577.   AR AR

And I hovered over the meadows like a butterfly, in eternal anxiety.

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10.10757.   AR AR

You are like a flower, and luck is like a butterfly.  Your task is to smell delicious, be beautiful and not twitch.

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10.11935. Everything has its time and place.   AR AR

The idea of surpassing yourself is a pretty stupid idea.  How can a caterpillar surpass itself?  Become a doll?  What makes a pupa better than a caterpillar?

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10.12499. Love for butterflies.   AR AR

Treat your enemies like insects.  Insects can be dangerous.  Insects are beautiful and perfect. 

Should an entomologist be afraid of insects? 

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10.12986.   AR AR

The introvert, like a mole, dug into the ground.  The extrovert is like a butterfly in the clouds.  Normal people walk on solid ground.

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10.13070. Three types of people.   AR AR

Flies, butterflies, and bees.  Bees are busy with work, butterflies are busy with beauty, and flies stick to vices.

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10.14435.   AR AR

What do all people have in common? 
- Cockroaches, butterflies, caterpillars…

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10.17479. Depression to help.   AR AR

A midlife crisis is a very useful and necessary phenomenon that can never be treated.  At the age of 30, a person should rethink their life, abandon lies and Vice, and direct their aspirations to the search for truth and perfection.  Depression is a sign that it's time to change your life, the caterpillar must pupate and be reborn into a butterfly.

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10.17539.   AR AR

A man who is crooked and straight is the same caterpillar that moves like this.

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10.18893.   AR AR

We agree that the children and Ivan the fool are happy, but we must recognize their vulnerability.  You can't live all your life as a child and die as an infant.  Flower children are like butterflies, but a reasonable person is not an insect.

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1432.   AR AR

People  within  cars  rule  the  cars, 
rats  in  the  attic  rule  people. 

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The beginning of the book

683.   AR AR

Miracles  are  simple: 
«I  touch  a  stone  to  turn  it  into  a  butterfly». 

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1500.   AR AR

Don't  let  your  opponent  demoralize  you  and  break  your  spirit. 

Fear,  terror,  uncertainty,  guilt  complex,  lack  of  confidence  in  one's  own  abilities,  thoughts  about  losses  and  negative  things-  are  the  factors  leading  to  defeats.  It's  necessary  to  separate  oneself  from  the  personality  of  the  enemy  and  the  situation  in  general.  It's  a  game  and  in  a  game  situation  can  change  any  moment.  Finally,  even  a  second  before  your  opponent  steps  on  you  with  a  dirty  boot,  a  meteor  may  fall  on  his  head  and  smash  him  like  a  roach.  Nothing  personal.  Purely  impartial  observation  of  a  situation…  What  happens,  happens.  Even  one  second  can  drastically  change  any  situation. 

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Art by Olesy Zaharova



1880.   AR AR

A  man  who  has  lost  his  head  reminds  me  of  a  cockroach:  he  lives  happily  ever  after  until  he  dies.

Rhetorical  question…

Can  a  person  who  has  lost  his  head  eat,  and  how  does  it  happen?  What  part  of  the  body  of  the  man  who  has  lost  his  head  starts  to  think  and  make  decisions?  Is  career  growth  and  promotion  possible  for  a  headless  person?  How  do  headless  people  communicate  with  each  other?

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2176. The deceptiveness of understanding.   AR AR

You  speak  a  common  language  but  use  different  words. 
...  and  as  a  result,  about  different  things... 
A  strange  talk  about  butterflies  and  flying  dolphins... 

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2189.   AR AR

It's  amazing  how  people  we  dislike  may  seem  unpleasantly  boring  to  us.  And  how  those  we  like  seem  to  be  nice. 

-  Something  tells  me  that  it's  purely  your  rats  in  the  attic  that  make  you  think  like  this. 

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2460. Perhaps, our own rats are better.   AR AR

That  place  is  best  of  all  where  we're  now  while  somewhere  we've  never  been  may  hide  the  unknown  with  monsters  or  gigantic  rats  living  there. 

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3143. Insects.   AR AR

Every  person  needs  a  spiritual  skeleton  of  beliefs.  As  absence  of  such  a  skeleton  makes  it  difficult  even  to  crawl,  not  to  speak  of  walking.  A  person  without  beliefs  is  a  person  without  a  back  bone,  or  a  paralyzed  person. 

