10.19691. A source of infinite joy.   AR AR

Truth is joy.  The meaning of understanding the truth is finding joy.  Every day new truths are revealed to me, and this gives me a sense of delight and joy.  The knowledge of truth is inexhaustible, for truth comes from the denial of falsehood, and falsehood is that to which there is no limit.

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10.19911.   AR AR

Perfection is a matter of specialization, and there is no limit to perfection.

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10.20008. God is incomprehensible.   AR AR

The point is not to know God, but to know him.  Love is an act of knowledge  God.  God is truth and beauty.  Knowledge  God is joyous and infinite.  Don't get hung up on the goal, enjoy the process and intermediate results.

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10.20051.   AR AR

We can say that the meaning of the life of chaos is to turn order into chaos... and the meaning of the life of order is to turn chaos into order.  There are several nuances here.  First, the meaning of your life should be treated with joy, not with aggression.  Secondly, this task is impossible, inexhaustible, and is necessary in order to brighten up the infinity of existence.  The war of chaos and order is inexhaustible, as is love.  War is one of the names of such concepts as love, truth, and perfection.

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10.20159.   AR AR

God is the absolute.  God is the infinite flame of truth.  A person who has known love begins to know God endlessly, striving to become God.  However, since the absolute is inexhaustible, it is not possible for a person to become a God, but it is possible to be an angel, a child of God, or a part of him.  On the other hand, they say that man is also inexhaustible.

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10.20694.   AR AR

Thirst  sex is associated with a sense of power.  The feeling of power is connected with overcoming obstacles.  Truth and beauty are incomprehensible, this is done in order that it was impossible to gain power over them and, thereby, kill love.  While there is a power struggle, there is a sense of love and sexuality.

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10.20740.   AR AR

The real idea is impracticable and like hope.  Hope is one of the names of truth, and truth is unknowable.  The idea evolves endlessly.  You follow your idea, and it follows the infinite path of perfection.

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10.21352.   AR AR

The last mile is the real truth.  The real truth is an inexhaustible infinite source of energy.  Thus, it is impossible to go the last mile.  The essence of the last mile is to walk it endlessly, using it as an endless source of joy and energy.

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10.21353.   AR AR

The last mile is a symbol of perfection.  When we reach the last mile, we enter the stage of "perfection", which is infinite and inexhaustible.

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10.21520. Infinite system.   AR AR

Truth and falsehood are a sphere of which you have already known part, and the second part is not yet known.  The part you don't know is what you call a lie, but it's actually the truth.  The most joyous thing about this system is that the truth is inexhaustible.

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10.21811.   AR AR

It is impossible to know the truth, for the truth is infinite non-existence.  But it is possible to know a lie, a lie is limited to the real world and therefore quite knowable.  Another question is that lies are constantly growing, filled with information from the infinite non-existence of truth.

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10.21891.   AR AR

The point is that it is boundaries that create infinity.  When you are aware of the illusory and permeable boundaries, but you will respect them and understand why they are there, you will understand the infinite.  The borders need to preserve the integrity, the borders do not divide, but connect.  An entity without boundaries will instantly disintegrate and become nothing.

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10.21947. Restrain your greed.   AR AR

Truth (perfection, love and beauty)  inexhaustible if you draw them with restraint.  You drive more quietly, you'll go further.  At low speed, perfection is an inexhaustible source of energy that feeds the perpetual motion machine.  However, greedy pride can empty everything around it and the source will perish.

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10.22515.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that ideal, truth, order, love, beauty, and hope are infinite and inexhaustible.  In other words, the desire to achieve an ideal and the desire for power (control)  there is pride over the essences of love.

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The beginning of the book

74.   AR AR

Infinite space
    incomprehensible and huge...
But much closer to it 
  there is a human soul  -
in fact, the same universe,
inside of which there are millions
worlds are born and die
in their castles live
beautiful princesses
and the princes fight
with dragons by their hand...
Variants of these worlds

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2939. A ruled thermonuclear fusion.   AR AR

Before  getting  the  access  to  the  endless  space  energy,  humans  should  learn  how  to  rule  their  own  souls. 

If  a  modern  person  full  of  pridefulness,  stupidity,  greed  and  vanity  is  suddenly  given  some  inexhaustible  source  of  energy,  it  will  lead  to  the  end  of  the  world. 
Until  each  one  of  us  learns  philosophy  well  enough  to  rule  oneself,  no  one  should  even  dream  of  the  time  when  mankind  will  get  such  a  powerful  source  of  energy. 

