10.15950. Learning to love.   AR AR

Exercise "15 minutes of love delight".  We close our eyes and think for 15 minutes about what we admire.

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10.16189.   AR AR

Everyone's love is the same.  Love is admiration for beauty.  Love loves different things, because everything is beauty.  Everything is in order.

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10.16246.   AR AR

You admire a lion, and I admire a donkey.  The donkey is a smart and useful animal, but the lion only sleeps and eats.

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10.16434. The universe.   AR AR

The essence of meditation is admiration.  You should meditate on the point, admiring its simplicity and perfection.

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10.16944.   AR AR

Delight fills you with energy and gives you strength.  Delight is love and admiration.

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10.18147.   AR AR


How to desire without fear?  
- I wish with admiration and desire with enthusiasm, desire and with passion, desire with joy.


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10.18180.   AR AR

Mad is he who, when he hears the song of lovers, does not share it.  I call the proud poor.

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10.18237.   AR AR

What is the name of someone who, seeing a lover, will not rejoice?  Blind pride!  I call the deaf one whose heart does not sing with the hearts of lovers.

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10.19660.   AR AR

Pride is the inability to admire.  The proud man lies that he is clever, says that he has nothing to admire.  The proud man is blind, he has forgotten how beautiful a grain of sand and a drop of dew are…  The proud man is blind, and does not see the beauty of obvious and simple things.  A proud man is an idolater who burned his eyes while praying in the sun.

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10.19926.   AR AR

To love a person is to admire them and be happy that they exist.  Dependence on his attention and love is drug addiction, obsession with their own pleasure and inability to extract this pleasure from other sources.

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10.20020.   AR AR

They are looking for love, but they can't find it, ... but because they are not looking there.  Love is a human soul, love should be inside, not outside.  Love is a person's own ability to recognize and understand reality, to see beauty and to admire banal and obvious things.

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10.20511.   AR AR

In fact, it doesn't matter who you admire or who you find love in.  Everything is perfect.  You can draw inspiration from seeing kings and heroes, or you can see ordinary people or children.  Moreover, the grain has much more potential energy than an adult tree.

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10.20572.   AR AR

God does not require any reverence; God is self-sufficient.  You yourself, if you want, admire  God.  God is beauty.  The energy of love that permeates your soul will fill you with strength.

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10.20998.   AR AR

Should be separated from the awe of admiration.  Admiration is a moderate joy, and awe is the edge of fear.

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10.21222.   AR AR

When you let go of ideals and forms, you will feel like a stream of energy that cannot be stopped.  The possibility of stopping creates fear.  The realization of the impossibility of stopping and the infinite variety of options, generates infinite joy and delight.

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10.21752.   AR AR

To grow, you should admire your hope, not just run away from the current reality.  The current reality is truth and love.  To hate and deny love is to undermine the Foundation of one's faith.

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10.21755.   AR AR

Hold back the excess of enthusiasm, for it creates fears and unnecessary judgments.  It's all good, but nothing more.

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10.21791.   AR AR

There are two ways, the first is "we wanted the best, but it turned out as always".  This is the way of pride, and the result of breaking the commandment "do not judge".  Everything is bad, let's make it better.  The other way is when we are enraptured by hope and smoothly evolve towards it by performing an act of faith.

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The beginning of the book

365. [In brevi]   AR AR

Love  needs  food: 
…  fights,  break  ups  well  or  …  admiration... 

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4.89.   AR AR

Women love a hero, a hero worthy of admiration.  Win and the woman will love you.  Conquer yourself and your vices.  Overcome problems and troubles.  Win, achieving goals and realizing dreams.

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5.55. God is truth.   AR AR

To understand the truth can only one who loves it, otherwise it will seem banal and not interesting.  So I tell you that God is love, and I am filled with divine delight, and you look at me like a RAM on a new gate, and you think that the RAM is me... 

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6.99. False admiration and false fears.   AR AR

Slaves of Golden idols doomed to serve vain dwarfs on Golden stools

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969.   AR AR

A  woman  can  only  love  the  man  she  can  admire, 
the  one  who  can  protect  her… 
…  being  near  whom  makes  her  feel  honored, 
…  the  one  who  gives  her  positive  emotions:  pleasure,  serenity,  confidence,  warmth. 

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1554.   AR AR

The  following  ways  can  be  used  to  create  a  comfortable  psychological  background:  support  by  agreement,  support  by  approval,  flattery  and  admiration,  approving  gestures,  sharing  common  interests  and  ideas. 

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1946.   AR AR

The   concept   of   a   bored   God   lies   in   the   idea   that   the   world   was   created   by   God   who   felt   bored.   The   goal   of   this   world's   existence   is   in   giving   his   boredom   the   brush-off.   We,   people   should   create   something   to   make   him   wonder   and   heat   his   imagination.   He's   in   acute   need   of   novelty   and   perfection,   beauty   and   astonishment…

Hence,   the   most   of   wealth   in   the   world   will   go   to   those   people   who   are   the   best   at   giving   the   Supreme   Being's   boredom   the   brush-off   or   at   delighting   his   well-seen   eye   with   beauty   and   perfection.

