10.12359.   AR AR

When you compare – you judge, that is, you fall into the sin of pride.  Comparing, you will inevitably make a mistake, because pride is always a lie.

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10.13589.   AR AR

A person who is motivated by pleasure inevitably burns out, because there is an addiction to pleasure.  More stable motivation is a sense of duty, self-esteem, honor, idea, etc. Money, praise, gingerbread, whip ...  addictive.

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10.13750.   AR AR

The abundance causing pain.  Greed inevitably leads to suffering.

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10.14401.   AR AR

Everything you do today will inevitably be corrected tomorrow.  This is a normal practice, according to which each case is usually redone from 3 to 7 times.

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10.18773. Trust in hope.   AR AR

Do what you must and be what you will…  this is a metaphor for love.  Love is the art of accomplishing the impossible.  38% you can do yourself, and leave the rest to hope and miracle.  You can't do much, and that saves you from being complacent.

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10.18914.   AR AR

During a storm, it is pointless to resist, you need to try to grab what you can save, and run.

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10.18918.   AR AR

Pofigizm this sane consideration about the inevitability of being.

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10.19095.   AR AR

A person who hates life is doomed to become a drug addict and a slave to Vice.

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10.19390.   AR AR

An act consists of an action and a motive.  The law of cause and effect has a probabilistic nature, but if actions form a system extended over time, then probability turns into inevitability.

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10.19391.   AR AR

Love is a system extended in time, the result of which overcomes the probabilistic nature of existence and generates inevitability.

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10.20419.   AR AR

After carefully studying the biographies of various people and the stories of thousands of books, I noticed that the situation when a person is sitting up to his ears in problems, stretched forever.  There was no such thing as a person getting out of the swamp of their problems, there is no such thing, and probably never will be.

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10.20527.   AR AR

All people always lie.  It's impossible not to lie.  Truth is that which is infinite, and words have a form and are therefore limited.  Any words are lies, because they always carry only part of the truth.  Since all people lie and this is inevitable, lies should be treated with leniency and still believe people.  Faith and love for people turn all their words into truth.

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10.20678.   AR AR

Your problem is that you are in a hurry because you hope to get rid of your fear.  Alas, your hope is a lie.  You can't get rid of fear.  Fear is inevitable, fear is a constant of being.  You can only accept or love fear.

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10.21132.   AR AR

To let go is to accept the inevitable.

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10.21136.   AR AR

We should be happy with the inevitable obstacles and problems, because they allow us to accumulate strength and focus on the right path, and save us from unnecessary temptations.  The true path is joyful.  Power is joyous.

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10.21139.   AR AR

Fears are given to us to compensate for joy and complacency.  You either avoid joy, or accept your fears as an unavoidable but good evil.

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10.21174.   AR AR

Truth is that which cannot be stopped. Truth is a hurricane, it is a waterfall of time, it is inevitability.

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10.21175.   AR AR

Inevitability is truth, therefore, in inevitability one should look for benefit and joy.

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10.21541. Accept it and be happy.   AR AR

Left without pain and fear, a person will remain without faith and hope.  To maintain the ability to move, pain and fear in small quantities are necessary for a person.

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10.21814. Doomed.   AR AR

Love is the law, anyone who opposes lovers, falls into the sin of pride and inevitably loses.

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10.21964.   AR AR

No matter how much rope you use, the fly will still get caught in the web or get stuck in the soup.

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The beginning of the book

359.   AR AR

If you're a carnation, hammering on the head... is inevitable, but the screws are treated more gently.

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4.80.   AR AR

Psychoanalysis believes that the problem is unconscious desires.  There is some truth in this, but there is another problem.  Man is not simply not aware of his desires or wrongly aware of them, first of all, he does not know how he can satisfy them.  It seems that whatever he's doing, all to no avail and hell is inevitable.

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5.85. Love me black.   AR AR

Idealists are unbearable in their pursuit of the ideal.  To bring them to humility, it is necessary to torment their black nature.  When they accept that evil is inevitable, they will understand how beautiful the colors of the day are. 

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5.86.   AR AR

Humility is the recognition of the inevitability, the inevitability, and even the utility of evil.  Darkness is as necessary as light. 

