10.19059.   AR AR

According to science, self-deception is called anosognosia.  This is a severe mental illness that completely deprives a person of hearing and vision in all that concerns his sins and vices.

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10.19161. The proportions are preserved.   AR AR

In someone else's eye we see a speck, but in our own log we do not notice this is a proverb about self-deception.  Especially well their sins are visible in other people, but in themselves are not visible.

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10.19083.   AR AR

The most important symptom of pride is self-deception, which deprives a person of sight and hearing.  Pride is generated by ignorance and paralyzes all the tools of knowledge in a person.  You can only treat a proud person with pain and depression.

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10.19131.   AR AR

Vices are always self-deception, the product of fear and lies.

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10.19147. Victim of deception.   AR AR

The drug gives a person a false sense of wholeness.  An addict is a person who lacks integrity, this person constantly feels the lack of love.  After taking the drug, it seems to be assembled entirely from some ridiculous pieces... Alas, this feeling is false.

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10.19250.   AR AR

Self-deception is the voice of fear.

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10.20631.   AR AR

Guilt tells you that you must ... but the debt is red.  Now that everyone around you is owed money, the situation becomes very tense and contradictory.

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10.20728.   AR AR

All these ideal people are catastrophically unhappy inside themselves.  Self-denial creates fear and a desire to escape from reality.

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10.21482.   AR AR

Pride (neurosis and depression)  this is a clever drug lie (self-deception), when the mind, dependent on pleasure, specifically fills the world with suffering and pain, in order to turn pleasure into a pea, to enjoy it as much as possible.  Pleasure concentrates are a very powerful drug.

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10.21645.   AR AR

Idun this sad proud to June no faith.  Faith is the force of the motion, and Idon doing everything I could not to move.

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10.21650. Don't believe it…   AR AR

The purpose of the devil's temptations is to deprive you of your faith... that is, to restrict your movements.  The devil undermines your faith with doubts.  The devil tempts you with pleasure and rest... " Why should you go anywhere?  - says the devil... - lie down, rest, and let it make itself.  I'll give you everything, just wait."

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10.21757.   AR AR

Before you fall in love with the illusion of feelings or are afraid of them, try to compare this situation with the movie.  You're smart enough not to fall in love with movies and go crazy with horror movies, aren't you?  You should treat all your other emotions in the same way.

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10.21772.   AR AR

Don't believe the screams of fear, fear always lies.  However, complacency and euphoria lie no less.

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10.21787.   AR AR

The main deviation from the truth is wishful thinking.

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10.21933.   AR AR

A cunning subconscious mind can rigidly substitute a dependent, cowardly or lazy person who for some reason does not want to work and realize their dreams.  The body can get sick to give the mind an excuse that it is not able to implement its ideas.  This vile lie must be stopped at the root and ignored.

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10.22089.   AR AR

Your problem is that you think freedom is when you become a slave to vices.

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10.22237.   AR AR

Remorse can be deceived.  Wake up early in the morning, do your business, and then sleep as much as you want.

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The beginning of the book

790.   AR AR

Date  is  like  tourism.  The  first  date  is  like  a  first  trip  to  an  exotic  country,  everything  surprises  and    delights.  3-4  meetings  are  like  visiting  your  favorite  place  again  and  again....  And  marriage  and  cohabitation  are  similar  to  immigration  with  all  the  following  aspects.  Date  is  like  tourism,  and  relationship  is  like  emigration.  On  the  other  hand,  finding  a  comfortable  place  to  live  –  isn’t  that  a  dream?  And  the  third  conclusion  is  interesting.    Having  your  favourite  home  doesn't  cancel  tourism.  The  key  is  to  avoid  self-deception  and  not  to  confuse  holiday  with  life.

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8.67. Self-deception.   AR AR

The  only  person  who  you  should  always  be  sincere  with  is  yourself.  But  treat  others  depending  on  the  situation. 

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985.   AR AR

The world doesn't need human hubris and vanity, the world needs beauty, and pleasure and joy from praise, vanity are just strings by which God makes puppets work. But there is an important nuance: free person works more efficiently than a slave.

On the other hand: does freedom exist, isn't it illusion, self-deception.
Happy slaves work better.
Slaves considering themselves free work even better.
Slaves full of desires and needs are easily managed and work well.

