10.20930. The service of the future.   AR AR

If you need energy, serve your hopes, dreams, and ideas... and then the energy of the present will flow through you to create the future.  Energy tends to those who create the future.

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10.20955.   AR AR

Faith is a guide between love and hope.  Hope is the essence of non-existence, which through the medium comes to reality and turns into love.  Hope is a lie that turns into truth through faith.

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10.21094.   AR AR

Looking at the translation and origin of the word "transistor", I saw that it means change, transformation, transformation, etc.  After reading the book of changes, I realized that the transistor is the one who controls change.  The transistor can be a lot of names I know such as the semiconductor, the Creator, Manager, microprocessor controller…  God.

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10.21095.   AR AR

A human conductor is someone who is a semiconductor, transistor, microprocessor, etc.  By controlling the logic of energy flow, you can control the forms of the real world.

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10.22090.   AR AR

The master is a conductor of ideas, and therefore he cannot create for himself, because these are not his ideas.  Ideas want to live, so the most important task of the master, having done good, is not to forget to throw it into the water.

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10.22321. Builder.   AR AR

Man is the vehicle between being (reality and love)  and non-existence (hope, ideas, ideals, dreams).  Man is a symbol of faith, a semiconductor of energy.  Its task is to selectively pass energy and ideas from non-existence to being in order to build the real world.

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10.22406.   AR AR

A person is a semiconductor, or rather a transistor.  Neurosis is a state of impassability and resistance, when energy, thoughts and actions do not pass through a person.  Energy must flow, the flow of energy generates growth.  Neurosis is a condition of impassability.  By holding back the flow of energy, the resistance overheats and suffers.

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10.22408. Let go of your tail.   AR AR

A thought loop is like a snake eating its own tail.  In fact, this is a state of impassability.  You should straighten up and imagine yourself as a conductor of energy.  Energy and thoughts must flow through you.  You don't need to try to dominate this tiny bit of energy, always trembling with fear of losing everything.

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10.22410.   AR AR

One is the conductor and the situation when energy flows through you.  Zero is when the mode of resistance and obstacles to the current of energy.  One is the extension in time, zero is the power over one moment.

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10.22411.   AR AR

When you judge, you are stuck to zero and give rise to obstruction.  When you fulfill the commandment "do not judge", you pass energy through yourself, you turn into a unit.  The unit is the conductor of the energy of love.

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6.684.   AR AR

Humility allows you to stop resisting reality and let in all the energy of heaven and earth, becoming a conductor of the energy of the universe here on earth.

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5.449. Superconductor.   AR AR

Directing all your will to the realization of the intention, it is as if you are building drainage channels from an overflowing reservoir, redirecting energy to the right direction. Willpower is weak, but the power of energy flow in such channels is huge. Energy channels, willpower rushing to the intended purpose, generate conductivity.

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10.55. Life is a game the gods play in people.   AR AR

Man is a semiconductor resonating with the electric spirit of the universe...  Let's call him God or the Holy Spirit.

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585.   AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   such   concepts   as   "genius"   and   "talent"   are   only   an   ode   to   human   vanity   and   pride,   just   a   tool   for   pulling   its   strings...   Man   is   only   a   tool.   And   all   that   is   required   of   him   is   to   develop   a   skill,   tune   in   to   the   wave   and   become   a   guide.   Therefore,   any   person   can   do   absolutely   anything,   the   only   question   is   that   it   is   necessary   to   absolutely   want   to   do   it   and   start   doing   it.   Human   task:   to   realize   information   from   non-material   to   material   form.

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The beginning of the book

3.801. Power is influence.   AR AR

How to strengthen your influence?  Start to influence other people's processes, become a lobbyist and a conductor of other people's desires.  This world is ruled by desires, helping them to be realized, you gain a great influence.

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9.538. All objects are the same, except superconductors.   AR AR

The   smaller   the   object   is,   the   more   energy   it   has.   The   bigger   the   object   is,   the   less   energy   it   has.   The   constant   process   of   energy   conversion   from   one   type   to   another   constantly   occurs   inside   objects.   For   example,   energy   conversion   into   the   matter.   But   the   point   that   is   the   universe   doesn’t   use   its   energy   for   it,   this   point   is   a   superconductor.  

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9.539.   AR AR

Human,   being   oxygen   form   of   life,   becomes   a   superconductor   under   pressure   and   gets   access   to   unlimited   inner   sources   of   energy.

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9.542. High pressure and superconductivity.   AR AR

Not   all   the   people   should   be   forced   and   made   to   work   under   high   pressure.   The   chemicals   that   are   good   conductors   under   normal   conditions,   lose   energy   conductivity   under   pressure,   and   those   that   are   bad   conductors   under   normal   conditions,   get   superconductivity   under   pressure..

From   a   philosophical   point   of   view,   this   means   that   ordinary   people   start   to   work   better   under   the   pressure   of   extreme   circumstances,   and   creative   and   outstanding   people,   on   the   contrary,   break   down   and   stop   working.

