9.4146. Matching player.   AR AR

You  shouldn’t  blindly  trust  a  kind  man.  A  kind  man  often  plays  in  a  duet  with  an  evil  one,  the  evil  man  attacks  and  the  kind  man  rescues.  The  goal  of  this  game  is  to  cause  the  feeling  of  gratitude  and  trust  in  the  victim  in  order  to  use  it  for  their  own  benefit.  It’s  hard  to  play  against  a  kind  savior  because  of  bad  consciousness  and  shame. 

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10.5863. We grow not when "FROM something", but when"To something".   AR AR

How is this different from the situation when the squirrel runs from the whip to the carrot?  It's still carrot and stick slavery, bad COP and good COP.  To hell with the bad COP, let's pray for the good one.  The classic motivational scheme.  The Director is kind and fair, and his Deputy is a scoundrel and a despot.  Of course, the people love the good king and hate his bad servants.

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10.19333.   AR AR

The chief of staff must be spiteful, so that the battalion commander is kind against his background.  The "bad COP and good COP" scenario.  The good king and the evil Ministers.  The scheme is very mass and effective.

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10.19821. Unity of good and evil.   AR AR

A good king rules with the help of bad servants.  The people hate the king's servants and run to complain to the king.  The king is kind, the king will listen to everyone and help.  The king rules by love, and everyone loves the king.

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The beginning of the book

6.80.   AR AR

The scenario of "bad - good COP" is a complication of the scenario "on offended carry water".  Bad offends, and for good you carry water.

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10.839.   AR AR

The exchange of contempt for compassion is the exchange of awl for soap.  Bad and good COP is not good and evil, but two cunning hunter.

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4.2597.   AR AR

In the game "police and robbers" robber can be caught only if he wants to be caught.

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4.3473.   AR AR

The essence of management is to simultaneously approach and repel. Simultaneously caress and criticize, to give and sweet to hurt. You can't just give sweets, you can't just beat them. If you can't be a demon and an angel at the same time, take a bad COP as a Deputy and let him beat you, and you'll be a good little hypocritical angel. 

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5.1345. Use someone else's hands.   AR AR

The essence of good and bad COP in that it is not necessary to beat the naughty cat with your foot, hit it with a slipper, if she thinks you're a good God, and sneakers - the devil the devil incarnate.

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6.1817.   AR AR

The essence of angels and demons is that it is a bad-good COP, whose task is to motivate a person to become better.

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6.1818.   AR AR

In family one parent should be as a good policeman-an angel, and the second as bad - daemon. One praises and raises self-esteem, the other scolds and understates it. In such conditions, the child will grow well and strive for the stars.

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6.2264.   AR AR

The "bad COP good COP" scenario, from the moths ' point of view, is like a fire in the night, where doomed insects fly to perish by burning in hell.

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7.2451. The scheme is as old as the world.   AR AR

Two scare, one saves. "You are our Savior..." you whisper with tears of gratitude. "I will serve you faithfully."..ask what you want...»

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7.3376.   AR AR

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8.4874.   AR AR

Consequences   are   breed   of   causes   and   circumstances.   To   change   consequences   without   affecting   their   causes,   one   should   change   circumstances.

For   example,   night   street   lamps,   cameras   and   police   officers,   as   well   as   sport,   education,   work   cause   good   influence   on   street   crime.

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10.19349.   AR AR

The task of the evil teacher:  keep the flies away from the beauty.  The proud love only their Ego, and therefore, unable to tolerate criticism and disrespect, they run away.

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10.19712.   AR AR

Everyone loves the battalion commander, but they hate the chief of staff.

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10.19724. Snout in the gun.   AR AR

The point of repentance is to recognize that chaos and order are equal in all respects and worth each other.

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10.19788.   AR AR

Kindness, love and fraternity in the hands of order is the most terrible weapon in this world.  Demons rule with weapons of good.  The angels who rule with a whip.

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10.19789.   AR AR

Good does not exist apart from evil.  The carrot and stick system is a system of power.  The desire for power is pride, and therefore good is pride, and evil is pride.

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10.19794.   AR AR

Familiarity is a predatory behavior aimed at getting to know people.

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10.20243. A symbiotic Paradise.   AR AR

The system of sheep, shepherds, dogs, and wolves is symbiotic and stable.  The shepherd and the wolf form a system of "bad and good COP".  The shepherd is kind and reserved.  The wolf is angry and unrestrained.  Sheep are afraid of the wolf and seek protection from the shepherd.  At the same time, the shepherd, having entered into an agreement with a part of the wolves, loved them and turned them into dogs.  Now dogs (former wolves)  manage sheep and protect them from wolves.  Here we see the use of the "divide and rule" principle.  The shepherd loved some of the wolves and called them dogs, and called the other part enemies and does not like them.  The shepherd is kind, he protects the sheep, makes sure that they breed well, they have food, warmth and safety.  The shepherd loves the sheep, he especially loves their wool, milk and meat.  On the other hand, the rams also benefit from the system, because they got their ecological niche and became one of the dominant races of the planet Earth.  The system of dogs and wolves is also stable, because as long as there are wolves, dogs are useful and they are fed.  The most unfortunate in this system are wolves, but their sin is greed, malice, and pride.  The implicit benefit of wolves is that this situation provokes them to develop intelligence and personal growth.  In order not to die of hunger, the wolf must be cunning, smart and strong.

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10.21256.   AR AR

It is not very good to solve your problems with someone else's hands, because a good police officer is the brother of a bad police officer.

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10.21266.   AR AR

Manipulators like  first say a lot of nasty things, and then pretend to be kind and good.  In fact, this is the implementation of the principle "water is carried on the offended".  First we offend or frighten a person by instilling a negative... and then we show our good half.  Thus, the person running away from the bad, tries to subconsciously behave so that the manipulator was good and kind.

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