10.20230. A useful parasite.   AR AR

The shepherd is a useful parasite, which parasitizes and kills sheep, but protects them from other predators, provides food and allows them to reproduce.

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10.20238.   AR AR

Love your enemy as the RAM loved the shepherd and became one of the dominant forms of life on the planet Earth.  Chickens, pigs, and dogs also love their owners.

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10.20242.   AR AR

Pride is when sheep and sheep do not like the shepherd, treat him negatively, try to run away, are dissatisfied that they are sheared and milked…  The shepherd, of course, does not care what the sheep think.  For the most discontented there are dogs.  On the other hand, it is one thing when a RAM lives and rejoices, and another when its life is suffering.

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10.20900.   AR AR

Everything in this world is ambiguous, sheep honor the shepherd and dogs, and are afraid of wolves.  Shepherds and dogs feed the sheep, give them shelter and protect them from wolves.  At the same time, shepherds and dogs devour more sheep than wolves could dream of.  The only difference between shepherds and wolves is that wolves are freeloaders, and shepherds not only take, but also give.

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10.21021.   AR AR

In the evolutionary struggle, the weak one wins, because the poor in spirit are blessed and ready to love their enemy.  The fact that predators protect their victims, predators benefit from reproduction and the safety of their food.  The sheep who have placed themselves in the power of a prudent shepherd fall under his iron protection.

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10.21117.   AR AR

The difference between a shepherd and a wolf is that the shepherd is reserved, patient, and reasonable, while the wolf is greedy, impatient, and ignorant.  A shepherd is a wolf in sheep's clothing who loves his enemy.

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10.21723. Love your shepherd.   AR AR

God is a shepherd, and you are a RAM.  It seems that the shepherd is the enemy of the RAM, but it is not so.  Love your enemy, bring him a sacrifice of their fur, their freedom, their time and hope for the best.  A shepherd protects his sheep and contributes to their well-being.  Under the protection of the shepherd, sheep became the dominant form of life on the planet Earth.

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10.21747.   AR AR

Pride is very bad for your health.  In the name of self-love, it is better to admit that you are a sheep than to die of complacency.  The humble RAM is courageous, for it is not afraid to be a RAM, and the self-satisfied proud man is false, cowardly, and trembles with fear.

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10.21769.   AR AR

The metaphor of the shepherd and the sheep of God is beautiful.  A RAM is a person whose resource is wool.  Metaphorically, this is the time.  God the shepherd shears sheep, taking their time, and weaves a fine thread from it, and, having passed it through the eye of a needle, weaves the fabric of reality.  A thin thread is a small daily act, an act of faith.  The canvas of reality is the promised Kingdom.

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10.22176. An effort of restraint.   AR AR

The meaning of the incredible ease of being is that there is a lot of everything and this is called pride.  If pride is subdued, that is, any multitude is restrained, then it will turn into love, the main treasure of this world.  To get to Paradise, you need to take the fleece of a RAM and, twisting it into a thin thread, thread it through the eye of a needle.

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2594. Choose the best.   AR AR

In  a  herd  of  sheep,  all  senior  and  responsible  positions  are  usually  occupied  by  wolves  in  sheep's  clothing.  This  is  due  to  the  fact  that  there`s  competitive  selection  for  the  positions,  the  best  are  selected  and  the  wolves  are  smarter  and  stronger  than  rams  anyways.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


2384. A shepherd and a king.   AR AR

The  king  of  sheep  is  the  strongest  and  wisest  in  the  herd. 
It's  only  up  to  him  to  decide  how  other  sheep  should  live. 
That's  why  the  shepherd  made  him  the  leader. 

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1067.   AR AR

A  sheep  is  not  an  animal  but  a  state  of  the  soul. 

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7.78.   AR AR

A  good  farmer  needs  hay.  Does  he  love  hay,  though?  –  No,  he  loves  sheep  and  sheep  have  to  be  fed.

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The beginning of the book

7.8.   AR AR

Money  is  hay.  Sheep  like  hay.  Sheep  are  useful,  there  is  profit  in  them,  you  need  hay  as  well  so  that  to  feed  sheep  with  it.

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5.13. Summer conversations on a green meadow.   AR AR

Extremely frustrating when you say something to him, and he looks at you like a sheep at a new gate.  What is there to talk about with a sheep?  Remember not to be a sheep, read more.  Reading able any sheep magically turned into a quite decent man, with whom pleasant to communicate. 

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5.55. God is truth.   AR AR

To understand the truth can only one who loves it, otherwise it will seem banal and not interesting.  So I tell you that God is love, and I am filled with divine delight, and you look at me like a RAM on a new gate, and you think that the RAM is me... 

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602. Better to be a bee than a sheep.   AR AR

Be a bee even better than a dog:
Dogs sit on a chain, but…
The bee lives even better than the cow  -
The cow is milked and the bee lives in the wild.

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8.42. You will either eat or be eaten.   AR AR

-Not  exactly.

Hens  are  not  always  eaten,  some  of  them  lay  golden  eggs.  A  sheep  is  a  valuable  source  of  wool.  Donkeys  can  work  for  you  well.  And  one  better  buy  a  more  powerful  opponent  off  or  avoid  direct  conflicts,  than  risk  one's  head  fighting  him.

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9.91.   AR AR

Democracy is the power of sheep under the strict control of shepherds-wolves in sheep's skins.

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1149.   AR AR

When  you  buy  a  shepherd,  you  also  get  its  flock. 

