10.267. Obedience of the spirit.   AR AR

Righteousness is obedience to one's own soul.

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6.3910.   AR AR

The joy of the righteous is as invincible as the suffering of sinners.

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10.12706.   AR AR

The true righteous despises carnal pleasures, seeing them as the product of Vice and the sin of pride.

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10.13990.   AR AR

The meaning of the unity of the righteous is to encourage each other in the struggle against the temptations of Vice and ignorance.

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10.14210.   AR AR

Monks and warriors restricted sex not because they were idiots, but because it tripled their strength and energy.

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10.3027.   AR AR

When candles are lit in the temple, it is a metaphor of Union with truth, with God, with fire.  Dropping his Ego and thoughts, he sinks into the fire and catches fire.  And himself becomes fire.

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10.3852.   AR AR

Sinners are equal among themselves, sin multiplies all their merits by zero.  The righteous are also equal among themselves as perfect units.  The sinners are equalized by fear, the righteous are equalized by love, but everyone has the same fear, and everyone has his own love

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10.3914.   AR AR

Hell is full of the righteous.  "Why us?"- cry unhappy.  "Pride is a mortal sin," I tell them.

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10.5585.   AR AR

A sinner is one who has no hope.  He is righteous who has hope.

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10.7624.   AR AR

The enlightened person is not angry with the tiger and mosquitoes, because he knows all the motives and desires of people.  Ignorance is the cause of anger and suffering, and wisdom is always serene and joyful.

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10.8225.   AR AR

When you are focused, you are happy and there is no fear in you.  But when there is no fear in you, you become weaned from fear, and this makes you sensitive to it.  Pain requires humility and asceticism, otherwise every return to reality will be extremely painful for you.

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10.7991.   AR AR

The righteous have a lot of time.  The righteous are free from the bondage of vices, they do not need to sell all their time to the devil.

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10.10141.   AR AR

The metaphor of Jonah is that of a righteous man who fell into pride and tried to refuse to serve his purpose.

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10.16381.   AR AR

People go to the monastery in order to reduce the temptations of the world, to harden themselves and get rid of the slavery of vices.  In secular life, it is difficult to clear the mind of desires.

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10.16475.   AR AR

The preacher is the one who makes the dead alive, evil – the righteous, slaves of free, animals people.

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10.17676.   AR AR

Hajj in Islam is the same as in Christianity, the way to the Kingdom of heaven through a narrow gate.  And the longer this path is, the better, because short paths all lead to the wrong place.  In Hinduism, such a path is going to the forest, when the hair turns gray and children have children.  In Buddhism, monks are also supposed to wander and search for the truth.

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10.18020.   AR AR

A righteous person is one who serves love.  A righteous person is the standard of a happy person, for even suffering in the name of love is joyous.

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10.18045.   AR AR

There is no need to confuse people who are religious and superstitious.  Superstitious are idolaters, and there are very few believers and each is worth its weight in gold.

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10.18674.   AR AR

A true Saint is a penitent sinner, for he gives hope.  A real angel is a fallen demon.  A fallen demon who has become light gives hope of light to lost souls.

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10.20062. Holy man.   AR AR

He keeps the bad ones around him and makes them look like a Saint.  He likes being a Saint.

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10.21530.   AR AR

Hit on one  turn the other cheek so that you don't fear the blows of fate and don't live in fear.  Those who are afraid of pain live in eternal fear.

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10.21532.   AR AR

To turn the other cheek to the blow is necessary in order not to live in eternal fear of the first blow.

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10.21793.   AR AR

Envy no one, because all the righteous are equally joyful, and proud, firstly, suffering is also the same, and secondly, I don't want to live like the righteous, believing this life more suffering than their own.

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The beginning of the book

2997. Sleeping the sleep of the just.   AR AR

When  a  good  day  is  over,  you  go  to  bed  to  sleep  the  sleep  of  the  just. 

Happiness  is  the  state  when  you  don't  have  to  be  scared  or  ashamed  of  your  actions. 
"You  did  everything  right  and  you  did  everything  you  could."  And  this  is  the  thought  that  makes  the  sleep  especially  sound. 

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3014. Temples.   AR AR

I`ve  noticed  that  temples  and  monasteries  are  very  much  like  women.  There  are  a  lot  of  happy  men  bathing  in  the  beauty,  order  and  peace  near  them. 

Basically  in  this  situation  a  man  gets  what  he  would  like  to  get  from  a  woman,  what  is  opposite  to  him.  He,  full  of  chaos  and  movement,  needs  peace  and  rules  very  much.

