3.77. The great joker.   AR AR

A   stem   cell   is   the   common   example   of   universal   nothingness   and   of   a   lie   that   can   grow   into   anything.   X   is   one   who   can   return   into   nothingness   and   again   become   everything   out   of   nothingness.

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9.8849.   AR AR

Joker   is   the   symbol   of   quantum   philosophy.   X   can   be   anybody   depending   on   the   situation.

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9.8848.   AR AR

The   most   valuable   card   in   the   pack   is   joker.   Different   from   others,   joker   is   not   scared   of   unlucky   circumstances.

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8.4158.   AR AR

Little have all the cards in hand, need another Joker in the sleeve, preferably in each…

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6.1920.   AR AR

They say life is chess, but it's more like a cross between chess, poker and blackjack. At the very least, overkill definitely spoils everything, and bluff and Joker deserve as much attention as a sacred cow somewhere in India.

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3.1720. Joker's rocket.   AR AR

X-shaped systems maneuver well in all three planes of space.

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3.78.   AR AR

The   joker   loves   and   is   afraid   of   nothing,   and   that   is   the   secret   to   his   might.

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The beginning of the book

5.2151.   AR AR

People different, but not strongly. People different, but models people just 12 plus one model X, this Joker, he can all.

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5.2494.   AR AR

God is the Joker, he arbitrarily changes his form from Nothing to Everything. Your love turns the Joker into a guardian angel, and pride and contempt – into a demon that spoils everything.

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9.8850. Joker is freedom.   AR AR

In  order  to  achieve  success  you  should  become  Joker.  Any  other  numbers  are  full  of  templates  and  conventions.  And  it's  only  Joker  who  is  really  free.

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9.8866.   AR AR

Joker  will  find  an  approach  to  everyone  and  will  fit  into  any  team  or  situation.  The  sense  of  the  Joker`s  presence  in  the  system  is  achieving  the  integrity.

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9.8867. A pawn.   AR AR

Aces   and   kings   are   all   very   well,   but   the   God   of   the   play   is   the   Joker.

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9.8868.   AR AR

Potentially every pawn is a Joker.

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10.8222. Religion Of Reason.   AR AR

Syntalism   it   is   an   active   philosophy.   A   philosophy   that   invented   its   own   God,   its   own   prophets,   its   own   world,   its   own   miracles,   its   own   philosophy...   Syntalism   is   a   religion   of   reason.   Syntalism   is   a   paradigm   that   decides   what   to   believe,   what   to   love,   what   to   see,   and   what   to   consider   true.

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10.8288. The cross is easily reborn in X   AR AR

There is nothing fatal in the fact that the person is given a cross.  Christianity teaches us that through repentance, resurrection is possible.

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10.10294.   AR AR

The meaning of X is that there are two jokers in the deck, because X is not 10, but 12...  The damn dozen, 13, is when the third Joker is taken out of the sleeve.

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10.10393.   AR AR

Black and white are two x's that can take any value they want.

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10.10460.   AR AR

Nothingness is potential.  Nothingness is absence.  The point of non-existence is X, which can turn into any other point.  Non-existence is necessary for contrast, to limit being, to create borders of colors, to provide clarity and detail of the image.  In the absence of black, the image is corrupted.  Especially non-existence is necessary for life.  Life is a movement; in movement, contrast and semitones are particularly significant.

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10.11215.   AR AR

The laws of being are unchanged, but over time we learn new laws or Refine old ones, and it seems to us that everything changes.  In fact, there is one algorithm that generates beauty forms, adding the x factor to the calculations to get new results.

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10.11826.   AR AR

You do not need to be sad and suffer that the potential remains unfulfilled, but you do not need to be happy about it.  Potential is a Joker in the sleeve, which is desirable to use until the end of the game.

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10.12035.   AR AR

Chance can deal a devastating blow to any hope or plan you have.  Another question is whether you like surprises or are afraid of them.

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10.12059.   AR AR

A person is not a constant, but a certain variable X in the range of values from one to infinity.  And zero is a sleeping X, if you Wake up zero – it can be anyone.

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10.14026. The Joker's Riddle.   AR AR

The balance of energy in reality is unchanged.  However, reality is the unity of being and non-being.  In the space of non-existence, you can invent energy.  The invented energy of non-existence can be used in reality, provided that the commandment "do not judge"is observed.  As long as we don't open the black box, we don't care if Schrodinger's cat is alive or dead, but we can use the cat as a Joker in a real game.

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10.20703. Triple the power.   AR AR

Dialectical principle negation of negation is the principle of paradox and humility.  By combining the three extremes of the same entity X and-X and - (- X), we generate X in the cube.  At the same time, the original basis of the system remains unchanged.

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10.21194.   AR AR


Until you define a system, it can remain indefinitely in a state of uncertainty.  On the other hand, the state of certainty is finite, and sooner or later it goes back to the state of uncertainty.


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10.21314.   AR AR

The essence of the uncertainty principle is that until the system is defined, you can designate it as X and use it as you like.

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10.24168. X Factor.   AR AR

The thirst for justice is the thirst for the power of reason, so that reality corresponds to the ideas of consciousness.  It seems to the mind that reality must obey it.  2+2 must be 4, says consciousness, demanding unquestioning submission from reality.  Reality laughs and it gets 0 or 8 or 33.

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