10.19681.   AR AR

Humility is trust, because we trust and rejoice in what is, trying to derive benefit and joy from reality.  Lack of humility is suffering on the subject:  "What isn't."

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10.19993.   AR AR

A proud person is a person who is always not happy with what is there.

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10.21749.   AR AR

Pride craves what is not, and smart people use what is and are very happy with the abundance around them.

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10.10238.   AR AR

Homunculus Loxodontus does not value what is, does not value truth and reality. Homunculus Loxodontus appreciates lies and illusions. Even if his hopes become reality, this will not change anything in the life of Homunculus Loxodontus, for he does not like reality and appreciates only that which is not.

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10.13057.   AR AR

Proud people do not know how to love what is close to them, proud people need what they do not have.  What is close to the proud man is burned by the unbearable heat and drought.

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10.18316.   AR AR

When I can, I'm not interested.  When I can, I don't.  I don't want to...  pride craves what is not there.

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10.18404.   AR AR

Only a fool weeps for what is not... a wise man rejoices in what is.  It seems to the proud that the opposite is true, so they are called liars.

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10.18934.   AR AR

If you don't like being in your own place, you're clearly taking someone else's place.

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10.19256. Beauty is where you are.   AR AR

Everything is beauty.  Beautifully unique and strange.  Beautifully simple and banal.  Intelligence is the ability to see beauty everywhere.  Beauty is equal to beauty; it is pride to think that one beauty is better than another beauty.  Every beauty has its place and time.

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10.19510.   AR AR

To live in harmony means that the husband does not teach the wife, and the wife admires her husband.  Everyone is happy with what they have.

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The beginning of the book

597.   AR AR

Often vanity and fortitude are one and the same,
what makes us go forward – there, 
where we weren't expected.

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2460. Perhaps, our own rats are better.   AR AR

That  place  is  best  of  all  where  we're  now  while  somewhere  we've  never  been  may  hide  the  unknown  with  monsters  or  gigantic  rats  living  there. 

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6.114. The dream is advertising.   AR AR

A dream is an ideal from the world of illusions. You should treat your dream like a beautiful movie or an advertisement. It may be close to reality, or it may be far away. Hope for the best, and when you reach the goal - rejoice in what is, for well, where you are, and where you are not, it is advertising.

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10.300.   AR AR

Heaven is where you are not, because you are a greedy addict, who very quickly becomes addictive and then breaking.

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6.2027. The cowardly squirrel.   AR AR

A   person   is   ready   for   a   lot   of   things   not   to   be   where   he   already   is,   so   he   runs   like   a   squirrel   in   a   wheel,   trying   to   escape   from   himself.   But   since   he   is   afraid   to   really   run   away,   he   runs   mostly   in   a   circle.

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7.6862.   AR AR

How do we get where we're not expected? "You must find a void there and fill it out of compassion for the void.

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9.1194.   AR AR

People  love  what  they  do  not  have.  They  will  serve  what  they  do  not  have.

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9.9614.   AR AR

It is true that where we are not is better than where we are, for many people are like tar, which can spoil anything.

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9.9615.   AR AR

It is good where there is work, where there is no work, it is always bad.

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10.1145.   AR AR

Idealist everywhere well, where his there is no.  The young idealist is happy in the future, the old in the past.  The present idealist is always extremely unbearable.

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10.3129.   AR AR

God loves his children.  God is everything.  This means that there is nothing hostile and dangerous in the world around us.  There is nothing to fear, fear is a lie.

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10.3152. The statement that there is no God in anything is a lie.   AR AR

If God is, and God is love, then we have nothing to fear.  All is God and all loves us.

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10.5005.   AR AR

Procrastination is a sign that a person has no important things to do, he fell into the sin of despondency and loves nothing.  Basically, it's just depression.

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10.6091.   AR AR

The soul is love...  It's a flame...  The fire is either there or it is not...  For the flame to live, it needs wood, it needs the meaning of life.  Pride is a state of ignorance when a person convinces himself that the world around him is not worthy of his love.  That all love is in the past, in the future, or in any other place where we are not.  Pride is when it is good where we are not.

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10.6154.   AR AR

Pride is when it is good where we are not, for example, in the past or in the future.

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10.6180. It is good where we are not.   AR AR

Pride is the denial of love.  Pride does not want to love.  Pride judges and says, " This is unworthy of love.  This is also unworthy and unworthy."  Pride is especially fond of saying that only the dead or the distant can be worthy of love, and pride does not love the near or the living.  Pride loves what is not, and believes that it is good where we are not.  Around pride, things are usually very bad.

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10.6745.   AR AR

What is, of course, you need to love, so as not to poison your existence.  However, you also need to love what is not there, otherwise you will not be able to grow.  To grow, you need to love what is not there.  To stop suffering, you need to love what is.

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10.6746.   AR AR

If you love what is not and simultaneously love what is, it will be an ever-increasing love.  After all, what is there will constantly grow, without generating habituation and allowing endless joy.

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10.6772.   AR AR

God is where I am. I am sure that God is with me, and he is where I am.whether God Is where I am not, I do not know, for I am not there.  But smart people say that God is everything and, therefore, always and everywhere.

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10.9102. It is good there where we are not.   AR AR

If close people show you little attention and do not like you, I can assume that you are unbearable, aggressive, negative and affected by the sin of pride.  You think distant people love you, but you're deluding yourself.  The far ones just don't see you and don't know you.  You are a liar who deceives people, they only know your mask, and close people see you for real.

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