10.19334.   AR AR

Why are you pretending to be a fool?  You'll get used to it!  You'll stay that way for the rest of your life.

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10.19469.   AR AR

Of course, the best is the enemy of the good, but when everything is for the best, what have we to lose?

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10.19877.   AR AR

The main question of being:  what's good about bad?

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10.20125.   AR AR

How can evil overcome evil?  Evil only multiplies evil!  – Doesn't a minus on a minus give you a plus?"  Does evil exist?

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10.20132.   AR AR

Why does toilet paper disappear in the first place during a crisis or financial panic?

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10.20255.   AR AR

Actually, the symbol of beauty is not a female, but a male.  Cosmetics are more of a symbol of lies.

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10.20502.   AR AR

Tell me, are you the master of your mood or is your mood the master?

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10.21340.   AR AR

It's a shame to be alone, but on the other hand, why?

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10.21671.   AR AR

Running hungry, lying greedy ... children of pride, children of the devil.  Should they count on divine support?

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10.22199.   AR AR

Of course, faith and love will save you, but faith is a movement and God helps the one who is walking.  Are you already performing an act of faith?  Where is your movement towards the expected and confidence in the unseen?

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The beginning of the book

6.   AR AR

Many are tormented by the question:
what is the meaning of being?
The question is why...
I here is, suppose, know,
but is it something 

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10.   AR AR

To  a  rhetorical  question  -  who  are  you? 
a  frog  answered  «ribbit», 
having  filled  the  marsh  with  its 

To  a  rhetorical  question 
back  -  who  are  you? 
I  answered  «nobody». 
The  frog  twisted  its  mouth 
and  noticed  that, 
it's  better  be  someone 
on  the  marsh  ... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



149.   AR AR

A rhetorical question, which is easier?  Never give oaths or always to fulfill them, if he did?

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4.27.   AR AR

Replace the question "why did you do it" with "how did you think of it?"

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5.44.   AR AR

Is there an answer to a question that has no humility?

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5.77.   AR AR

A man thinks about sex so often that the question arises when he has time to think about anything else.

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1880.   AR AR

A  man  who  has  lost  his  head  reminds  me  of  a  cockroach:  he  lives  happily  ever  after  until  he  dies.

Rhetorical  question…

Can  a  person  who  has  lost  his  head  eat,  and  how  does  it  happen?  What  part  of  the  body  of  the  man  who  has  lost  his  head  starts  to  think  and  make  decisions?  Is  career  growth  and  promotion  possible  for  a  headless  person?  How  do  headless  people  communicate  with  each  other?

Translate: lushchenko Marina


2403. A question to some hypocrite.   AR AR

If  two  people  love  each  other,  does  it  really  matter  what  they  do  in  private? 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2573. A rhetorical question.   AR AR

Can  stupidity  have  any  wittiness? 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3099. How should I live? - a person may ask...   AR AR

There  are  many  questions  that  do  not  need  to  be  answered. 

There  are  many  questions  that  need  keeping  silent  instead  of  answers.  These  are  rhetorical  questions,  dumb  questions,  thorny  questions…  and  especially  those  questions  that  one  asks  oneself  aloud  in  someone's  presence. 

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6.870.   AR AR

Your idol worship may end with the question, " Why are you me and where am I?»

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3.2819. The simultaneity.   AR AR

You are tormented by the question: "How do you do?"Understand correctly, you are a squirrel in a wheel, to succeed, you will have to do both.  Until you do everything a few times, nothing you will not succeed.

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4.3730.   AR AR

Can a deaf person hear his own cry for help?

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5.4612.   AR AR

A good memory eliminates the need to think... Is it good?

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6.4757.   AR AR

Rhetorical question, can you turn a donkey into a man?

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7.4007. Silence of the lambs.   AR AR

I  was  just  thinking:  if  everyone  is  advised  to  listen  more  and  to  chatter  less,  what  will  two  persons  following  this  piece  of  advice  at  the  same  time  talk  about?

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7.6602.   AR AR

An intelligent man is a man free from both ignorance and error. "Does that happen?"

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8.6197.   AR AR

Why?... This is the first rhetorical question you should ask yourself before you do something stupid...

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8.6667. Rhetorical question.   AR AR

If  one  puts  a  condom  on  his  head,  from  what  thing  will  it  save  him?

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


9.3360.   AR AR

I'm often pestered by different people, saying, " Prove this, prove that, how do you know that it is so and not otherwise.".. Answering these stupid questions is exhausting. I will only say that I was on mount Moses, and was in thousands of other, no less interesting places. I really like to travel, hundreds of countries, thousands of interesting sights and cities... deserts, mountains, seas and oceans, oases and wonders of the world...

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