10.22471. The world is flat.   AR AR

Most people sincerely believe that our world is flat.  Classical dichotomous thinking divides the world into two halves, black and white, good and bad.  The world is truth, the real truth is three-dimensional, and the false truth is flat.

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8.17. Contrast.   AR AR

A   slight   imperfection   in   details   highlights   the   beauty   of   perfection.

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306. A self-portrait against a background of white lines.   AR AR


Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.14190. Illuminated world.   AR AR

What drug addicts call a gray, bleak and terrible reality is the same lost Paradise that has faded against the background of an overdose of illusory pleasures.  "Give us more drugs," the addicts cry, " we don't want your squalid reality."  The real Paradise is unbearable for drug addicts and sees them as a cesspool of hellish suffering.  The problem with drug addicts is that they consider their illusions to be real, being unable to separate reality and cinema, tourism and immigration.

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10.14331.   AR AR

Rudeness is the sharpness of judgments.  In fact, this is pride and dichotomous black-and-white thinking, generated by ignorance.  The brute is categorical in his judgments, he lacks a color gradient in his thoughts.

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10.14473. Eternal darkness.   AR AR

What is a drug?
"The drug is your only problem, your only source of energy, your only love.  Against the background of the drug, everything else is not interesting to you and does not matter ...  but it's scary.  After all, the world is very dark against the background of the drug.  Over time, the drug becomes addictive, the energy ends, and the world is forever plunged into darkness.

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10.18990.   AR AR

Comfort breeds laziness and procrastination.  Having got used to the good, the soul becomes terribly afraid to move into a zone of not comfort.

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10.19017.   AR AR

A person usually blames others in order to prove to himself that he is good.  The idiots around you raise your self-esteem very much, and this person's self-esteem is gaseous.

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10.19095.   AR AR

A person who hates life is doomed to become a drug addict and a slave to Vice.

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10.19244.   AR AR

The forked tongue of the serpent is a metaphor for "divide and conquer".  The serpent-tempter is always trying to bring a split in the unity of love.

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10.19330.   AR AR

Freedom is especially good against the contrast of order, against the background of chaos, freedom is not happy at all.

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10.19703.   AR AR

The carrot and the stick is all a dichotomous illusion born of greed.  There is only the carrot, and the fear of not reaching it.

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10.20932.   AR AR

Alcoholism leads to the fact that it generates dichotomous thinking, against which the world becomes very gray and unpleasant.  Rejection of reality is fear.  Chronic fear undermines health and a person begins to slowly rot, further aggravating their plight.

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10.20994.   AR AR

You suffer because you think you're good.  You suffer because you think you're bad.  You are suffering because you have divided yourself into two halves and have lost your integrity.

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10.21356. Light at the end of the tunnel.   AR AR

Monstrously dangerous when you have only one joy left in your life…  This joy of yours is a pure drug, against which the whole world turns into hell.

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10.21478.   AR AR

It is white that creates black.  The less white there is, the more concentrated it is, and everything else becomes black against it.  You should give the white man freedom by letting him go, and by creating an overdose, you will stabilize the system.

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10.21662. Paradise lost.   AR AR

The Epiphany is to realize that pain is useful and cannot be rejected.  Once I had been in Paradise for a thousand years, I had exhausted all my joy, and my joy turned into a hellish pain.  Unable to endure thousands of years of pain, I ran away from Paradise.  The point is, I was wrong.  If I did not run away from pain, but humbly rejoiced in the night, I would wait for the morning of a new day.

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10.21712. Slow judgments.   AR AR

Pride is the greed of big steps and judgments.  Dichotomous thinking is big, fast, and contrasting judgments.  If a man humbled his greed and judged in the smallest terms, the world would go from black-and-white and vile to colored and joyous.  Those who judge with moderate, slow, and small steps realize that there is no boundary between black and white.

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10.21718.   AR AR

Without pain, you can not, you need some controlled and friendly pain, so that the rest of the world is bright against it.

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The beginning of the book

309. Landscape in white.   AR AR

I forgot to wear glasses today.
And watched the world - as it is:
people, houses, trees, birds…
Such living, such substantive.
You can almost touch them,
almost visible contours on a white background
extremely material in this
digital reality…

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470.   AR AR

I  wander  on  the  beach… 
knee-deep  in  the  waves, 
barefoot  in  the  thoughts. 

Against  the  sky  there  appear  letters… 
“God  loves  you” 
….  and  that's  nice…. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Amateur (Datsenko)



8.88. Organic style.   AR AR

Looking  at  the  world  through  rose-coloured  glasses  is  just  as  silly  as  having  a  morbid  outlook  on  life.  Life  should  be  seen  in  a  broad  realistic  view.  Anything  organic  is  always  better  than  chemical  things. 

