4.2448.   AR AR

To begin to grow steadily, you need to reach the bottom where you can stand steadily, relying only on their strength. You need to get rid of the fear of hope that you need help. It is necessary to achieve self-confidence.

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2978.   AR AR

Pleasure  is  a  cup  of  the  most  wonderful  wine  with  some  poison  at  the  bottom.  One  should  only  sip  a  little  and  never  drain  it  dry. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


10.17727.   AR AR

Is not desire the cause of our suffering?  Is it true to say that we are digging yourself a hole?

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10.17847. King of the pit.   AR AR

A smart person who does not go up the mountain, but goes around it, will not fall into the pit, because the mountain is an illusion that hides the pit.  The king of the mountain is a liar, and should be called the king of the pit.

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10.18684.   AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they can find the earth and grow from the very bottom, and this is happiness.  All the others seem to hang in the air and there is a lot of fear in them.

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10.20032. The pit is good, falling to the bottom is useful.   AR AR

It's good for a blind man to fall into a hole.  The blind man is blinded by his idols; the sun has blinded the unfortunate.  In the pit it is dark, in the pit the blind will see.

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10.20779.   AR AR

To grow, you must first fall to the bottom, for they grow from darkness to light.

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10.21427.   AR AR

The blind man will lead the blind man, and both will fall into the pit…  And that's good.  God loves people, so he does everything for their good.  The blind man is blinded by the light of idols, and it is good for him to fall into a well,to see the stars in the sky.

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10.21607. At the bottom of the mountain.   AR AR

The one who wants to become The king of the mountain, and digs a hill for himself, not a hill, but a hole for himself.

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10.21616. Falling from the height of their illusions.   AR AR

When they fall to the bottom, they try to slow down and throw out all the excess.  I was wondering if those who pick it up at the bottom are lucky.

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10.21617.   AR AR

In times of crisis and decline, first of all, you should cut to the quick and minimize all energy leaks and unnecessary expenses.  It is impossible to prevent the fall, but you can save some resources so that after you find the bottom, you can start growing again from scratch.  Growing from scratch does not require a lot of initial energy, so if you can save something, it will be fine.

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10.21654.   AR AR

It is dangerous to consider yourself higher than others who rise high, look down and fall.  Be better below the others.  It's not bad to be an ocean, either.  All rivers and streams flow into the ocean.  Do you think the forest is tall trees?  No!  A forest is a void between trees.

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10.21672.   AR AR

Pride precedes a fall, and it is not even that the greedy will stumble or fall into a pit.  Everything is much more banal.  Pride is a thirst  pleasure.  The proud man will climb into the hole and lie down to rest himself.  The meaning of being a proud man is to lie down and sleep.  Proud people love dreams.

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10.22029. A grain of truth.   AR AR

Truth is that which, when trampled into the mud, is able to rise, sprouting the germ of a new life.

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10.22159.   AR AR

Pride precedes falling, because the blind man will inevitably stumble and fall into the pit.

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3.230.   AR AR

You're standing on the edge and afraid to fall, and I'm flying into the abyss and hope that, first, it has no bottom, and secondly, I'm flying up.  But even if I don't, my third thought is, "I Have to do as much as I can before I hit bottom."  I'm not afraid to break, I'm afraid not to have time to finish the plan.

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The beginning of the book

3.516. Don't move, don't muddy the water.   AR AR

Do not Muti barrel of honey, tar should settle to the bottom or float to the surface creating a protective layer.