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6.11.   AR AR

The devil builds Paradise in illusions, and God - in reality.  But the devil invented a lie - a sham Paradise on earth, like cheese in a mousetrap, beckoning rats to his illusory Paradise.  The problem with the Paradise of illusions is that he is afraid of time and inevitably plunges into the darkness of nothing.  Millions of years of loneliness in the darkness alone with their vices are so terrible that the righteous always sympathize with sinful souls.

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7.89.   AR AR

If  a  person  is  not  controlled,  he  will  turn  into  chaos.  Every  uncontrolled  system  turns  into  chaos  inevitably.  A  person  can  be  controlled  by  his  mind,  but  sadly,  philosophy,  fortitude  and  power  of  mind  of  many  people  are  weak  and  can’t  control  anything.  Then  fear  and  external  force,  force  of  parents,  society,  state,  tutors  and  so  on  comes  to  the  rescue.

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10.48.   AR AR

If you are ready for the sake of your love to give up your pleasures and devote all your time and resources to the service of your goals, then you will inevitably win.

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1094.   AR AR

As  for  certainty  of  fate,  I  can  say  that  even  book  characters  live  their  own  lives,  regardless  of  the  authors'  intention. 
Of  course,  the  intention  is  in  the  head  of  the  creator  but  anything  else  depends  on  a  person. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2359.   AR AR

Facing  the  inevitable  is  the  main  wisdom  of  life. 

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3.561.   AR AR

You'll pay all your debts when you can.  It's inevitable.  Humility is when you voluntarily pay your debts and all claims to you disappear.  Pride is when you don't want to pay or resent a fine.  For pride, the penalty doubles.

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3.632.   AR AR

The penalty for breaking the rules is inevitable, but if you accept and pay the fine, nothing bad will happen.  But the lack of humility is the sin of pride and this is a big problem.

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3.883. Random victory   AR AR


Statistically incorrect decision brings good results in 32% of cases.  That is, once you make the wrong decision, you can win well, but if you do it all the time, you will inevitably lose.


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4058.   AR AR

If  they  redirect  the  energy  wasted  on  struggling  with  mills  into  helping  the  wind,  they  will  succeed. 

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4062.   AR AR

It's  causes  that  are  to  blame  for  many  things.  Effects  are  innocent  as  they  don't  have  any  freedom  of  choice  and  are  unavoidable  in  their  nature. 

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4111. Inevitability.   AR AR

If  you're  about  to  face  an  unpleasant  inevitability,  try  to  put  up  with  it  and  rejoice  as  it's  all  for  the  best. 

Joy  and  taking  it  easy  are  like  painkillers.  Besides,  this  way  the  anticipation  of  a  torture  will  seem  nicely  exciting  and  joyfully  perversive  for  you. 

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4.181.   AR AR

Obsessive desire to control everything generates an inferiority complex and loss of faith in yourself. It's impossible to control everything. Chance is inevitable.

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4198. Inevitability.   AR AR

In   essence,   Drake   equation   that   estimates   the   number   of   extraterrestrial   civilizations,   is   a   right   thing.   However,   the   problem   is   that   any   civilization   that   achieves   a   certain   progress,   soon   becomes   doomed   to   death.

The   transition   into   digital   state   of   existence.   The   evolution   of   a   human   being   into   a   stone   is   the   latter   end   of   any   intelligent   life.   They   simply   pass   from   the   material   world   into   some   higher   digital   level,   or   decode   the   digital   code   of   the   Universe   and   connect   to   it   in   order   to   dissolve   in   it.   That's   why   mankind   is   unable   to   find   any   evident   signs   of   other   intelligent   civilizations.

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



4.201.   AR AR

The other side of pleasure is sadness. Pleasure inevitably turns into sadness and depression. People who choose the meaning of their life pleasure, inevitably end up sad and depressed depression.

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4.214.   AR AR

The   metaphor   of   Abraham   and   his   son   Isaac   tells   us   that   a   sincere   willingness   to   sacrifice   in   the   name   of   faith   works   miracles   by   averting   the   inevitable.   The   Chosen   does   not   burn   in   the   fire   and   does   not   sink   in   water.   The   mission   of   the   Chosen   one   is   the   highest   value   of   being,   similar   to   the   gift   for   which   a   person   must   sacrifice   everything   he   has.

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4.341.   AR AR

As for the fear of death, it is well said: two deaths will not happen, and one will not pass. The fear of death is the fear of the inevitable, coupled with the fear of the impossible.

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