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9.564. Theory of being No 7.   AR AR

In   the   black   hole   the   Universe   can   stretch   into   an   infinitely   thin   string.   However,   it   should   be   added   than   this   string   is   the   superconductor   through   which   endless   amount   of   energy   can   be   transferred,   and   its   infinite   thinness,   relatively   speaking,   can   puncture   three-dimensional   space   and   create   new   universe   on   its   other   side   in   eight-dimensional   space.   Let   me   remind   you   that   that   in   eight-dimensional   space   our   four-dimensional   space   is   only   a   point.

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9.604.   AR AR

Dreams   live   in   one-dimensional   spherical   space.   To   reach   them,   one   should   just   stand   up   and   go,   the   direction   doesn`t   matter.

Superconductor   and   much   energy   are   necessary   for   dreams   to   get   into   our   three-dimensional   space   from   one-dimensional   one.  

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9.607.   AR AR

It  can  be  supposed  that  the  decomposition  of  a  one-dimensional  space  into  a  multidimensional  one  produces  a  gigantic  amount  of  free  energy  (a  big  bang).

Thus,  if  some  Idea  that  exists  in  a  tridimensional  space  of  human  dreams,  manages  to  find  a  superconductor  in  the  face  of  some  person  and  get  into  the  real  world,  the  energy  necessary  for  this  Idea's  fulfilment  will  follow  it  here.

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9.621.   AR AR

A  human  being  is  a  special  case  of  a  multidimensional  system,  externally  resembling  a  dot  while  internally  being  a  whole  universe...

In  the  internal  universe  there  are  inexhaustible  stores  of  energy,  if  one  gets  out  of  the  dot  it  becomes  possible  to  produce  a  big  bang  and  create  a  new  universe  already  in  the  real  world.

In  order  to  make  a  dot  a  universe,  a  dot  has  to  become  a  superconductor  providing  energy  from  the  inner  world  into  the  outer  world.  In  order  to  make  a  dot  a  superconductor  it  takes  extreme  conditions  and  Nothing.  It's  Order  that  creates  extreme  conditions  best  of  all,  while  Freedom  is  Nothing  and  Void,  a  space  for  new  life.

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9.660.   AR AR

Close  ones  are  superconductors  towards  each  other

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3.2234.   AR AR

Only he who has known the vanity of all things can rule.  To know the futility of all things, one must lose one's desires and become the vehicle of the desire of things.

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4.1539.   AR AR

It is wrong to speak of cause and effect. It is correct to talk about the system of causes and the system of their consequences, related systems of positive and negative feedbacks. Moreover, the feedbacks can have a semiconductor and transistor nature, depending on external circumstances, changing its essence into zero, plus or minus modes.

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4.1787.   AR AR

Mind  you,  Emelya  the  Handyman  asks  only  what  makes  it  easy  for  him  to  do  his  job.  Emelya  the  Handyman  is  the  tool  of  Providence  designed  to  perform  specific  tasks,  and  Providence  helps  him  accomplish  them.  This  relationship  is  a  mutually  beneficial  contract.  Emelya  has  set  about  working  for  Providence  and  Providence  helps  him.

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4.2141.   AR AR

The rich is not the one who brakes money, but the one who is a superconductor passes it through him instantly quickly. The poor man, on the other hand, is trying to keep the money.

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4.3713.   AR AR

What does it mean to love yourself? You can love yourself in different ways. You can make an idol of yourself and suffer forever. You can love yourself as a beautiful tool whose mission is to serve your cause. To love the fruits of your service and the perfection that enables you to serve better.

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4.4379.   AR AR

The   most   of   rich   people   are   angels   of   order,   people   semiconductors,   connecting   objects   and   people   with   each   other.

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5.1075. A 5G graphene man.   AR AR

A   dragon   is   a   graphene   super-conductor   that   conducts   energy   from   the   inner   world   into   the   outer   one.   The   metaphor   of   graphene   means   that   the   dragon   creates   himself   from   the   darkness   of   nothingness,   turns   into   light   and   acquires   the   ability   to   transform   the   energy   of   nothingness   into   more   material   forms.   The   dragon   is   like   a   new   universe   that   emerged   from   nothingness.   A   black   graphene   dragon   is   some   sort   of   a   union   of   many   small   things   that   have   become   big.

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5.2087.   AR AR

A businessman is someone who connects, a conductor or a superconductor.

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5.2357. The chosen one is an angel.   AR AR

The chosen one never works. I am the chosen one, and I have never really worked a day in my life, and yet I have received everything miraculously. All my life I have served my dreams and not a day for anything else. Nothing can stop the chosen one until he fulfills his purpose or his desire. The chosen are the servants of Providence who fulfill God's order by serving their dreams. Dreams and ideas in my head favourites is the order of God that chosen one inevitably performs. They say the chosen one an angel, and maybe an Avatar. Avatar is a player from the real world who decided to brighten up their leisure time to play "games that people play."

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6.1591. Help people.   AR AR

You can become the way and be it, or you can go the way. The purpose of the passage way - to become, i.e. a conductor of the energy of other people and things of this world.

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6.1672.   AR AR

High in spirit are those who connect heaven and earth, becoming conductors of energy and information.

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