7.6500. He who is obedient and submissive is righteous.   AR AR

A scapegoat is a sacrificial goat. Symbol of human sins. From the goats happened to the demons, because the first sacrifice of goats and other demons.

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7.6537. The sacrifice of a goat.   AR AR

The best way to pay for your sin is with a scapegoat.

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7.6541.   AR AR

Beware of sinners. Usually sinners do not want to pay for their sins and pay for them their loved ones or guilty only of their weakness scapegoats.

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7.7022.   AR AR

Indulging your pleasures and vices, you sacrifice yourself. You are the scapegoat, the living edification of others.

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8.1530.   AR AR

Sheep  consider  a  sacrificial  goat  their  worst  enemy. 

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9.4678. Metaphorically.   AR AR

Pride turns a man into a goat. Damn Horny it is modified at the goat man. God doesn't like it when God's sheep turn into goats.

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9.4662.   AR AR

Goats think they're better than sheep. Goats are full of pride and despise sheep. We can say that pride turns a sheep into a goat. Sheep don't like goats. The wolves are, by and large, do not care who is there, though goat meat do not love it.

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9.1865.   AR AR

I read in the gospel that "goats" are those who rejected God, and for it fell into hell.

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9.5867.   AR AR

"Scapegoat"  is  not  to  blame,  he  is  only  a  victim  to  edify  others.  The  choice  of  a  scapegoat  is  random,  but  overall  it  is  the  figure  that  can  be  sacrificed.  A  scapegoat  is  beaten  for  others  not  to  try.  They  sympathize  with  a  scapegoat,  but  they  are  glad  that  they  are  not  in  his  place.  The  presence  of  a  "scapegoat"  is  joyful  for  the  collective.

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9.9772.   AR AR

The scapegoat is to blame, every sheep will tell you that.

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10.4454.   AR AR

According   to   Syntalism,   sins,   vices   turn   people   into   cattle,   that   is,   goats,   rams,   and   all   that   sort   of   thing.  

"What's   better   than   hornless   cattle?"  

-   Nothing.

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10.6544.   AR AR


Be afraid to be guilty.  The culprit is the easiest to turn into a victim.


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10.9638. A festive sacrifice.   AR AR

They say it's a very bad idea to fight for the rights of slaves.  They say that slaves are not interested in law, but they are very fond of scapegoats.  For if you sacrifice a scapegoat to the system, it will be a holiday.  Slaves love holidays.

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10.9809.   AR AR

I have no sympathy for the victims, because everyone chooses their own fate.  What could be more stupid than blaming yourself for your own choices.

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10.12576.   AR AR

Indeed, all men are goats, but women are all goats, and each creature must have a pair.

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10.18051.   AR AR

DON't WAIT, you'll become a kid.

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10.20635.   AR AR

You can justify anything, just like a scapegoat can also be anyone.

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10.21813.   AR AR

You don't have to be a goat, or you'll lose your hooves.

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10.4. Half goat.   AR AR

If you look closely at the image of the Satyr, you will notice that it is a metaphor of a man with a very inflated Ego, very fixated on the size of his penis and genital pleasures.

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The beginning of the book

341.   AR AR

Nobody throws stones at a barren tree…
And all because …
Nothing to wish... nothing to shoot Down…
Nothing to criticize... nothing to Envy
But the fruit tree stones only to help.
Of stones can be folded around the fence and do not let the goats to the garden.

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1284.   AR AR

A  fate  crept  up  silently  curved  like  a  horn  of  a  goat, 
it  told  everyone  it  was  a  prophet  but  turned  out  to  be  God. 

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4213. About self-organization of the herbivorous.   AR AR

A  well-organized  group  of  sheep  may  not  be  scared  of  any  wolves. 

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5.320. Sacrificial goat.   AR AR

Only one will cultivate a person who, rejecting pride, recognizes a cattle and bring it to the victim mind.

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5.846. A scapegoat.   AR AR

You know, not everyone is caught who has sinned, but only one in seven, but he pays one for seven. Is there justice in this? Sure, yeah.

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5.856.   AR AR

Vice and crime for silly fun,...nothing special-he boasts. When it becomes a scapegoat and pays for all, crying bitterly.

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6.654.   AR AR

Fallen angels are those who in Paradise began to behave like pigs, for which they were expelled to hell. The goat is the one who is unrestrained.

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6.657.   AR AR

Pride is a pig's sin that turns angels into goats.

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9.669. Dinosaur is a big hen.   AR AR

There   were   much   more   goat-   or   dog   sized   dinosaurs   than   those   that   were   bigger   than   elephant.  

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10.196. A goat is a serious insult.   AR AR

You can not call the devil the devil, he is extremely offended and angry.

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3.1372.   AR AR

Who   without   sin,   cast   a   stone   in   me.   The   meaning   is   that   everyone   has   nearly   the   same   sins,   but   generally   scapegoats   are   those   who   pay   for   their   sins.   Scapegoats   pay   both   for   their   own   and   for   someone   else's   sins,   so   one   should   have   compassion   for   them.  

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3.1505.   AR AR

In the system of grains and the chaff, the chaff protects the grain.  Chaff is white crow, scapegoats, extreme, etc.

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3.1550.   AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel is the Keeper of boundaries, the squirrel is the one that is extreme.  "You mean the scapegoat and the demon?"

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3.1920.   AR AR

As better this means on the edge of.  The edge is dangerous, the scapegoat is the one who is extreme.

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4.1292.   AR AR

Man is the infant of God. God is waiting for him to grow up to be of some use, but so far this fool is as good as a goat's milk.

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4.1746. Money smells good.   AR AR

Do not drink, Ivanushka, water from the swamp, around which the goats graze, you will become a kid yourself. The metaphor of the text is that you have to be very careful about how you earn your food. Before you take something, look carefully at those who already have it. Also, this text can be correlated with alcoholism. You never know what you want, be patient. Look for options worthy of a man.

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4.1748.   AR AR

They say that Ivanushka's brother was a scapegoat for the sins of his parents, that's why he became an alcoholic. Alyonushka also eventually fell into depression and became a witch, but after the witch burned in the fire of suffering depression, everything is more or less adjusted. By the way, Ivan, we do not feel sorry.

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4.1759.   AR AR

The story of little red riding Hood may have an even deeper context, in the sense that little Red riding Hood was used as bait to lure a wolf to a lonely grandmother, thereby marrying her off. In General, everything was successful, but the old goat was not satisfied with his grandmother and desired a granddaughter, for which he paid. Thus, the story of red riding Hood can be considered in the sphere of incest and pedophilia, when an old sinner molests a young girl.

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4.2774.   AR AR

Demons, of course, goats, but I recommend you avoid and angels. Don't get me wrong, goats are so good at pretending to be angels that real angels prefer to hide their wings so as not to get dirty from such a neighborhood.

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4.4109.   AR AR

The human body and mind is either a horse or a goat. Soul rider. A goat is a devil, a horse is a decent man.

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