10.19959.   AR AR

The pain is inside the person.  Internal pain generates immunity to pain.  If the pain is repressed, then the immune system is lost and paranoia is generated.  If the Pain is pushed and denied, paranoid schizophrenia and hallucinations develop.  Pain should not be denied or repressed, but should be known, humbled, and sublimated into useful activity.

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10.20007.   AR AR

The repression of pain and fear outside of oneself generates panic attacks and loss of self.

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10.21508.   AR AR

Fear cannot be repressed or repressed within oneself.  Repressed fear breeds schizophrenia, and repressed fear is neurosis and psychosis.  Fear must be put up with, fear must be respected and considered a friend.

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10.21534.   AR AR

The displacement of the fear itself leads to the fact that along with it goes the hope, faith and love.  In the absence of hope for yourself, you have to rely on other people.  All this is sublimated into a thirst for power.  In the absence of self-love, joy goes away, but pain and thirst come  pleasure.  In the absence of self-belief, the ability to move goes away, but laziness and procrastination come.

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10.21622.   AR AR

Procrastination is a loss of self-confidence that is associated with hopes for outside help.

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10.21683.   AR AR

Pride is just a hunger ... associated with the displacement of love from within a person to the outside.  Pushing out fears and pain, a person loses, among other things, faith, hope and self-love.

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10.21693.   AR AR

If you replace fear, you will also replace shame.  Now that the shame is outside of you, you are very dependent on other people's opinions and are bound by a sense of guilt.  You should be ashamed not outwardly,but inwardly.  Self-shame is called a sense of conscience.  Conscience is restraint from the inside, and guilt is restraint from the outside.

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10.21845.   AR AR

When you push out hope and direct it at another person, you are left without a driving force.  To keep yourself motivated and save yourself from agonizing expectations and procrastination, let go of your hope and forget about it.  Imagine what you would do if there was no hope at all.

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10.22127.   AR AR

There are two extremes.  The first is when a person is sitting inside himself, and the second is when  outside.  A balance of internal and external should be observed.

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The beginning of the book

3952.   AR AR

Don't  look  for  those  to  blame  for  your  problems.  It's  a  waste  of  efforts  and  time. 

It's  only  yourself  who  you  should  blame.  The  only  person  capable  of  making  changes  is  yourself.  The  only  help  that  others  may  offer  you  is  to  help  you  find  some  inner  wisdom  and  strength. 

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Art by Amateur (Dotsenco)



8.179. The master.   AR AR

It's  useless  to  blame  other  people  in  your  problems.  Blaming  yourself  is  useful  because  this  way  it's  possible  to  control  personal  actions  and  navigate  the  little  ship  gliding  on  the  river  of  life  which  is  full  of...islands  shoals  ...icebergs  ...sawyers  …rocks  ...pirates  ...robbers  ...carnivorous  beings  ...giant  whales. 

In  a  word,  you're  the  captain  and  you  should  navigate.  You  are  the  master  who  should  decide  who  will  be  in  your  crew,  where  to  go  and  how  to  handle  problems  and  troubles. 

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4.2742.   AR AR

Suffering is a moral work, the purpose of which is to create joy within oneself. A squirrel trapped in a wheel is always running for joy, which is somewhere out there, outside of it. When the squirrel sees, he realizes that the joy is inside, not outside and it will save her from suffering.

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4.3666.   AR AR

Not loving yourself – means to carry his love beyond himself to his ideal and to get the energy from the conformity of reality to the ideal. When a person has transferred his love outside, it is as if he is already gone, he does not believe in himself. The fear of death overwhelms him.

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4.4020.   AR AR

Thou   shall   not   judge,   that   thou   shall   not   be   judged.   An   increased   desire   to   control   what   is   outside   of   you   is   called   the   lust   for   power   and   the   mortal   sin   of   pride.   Pride   is   the   source   of   fear,   suffering   and   anger.   Pride   is   an   attempt   to   control   and   worry   about   the   nature   of   things   outside   of   you.   -   Past,   future,   present   outside   you,   other   people   and   natural   phenomena.  

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5.1662.   AR AR

Idolaters seek power outside themselves, and Ministers of truth within themselves. But the smartest find it there and there, that is the essence of harmony.

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5.4058. Success is accidental, failure is natural.   AR AR

One should look for the reasons for success in external reasons, and the reasons for failure in internal ones. This will allow to develop expansion outside in search of income, and inside to maintain the highest level of combat readiness and military industry.

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5.4083.   AR AR

To look for problems within oneself is to control the situation, to look outside is not to control.

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5.5142.   AR AR

A squirrel in a wheel is a man focused on problems outside himself. He is exhausted and tries to do something, forgetting that it is impossible. The squirrel in the wheel constantly complains that its efforts are fruitless and releases negative energy which the wheel collects.

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7.1950. Way of the grain.   AR AR

You  have  all  you  need  to  reach  perfection.  Avoid  temptations  and  you  will  have  enough  energy  and  time  to  reach  inner  and  external  perfection.  ALL  you  need  is  food,  water,  access  to  the  information,  sport,  some  clothes,  a  roof  over  your  head.  All  this  costs  very  little. 

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7.4559.   AR AR

The  cause  of  most  human  problems  are  excessive  demands  imposed  on  other  people  and  the  world  as  a  whole.  To  avoid  sufferings,  it  would  make  sense  for  a  person  to  have  a  realistic  look  at  things  and  to  reject  90%  of  his  grand  demands  or  to  redirect  them  onto  himself.  Demand  from  yourself  what  you  want  from  others,  indeed,  and  leave  others  alone.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


7.6163.   AR AR

It is useful to contain anger, it will cause guilt and allow you to start looking for solutions to your problems inside yourself, where they are easy to fix, and not in the outside world, where everything is not so simple.

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7.6381.   AR AR

A person should not blame anyone for his suffering and failures, except himself. Each of us is a monstrous sinner, and we are very lucky that God is merciful and the devil is lazy.

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7.7343. A fool is a constant.   AR AR

To avoid changes, a person prefers to be angry and shout, preferring to look for the problem outside of himself. If you swallow the anger, it will result in guilt and then you have to look for the problem within yourself and change. Many people, especially fools, are extremely subject to change, because they consider themselves to be constants.

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9.1837.   AR AR

It is better to blame yourself for your problems than others. It is much easier to change yourself than others.

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9.8272. Warm hope.   AR AR

Blaming yourself for your own misfortunes is much safer than blaming others. Others can not be corrected, but you can quickly repent and correct yourself, which will give a great chance in the future to avoid mistakes.

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10.1098. Schizophrenia.   AR AR

What you love lives in you, what you don't love outside of you.  But if you don't love yourself and you don't love the world, then where are you?

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10.8934.   AR AR

This is a problem when a person begins to blame other people for their misfortunes.  You can control yourself, but other people are problematic.  As a result, loss of control, passive attitude, fear, anxiety, anger... in fact, this is pride and a direct ticket to hell.

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10.8954.   AR AR

When you start blaming other people for your problems, you take a passive position that generates chronic anxiety, irritability, suspiciousness, etc.

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10.8955.   AR AR

Taking offense and blaming other people for your problems is an extremely dangerous idea that generates suspiciousness and stress.  You lose control of the situation.  Your habitual confidence leaves you, your strength leaves you... but pain and illness come.

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