All  those  colored  glasses  only  strain  eyes  and  distort  reality.  Those  who  live  in  a  fool's  paradise  and  lose  touch  with  reality,  soon  become  useless  people. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.31.   AR AR

Men in whom there is no love of truth might be despised, but that is pride.  Replace contempt with compassion, these people are burning in hell, their lives are endless suffering in contrast to the rare pleasures that are no more than wood in the fire of their suffering.

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10.32.   AR AR

Pleasures are no more than contrasting wood in the fire of suffering. 

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1757.   AR AR

Sometimes  inner  pain  is  so  strong  and  excruciating  that  it's  only  external  tortures,  on  the  contrary,  can  bring  some  relief  and  soothe  the  inner  pain  that  hurts  like  hell... 

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1792.   AR AR

You look dwarfed by the mountain. But if you, a dwarf, stand up and put a mountain in your pocket, what example will you give to those others whose awe of mountains makes the earth tremble?

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1994.   AR AR

The  good  is  especially  appreciated  when  opposed  to  the  bad. 
And  when  everything  around  is  purely  good...  and  there's  nothing  to  compare  it  with, 
then  everything  good  automatically  becomes  grey  and  usual. 

So  you  might  have  guessed  what  it  feels  like  when  everything  about  you  is  80%  good  and  20%  ho  hum.  And  being  full  of  greed  you  decide  to  get  EVERYTHING  with  your  last  strength,  to  become  totally  satisfied.  But  right  the  moment  after  you  get  it  ALL,  you  will  lose  it  ALL.  And  soon  your  life  will  become  terrible  and  you'll  have  to  start  it  all  over  again. 

This  sequence  of  events  is  typical  of  every  field.  People  are  social  animals  who  constantly  need  to  compare  themselves  with  what  is  near  and  what  is  far.  And  though  any  philosophy  constantly  teaches  us  that  we  should  compare  ourselves  only  with  ourselves,  does  it  really  help  anyone? 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2364. A person lacking contrast.   AR AR

A   person   with   syntonic   personality   is   the   one   who   got   a   contrast   of   two   equal   halves,   namely   happiness   and   unhappiness.   And   it's   one   half   that   makes   the   other   one   so   wonderful   and   necessary.

Being   half-plunged   into   peace,   one   lives   in   active   action   with   the   other   half.   As   it's   only   action   that   lets   one   feel   the   joy   of   peace...

Enjoying   pleasures   and   joy   with   one   half,   a   person   feels   sadness   and   light   pain   with   the   other   half.   And   even   the   wisdom   of   this   person   becomes   true   only   in   contrast   with   this   person's   stupidity.

A   person   who   lost   the   balance   and   get   deprived   of   the   contrast
doesn't   learn   the   truth   in   anything   and   is   full   of   deception.
–   I   call   it   «   a   person   lacking   contrast».

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2371.   AR AR

People  who  have  never  been  in  hell,  will  barely  appreciate  all  beauties  of  paradise.  What's  more,  perhaps  paradise  will  become  their  hell. 

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2706. The hunter is joyful.   AR AR

Religious  books  are  usually  written  by  people  of  great  wisdom. 
You  read  them  and  read...and  see  it's  all  nonsense  nonsense  and  nonsense...and  then  just  a  single  line,  a  thought  of  'diamond  wisdom'.  A  wonderful,  right  thought  that  simply  gets  imprinted  in  your  mind.  It's  like  light,  like  a  revelation.  You'll  never  forget  this  thought.  It  will  always  remain  in  your  mind  and  be  the  light  in  the  dark. 

Besides,  as  far  as  I'm  concerned,  authors  do  it  on  purpose  when  they  consciously  put  this  light  of  wisdom  into  nonsense.  It's  a  contrast  that  makes  wisdom  seem  so  brilliant  that  it  won't  be  forgotten.  You  may  feel  yourself  a  hunter.  You  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  of  obscurantism  and  look  for  some  light.  And  suddenly  you  find  it...  It's  such  a  pleasure  and  happiness  to  find  light  among  the  dark  jungle. 