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3515. Do good around.   AR AR

One  of  the  main  duties  of  a  churchman  is  to  know  the  troubles  and  misfortunes  of  his  parishioners. 
And  his  second  duty  is  to  galvanize  stronger  and  more  successful  people  into  helping  those  who  need  help.  And  this  help  can  be  different. 
Even  helping  underprivileged  but  apt  children  to  graduate  from  school  or  college  is  a  great  reason  for  charity.  Or  sponsoring  some  sports  section  for  children  to  support  it  by  alms-gift  of  the  church. 

There  are  many  possible  things  to  do.  Including  the  construction  and  beauty  of  places  of  faith  (churches  and  temples).  As  the  greatness  of  faith  gives  people  strength  to  live.  It's  also  necessary  to  help  widows  and  orphans  and  a  priest  can  help  a  lot. 

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5.243. Museum Of God.   AR AR

It is true that the temple is the shell of a long-dead God, and God himself has not lived there for a long time, but his voice is still heard there, and the house of beauty delights and inspires the spirit to know the truth. God understood the truth long ago and left this world of lies, but he opened the way to the truth for us, mere mortals.

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5.422.   AR AR

Success in many areas of human life of men with homosexual orientation is due to the fact that they managed to avoid the trap of female softness, restraining male hardness. In the absence of female resistance, male hardness was able to grow into the sky, and serve beauty without unnecessary interference. A homosexual is essentially a celibate monk whose strength lies in avoiding the swamp of feminine softness.

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5.425.   AR AR

The temple of the ancestors is needed to inherit their energy and beauty. The ancestral temple is a battery of energy.

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5.567.   AR AR

A man comes to the temple of beauty and truth to find beauty there and to light the candle of truth, to take it to his temple, and there to kindle a fire. The point is, seeing beauty and truth, to take the seed of it to yourself, to plant in the garden of your soul, bringing there a little new beauty from the outside.

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5.590. The Church is waiting for the 3rd coming.   AR AR

The beach, the sand, a huge shell, on it sits a woman in a scarf. We can't see the face, but we can guess Mary Magdalene. She looks out to sea, there, far away on the horizon, a small ship with red sails. The shell is slightly stylized as a Gothic temple.

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5.942.   AR AR

When truth triumphs, there is the great glory of reason. When truth is exalted, the hearts of the righteous sing, for the righteous is he who loves truth.

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5.943.   AR AR

The philosopher and the righteous are one and the same, for the righteous is he who loves truth.

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5.979. Temple of the light of truth.   AR AR

Soloinc   is   someone   who   collected   stones   and   built   walls   out   of   them.   Soloinc   is   the   one   who   collected   sparks   and   combined   them   into   a   flame.   The   temple   of   truth   has   stone   walls   and   a   fire   that   carries   the   light   of   reason   always   burns.

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9.932.   AR AR

The  benefit  of  Temples  is  in  the  fact  that  one  can  dive  into  praying,  turn  the  brain  off  and  forget  about  all  the  problems  and  diseases.  Such  an  oblivion  removes  stress,  grants  peace,  decreases  energy  loss,  stabilizes  the  nervous  system  and  gives  a  chance  for  the  immune  system  to  fight  diseases  and  for  the  organism  -  to  restore  its  energy  balance. 

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9.934.   AR AR

Temples  and  prayers  grant  peace  and  stabilize  the  nervous  system.  That’s  what  makes  them  very  healthy. 

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10.240.   AR AR

Remember, when you fear and doubt, you commit a sin.  The righteous are courageous and confident in what they want.

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10.268.   AR AR

A righteous man is one who could transgress, but will not transgress.  A righteous man is one who is not afraid of temptations and vices, and therefore not a slave to them.

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10.279.   AR AR

The increase in the number of pleasures and temptations increases the power of the righteous, that is, those who have been able to cultivate the freedom of the spirit and avoid Vice by the choice of free will.

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10.737. Pyramid.   AR AR

The problem with Buddhism is that the Buddhas in the temple are wrong.  Another Maitreya is needed who will sit facing the Buddha.  Maitreya must be three.  The unity of the Buddha evolves into the Trinity of matter, then into the seven-unity of the enlightened, and so on.

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2997.1. The dream of the righteous.   AR AR

When the day is over, in which everything was good, you go to bed, close your eyes and immediately fall asleep with the sleep of the righteous.

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3.3081.   AR AR

The   righteous   one   won't   starve   to   death,   a   perceptive   eye   of   the   righteous   sees   the   truth,   and   therefore,   manna   from   heaven   and   other   miracles

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4.1188.   AR AR

The enlightened one is one who has attained the balance of solitude. Enlightened sustainable on one foot, will not selonnet the wind of adversity and the storms of the sweet temptations. In the darkest hour he will not lose heart, and in the brightest hour he will not say a word.

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