A  person  without  beliefs  is  an  insect.  By  the  way,  a  new  idea.  Bees,  ants,  roaches,  caterpillars  are  backboneless.  The  only  nice  thing  about  the  backboneless  is  that  despite  being  unpleasant  they  are  doomed  to  be  weak  and  small.  While  a  strong  person  who  has  a  spiritual  skeleton  is  a  hundred,  if  not  a  thousand  times  stronger  than  any  insect. 
People  who  got  no  beliefs,  turn  into  insects.  However,  this  state  of  things  doesn't  suit  "Nature".  Nature  has  already  created  both  anthills  and  beehives  and  it's  a  relic  of  the  past  that  should  be  followed  by  some  new  sequence  of  events. 

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3.379.   AR AR

Human   degradation   is   profitable   to   them.   In   time   of   a   crisis   of   overproduction,   human   growth   and   fruit   bearing   should   be   restrained.   The   world   needs   caterpillars,   parasites   and   the   mold   of   sin   to   eat   all   the   extra   bits.

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3.510.   AR AR

The   law   of   action   and   counteraction   is   the   realization   of   the   following   principles:   something   for   something,   tit   for   tat   and   butterfly   wings.

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3804. Price freebies.   AR AR

A person who is fed with a spoon, quickly atrophy of the arms and legs, and it turns into a caterpillar.

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5.223.   AR AR

Why are they gnawing the granite of science? Are they worms? Have they forgotten that born to crawl can't fly? Science is a flight of thought, it does not need to be gnawed and slobbered. Everything you eat will turn into manure, distilled water and simple sugars... You can't do that with science. Knowledge does not need to eat, the knowledge you need to carefully contemplate, rejoice and enjoy their beauty. No need to eat flowers and trample the grass like a cloven-hoofed animal. Just enjoy their beauty, like butterflies and bees, collecting the nectar of knowledge.

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5.269. Born to crawl.   AR AR

You ask how I know so much about demons and their sins. I have nothing to hide, this book is the lament of my own soul, I wrote all about myself. My whole life has been spent on the edge of the abyss of fear. My whole life has been a hell of misery, pain and torment. My whole life is a hell of stupidity, malice, and my innumerable vices. You know, I'm not even a fallen angel, I was born that way. I've never had anything like wings... I had nothing. I was a brainless, armless, legless, blind and deaf caterpillar from the darkest depths of hell. The only thing that was strange about me was that I loved flowers and envied butterflies. 

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5.799.   AR AR

The demand to hurry should be answered that it is better to spend a day on flight training and an hour to fly than to walk for three hours. This is the essence of the greatness of the human mind. The mind that knows the meaning of this idea is the mind that has attained enlightenment and rebirth from caterpillar to butterfly. Born to crawl can learn to fly, but it needs intelligence.

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6.653.   AR AR

No social ladders is not and should not be, otherwise the caterpillars will crawl into heaven, will eat everything alive. When (if) the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it itself, like an angel, will soar to Paradise and all will be well with it.

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7.981. Bosch's main idea.   AR AR

Normal  wholesome  people  are  scarce,  people  mostly  consist  of  various  vices  and  sins,  and  have  not  more  than  half  of  humane  in  them.  All  these  fishpeople  and  other  reptilians  are  pictures  of  issues  they  have

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8.228. About euphoria.   AR AR

The  fact  that  you  managed  to  become  a  butterfly  out  of  a  caterpillar  doesn't  mean  that  no  one  will  ever  eat  you. 

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10.218. Who Am I?   AR AR

Ants are fixated on anthills, twigs, caterpillars and aphids... 
"What's wrong with that?" 
- If you're an ant, nothing.

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10.504.   AR AR

What is the flapping of a butterfly's wing that easily changes the whole world?  The life of one person in the history of mankind.  The existence of all mankind within the history of the universe.

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10.641. A butterfly's wing.   AR AR

What is knowledge? 
- The flutter of a fan or butterfly wing.  Knowledge is both fleeting and incredibly powerful.

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10.646.   AR AR

What is eternity? 
"Eternity is the flapping of a butterfly's wing.  Eternity is the movement of a fan.

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