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1445.   AR AR

It is naive to think that " big brother»
watching you...
It would be too expensive…
These guys are much more cunning:
they feed and feed you information,
until you stop understanding,
what's true is not true... You
simply cease to perceive information,
you stop thinking ... your active
the brain shrinks to the size of a nut
and you are already able to perceive
only something very primitive,
extremely simple, extremely large...
You can't see the details. Your favorite
genre art is a picture poster
with 2-3 slogans. Your favorite music
meaningless and catastrophically stupid,
you look more like a sheep yourself
in the herd, than on a wreath evolution...
And, of course, "big brother" is gone
the need to keep an eye on you…

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2152.   AR AR

A  situation  when  a  victim  becomes  a  hunter  looks  fair. 

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2496. The joy of a predator.   AR AR

The  best  praise  is  when  you  praise  yourself.  This  very  self-pleasure  that  tells  you  -  Yes,  you  managed  to  do  it,  You  did  it,  You  won  over  yourself,  You  got  a  nice  bag,  Today  is  your  day. 

It's  silly  to  accept  the  reaction  of  others  in  this  situation.  As  these  people  may  have  strange  motives  and  may  know  nothing  about  the  object  of  the  hunt.  Or  they  may  be  in  the  wrong  mood  and  don't  care  about  you.  People  are  full  of  envy,  vanity,  anger,  greed-  so  does  it  really  matter  what  they  may  think? 

A  predator  praises  himself  for  his  bag  on  his  own  and  it's  only  sheep  who  wait  what  the  herd  may  bleat. 

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2593.   AR AR

The  wolves  living  among  sheep  should  wear  sheep's  clothing  in  order  not  to  scare  people. 

The  question  is:  why  do  wolves  have  to  live  among  sheep? 
The  answer  is:  Because  it's  warm  and  comfortable  among  sheep. 

And  sheep  are  nice  for  food  and  everything  that  wolves  need  to  feel  happy. 

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2595.   AR AR

A  sheep  is  a  universal  meal  for  a  wolf  in  sheep's  clothing. 

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2597. A fashionable trend.   AR AR

Sheep's  clothing  is  a  very  fashionable  trend  nowadays.  It's  wolves,  foxes,  lions,  jackals,  hyenas  and  dogs  who  wear  it.  But  what's  really  surprising  is  that  even  snakes  try  to  put  it  on. 

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2604. The sheep leader.   AR AR

Let's  suppose  that  a  wolf  wearing  a  sheep's  clothing  and  being  the  sheep  leader  is  an  example  of  the  useful  parasite.  Expenses  for  this  wolf's  keep  among  hundreds  of  sheep  are  not  heavy.  Besides,  such  a  leader  is  really  clever  and  strong.  Thus,  this  leader  earns  his  keep  by  his  own  sagacity.  And  now  imagine  a  purebred  sheep  as  the  leader.  A  potential  king  of  sheep  who  could  have  been  given  power,  would  have  become  the  embodiment  of  weakness  and  heavy  mind.  And  his  ruling  would  simply  destroy  the  civilization  of  sheep.  And  destruction  would  come  upon  the  places  where  gardens  and  meadows  formerly  blossomed.  That's  why  the  wisest  sheep  once  decided  that  a  wolf  ruling  a  herd  would  bring  more  use.  As  it's  better  for  wolves  when  sheep  live  well  and  breed.  Thus,  being  ruled  by  wolves,  sheep  became  the  dominant  species  on  the  planet  and  bred  like  rabbits. 

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2607.   AR AR

It's  only  a  sheep  who  can  believe  what  they  say  in  the  herd  of  sheep. 

If  some  sheep  feels  ready  for  becoming  a  wolf  or  a  dog,  then  the  first  thing  this  sheep  should  do  is  to  stop  being  zombified  by  mass  media  (including  TV  and  the  Internet).  What's  more,it's  also  necessary  to  stop  listening  to  the  nonsense  that  other  sheep  may  say.  The  nonsense  said  by  other  sheep  is  so  worthless  in  every  way,  both  in  its  direct  meaning  and  any  other  meaning  too.  Thus,  it's  simply  impossible  to  interpret  it  in  a  different  way  that  would  make  it  sound  right...  No  ...and  here  lies  the  sly  implication  of  it  all.  As  it's  wrong  both  in  the  direct  way  and  in  the  inverted  one.  Hence,  the  truth  is  always  outside  sheep'  mind  and  it  can't  get  into  their  learning  field. 

Sheep  may  argue  whether  something  is  white  or  black  while  this  something  is  actually  green.  However,  sheep  don't  even  know  that  green  color  exists  due  to  their  decreased  ability  to  see  this  color. 

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2732.   AR AR

The victim who kills the hunter is always right, and the hunter is weak.

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2921. One black sheep will mar a whole flock.   AR AR

Tell  firestarters  to  go  away  and  the  fire  will  go  out  on  its  own. 

Here  I  am,  looking  at  this  crowd...  generally,  nice  people.  But  there's  only  one  bad  person  among  them  which  is  enough  to  make  the  whole  crowd  seem  awful  like  hell. 

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Art by Irina Tsurupina



3126.   AR AR

Sheep  without  a  shepard  dissipate  and  become  an  easy  target  for  carnivores.

A  wolf  can  hunt  alone  but  those  who  hunt  by  pack  have  a  more  plentiful  dinner.  Lonely  wolf  eats  berries  and  hares,  while  pack  has  some  deer  for  dinner.

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3159. About radicalism in politics.   AR AR

A  tup  should  not  be  scared  of  those  who  want  to  shear  him  but  should  beware  of  those  who  crave  for  his  blood. 

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3359.   AR AR

Here the sheep went into the watched him the whole herd…
In sheep with childhood happened - so it is necessary…
The brain one at all... In the team strength.
Sorry only the stupid have won all of them…

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