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3866.   AR AR

The  love  of  God  generates  faith. 
Faith  is  an  inexhaustible  source  of  strength  and  luck. 
“Everyone  has  his  own  God,”  they  say.  I  answer:  “Maybe”…  And  still…  Love  is  an  inexhaustible  source  of  energy  and  strength. 
The  love  of  God,  the  love  of  Truth,  the  love  of  your  Goals,  the  love  of  your  loved  ones,  the  love  of  your  fatherland…

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4382. The truth is the function of circumstances.   AR AR

It's   impossible   to   learn   the   truth   even   because   the   truth   is   the   function   of   circumstances   and   the   diversity   of   combination   of   circumstances   is   great.

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5.473. Fight for fire.   AR AR

The purpose of reason, having reached perfection, to deserve love of the soul. Then the soul in love with the mind will become its internal inexhaustible source of energy, which will allow the mind to stop being an illusion and gain materiality. The purpose of the mind from the lies become the truth, from illusion – matter of zero – unit. To do this, he needs the love and energy of his soul.

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6.360.   AR AR

Perfection is unattainable, because every time you reach perfection, you either push the boundaries, or you fall into the beginning, or you are thrown back. In any case, at the level of 100 % will not last long. The most unpleasant thing to perfection that when it is reached, the custom of life will be gray and dull.

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10.972.   AR AR

Buddha is an entity that has conquered the bondage of forms.  You cannot know Buddha, because knowledge is the clarification of the forms of things, but that which is formless is infinite and therefore unknowable.

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3.3245.   AR AR

Striving for perfection is a process, not a result.  To achieve success it is necessary to strive for perfection, but not necessarily to be, especially since it is impossible, because perfection is unattainable.

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4.1728.   AR AR

They   say   that   God   can   not   be   understood,   God   is   said   to   be   incomprehensible.   That   sounds   to   be   true.   But   there   is   another   truth.   The   meaning   of   human   life   is   to   comprehend   God.   That   is   why   God   is   incomprehensible,   so   that   the   meaning   of   human   life   never   ends.   God   is   the   world,   it   is   reality.   Knowledge   of   the   real   world   is   endless.   The   meaning   of   human   life   is   the   infinity   knowledge.

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4.3006.   AR AR

Happiness is based on the ability to extract it from the inner, if there is no such ability, then happiness is unattainable under any circumstances and external conditions.

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6.1261. The real treasure is inexhaustible.   AR AR

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6.5009. An inexhaustible source of wonder.   AR AR

Joy is beautiful, joy is God, joy is the flow of energy entering a person.

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7.4846. Hidden darkness.   AR AR

Is it possible to comprehend the incomprehensible? Obviously not, because it's incomprehensible. I'll ask you another question. Is there a incomprehensible? Obviously not, for darkness cannot resist light. However, the darkness can hide from the light and will have to try very hard to find it.

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7.4847.   AR AR

Does  the  unknowable  exists?  –  it  all  depends  on  the  mind  force.  The  harder  fire  burns,  the  farther  from  it  light  is.  For  a  dumb  there  is  so  much  unknowable  it  makes  even  average  minds  laugh.

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7.5007.   AR AR

They say perfection is unattainable, perhaps so, but... I tell you, only by becoming perfect can you create. When the Fig tree grows and reaches perfection, it will begin to bear fruit. So a man must Be before he Does. To be is to attain perfection and wholeness, to attain materiality by understanding oneself and the real world.

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7.5034. A neurosis is when you want to, but can not.   AR AR

Neurosis is the fear and anxiety generated by the thought that the desired is unattainable. I want to, but did not succeed. Fear and anxiety that it will not work, this is the neurosis.

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7.6357.   AR AR

They say the world is unknowable, man is unknowable. What's inside that black box?

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7.6720.   AR AR

Everything that has a name is incomprehensible, because the name always distorts the essence. The same essence, called by different names, will change, taking the form of these names.

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7.7017.   AR AR

Actions  of  the  smart  seem  great  silly  things  to  the  fools,  as  their  meaning  remain  inconceivable  for  them.

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7.7601.   AR AR

They say the world is unknowable. And it's true if you live in a world of illusions. Infinite illusions and reality in the infinity of the infinite small.

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