushed   from   within   by   the   energy   of   the   big   bang,   but   it`s   the   void   that   requires   filling,   drawing   it   into   itself.   Gravity   of   the   darkness   attracts   light   at   the   speed   of   darkness.   Infinite   desire   is   Nothing,   becoming   something   is   the   main   source   of   movement   in   this   Universe.  

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9.90.   AR AR

Freedom  is  a  thing  of  great  value,  freedom  is  like  void,  like  nothingness  or  free  space  that  everyone  wants  to  possess...  The  longer  you  keep  your  freedom,  the  more  you  will  get  from  selling  it...  However,  remember  that  after  midnight  the  carriage  will  turn  into  a  pumpkin.  You  need  to  sell  yourself  sooner  than  before  your  freedom  goes  bad  and  you  become  useless  or  uninteresting  to  anyone.

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.59. The Creator needs a place.   AR AR

Revolutions happen when there comes a great hunger of the Creator, eager to create.  From inability to create, he destroys the world, creating emptiness...  They are waiting for the Creator, clearing the void for him...

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10.69. An electric spirit pierces the void.   AR AR

The human mind is a kind of resonant electric circuit, which accidentally or intentionally interacts with what is called the information field of the Earth.

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1201.   AR AR

A  person  always  waits  for  something.  But  the  paradox  is  no  matter  how  many  wishes  may  come  true,  new  ones  will  appear.  This  very  human  emptiness  full  of  endless  desires,  somehow  resembles  a  perpetuum  mobile.  Perhaps,  the  Earth  revolves  thanks  to  them. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1378.   AR AR

It  was  raining,  drawing  lines  down  -  like  a  web  a  spider  spins, 
spreading  a  net,  he  was  all  ears. 

There  is  a  limit  to  sky  metal  vat  has  long  been  corroded, 
like  from  above  a  wire  smoke  didn't  jingle  almost. 

The  dreams  overfilled,  it  like  with  a  tail  to  the  ground 
day  after  day  it  struggled  in  the  window  crooked  glass. 

Like  domes  of  houses,  like  the  spires  of  lights 
his  seven  sins  screamed,  like  seven  swines. 

It  seemed,  there  was  only  one  path,  but  six  ways, 
plus  an  interesting  variant  to  get  stuck  or  pass  away. 

In  the  alleys  the  crowd  drinks  a  happy  feast, 
as  if  a  madman  into  the  bronze  tocsin  rings  and  rings. 

And  some  will  vanish  and  leave,  but  that'll  be  endured, 
as  always  nature  abhors  a  vacuum. 

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