10.18041.   AR AR

Faith is extension.  The length creates a constraint.  If you get rid of the extension, it becomes possible to realize the infinity of one moment.  The moment of love is, in fact, unlimited.

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10.18043. The effort of non-doing.   AR AR

Absolute restraint is the act of holding back faith (i.e., movement).  Traffic stop  it destroys the concept of extension and allows us to access the energy of the infinite moment (love).  Engagement in the "now"»  it opens up a boundless ocean of energy and power to the human being.

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10.18176. Seize every moment.   AR AR

To catch a moment is to share a moment of love for the universe.  Every moment is beautiful, and it is a big problem that it is lost, not noticed by many people.  The one who managed to catch the moment, in fact, knew  God.

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10.21394. Absolute power.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that the power of human pride extends only to  Now.  The future and the past are not subject to pride.  Thus, faith is a situation when a person takes small steps into the future, every moment doing what he should and what he can.

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10.21512. Stop for a moment.   AR AR

Inside the infinite second, it is warm and cozy.  And Yes, I know that in a moment my world will be destroyed, but I am not afraid of it, because I know that in another moment it will be created again.  Love is immortal.

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10.21699.   AR AR

The joy of Being connected with the feeling of an infinite moment of love that dies every moment and is reborn every moment.

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10.21742. A moment of infinity.   AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, in the sense that love is time, so lovers have unlimited time resources available.  A lover has enough time to realize any of his dreams.

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10.22395. Infinite love.   AR AR

Truth is reality, and reality is energy distributed over time.  An illusion is an energy locked in an instant.  The energy of the moment is huge, but to turn it into truth and the real world, you need to destroy the moment and turn it into infinity.

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10.22398.   AR AR

Talent is the capacity for extension, and genius is infinite extension.  The length is true.  If you take your pride and stretch it from the moment to infinity, you will get a genius.  A genius is a man who has humbled his pride in the service of his love.

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10.22410.   AR AR

One is the conductor and the situation when energy flows through you.  Zero is when the mode of resistance and obstacles to the current of energy.  One is the extension in time, zero is the power over one moment.

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10.22424. You should learn to disregard conventions.   AR AR

The point is to have every minute of your life filled with deep meaning.

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The beginning of the book

75.   AR AR

Happiness  resembles 
a  fleeting  aftertaste 
of  a  candy  that  has  been  just  eaten. 

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94.   AR AR

A  woman  will  be  very  grateful  for  everything  you 
do  for  her... 
But  once  you  refuse  to  do  something  for  her... 
the  first  thousand  grateful  moments  will  soon  be  forgotten. 

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4.99.   AR AR

To a weak man, money and success are dangerous, he instantly loses power over himself and turns into a slave. 

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5.65.   AR AR

Problems that can be easily and quickly solved, instantly pull out the root.  Problems that are complex and incomprehensible as solved, on the contrary, leave alone, let them perish. 

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587.   AR AR

I  live  for  the  moment  -  right  now…'s  important  what  I've  created  today. 
I've  already  forgotten  about  yesterday. 
And  tomorrow  is  what  I  don't  know  yet. 

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5.99.   AR AR

Isaac   Babel’s   short   story   Di   Grasso   clearly   illustrates   the   Zen   concept   according   to   which,   if   a   room   is   dark,   all   you   should   do   to   remedy   the   situation   is   to   turn   the   light   on.   Do   what   you   are   most   afraid   of,   and   this   will   instantly   transform   hell   into   paradise.

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677. Axiom of Eggs and Chicken [In brevi]   AR AR

Here   comes   an   interesting   conclusion   about   one-moment   existence   of   everything   and   every   thing.
Everything   -   the   Universe,   time   and   space   exist   in   a   single   close   moment,   inside   which   there   already   exists   its   relative   time,   like   a   point   in   a   system   of   coordinates.

In   essence,   the   understanding   of   this   mechanism   helps   to   understand   the   concept   of   an   endless   point   inside   which   there   exists   a   huge   Universe…
The   question   is   only   in   the   effectiveness   of   codes   in   the   energy   of   information   about   its   structure…

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752. [In brevi]   AR AR

An   absolute   point.   The   point   where   one   moment   exists.

When   in   a   single   moment   there   exists   all   time   and   when   in   a   single   point   there   exists   all   space.That's   approximately   what   our   Universe   looks   like   from   side.

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9.68.   AR AR

Creating   robots,   they   actually   want   to   become   gods.   Having   created   an   artificial   mind,   they   will   certainly   succeed   in   it.   The   only   thing   -   this   has   already   happened   in   mythology.   Wallowing   in   pride,   Devil   once   declared   himself   equal   to   God,   for   which   he   was   instantly   sent   to   hell   for   eternal   suffering   and   torment.

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10.22. Intuition.   AR AR

The wise are not those who think much, but those who think instantaneously quickly.

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1772.   AR AR

The man who killed within itself all the sins and vices, to the second it becomes strangely easy... And literally soars to the heavens…

But the second he does... he's instantly filled with self-satisfaction. …
And stone falls into the abyss…
... "a Holy place is never empty."

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2054. Necessity test.   AR AR

You  can  get  anything  you  want  only  if  you  really  want  it. 
Otherwise,  if  the  system  finds  out  that  something  that  you  want  is  not  what  you  really  want,  you'll  soon  be  destroyed. 

So,  do  you  still  want  it? 

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3.345.   AR AR

Time travel is impossible because the future has not yet been created and the past has already been destroyed.  All time exists in one instant, which is constantly destroyed and created.

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3.438.   AR AR

The lower the speed, the faster time flows, that is, time increases.  Deceleration increases, not decreases, the Delta grows.  Light is something that dies instantly and is born instantly, that is the nature of waves.  Those who have slowed down live longer, but their death is no less prolonged.

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3.444.   AR AR

The nature of time has the same nature of dualism as light.  Time is both a particle of matter and a radiation of energy.  An ultra-high-frequency oscillation, where every moment our world is destroyed and created anew.

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3.504. In an instant   AR AR

The dependence of time on light is an illusion.  Light is the same moving object as the others and has a Delta at the speed of time.  In this system, the speed of time is absolute and is the standard.  The speed of time is absolute and instantaneous, it is the limit of one, that is, the movement in space with the speed of time is instantaneous movement.  When time is absolute, space does not exist.

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3.554. Night construction.   AR AR

Success is something like a point and a universe at the same time.  Success seems to be instantaneous, but the truth is that the universe has been created for decades.  The point is that you build the universe in the dark, and success is just when the light is turned on and it illuminates the world already created before in the dark.

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3931. Silence is a nice disguise for stupidity and weakness.   AR AR

If  predators  get  to  learn  about  our  stupidity  and  weakness,  they  will  soon  use  it  to  swallow  us. 

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4102. The balance of perfect and imperfect creates beauty.   AR AR

Separately, both these entities do not inspire confidence.
Good, devoid of the contrast of evil, in an instant becomes absolute evil. Wisdom, deprived of the contrast of stupidity, sinks to the bottom, turning into absolute stupidity.

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4.357.   AR AR

"That's where the dog is buried" - means that the devil is in the details and spoils everything. If you eliminate one annoying little thing, bad instantly becomes good. You can't use them as long as they're tight, but if you turn on the light, the darkness will disappear instantly.

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