10.22528.   AR AR

Always be prepared for the most unexpected response.  Be prepared for the fact that the unexpected will be very ordinary, simple and many times flashed before your eyes, while remaining devoid of your attention.

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10.15110.   AR AR

Do not rush to answer your question, look around, look for clues and answers.

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10.15366. An ignorant man.   AR AR

It is very impolite to answer all the questions that are asked to you, because many questions are asked to you out of politeness, in the hope that you will not answer them.

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10.15626.   AR AR

Answer a question with a question while you think about the answer.

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10.16001.   AR AR

Only the one who is asked can answer, all other answers will melt into silence, not heard by anyone.

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10.16704. The conduit of information.   AR AR

Experience is a situation when a person becomes smarter by answering the questions that life asks him.  In fact, experience is a conversation with God.  Reality asks a question to God, who lives in man, and he answers through man.  A person listens to these answers and becomes smarter.

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10.16916. Wrong question.   AR AR

Any question can be put differently in order to get the correct answer.  The right answer requires the right question.  A wrong question automatically generates wrong answers.  For the answer is a direct consequence and the reverse side of the question.

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10.17873.   AR AR

Words breed lies.  You will hear more of the truth if you listen to my silence.  Talk to me and listen to my silence.  Listen to my silence, and you will hear all the answers you need.

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10.17922.   AR AR

The barren Fig tree is proud, it does not want to do good and throw it into the water.  The Fig tree is constantly asking a selfishly stupid question:  "What will I get in return?»

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10.18014.   AR AR

Love is what asks questions, hope is what answers.  If love believes the answer, hope becomes reality.

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10.18849.   AR AR

What is a lie?  An illusion?  What's wrong with illusions?  They honestly want to become reality, to become truth.  Illusion is a fantasy and ideas, it is the basis of the human mind.  Lies are symbols of the human mind.

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10.19154.   AR AR

The   realization   of   the   truth   occurs   through   the   denial   of   lies.   The   book   Variothoughts   is   a   great   collection   of   different   questions   and   lies.   Many   questions   contain   answers,   and   a   lie   that   you   can't   deny   is   the   truth.

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10.19877.   AR AR

The main question of being:  what's good about bad?

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10.22339.   AR AR

There   are   no   questions   that   cannot   be   answered   in   the   book   Variothoughts.

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10.22370. Light against darkness.   AR AR

When reading a book, often ask the question "why?»  Reading  Talmud, I have noticed that on average there is one very strange thought per page, in which, if you think about it, you can achieve enlightenment and joy.

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9.28. Growth restriction.   AR AR

The   problem   is   not   that   there   are   no   answers,   the   problem   is   that   the   questions   are   over.   You   are   restricted   by   questions.   That`s   they   that   draw   boundaries   that   you   cannot   cross.   After   all,   questions   generate   answers   and   answers   are   a   source   of   growth,   expanding   the   boundaries.

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8.73.   AR AR

Unnecessary  questions  are  a  source  of  unpleasant  answers.  Remember  Bluebeard  and  the  legion  of  those  who  perished  because  of  curiosity  about  someone  else’s  business.

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5.16.   AR AR

As a consolation, reflexive answers work well.  By affirming aloud the right of a person to suffer, it is as if you are freeing him from suffering.  Now that he knows he had a right to his emotions, it'll be a relief.

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6.35.   AR AR

The questions indicate that we managed to attract attention.

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The beginning of the book

1543.   AR AR

It's  important  to  get  ready  for  a  conversation  or  a  date  with  a  person.  There  should  be  a  number  of  prepared  fresh  topics  for  discussion.  It's  rational  to  discuss  latest  news  and  rumours  to  be  kept  up-to-date  of  the  latest  news.  It's  useful  to  get  to  know  about  a  person's  interests  and  read  some  information  concerning  it.  People  like  to  talk  about  what  interests  them  and  brings  joy. 

During  a  conversation,  when  there's  nothing  to  say  you  may  play  enigmatic  and  listen  to  others  attentively  and  with  curiosity,  smile  and  load  questions,  encourage  and  support  your  conversationalist,  making  emphasis  on  how  important  and  interesting  the  given  information  is. 

