10.18958.   AR AR

What is the slavery of the will?  Dependence on vices and pleasure.  Tools like rituals, beliefs, habits, sublimation, true love, and so on will help you get rid of the chains of addiction.

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10.18983.   AR AR

The illusion of Vice is a great sticky tape for flies.  The genies want power over the world.  They will be given illusory power and they will perish in virtual worlds... in reality, the Genie is greedy and consumes a lot of resources, if it is locked in an illusion, in reality it will kill all its activity, and will be equivalent to chemical castration.  When in illusions you are the Lord of bots, ... there is no motive for breeding and working in the real world.

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10.19260.   AR AR

Strong pleasures cause attachments and narcotic effects, including unpleasant ones such as addiction and drug withdrawal.

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10.19285.   AR AR

The slavery of vices and all the other miseries of human life is a punishment for pride.

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10.19428.   AR AR

Women are extremely negative and fearful of men's vices.  The slave of vices loves only his own Vice, and therefore does not love a woman.  Feeling the lack of self-love, a woman experiences fear and anger.  Fear greatly reduces a woman's mood and sexual attraction to a man. 

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10.19642.   AR AR

Alcoholism happens from an excess of pride in the body.  Other causes of this disease are unknown to me.  Unless it's ignorance…

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10.19656.   AR AR

Vice he kills himself for his short temper.  The defect is similar to cancer metastases.

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10.20601. Two squirrels in one wheel.   AR AR

Life is work, and a person will work one way or another.  Some are forced to work by vices, vices are expensive and they require a lot of money.  Others are motivated by love.  The slaves of Vice are eternally suffering, the slaves of love are joyous.

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10.21012.   AR AR

In the absence of self-respect and lack of external recognition, a weak man will seek solace in vices, alcoholism, drug addiction... his character will begin to show aggression, self-love, resentment of the whole world, contempt for others, distrust of people, nihilism and criticism of life.  In fact, all these features of the worldview are characteristic of pride and ignorance.  To combat pride, you need self-restraint, fasting, work, reading, learning, and humility.

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10.21223.   AR AR

Greed is the fear of losing pleasure.  A person is afraid that he will not have enough money for pleasure, and begins to save on everything, just to buy himself another SIP of joy.

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10.21482.   AR AR

Pride (neurosis and depression)  this is a clever drug lie (self-deception), when the mind, dependent on pleasure, specifically fills the world with suffering and pain, in order to turn pleasure into a pea, to enjoy it as much as possible.  Pleasure concentrates are a very powerful drug.

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10.21491.   AR AR

The search for truth is cooler than sex and drugs.  Debauchery drains our strength, and truth is a source of infinite strength and joy.

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10.21596.   AR AR

The question is not what kind of drug you have... the question is that you are an addict, and the meaning of your life is the search for pleasure.  Yesterday you found pleasure in one, today in another, tomorrow you will find it in a third…  It doesn't change anything.  You need to realize that pleasure itself is a poison that can only be used in very moderate amounts.

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10.21833.   AR AR


Fear is not the enemy, but the Savior…  You should be happy with fear, but not afraid…  Fear and pain come to save you from vices, sins, and delusions.


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10.22031.   AR AR

Victory over the vices require courage.  The defects of this chain of cowards running from their worries.  A man of courage does not run like a coward from his problems.

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10.22089.   AR AR

Your problem is that you think freedom is when you become a slave to vices.

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10.22386.   AR AR

A little bit of controlled vices and sins a person needs in order to maintain immunity and alertness.  Keep your enemies close so that you never lose your guard.  Moreover, a known controlled parasite protects the system from unknown threats, because it is known that a Holy place is never empty.

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10.22427.   AR AR

Life is suffering for those who demand payment from their love, that is, from God, and for sins and vices they are happy to pay themselves.

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The beginning of the book

5.31.   AR AR

Do you want to be attached to vices – for God's sake, but do not forget that for sins you need to pay dearly.  To do what you want to have to do what you do not want to work out their desires. 

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2943. Not a deadlock, but an idea to think about.   AR AR

Fear  turns  people  into  slaves,  but  without  fear  they  turn  into  vicious  pigs.  Fear  kept  in  chains  not  only  the  person,  but  also  all  his  numerous  vices. 

Powerlessness  generated  fear.  We  gave  them  power,  powerlessness  disappeared  along  with  fear.  And  vanity  and  greed,  specific  to  everyone,  remained.  Without  the  fear`s  supervision,  vanity  grew  into  the  pridefulness  monster  and  everyone  is  in  danger  now.

We  were  wrong.  We  should  have  taught  them  philosophy  before  giving  power.  We  should  have  additionally  chained  sins  up  by  the  ethics  and  morale  chains.

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3775. Classic demon.   AR AR

Use the money to buy the opportunity to bully other people. What's the name of this demon?

"They think they can buy slaves for money."..

But slaves rebel, slaves do not work well, slaves are a concentration of sins and vices...

"Why would he do that?"..

"Ah, I see, it's a demon of pride, complicated by stupidity, malice, and greed.

