10.18459.   AR AR

The way to heaven is through hell, but lovers do not notice the clock, and, therefore, suffering too.  A hell of a lot of sticky pleasure.  All who are not in love will perish in them, succumbing to the temptations of vices.

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10.18590. Love for the vices.   AR AR

What is Vice?  A breath of freedom?  A walk in the prison courtyard?  Vice seems virtuous.  The man himself put on the chains, and a good Vice periodically allows them to be removed.  The secret is that the devil is a liar, at first he deceived you by saying that you were in chains, he made you suffer.  And now he's drugging you, drinking in your love like a vampire, draining you of time and energy.

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10.18781.   AR AR

The last mile is a fly trap, something that sifts the grain from the chaff.  If you have love in you, you will not be afraid of fear and hardships.  Lovers do not notice the clock, and the last mile will be for you as an explosion and one moment.  If there is no love in you, then you will be overcome by fear.  Fear slows down time and turns the last mile into an infernal infinity.  In the end, you will leave the race, not having endured such torment.

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10.19672.   AR AR


Temptation is always a good excuse.  The good intentions that dot the path to hell are all temptations and temptations.


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10.19721.   AR AR

The predator is not what they think, the real predator is very smiling.

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10.19765.   AR AR

The devil thinks he is better than God, so the best is the enemy of the good.  Hell looks much better and a glittering Paradise.  Hell is a sticky fly trap.  Bowl  The Grail was made of wood, not gold.

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10.19792.   AR AR

Predatory things are things that consume your time and energy, turning you into food and their slave.

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10.19839.   AR AR

The point of a barrel of honey and a spoon of tar is that flies really like tar.  Tar is a fly trap.

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10.20131.   AR AR

And how do you feel about the best, which is the enemy of the good?  They say the devil tells everyone that hell is much better than heaven.

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10.20232.   AR AR

They want comfort, they are ignorant, because they do not know that comfort only makes them worse.  Comfort is poison.

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10.20462.   AR AR

Pleasure received without love is a deadly poison for the soul.

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10.20539.   AR AR

You do not need to beat your head against an impassable wall, another wall is a web and a trap for the greedy.

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10.21033.   AR AR

Opium for the people is cheap and even often free, and for the treasure, as usual, you will have to give everything you have.

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10.21042.   AR AR

Sinners sell their souls to the devil for flies.  Flies are the standard price for souls.  The devil is the owner of honey, who catches flies with honey and sells them to sinners.

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10.21129.   AR AR

There are no Windows of opportunity, just sticky tapes for flies.  There are endless possibilities around, they are not needed by anyone and are invisible to anyone.

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10.21539.   AR AR

Faith is movement, and the devil is a symbol of falsehood, which tempts with sweet illusions or frightens with fears, hindering movement.  By distracting a man from his work, the devil undermines his faith.  Instead of doing business (that is, believing), a person is given to sweet dreams, illusions, and conversations with himself.

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10.21650. Don't believe it…   AR AR

The purpose of the devil's temptations is to deprive you of your faith... that is, to restrict your movements.  The devil undermines your faith with doubts.  The devil tempts you with pleasure and rest... " Why should you go anywhere?  - says the devil... - lie down, rest, and let it make itself.  I'll give you everything, just wait."

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10.21893.   AR AR

An arbor for the rest of weary travelers may well be a trap, tempting you to go astray, indulging in idleness and sleep.  They say that sleep in this gazebo is so sweet that few people manage to Wake up.

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10.21926.   AR AR

Pride is a greedy run that drains your strength, and when you fall exhausted and fall asleep, you don't want to Wake up.  Sweet dreams and exhaust the forces of reality.  Of course, you'd rather die.

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10.21964.   AR AR

No matter how much rope you use, the fly will still get caught in the web or get stuck in the soup.

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The beginning of the book

6.11.   AR AR

The devil builds Paradise in illusions, and God - in reality.  But the devil invented a lie - a sham Paradise on earth, like cheese in a mousetrap, beckoning rats to his illusory Paradise.  The problem with the Paradise of illusions is that he is afraid of time and inevitably plunges into the darkness of nothing.  Millions of years of loneliness in the darkness alone with their vices are so terrible that the righteous always sympathize with sinful souls.

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668. A trap.   AR AR

The  least  resistance  way  is  usually  used  for  setting  traps. 
The  least  resistance  way  is  typical  for  the  way  a  mousetrap  is  set. 
The  least  resistance  way  is  usually  used  in  scratching  trap  holes. 

P.S.  But  there's  one  exception,  namely  when  you  are  on  your  own  way. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



982.   AR AR

There  are  no  royal  roads.  A  royal  road  is  a  trap  for  naive  silly  people. 
...if  one  follows  one's  way,  everything  will  be  easy... 
...  one's  own  way  is  an  exclusive  one,  the  way  without  a  crowd... 
The  way  of  proud  solitude... 

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10.20.   AR AR

An adult is someone who knows how to refuse temptations and temptations.  And not from fear, like children, but simply because they do not see it as valuable and useful.

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10.46.   AR AR

Miracle there is, but miracle and a freebie this different.  Freebie is cheese in a mousetrap, and the miracle is love and system.