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2030.   AR AR

Politics  is  a  matter  of  government  leaders.  But  when  political  issues  are  discussed  by  middlebrows,  it  all  soon  turns  into  a  circus  performance  full  of  monkeys  and  po  faced  clowns. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



3099. How should I live? - a person may ask...   AR AR

There  are  many  questions  that  do  not  need  to  be  answered. 

There  are  many  questions  that  need  keeping  silent  instead  of  answers.  These  are  rhetorical  questions,  dumb  questions,  thorny  questions…  and  especially  those  questions  that  one  asks  oneself  aloud  in  someone's  presence. 

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3286. Foolish question.   AR AR

Do  not  ask  a  question  if  you  guess  what  the  answer  will  be  and  you  do  not  like  it  in  advance.  A  great  folly  is  to  ask  such  questions,  the  answers  to  which  can  cause  harm  to  the  questioner.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3.551.   AR AR

Redundant  words,  redundant  questions,  redundant  answers…  Of  course,  it  is  best  to  keep  silence  but  silence  may  also  be  redundant.  Taciturnity  often  accompanies  stupidity  and  cowardice.

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3656. When everything is, but there is nothing.   AR AR

A man already has in his soul all the answers to all the questions tormenting him. The problem lies only in the fact that the General weakness of philosophical and ethical beliefs of man is such that he lacks the wisdom and determination to make the right choice. Few can distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood. All the answers lie on the surface, but which one is correct? How to use them correctly?

Yes, indeed, "Life" already gave man all him right, but where it? Where are all these gifts of fate? Providence can literally scatter jewels under a man's feet, but a blind man will pass by without even noticing them.

To make matters worse, the Blind Fool is also Deaf. When good people, whose lips says "Fate", try to tell him how to solve his problems, such a person does not hear anything. Then, in fact, need a Devil with his Whip, because pain is the only thing that connects Deaf-Blind to reality.

Pain and suffering is the only thing that connects a Deaf and Blind person with reality, pointing to his mistakes. Still there is gingerbread in the form of joy and pleasure, but many gingerbread, too, leads to suffering, so choose especially not from what.

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3.759.   AR AR

Asking people questions gives them great joy.  The opportunity to think and show your mind is a great pleasure.

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3.841.   AR AR

The wider the question, the more it resembles the truth, for truth is the whole.  Narrow questions cause the loss of the whole and make you blind.  When you are blinded by the details, you will be saved by the Belief in the truth, that is, by the firm conviction that there is a whole.

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3935. Balance issues.   AR AR

But the balance is not only 50-50.
The balance point can be anywhere. The balance depends very much on external circumstances and factors. Depending on the length of the lever and the weight of the load, the balance point can move very freely.
And importantly... This is not the point itself, but the fact that there is a balance.

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4103.   AR AR

Irrelevant  details  evoke  irrelevant  questions. 

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4279.   AR AR

A  matter  of  keeping  save  appearances  is  a  matter  of  envy.  Don't  tempt  people  around  you  as  it  hurts  them  to  see  what  they  don't  have.  And  this  pain  makes  them  angry. 

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4.875.   AR AR

A meaningless question is a useless question, the answer to which will not be useful, because it is impossible to distinguish a lie from the truth. The answers to such questions are lies. Ask such questions idle liars.

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5.391.   AR AR

Only a Person can ask a question about the meaning of life, the rest of it will be just not interesting.

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5.508.   AR AR

"Life is an eternal session" means that one should always remain conscious in life, because questions that need to be answered arise constantly at any time of the day or night. Remember the gospel parable of the good steward, who is always ready for the coming of the master.

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6.804.   AR AR

Stupid questions are useless to answer, because fools still do not understand the answer.

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6.870.   AR AR

Your idol worship may end with the question, " Why are you me and where am I?»

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7.161.   AR AR

It is very helpful to ask the child questions to answer, have to think, and it's good for the brain.

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7.291. Why?   AR AR

Any  statement  presented  as  an  axiom  should  be  accompanied  by  an  internal  question.  Why?  And  maybe  there  are  exceptions,  or  maybe  this  is  a  misconception?

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7.468.   AR AR

You  shouldn`t  trust  the  expert  opinion  much.  Once  I  asked  four  different  experts  a  question  and  all  the  answers  were  different,  although  well-grounded  and  seemingly  fair.

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7.590.   AR AR

Silence is the perfect answer to so many questions. In silence, everyone can hear what he wants.

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