Math and progression.



3.31.   AR AR

I   dedicate   this   book   to   Mikhail   Gutseriyev   whose   work   inspired   me   to   grasp   the   systemic   nature   of   truth.   Many   years   ago,   I   happened   to   read   Mikhail’s   poems   that   I   liked   so   much   that   I   decided   to   sing   and   put   them   to   music.   The   songs   were   good   and   I   even   recorded   an   entire   album   but   that’s   not   what   matters.   What   matters   is   the   illumination   I   experienced   upon   understanding   the   meaning   and   the   point   of   some   texts.   My   understanding   of   these   poems   changed   my   life   and   made   me   abandon   music   and   other   trifle   things   to   give   all   my   attention   and   time   to   the   writing   of   the   books   of   Variothoughts.   Specifically,   this   book   is   dedicated   to   the   song   entitled   Mathematics   and   Progression.   This   song   inspired   the   great   artists   Karina   Byvaylova   to   do   the   painting   you   can   see   on   this   book’s   cover.

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3.318. Combining the incompatible.   AR AR

Hope   is   very   small   and   huge   at   the   same   time   –   it’s   when   your   dream   is   impossibly   huge.   The   smaller   hope,   the   more   chances   it   has   to   become   real.

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3.32. A miracle of love.   AR AR

A   miracle   is   love.   Love   is   fusion   and   synergy.   Love   is   more   than   addition   and   subtraction.   Love   is   always   1   and   0   transforming   into   10.

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3.82.   AR AR

Truth   is   progression   and   Scalability.   Truth   is   simultaneously   a   point   and   an   entire   universe.

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3.95.   AR AR

Miracles   originate   from   the   knowledge   of   mathematics   and   physics.   Consequently,   mathematics   is   the   metaphor   of   God.

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3.96.   AR AR

Scalability   is   what   obeys   the   laws   of   progression.   Consequently,   truth   is   what   lives   by   the   rules   of   an   arithmetic   progression.   Truth   is   the   growth   of   life.

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3.127.   AR AR

Synergy   is   the   scalable   truth   that   results   from   the   fusion   of   extremes   into   one   systemic   whole.   A   miracle   is   the   ability   of   the   synergetic   system   to   grow   exponentially.   Synergetic   systems   produce   energy   much   quicker   than   they   consume   it.

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3.131.   AR AR

Your   realization   that   nothing   has   been   superfluous   in   your   life   will   kill   your   fear.   Everything   goes   as   planned.   When   everything   goes   as   planned,   it   is   joyful   and   inspiring.

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3.326.   AR AR

When   you   aim   at   the   future,   first,   aim   higher;   second,   seven   can   be   higher   than   ten;   and,   third,   the   bigger   the   target,   the   easier   you   will   hit   it.

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3.329.   AR AR

All   systems   are   the   same.   If   you   come   to   a   deadlock   in   one   thing,   observe   attentively   something   else   –   something   that   you   know   well   or,   on   the   contrary,   something   new.   Having   taken   a   hard   look   at   B,   you   will   see   A.

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3.332.   AR AR

Faith   is   when   you   know,   and   that’s   all.   Of   course,   faith   will   not   protect   you   from   fortuities   but   you   know   everything   about   fortuities   too.

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3.34. Miraculous pragmatism.   AR AR

Miracles   are   useful.   From   a   pragmatic   point   of   view,   we   should   have   faith   in   miracles.   Faith   is   the   strength   that   engenders   a   miracle   by   uniting   with   truth   and   love.

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3.35. A diamond.   AR AR

One   who   is   not   resigned   cannot   achieve   success.   Chaos   does   not   wish   to   give   in   to   order   just   like   that   –   the   main   weapon   of   chaos   is   fortuitousness   and   order   is   love.   To   accomplish   your   job,   you   should   do   the   same   thing   in   circles,   resignedly   and   lovingly,   for   tens   and   hundreds   of   times,   detecting   fortuitous   errors   and   irregularities.

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3.359.   AR AR

Resignation   is   when   you   realize   life   is   a   game.   Having   realized   that   life   is   a   game,   you   will   lose   fear   and,   in   return,   you   will   acquire   vehemence.

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10.5877.   AR AR

Faith is the power that allows you to use what is not.  What is not there is uncertainty and uncertainty.

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10.5874. Energy Is Nothing.   AR AR

The energy of faith is limitless.  Belief in uncertainty allows you to extract energy from what is not, from lies and fantasies.  Faith is the ability to draw energy from Nothing.  Being is infinite and unknowable, belief in Nothingness is an ocean of energy.

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10.5843.   AR AR

Much nonsense this is the third option, which makes life more interesting.

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10.5842. The third dream.   AR AR

The meaning of the third option is that it makes the system tricolor, turning black and white into something colored.  The movement of the three colors creates life.

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10.5696. Unity of one and zeros.   AR AR

Love does not conquer evil.  Love is light, evil is darkness.  1% of light turns 99% of darkness into 100% of light.  Light, connecting with darkness, turns into light.  And most of the energy is contained in the darkness, not in the light.

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3.45.   AR AR

Many   things,   including   money,   hide   in   plain   sight.