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4.447.   AR AR

First their capital out of despair, a rich man does in the heat of a miracle.  Further, having earned capital, he retains the desire to earn further, but choosing the easy way, he wants to earn money not with his time and mind, but with money.  Its time this man spend pity, for time he wants give entertainment and pleasure.  Or at a deeper level, spend on something related to reproduction, such as sex.  Remains way of capital, but capital risk is scary, but he can not, because the money he earned with time, not capital.  The situation breeds fear.  As a result, an unrealized desire is formed and what inhibits it.  All this gives rise to neurosis and mental dissatisfaction, resulting in all serious.  The solution is simple-to give up the vices and give time to work and knowledge, again becoming a miracle to earn money and spend the money on creation, children and sex.

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4.506.   AR AR

Indeed, achieving happiness is the meaning of human life, but how can an ant achieve happiness? The happiness of the ant in the anthill. Private joy, fun and good will not make ant happy, and just turn him into a slave of vices, full of suffering and torment.

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4.555.   AR AR

Vice is a virus, be careful not to accidentally pick up a Trojan. Avoid freebies and porn.

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5.401.   AR AR

Principles are the basis of rational man, while animals are the slaves of instincts. Education, morals, and principles are the three cornerstones of self-respect. Indulging in animal sins and vices, a person loses self-respect and with it the strength of the spirit.

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5.655.   AR AR

Little people are vain and greedy, " show him a copper penny and do with him what you want." Little people are slaves to their vices. Only one hope for the fulfillment of the defect makes them crazy and mindless they are ready to believe and to trust and then to love and to love... and so, to serve and serve.

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5.666.   AR AR

What fools think? Fools dream of the Apple of sin, their brains focused on the fruit of Vice. A fool wants a miracle, he wants an Apple, and an Apple tree is uninteresting to a fool. The fool is focused on things, but not on where they come from. Cause wank, you want all at once. The fool wants a car, an apartment, pleasures and love, but he does not understand that these are only the consequences of a certain process called love. A good love should be long and tasteful, with a full set of foreplay, courtship, going to a restaurant and making all the money. But no, wanker is not the same punter wants pleasure immediately, without love. The life of such a person is pain, because the absence of love creates fear, the subconscious mind feels that all that was not love, it's a lie. The lies hurt, lies what causes the fear ...suffering, resentment, etc.

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8.669. A slave.   AR AR

It's  beyond  human  power  to  conquer  fears  and  passions.  But,  keeping  them  in  low  thick  scrubs  and  pitting  against  each  other  can  stop  them  from  growing.  On  the  other  hand,  nipping  vices  in  the  bud  can  definitely  make  you  leave  a  couple  of  them  unnoticed  so  that  they  will  grow  to  turn  you  into  a  great  devoted  slave. 

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10.276. Slaves of fear.   AR AR

Pure democracy is flawed in that the majority always live in Vice and slavery to sin and temptation.

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10.830.   AR AR

The concept of salvation in Christianity is salvation from slavery.  The slaves of idols and vices desire freedom.  Christianity promises freedom to those who are willing to repent and change their minds.

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10.842.   AR AR

The meaning of original sin is that slavery is hereditary. 
"What do you mean?" 
- Slavery of ignorance, slavery of fear, slavery of Vice.  Parents are sinners, even before birth of the child sell his soul to Satan.

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3.1287. Freedom of the spirit.   AR AR

Variothoughts’   mission   is   to   promote   the   philosophy   of   truth   and   of   common   sense.   Our   world   is   beautiful   but   man   is   not   aware   of   it   because   his   spirit   is   weak   and   unable   to   avoid   temptations   by   vices,   illusions   and   lies.   The   dependence   of   man   on   pleasure   and   stupidity   turns   him   into   a   slave.   The   life   of   slaves   is   suffering   and   hell   –   slaves   do   not   love   life.   Slaves   cannot   love.   God   is   love,   and   it   is   a   horrible   evil   when   a   person   has   no   love   in   him.   Slaves   are   godless.   We   are   seeking   a   means   to   educate   people,   by   means   of   enlightenment,   so   that   they   find   strength   inside   themselves.   Enlightenment   brings   truth,   truth   is   faith,   faith   is   strength,   strength   is   freedom   and   freedom   is   love.

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3.2250.   AR AR

Our   goal   is   to   overthrow   the   spirit’s   servitude   to   dependencies,   temptations   and   vices.

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3.3016. Slave to his own vices.   AR AR

A squirrel in a wheel is a vicious circle where form determines content and content determines form.  However, the main reason is ignorance and addiction, the squirrel doesn't know that it's the main goal and if this goal is a nut, the squirrel is doomed to the bondage wheel.

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3.3123. The force of gravity depends on the time.   AR AR

Uncommon breeds the weakening of attachment than less is the defect, the less and want.

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4.1620.   AR AR

Freedom is knowledge, ignorance is slavery... Slavery within themselves. Slavery outside himself. Slavery of vices and sins. The slavery of passions.

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4.1662. Happy eating.   AR AR

The avoidance of vices is a matter of conviction arising from the knowledge of truth. You must take care of your time and your body. Vices are killers of time and destroyers of the body. Vice is a wasp that lays its larvae in the caterpillar. Poison, penetrating into the brain of the caterpillar, gives her pleasure. This caterpillar loses its chance to become a butterfly. Becoming a slave to Vice, she will become a happy meal for wasp larvae. By the way the caterpillar loves these larvae and even protects them.

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4.2050.   AR AR

Why do you want freedom, what will you do with it? Given to vices and pleasures? Are you a slave to Vice and pleasure?

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