5.62.   AR AR

The more you ponder the truth, the more you begin to love the truth.  You are what you love.  If you love the truth, you are the truth.  Truth is power.

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4.1807.   AR AR

Love   for   truth   is   love   for   God.   God   is   everything,   and   truth   is   reality.   Knowing   reality   is   an   act   of   love   for   God.

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6.4714.   AR AR

Kindness is the love of truth. We must be kind to the truth and to that which aspires to it.

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10.3327.   AR AR

Truth is like love.  Truth cannot be taught.  Truth can only be infected.  Truth is a deadly disease from which people die.  Truth is love.  When truth dies, it is reborn, and this is what is called enlightenment and the realization of truth.

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10.19433.   AR AR

The truth is scalable.  In fact, truth is what is loved and what is believed.  Love can give truth any form, from a point to the universe and an infinite variety of any other forms.

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10.19488.   AR AR

Love is the knowledge of truth and the service of beauty.  Truth and beauty are inexhaustible.  Everything is truth, everything is beauty.

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10.19639.   AR AR

The   exact   definition   of   truth   should   be   given.   Truth   is   everything.   The   truth   is   the   reality   and   the   potential.   Truth   is   a   ball,   the   totality   of   all   points   on   the   surface   and   inside   the   ball.   The   essence   of   the   search   for   truth   is   quite   simple:   you   should   look   for   a   lie   and,   by   denying   it,   prove   that   a   lie   is   the   truth.   In   fact,   a   lie   is   the   same   as   darkness,   that   is,   something   that   does   not   exist   even   potentially.   The   book   "Variothoughts"   proves   that   lies   and   darkness   cannot   exist   even   potentially.   Everything   is   beauty.   Everything   is   the   truth.   Everything   is   in   order.   Everything   is   God.   To   deny   these   simple   truths   is   ignorance.   The   essence   of   the   search   for   truth   is   to   come   to   the   unity   of   truth   through   division   and   multiplicity.

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10.21404.   AR AR

The purpose of these people's lives is to earn enough money to escape from reality and turn their lives into their dreams.  They like to live in a dream, but they do not like real life, that is, the truth.

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10.21519.   AR AR

I am a lie, but I am also the truth.  Lies and truth are the same thing, but you just love one thing and you don't love the other.  You pay attention to one thing and ignore the other.  You can use one and not the other.  One thing you have realized, and the other you have not.

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10.21758. An honest man.   AR AR

Your problem is that you're trying to escape.  You are running away from reality, attacking reality, or just shivering, paralyzed with horror.  This is wrong, reality is truth, truth must be loved.

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10.22124.   AR AR

The love of God is the love of truth and life.

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The beginning of the book

10.84. God is everything.   AR AR

God is truth, love and beauty.  Therefore, a true believer loves truth and beauty.  To love is to know, to protect and to respect. 

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5.821.   AR AR

To believe in your mind is to love yourself. When you believe in yourself, you love yourself, but you can only believe in someone who knows the truth and therefore can foresee and create the future.

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3.1254. Philosophers should love to do Bang.   AR AR

I   asked   my   little   son   what   truth   is   and   he   said   truth   is   Bang…   That   is,   fear,   he   explained.   Here   I   began   to   see   clearly.   Truth   is   an   explosion,   indeed.   Those   who   live   in   fear   cannot   know   truth   because   they   are   afraid   of   it.   The   knowledge   of   truth   is   reserved   only   to   those   who   are   not   afraid   of   it,   who   can   make   bombs   and   who   love   to   do   Bang.

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5.1630.   AR AR

Idolaters are the weakest. Those who honor Faith are strong, but those who honor the Love of beauty and truth are the strongest.

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5.1858.   AR AR

We are focused on truth and the destruction of lies, truth is the source of faith and inner strength that conquers fear. In this way, we overcome fears and addictions. Truth is the source of great inner strength, which means joy, luck and self-confidence. The source of truth is the beauty and harmony of the soul. Truth is hope, a source of growth and joy. Truth is a concept that includes faith, hope, love, strength, joy, success, courage, and happiness. The chief enemy of truth is falsehood, unconsciousness, and ignorance.