I've  also  noticed  that  authors  of  such  books  have  a  great  sense  of  moderation  and  harmony  as  they  delicately  put  the  diamonds  of  wisdom  in  the  text-  not  too  frequently  and  not  too  rarely.  It's  not  in  every  line  but  as  soon  as  you  get  a  bit  tired,  you  suddenly  see  it  in  the  text  and  it  makes  you  joyful  and  enthusiastic  about  keeping  on  reading.  And  thus,  you  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  from  one  thought  to  another  and  feel  yourself  a  hunter  and  every  new  catch  brings  you  joy.  It's  not  only  a  hero  who  is  joyful,  as  Nietzsche  once  said.  But  it's  also  a  hunter  who  is  joyful  as  well. 

Any  hunt  is  always  about  searching,  being  excited  and  expending  some  effort.  An  easy  catch  never  brings  joy.  While  something  too  hard  to  get  makes  one  lazy  and  passive. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2850. Evil truth…   AR AR

One   who   lives   only   in   joy   and   pleasure,   becomes   a   disgusting   obese   soul   full   of   sins…   It's   necessary   to   suffer   to   remain   human.   Joy   and   suffering   should   take   turns   to   keep   the   balance.

They   say   that   freedom   is   a   necessity   and   that   all   people   are   born   free.   But   it's   not   true.   A   person   needs   only   joy   and   pleasure   to   feel   happy,   and   pain   and   suffering   just   for   the   contrast.   While   freedom   is   just   a   mask   of   vanity   and   the   desire   to   be   in   power:   at   first   over   oneself   and   then   over   others.

The   fight   of   good   and   evil   doesn't   exist.   There's   just   some   mechanism   that   makes   some   check-and-balance   system   work   so   that   to   make   people   fulfil   tasks   that   providence   prepared   for   them.   A   person   who   does   something   good,   gets   sweet   carrot.   But   sweet   carrot   makes   this   person   fat   so   that   it's   stick   and   not   carrot   that   is   necessary   for   making   this   person   fit   again.   By   the   way,   one   who   doesn't   do   what   one   should,   becomes   treated   with   the   stick   approach   as   well.
Nothing   personal,   just   celestial   mechanics.

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3.192.   AR AR

What   you   consider   to   be   extremes   and   contrasts   are   just   the   different   degrees   of   the   same   thing:   the   small   one,   the   big   one   and   thousands   of   intermediary   teenage   options.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


3341. Time to create.   AR AR

I  see  alternation  of  day  and  night  as  dark  and  light  times  in  life.  It  makes  me  think  that  it's  necessary  to  use  good  times  for  doing  useful  things.  And  I  believe  that  it's  necessary  to  rise  with  the  light  and  go  to  bed  before  midnight.  As  night  is  meant  for  having  rest  and  sleep. 

Yes,  it's  necessary  to  rise  with  the  light.  It's  the  best  time  for  thoughts  and  actions  after  the  night  is  over.  They  say  «the  early  bird  catches  the  worm».  After  dark  time,  a  person  has  a  fresh  mind  and  is  ready  for  action. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3676. Big pain kills small fears.   AR AR

I’ll  decode  the  idea.  When  the  main  big  pain  or  the  main  big  fear  comes,  you  don`t  care  about  all  the  other  pains  and  fears.  Everything  becomes  extremely  small  and  insignificant.  Fears,  enemies  concerns,  problems.  This  effect  can  be  used  in  daily  life.  Any  fear  can  be  killed  by  contrast  pain.

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3683. A bright contrast. A superhelpful person.   AR AR

I  got  no  advantages  as  I'm  a  person  full  of  disadvantages. 

But  I  can  be  a  good  background  so  that  you  will  feel  yourself  a  totally  good  person  and  get  excited  with  your  own  superiority.  Having  become  overwhelmed  with  sticky  joy,  you'll  be  happy  as  a  pink  pig  in  shit. 

P.S.  A  bit  later  it  occurred  to  me  that  a  superhelpless  person  is  close  to  becoming  superhelpful.  Thus,  person  full  of  disadvantages  should  only  take  one  step  to  gain  all  advantages. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3.860.   AR AR

Luck is as dangerous as failure, it is luck that breeds failure.  Luck is the comfort of setbacks, contrast, to lure flies on sticky tape.  The point is to abstract from both of these phenomena and see the system.

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4102. The balance of perfect and imperfect creates beauty.   AR AR

Separately, both these entities do not inspire confidence.
Good, devoid of the contrast of evil, in an instant becomes absolute evil. Wisdom, deprived of the contrast of stupidity, sinks to the bottom, turning into absolute stupidity.

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4.147.   AR AR

Often, the teacher instills a fear that in the background of any even the worst thing seems harmless and easy.

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4.512.   AR AR

Saturation creates satiety. Against the background of pleasure, the real world fades, and after satiety comes complete darkness.

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