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2912. Self delusion.   AR AR

Whimpering  and  despair  may  be  unpleasant  not  only  for  others  but  even  for  the  one  who  shows  them. 

As  he  who  whimpers  to  himself,  is  really  unhappy.  It's  only  nice  things  that  one  should  tell  oneself  as  it  brings  good  mood. 

And  it's  better  to  keep  silent  about  problems... 

Tell  yourself  that  you're  happy  and  you'll  feel  happy. 

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3601. Psychoses and phobias are the breed of self-deception and illusions   AR AR

The  conflict  of  misconceptions  and  reality  leads  to  the  development  of  painful  inner  contradictions,  destroying  human  conscience.

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4.219.   AR AR

A   person   who   does   not   understand   the   true   meaning   of   the   Bible   cannot   be   called   a   Christian.   99%   of   people   who   call   themselves   Christians   are   liars   under   the   illusion   of   self-deception.

Translate: Varvara Uchevatkina


4.377.   AR AR

The present seems heavier than the past, but it is a lie, it is self-deception. The present is no lighter and heavier than the future. The future is neither heavier nor lighter than the past. These three are equal.

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5.636. The rake is a great landmark.   AR AR

A fool is a man who does everything but what is necessary. This man always thinks, but thinking it is a clever deception designed to carefully avoid thinking about desirable and feasible. This man is afraid of the real world and its real people. He who lives in the darkness of fantasy is a blind squirrel running in a wheel. He is blind, and in fear that he may get lost, never strays from his path, preferring to tread on the same rake and be glad that he is going the right and familiar way. These eternally recurring rake his weapon against my fear. By killing fear, they give peace.

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5.653. Bad dancer Slippers in the way.   AR AR

The problem with Cyrano de Bergerac is that he invented a problem for himself, and now he links and justifies all the events of his life with it... "Oh," says Cyrano, " what a question, he's as stupid as my nose. When a man has at the root of all the problems of his life something as insuperable and as long as his nose, it is all self-deception, self-justification and hypocrisy. However, all of us such, meeting Cyrano, that notice we in it, except his nose?

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6.833.   AR AR

Respect people's opinions about themselves. Everyone has the right to self-deception.

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7.278. Selfdeception.   AR AR

First  take  a  lot,  then  give  half  back,  it'll  make  them  happy.

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7.377. Liar.   AR AR

If  you  think  you're  suffering  for  nothing,  you're  lying  to  yourself.

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7.898. A useful man.   AR AR

A successful person will be very useful to your personal psychologist. The man, who was himself a psychologist, is usually prone to self-deception and even the log in your own eye ignores. But if you have your own personal good psychologist, it can be used to deal with their shortcomings, weaknesses and vices, put thoughts on the shelves, motivate yourself, make quick decisions, be inspired and fill yourself with energy.

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7.929. Self-deceit is a grain of lie.   AR AR

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10.478. Cheating.   AR AR

Denial of the problems and fears gives rise to headache.  Self-deception gives rise to suffering, and addiction.  Drug addiction increases suffering tenfold.

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10.491.   AR AR

Envy creates an inferiority complex, that is, pain.  To escape from this pain, a person is immersed in the illusion of megalomania and self-deception.

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3.1441.   AR AR

Cowards deny their cowardice, cowards do not believe in their cowardice.  A coward says to himself, " I Am not a coward, but I am a hero."

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3.1454.   AR AR

I noticed that the" I " of a person denies and instantly forgets all the facts of real life that undermine his self-esteem and the picture of the world.  The glass house protects the force field, annihilating all the stones flying into it.

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3.1652.   AR AR

The dependent person strives for dependence in order to gain security and get rid of fear.  But fear is pride and lust for power and possession.  Having got rid of fear, such a person turns into his opposite - megalomania, which contradicts his dependent position.  In the future, he will either console himself with illusions and self-deception, or enter into conflict and destroy the relationship where he is dependent.  However, to create a relationship, no matter where the dependence, he can not, because he is always looking for security.

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3.1707.   AR AR

Happiness is self-deception, happiness must be invented.  Until you invent happiness, you will be miserable.

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