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10.6253.   AR AR


10.6219.   AR AR


10.6213.   AR AR


10.6204.   AR AR


10.6152.   AR AR


10.6138.   AR AR


10.6134.   AR AR


10.6117.   AR AR


10.6133.   AR AR


10.6095.   AR AR


10.6046.   AR AR

It is useful to seek perfection in everything that surrounds you.  Perfection is a source of energy.

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10.6040.   AR AR

The truth is something that could attract energy and become a reality.  Illusions and lies are the same entity as the truth, but lacking in energy.

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The beginning of the book

4.1.   AR AR

Yin and Yang are the boundary between the ocean and the sky.  The border between past and future.  The border is called now, at the edge of which living fish is the consciousness of man that is afraid to fall in the sky.  And there live birds that catch fish, these are those who are not afraid of the future and know how to plan it well.  In the depths of the ocean live the demons of the past, sometimes they eat dumb fish, diving deeper into the past than necessary.  And in the past there is a coral Paradise, it is happiness that always lives in the past.

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83.   AR AR

In the literature I have identified...
The image - like form, the sense - content...
The content should carry information and novelty...
The form must have novelty and perfection...
The basis of information is the truth.
Truth, as a function of perfection, does not tolerate 
extremes, the perfection of form is subordinated to
Too much is not necessary, time is money, money is energy, 
energy must be conserved...
Concentrate form and content...

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3.17. 5G truth.   AR AR

5G   truth   is   the   dynamic   integrity   of   3D   truth   in   accordance   with   current   goals.

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3.37. Man is nothing.   AR AR

Arrogance   is   one’s   negation   of   and   dissociation   from   God.   God   wishes   unity   with   man   and   the   arrogant   one   wishes   freedom.   “I   am   my   own   God”,   said   the   Arrogant   one,   forgetting   that   his   soul   and   body   are   God   and   the   world   around   him   is   God   too.   What   is   the   arrogant   one?   –   Nothing.

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3.40. A perpetual motion machine.   AR AR

The strategy of motivating a person by God is as follows.  First, through temptations, man becomes infected with desires and vices, and then, by limiting these desires, he receives the energy necessary for the service of life.  Vice need then, to, limiting his, obtain energy.

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3.42.   AR AR

“What’s   better”   and   “what’s   right”   are   different   things.   What’s   right   is   good   and   what’s   better   is   bad.

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3.46.   AR AR

The   strategy   is   as   follows.   Accumulate   critical   mass   for   several   years   and   then,   in   a   single   stroke,   throw   it   all   away,   thus   triggering   an   explosion.

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3.51.   AR AR

A   constant   is   a   lie   but   a   variable   is   a   lie   too.   Truth   is   leisurely   and   unhurried   movement.

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3.53.   AR AR

Resignation   is   the   ability   to   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff,   honey   from   tar   and   soup   from   flies.   Otherwise,   you   will   remain   without   soup,   honey   and   bread.

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3.54.   AR AR

When   seeking   gold,   money   or   other   things   useful   for   the   household,   seek   not   them   but   what   comes   with   them.   To   find   truth,   you   should   find   a   specific   lie   that   likes   being   near   it.

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3.55.   AR AR

The   point   of   resignation   is   the   realization   that   you   cannot   separate   the   wheat   from   the   chaff   before   the   crop   is   ripe.

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3.56.   AR AR

The   criterion   of   truth   is   scalability,   that   is,   truth   can   become   law   and   order.   Thousands   of   tiny,   mendacious   exceptions   of   truth   only   accompany   it.

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3.57.   AR AR

A   system   is   true   if   it   can   be   expanded   while   lowering   costs.
It   is   closer   to   lie   if   costs   grow   more   than   profits.

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3.58.   AR AR

To   achieve   your   true   goal,   look   for   what   is   close   to   it.   Point   slightly   to   the   side.

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3.63. The last mile.   AR AR

The   closer,   the   closer   –   it   is   necessary   to   slow   down   to   avoid   collision.   Docking   is   a   full   stop,   but   you   can   also   stay   on   orbit.

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3.66.   AR AR

Resign   yourself   –   order   requires   chaos.   Resign   yourself   –   only   love   can   defeat   chaos.   Resign   yourself   –   chaos   will   never   give   up.

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3.67.   AR AR

Order   is   said   to   require   attention.   That’s   true.   However,   the   truth   is,   fortuity   will   never   give   up   and,   no   matter   how   much   you   check,   there   will   be   mistakes.   However,   if   you   check   7   times,   you   may   reduce   the   number   of   mistakes.   A   hamster   runs   in   its   wheel   with   a   view   to   carefully   checking   everything   and   minimizing   the   likelihood   of   mistakes   and   fortuities.

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3.77. The great joker.   AR AR

A   stem   cell   is   the   common   example   of   universal   nothingness   and   of   a   lie   that   can   grow   into   anything.   X   is   one   who   can   return   into   nothingness   and   again   become   everything   out   of   nothingness.

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3.78.   AR AR

The   joker   loves   and   is   afraid   of   nothing,   and   that   is   the   secret   to   his   might.

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3.81.   AR AR

There   always   are   very   different   options.

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