10.21322.   AR AR

What does "beats – means loves"mean?  Beats this whip…  The whip is an order.  Leads to order-means to love.  Order is a source of energy and strength.  Energy and strength are joyful.

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10.21319.   AR AR

When you run too fast, you run out of breath.  When the good being slows you down, it aims to stabilize your energy supply and order in the system.

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10.20669.   AR AR

I have confidence in being, even if they beat me, and I look for the benefit of it.

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10.18281. How the steel was tempered.   AR AR

A man of courage is all the better because the more he is beaten, the stronger he becomes.  Cowards from fear weaken and run away, but true love, as soon as it meets an obstacle, becomes savage.  True love is like a river.  Block the river with a dam and you will instantly increase the power of the water a thousand times.

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10.18278. Beats, means, likes.   AR AR

The point is that if you can't love and make friends, then you need to escalate the conflict.  He who does not desire unity in love is the enemy.  The enemy must be loved.  The stronger the enemy, the better it is.  As we learn about the enemy, we adopt their best DNA and evolve.  To sum up:  if love does not stick, provoke scandals.  Scandals is a good thing.  For the wave nature of neurotic relationships, scandals are very life-giving.  Movement is life.

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10.19361.   AR AR

If you want to win love, attack it.  "Beats-means, likes»  it goes well with the thesis "love your enemy".  You hit him, and he loves you.  Nice huh?  But it works!

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10.19963.   AR AR

"Beats-means loves»  this is a direct disclosure of the thesis about the knowledge of truth through the denial of lies.  It is necessary to understand why the lover hits and what is good about it.

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10.20450.   AR AR

Resentment is not forgiven.  It is said, love your enemy.  Beats-means loves.

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10.20846.   AR AR

Beats-means loves this is about love poisoned by pride, and this poison is present on both sides.  Pride is fear, and fear encourages people to attack, bark, whine, and crave power.

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10.21318. Crying? Be happy!   AR AR

Nothing wrong with being destroyed or slowed down, no... just erased the black with an eraser and released a little light.  Light is joyous, light is pure energy and free space for creation.  There is nothing to fear, love always revives.

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10.21392.   AR AR

Pleasure can be received in different ways, joyfully even when you are beaten.  When you are beaten, you are hardened like steel, and you are glad that you are getting stronger.

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The beginning of the book

3.715.   AR AR

Beats, means loves, because the only chance to save the love and joy it keep it, otherwise, there's a glut and it will die.

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4.682.   AR AR

He is not sincere in his love for his children, because he is afraid to beat them. A parent who doesn't beat their children doesn't love them. He who does not beat sin out of fear is the first servant of Vice.

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4.800. Beats – it means love.   AR AR

Mother, too loving her obsessive child begins to mock him, requires him to be perfect and turns into the demon. If your mother was a creature of hell, she must have loved you too much to control her passion. Passion is the devil. 

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7.668.   AR AR

Beats, means loves. If God sends you trials and problems, they should be useful, because they want to do what is best for you.

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10.308.   AR AR

Love is good, but there has to be a little bit of good.  All the more you after all remember proverb "Beats, means, likes."

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3.1240.   AR AR

The critic must love what he criticizes.  Beats - it means love.  The critic has to beat what he likes to make him better.  Not to criticize, not out of love, criticism, devoid of love, is a lie and a fake. 

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3.1390. Love killer.   AR AR

Arrogant, wanting power over his love, very badly beaten and tortured her.  Beats - means love – it's about the proud.  The proud man wants power, wants to own what he loves, wants to remake it and lead to the ideal, forgetting that the ideal is death.

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4.4084.   AR AR

God   loves   useful   people   and   if   they   sin   and   spoil   from   vices,   tries   to   punish   them   indirectly   through   what   they   love.   The   whip   strikes   at   things   and   property,   close   people   and   favorite   business.

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6.4952. The vicissitudes of love.   AR AR

They say he hits, so he loves, but I noticed who you hit, he loves you.

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6.5264.   AR AR

One loves, if he is beaten, the other beats, then he loves you.

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6.6426.   AR AR

They say one hit, that you and the likes. Say, beats, means loves. You think it's about the beating and the violence? No, it's about beauty and order. Everyone loves beauty, justice and order. We love those who call us to beauty and order. Beauty is joyful, we like to be beautiful. Everybody needs beauty. When we love beauty, we save the world. The hero who saves the world is joyful.

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7.2757. God serves Man   AR AR

They say man serves God. Maybe so. But God loves man and therefore serves Him. But God does not serve every man, but only him in whom there is truth. God loves truth and does not love falsehood. But lies like the devil, but the devil is the one about whom they say - beats, means loves.

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7.3352.   AR AR

The meaning of the phrase "beats – means, loves" that are concentrated and strong love is like fire - it chars and cause extreme pain to the person you love. Fear of a great love in his address, otherwise it will kill you.

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7.4269. Beats, means likes.   AR AR

I noticed that people understand love as they saw the manifestation of love from their parents. If parents were cold and demanding to the child-such manifestations of love a person will look for in adult life from his sexual partner.

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7.4280.   AR AR

Say, beats, means likes, but rather - who I beat, that you and the likes.

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7.4811.   AR AR

Even  if  there  is  a  god,  then  what  he  got  to  do  with  you?  Who  are  you  to  god  to  be  loved  by  him?  But  if  you're  full  of  vices,  you  will  be  loved  by  the  devil.  Devil  is  the  one  who  beats  those  who  he  loves. 

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9.3052.   AR AR

A good leader is like a father, if he beats, then he loves and wants the employee to become better, become cleaner and banish stupidity, laziness, sins and vices.

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9.6718.   AR AR

The  Devil  loves  less  he  who  loves  God.  “A  beating  man  is  a  loving  man”.  You  ever  heard  that  before?  This  is  about  the  Devil.

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9.8157.   AR AR

God loves people. And even if he beats them, it is only to make them better, to banish their stupidity and weakness.

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10.1094. Beats, means likes.   AR AR

Evil can be defeated by love, evil hates itself and loves those who love it.  On the other hand, narcissistic evil falls into pride and we are not sure whether it can be cured by love.

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