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5.2208.   AR AR

Men differ from animals in that they have love, not that which is lust, but that which is to truth and to beauty. People own the IDEA of love, the one that is faith, hope and love.

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5.2932. Healing the crooked and the blind.   AR AR

Faith and love of truth straighten the curves.

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5.3263.   AR AR

There's always a fly in the ointment in the real truth that you're not going to like. If the truth everything is absolutely fine and logical, so that's a lie or love is blinding.

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6.2031.   AR AR

The Trinity of God is time, love, and reason. Where time is energy and matter. Love is the control of attention and desire, and reason is the service of truth and beauty.

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6.2945.   AR AR

Freedom is love. Man is free in his love to love what he pleases. Will love good, truth and light-end up in Paradise. Love evil, falsehood and darkness will fall into hell. Freedom of choice is absolute. Fools usually choose hell, those who are smarter - Paradise.

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6.4144.   AR AR

I know three kinds of love. The love of truth is growth. The love of lying is withering or a squirrel in a wheel. And the third is apathy and lack of love, which is death.

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6.5910.   AR AR

Angels are the chosen ones, they have a love for truth and beauty, and they know the value of priceless, able to see the gift and know what to do with it. Demons gifts God not see and love to truth in their hearts there is no.

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7.3370. Conclusion, in which not want to believe.   AR AR

Neurotics are the type of people who are attracted to rudeness and severity. All their lives they are surrounded by suffering and they can not live without them. For a neurotic, truth is what is coarse and evil, and only coarseness and anger he understands, and in love, tenderness and kindness he does not believe, considering them to be lies. The neurotic is unconsciously drawn to truth and coarseness. But draws him to the opposite, he can not stand only indifference.

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7.4167.   AR AR

Initially, people are potentially the same. God makes everyone equal, but then people change. A person depends on his desire and ability to learn. The love of knowledge, love of truth is all human and human dependent. Free will, will power, mind power, love, faith and hope are what distinguish some people from others and influence their accumulation of knowledge and energy.

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7.5695.   AR AR

Truth is purpose, but not form or content. Love and service to truth is the pursuit of purpose. The attempt to give the truth form and content turns it into an idol, that is, into a lie.

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7.5785. Hope for truth.   AR AR

Knowledge  is  said  to  demand  confidence,  i.e.  faith.  However,  I  may  know  while  overcoming  doubts,  and  I  hope  even  though  I’m  scared.

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9.1779. Truth hidden in metaphors and parables.   AR AR

Those  who  have  love  in  them  will  be  given.  Love  will  give  them  an  interest  in  truth  and  they  will  find  truth.  Others  –  those  without  love  –  see  without  seeing  and  hear  without  hearing  because  they  are  not  interested  and  too  lazy  to  consider  things  carefully.  Without  truth,  they  remain  empty-handed.

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9.2023. I'm a humble Nobody.   AR AR

All I have is the love of truth and the hope of finding it, and the belief that I will find it.

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9.4073.   AR AR

God  loves  him  who  strives  for  perfection  and  wisdom.  The  hearts  of  the  righteous  are  filled  with  love  for  truth  and  their  work,  each  of  them  having  an  ability.  Such  people  are  pure  and  serene.  Others  are  sinners  devoid  of  love.

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9.4415. An ocean of sins and vices.   AR AR

In  terms  of  symbolism,  the  biblical  flood  can  be  interpreted  as  follows:  human  souls  were  so  filled  with  sins  and  vices  that  people  simply  drowned  in  them  and  disappeared.  The  survivors  were  those  whose  souls  had  love  for  truth  and  faith.

Importantly,  all  those  who  survived  the  flood  were  couples.  This  means  that  people  cannot  overcome  vices  on  their  own.  The  key  to  human  well-being  is  a  healthy  and  close-knit  family.

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