Even   wars   and   destructive   actions   are   accepted   by   this   God   (but   without   any   fanaticism),   as   they   bring   diversity   to   his   boring   existence   and   clear   the   space   for   the   new.
This   God   is   also   into   humor   and   jokes.   He   likes   to   make   fun   of   people   and   people   to   make   fun   of   each   other.   He's   the   main   joker.   Every   good   joke   makes   him   laugh   and   feel   nice.
He   likes   human   passions.   Passions   are   his   special   forte.
Life's   an   endless   soap   opera   full   of   feelings   and   emotions.
Perhaps   our   God   is   not   even   alone.   What   if   he's   got   friends   whom   he   invites   to   show   what   happens   to   us   here   on   earth.

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2115.   AR AR

A  woman  wants  and  admires  a  strong  smart  man. 
Her  instincts  simply  scream  out:  I  need  his  power  and  wits, 
….  I  will  be  both  strong  and  smart  with  him... 
No  person  will  ever  offend  me  or  laugh  at  me. 
Now  everyone  will  admire  me  and  be  scared  of  me. 
And  my  children...  my  wonderful  children  will  derive  only  the  best  from  both  of  us... 

There  is  one  more  demand:  he  should  be  kind  with  her.  Firstly,  because  we're  kind  with  those  we  love  and  secondly,  we  remember  that  demons  cause  pain  while  noble  people  are  kind. 

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2514. Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger.   AR AR

I  like  fighting.  Every  fight  that  I  survive  simply  doubles  my  strength.  I  feel  great  joy.  This  ocean  of  energy  overwhelms  me  and  runs  in  my  veins. 

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2639. The harmony of the whole.   AR AR

It's  only  something  admired  in  all  its  entirety  that  deserves  admiration. 
While  something  admired  only  for  a  particular  trait  or  quality,  resembles  a  jewel  thrown  to  dirt. 

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2646. A house.   AR AR

Marriage  is  a  house  built  on  chemistry,  mutual  respect,  admiration,  friendship  and  common  goals.  And  now  imagine  that  your  house  lacks  something,  for  instance,  bricks  or  cement,  or  windows.  A  house  should  be  full  and  harmonious.  A  half  built  or  badly  built  house  is  nothing  but  the  embodiment  of  a  breakup. 

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2878. Art is a woman that demands admiration.   AR AR

A  person  who  wants  to  make  money  by  creating  works  of  art  is  a  fool. 
Besides,  this  person  is  doomed  to  be  poor  as  art  doesn't  like  hagglers.  Art  is  like  a  woman:  you  should  admire  it  for  its  beauty.  You  should  be  excited  even  by  being  close  to  it.  But  try  to  imagine  what  will  happen  if  a  woman  finds  out  you're  with  her  only  for  money. 

On  the  other  hand,  there  are  kept  men  and  pretenders  who  are  professionals  and  their  love  is  a  hard  job. 

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3008. The secret of big love.   AR AR

A  man  looks  for  a  better  and  more  perfect  version  of  his  own  self  in  a  woman.  And  the  more  perfect  than  him  a  woman  is,  the  more  admiration  she  gets  from  him. 

A  woman,  on  the  contrary,  looks  for  someone  rather  different  from  herself.  It's  novelty  and  power  that  she  appreciates  in  a  man.  The  more  unique  a  man  is  the  more  admiration  this  woman  will  get  from  him.  Besides,  if  a  man  of  this  kind  has  power  (intellective  power  or  power  of  money),  then  his  woman  will  want  him  more  than  anything  else  in  the  world.

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3039.   AR AR

Love  is  greatly  connected  with  giving  birth.  If  a  couple  already  has  children  and  they  don't  plan  to  have  more,  then  epic  love  will  no  longer  exist.  And  their  marriage  will  last  with  the  help  of  being  mutually  useful. 

There's  also  love  for  perfection.  Beauty  and  perfection  make  people  admire  them.  But  it's  another  kind  of  love. 

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3.244.   AR AR

He was married, she wasn't.  He courted her passionately.  She likes it.  Then he performs a feat for the sake of love and leaves his wife.  He wants awards, he wants her admiration, but she did used to admire her and are very unhappy with the weakening of passion, he is also dissatisfied with the lack of rewards.  The end.

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3257.   AR AR

Beauty  makes  people  feel  both  admiration  and  hatred. 

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Art by Keyes Fro (Kujelnay Valeria)



3312. Property of love.   AR AR

Love is peace dissolved in pleasure. Love is complete safety and pure joy. Words of love - words of admiration, bringing joy and peace.

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3.757.   AR AR

A leader can be followed for seven reasons.  He's a horse.  He's a hare.  He arouses curiosity.    He's amazing.  Excitement.  Greed.  Not to follow our own peril. 

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3818.   AR AR

It's  important  to  visit  a  family  psychologist  long  before  a  relationship  starts  to  break  up.  Boredom,  mutual  misunderstanding,  indifference,  inability  to  compromise,  absence  of  reasons  to  admire  each  other  and  mutual  distrust  -  all  of  these  factors  are  the  first  signs  of  a  relationship  that  goes  wrong. 

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4.140.   AR AR

Narcissism and self-confidence says that the soul of this man loves and admires him. The souls of other people are interested in this situation, they also crave to love perfection. If a person believes in himself, loves himself, hopes for himself... not knowing doubt and fear, then and other people will to him treated also.

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