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1234.   AR AR

It's  Marathon  runners  who  often  win  the  pursuit  of  money…
  It's  sprinters  who  often  win  the  pursuit  of  money.
See  it,  grab  it…  run  away…
…  Though  you  never  know  what  may  turn  up.  Long-distance  and  marathon  runners  may  catch  up  and  grab  the  money.
Or  even  beat…
Perhaps,  it  needs  to  be  rephrased.
One  has  to  be  as  fit  as  a  lop  in  order  to  pursue  money.
…  holes  and  traps  may  still  be  on  the  way  …
Generally,  as  usual,  it's  the  strongest,  the  smartest  and  the  sliest  who  will  win  in  the  pursuit  of  money…
Money  is  not  a  thing  to  owe,  try
to  make  capital  grow...

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1400. A political paint from nature …   AR AR

Sweetness  is  heard  in  their  voices, 
sprinkled  with  powdered  sugar, 
the  flies  swarming  all  over 
die  off  in  the  sticky  sweet... 

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1578.   AR AR

If the situation or people seem to you a miracle and a gift of fate, You should carefully look, not " cheese is it in a mousetrap…»

It is necessary to understand how much you deserve miracles. Miracles don't usually just happen. Miracles must be earned.

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2253. About a mousetrap.   AR AR

In  order  to  resist  a  temptation,  it's  not  necessary  to  have  great  will  power  as  many  people  think. 
It  only  takes  sensibility  and  understanding  towards  the  fact  that  a  temptation  is  a  worm  on  the  hook.  And  if  you  try  to  swallow  it,  your  life  may  never  be  happy  again. 

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2962. Don't take anything without giving something back.   AR AR

When  you  take  something,  make  sure  you  soon  give  something  back  so  that  not  to  owe  anything.  Otherwise  you'll  be  in  debt.  Uncovered  debts  are  like  open  windows  and  doors  in  winter:  they  let  off  warmth  from  the  house.  Beware  of  freebies  and  free  cheese  as  you'll  pay  for  them  later. 

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3.195. Resignation to your destiny.   AR AR

Resignation   is   the   willpower   to   turn   a   blind   eye   to   temptations   and   seductions   distracting   you   from   serving   your   destiny.

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3269.   AR AR

Every  mouse  should  know  that  free  cheese  is  typical  of  a  mousetrap. 

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3339. If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.   AR AR

Greed…  greed…  I  see  it  as  the  heaviest  human  sin.  I  guess,  greed  is  some  kind  of  sadomasochism.  Guess  how  many  mice  got  into  mousetraps  because  of  free  cheese.  And  how  many  snakes  choked  over  something  big  that  they  tried  to  swallow…  Or  how  much  one  overpaid…  because  of  the  desire  to  save  money… 

Greed  may  become  the  source  of  many  sins... 

It's  greed  that  can  make  one  do  one's  job  badly  because  of  trying  to  take  shortcuts  or  save  materials.  Something  done  badly  is  a  heavy  sin.  A  lot  of  work  was  left  half-done  or  gummed  up  because  of  greed. 
It's  greed  that  can  make  a  person  throw  money  away  and  still  get  nothing.  And  pay  twice  as  more  later.  Thus,  it  will  be  a  sin  of  energy  inefficiency. 

There's  hardly  anything  that  is  punished  by  destiny  more  than  greed. 
Pain  is  greed's  middle  name. 

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3.399.   AR AR

You will be tempted by salvation, but you do not succumb to temptations and then you will be really saved.

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3.660. Trap of greed.   AR AR

Paying a little, you want to pay more and more, just not to lose already paid.  Of course, provided that there is hope to get what you want.

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3.780. Saw, run...   AR AR

I recommend you to give up pleasure and entertainment.  Don't get me wrong, a man can't indulge in pleasure and not be stupid.  Pleasures turn off the brain.  If you need a sharp brain, you have to give up entertainment such as movies, TV shows, books, games, social.networks, etc...  You don't have to do anything for fun.  The fun is light and sweet, which get stuck and die thought.

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3.860.   AR AR

Luck is as dangerous as failure, it is luck that breeds failure.  Luck is the comfort of setbacks, contrast, to lure flies on sticky tape.  The point is to abstract from both of these phenomena and see the system.

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3.882. Lucky, so lucky.   AR AR

It is especially dangerous when the wrong decision brings a good result.  In this case, the person falls into drug dependence on the wrong decision and statistically turns into a lie, that is, falls into the abyss of problems.

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3.941.   AR AR

By   using   freebies   and   cheap   stuff,   you   fall   into   the   trap   of   intelligence   because   you   no   longer   can   buy   normal   stuff.

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4106. The stupider people are, the easier it is to manage them.   AR AR

Fools  are  cheated  and  manipulate  more  easily.  This  state  of  things  tempts  many  leaders  and  managers  to  choose  an  easy  path.  The  only  issue  is  that  the  majority  of  easy  paths  lead  into  a  trap.  Yes,  fools  are  easily  cheated  and  controlled,  but  the  key  is  that  anyone  who  has  force  and  intellect  can  use  it.  Zombies  don't  care  whom  to  serve  to.  In  these  circumstances  power  is  very  vulnerable  for  sabotage  and  external  threats.  Any  alien  predator  can  come  to  this  herd  of  sheep,  put  on  sheep's  clothes  and  get  the  whole  herd  on  his  side.  In  these  circumstances  power  is  unstable  and  very  weak.

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