10.11716.   AR AR

You don't know yet, but the wish you made has already been fulfilled.  Now you just need to wait until it grows up, and the result will be noticeable.

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10.17761.   AR AR

Learn to do big things little by little, that's the point. 

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10.19804.   AR AR

Slowly and surely everything is possible.

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10.20024. The effort of non-doing.   AR AR

Because we live in a reflected world, what a person wants most, they want least.  To get what you want, you need to slow down, not speed up.

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10.20059.   AR AR

The truth does not immediately produce results, but it works in the long term.  Lying works immediately, but it doesn't work in the long run.

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10.20496.   AR AR

Truth does not tolerate haste.  Accordingly, I do not tolerate haste, love, knowledge, rituals, justice, etc.

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10.20958.   AR AR

Read complex books for 30 minutes a day, and no more.  Avoid overexertion and exhaustion.  Little by little and slowly you can read any, even very complex and heavy book.

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10.21154.   AR AR


When you're in a hurry, you move the slowest. The more you hurry, the more you slow down. Greed precedes fall, because you will stumble.


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10.21211.   AR AR

With the world on a thread and a carpet you will weave.

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10.22032.   AR AR

The slower it is, the longer it is in time.  Extension in time produces truth.

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10.22304.   AR AR

The point of time management is that if you do not try to greedily rush time, trying to do tomorrow today, then there is enough time for everything that is needed in excess.  Most of what is done in advance and in reserve is useless.

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10.22323.   AR AR

The accumulation of quantitative changes with the transition to quality occurs on average once every five years.  The main thing here is the length of effort in time.

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10.22381.   AR AR

Pride is greed, locked in an instant, like gin in a bottle.  All efforts of pride are futile, for in a moment they are already dead.  Pride tries to store all the energy and spend it in an instant.  If pride is subdued and stretched a little over time, it will turn into truth, that is, into reality.

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10.22505.   AR AR

Once you've done the job, let it go at once, that is, be ready to redo it.  Work, as well as restore order, can be infinite.  To restore order, that is, to redo everything, you need at least once a week, or even daily.

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4.1144.   AR AR

And   it   was   dark   until   the   6th   hour.   What   does   that   mean?      This   means   that   you   need   to   have   patience   to   achieve   perfection.   When   you   reach   perfection   by   the   7th   year   of   work,   there   will   be   light   as   a   symbol   of   warmth   and   energy.

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3.331.   AR AR

To plow and sow the fields, you need to try, but then you need to relax and do not climb.  To harvest, it is necessary to exercise an effort of restraint.

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3.55.   AR AR

The   point   of   resignation   is   the   realization   that   you   cannot   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   before   the   crop   is   ripe.

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The beginning of the book

4.3564. Saw, Shura, saw.   AR AR

If the case is not pret, then something is missing. Maybe oil, maybe brains. But more often than not, you just haven't done everything you had to do, and the reward is already demanded, as for what was done.

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5.2027.   AR AR

Your desire to go into horizontal growth early and start earning money and fruit is dangerous because, exhausted, you will remain a dwarf tree. Fruiting ahead of time is dangerous for trees.

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6.2226.   AR AR

You're rushing to the fruits, you push over what grows by itself, spend time dancing with tambourines and useless instead of useful to engage in. You're not frugal, you're wasteful's a sin that kills your luck.

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6.3666.   AR AR

Many useful and good things at the initial stage give the opposite effect, you should know this. On the contrary, bad and harmful things in the beginning often seem very positive.

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8.3959.   AR AR

You did one good thing and you think it's gonna count? Naive!!! For a good thing to work, you have to do it all the time ...hundreds ... thousands of times... The system is very stable and does not respond to single anomalies.

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8.8338. For those who can wait.   AR AR

There   is   a   truth   and   a   lie   in   the   system.   Any   action   you   take   produces   true   and   false   consequences.   True   consequences   are   those   that   are   not   afraid   of   time.

When   you   did   a   good   and   big   thing   and   threw   it   into   water,   the   first   thing   that   happens   is   a   splash   and   waves…   This   superficial   effect   does   not   last   long…   Of   more   importance   are   long-term   consequences.   When   you   feed   fish,   it   is   very   important   who   comes.   The   more   you   throw   into   water   and   the   longer   you   wait,   the   bigger   fish   will   come   to   you.   First   small   fish   will   show   up   and   then   the   heavyweights   will   come   to   swallow   them.

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10.7015. Plant, water, prune.   AR AR

To grow a garden, you need a lot of patience, and you do not need a lot of work.  99% of the time the garden grows itself.

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10.8894.   AR AR

As Zen teaches us, a good deed must settle and be covered with a noble web...

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10.8897.   AR AR

You don't make it anywhere because you're in a hurry.  You're always afraid of being late.  Fear is a brake, the more you are afraid, the slower you are.

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10.8956.   AR AR

The point Is, whatever you do, the result will be the same.  You blame people, yourself, or circumstances for doing the wrong thing, and you should have done it differently... but the truth is, whatever options you choose, the result will be the same.

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10.9100. Take your time, or you'll get lazy.   AR AR

Haste breeds fear of not being in time, which means laziness.  You will be extremely lazy to do all the things that you do not have enough time.

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10.9106.   AR AR

You should hurry and not rush at the same time.  If you are in a hurry, you will be overcome by the fear of being late, and the fear will start to slow you down.  If you don't hurry at all, you will be too lazy to spend energy on things that don't matter, and you will also slow down.

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10.9978.   AR AR

You are impatient... Trees, like children, grow for a long time, and the fruits ripen at least six months.  Growth is imperceptible, you don't need to see to know, it's enough that you will believe.

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10.16221. A matter of chance.   AR AR

Patience is the Holy Grail of being.  What could be simpler?  You sit and wait patiently for the right opportunity to do your job. 

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10.17735.   AR AR

The higher the speed, the more time turns into a dense viscous medium.

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10.17762.   AR AR


To achieve your big goals, you will need new weapons and new means of production to create these weapons.


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10.17822. Debt payment is red.   AR AR

Vicious people are affected by pride, and pride is, among other things, ignorance and greed.  The proud think:  "When I stop sinning, I'll be happy right away."  Greed and impatience take possession of the souls of the proud.  It always seems to the proud that you can buy off your sins for cheap…  They want to be faster and cheaper.  No, it won't work that way.  You've sinned so much, you'll pay so much.  For repentance and salvation, you will give everything you have.  If you want your soul back and stop suffering, you will have to serve the virtues as faithfully as the vices.  You don't want to pay?  Well, burn-burn clearly, so that it does not go out.

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10.17863.   AR AR

Forgetting is the same as destroying in the real world.  Thoughts are forgotten, things are destroyed.  In order not to forget, you need to build well, slowly, carefully and constantly repair.  In order not to be destroyed, you need to repeat constantly, maintain attention and take your time, doing everything slowly and carefully.

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10.17935. You know everything yourself.   AR AR

Walking slowly is more productive than running fast.  You will walk hundreds and thousands of kilometers, but running will quickly exhaust you, and your soul will be filled with greed and greed.  You have spent too much energy, now you are greedily looking for something to replenish it and are greedily afraid to spend too much.  Now, instead of moving toward your goal, what are you doing?

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10.17986.   AR AR

Love today through faith turns into tomorrow's hope.  That is, today's love turns into tomorrow's hope.  By tomorrow hope  Matures and turns into love.

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