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3623. They didn't see the bed through cloudy water and called it vasty deep.   AR AR

Mist  and  clouds  evoke  fears  and  wild  guesses… 
Cloudy  water  seems  bottomless  and  very  deep  but  it's  a  delusion. 
Bottomless  water  can't  become  cloudy  as  the  deeper  water  is  the  clearer  it  is. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



3.891. Giving all of your blood to the revolution.   AR AR

Look   what   the   point   is.   If   you   give   it   100   percent,   you   stoop   to   a   new   low   and   give   100%,   going   in   a   circle.   This   is   what   is   called   a   second   wind.   If   you   give   it   80%,   it   means   you   just   lost   80%   of   your   energy   and   time   and   remained   empty   and   weakened.   There   has   been   no   breakthrough   either.   A   breakthrough   is   a   second   wind.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


4075. The edges of extremes.   AR AR

All  rubbish  either  gravitates  to  the  bottom  or  floats  awash. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


4102. The balance of perfect and imperfect creates beauty.   AR AR

Separately, both these entities do not inspire confidence.
Good, devoid of the contrast of evil, in an instant becomes absolute evil. Wisdom, deprived of the contrast of stupidity, sinks to the bottom, turning into absolute stupidity.

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4.157.   AR AR

You should not be disappointed in anyone, because people are so insignificant that they are already below the level of the bottom, that is, they live under water. But you better look for the good in them and focus on it. In each there is both darkness and light. What you see depends only on you.

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4.816. The hardness of air.   AR AR

To start growing, you need to fall to the bottom and find solid ground under your feet. You can't start to grow without anchoring yourself to something solid. For the beginning growth look for a place where hard you fall. On the other hand, if you conquer fear, you can fly. 

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10.319. A situation that requires humility.   AR AR

The path of Tao is a barefoot, knee-deep mud path on the bottom of a salt lake... 

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10.799.   AR AR

The looking glass exists.  The human mind, like a fish at the bottom of the ocean, lives in the depths of the looking glass, contemplating from there vague images of reality. When the mirror is calm, the reality is seen better when the waves and wind, the visibility deteriorates.

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4.2388.   AR AR

God Neptune is the one who went to the bottom, withdrew from the world and froze in eternal peace and darkness. Mars always strives for war and victories. The mercury, who have already won. Venus is busy with herself and her own Affairs. The sun burns and feels the Lord of the world and gives light to all. The only normal person in this family is planet Earth. All the other gods of hell are extremely unhappy in life.

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4.2471. At the bottom of the well.   AR AR

When you hear everyone, nobody hears you.

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4.2784.   AR AR

The point of view is not that of a view from the bottom of a well, but rather the concentration of that view on or from the fifth point.

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4.3867.   AR AR

Soloinc  had  been  Mercury  for  a  long  time,  but  then  it  got  bored  of  it  and  went  to  the  bottom  of  the  see  became  a  Neptune.  There  were  rumors  that  it  didn't  like  the  bottom  either  and  it  decided  to  go  into  an  outer  space  to  become  either  Zeus,  either  Ra,  or  just  sun.

Translate: Варвара Учеваткина


5.2286.   AR AR

If the past hangs dead weight and pulls to the bottom, it should be forgotten and erased from memory, as a lie, as nonsense, as something useless and harmful.

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5.3901. Tree roots.   AR AR

On bottom marine many pearls, children of light dive in darkness in search of additional energy. Pulling the little out of the darkness and pulling it out into the light, you gain strength.

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6.3687.   AR AR

The people at the bottom are poisonous, not only do they suffer, but they also poison the lives of others, perhaps just like themselves.

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6.3702.   AR AR

The principle of Tantrism "on the exhaustion of passion" is the principle of a solid bottom, falling to the bottom, you can push off from it and float up. However, many witnesses say that not always the bottom is hard, there is also a shaky muddy bottom that tightens.

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6.3704.   AR AR

Indeed, you will be able to float, pushing off from the solid bottom. Only pity is that usually at the bottom of the mud and swamp. Another thing is that only the feet will smell Tina, from disgust people will do everything possible to get out of it unless absorbed in passion.

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6.3708.   AR AR

The essence of Gorky's play "at the bottom" is that the extremes are equal. Everything we see "at the bottom", we see at the top. The bottom is a satire on the top.

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6.4812.   AR AR

The higher your goal, the slower and smoother it should grow. We live underwater, and the decompression associated with the pressure drop will easily destroy you. You will need a lot of firmness and restraint, otherwise the resistance of the water will be very slow and warm you.

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