10.16381.   AR AR

People go to the monastery in order to reduce the temptations of the world, to harden themselves and get rid of the slavery of vices.  In secular life, it is difficult to clear the mind of desires.

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10.16854.   AR AR

Provocation is a temptation to steal your time.  Sometimes time is stolen by cunning, other times it is robbed and taken by force.

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10.17407.   AR AR

An enlightened person is one who is freed from all temptations that create desires.

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10.18121. Lust for pleasure.   AR AR

Stupidity and ignorance are all to blame.  A small child takes a sweet candy from a kind maniac and falls into hell.  Smart people are not so stupid.

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10.18459.   AR AR

The way to heaven is through hell, but lovers do not notice the clock, and, therefore, suffering too.  A hell of a lot of sticky pleasure.  All who are not in love will perish in them, succumbing to the temptations of vices.

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10.18590. Love for the vices.   AR AR

What is Vice?  A breath of freedom?  A walk in the prison courtyard?  Vice seems virtuous.  The man himself put on the chains, and a good Vice periodically allows them to be removed.  The secret is that the devil is a liar, at first he deceived you by saying that you were in chains, he made you suffer.  And now he's drugging you, drinking in your love like a vampire, draining you of time and energy.

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10.18662. Immunity to vices.   AR AR

Having exhausted a large passion, a person automatically becomes immune to smaller passions.  Against the background of defeated alcoholism, gambling, gluttony or lust, all other temptations of vices fade.  A true Saint is a penitent sinner.

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10.18946. Slow productivity.   AR AR

I worked poorly, for a long time, and very slowly.  There was no end in sight to my work.  I do it too was unclear.  Doubts tempted my soul... Why do you do this, what is the use of it?  I thought, wouldn't it be more useful if I spent my time playing games and having fun?  As soon as I thought about it, I felt better, and the temptation receded.

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10.19114.   AR AR

There are many things that you condemn and think wrong, but they are just a provocation and a sticky tape from the flies, created to separate the grain from the chaff.

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10.19138.   AR AR

While virtual reality does not work, alcohol, drugs, and other legions of human sins and vices can cope with the control of gins.

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10.19186.   AR AR

Loneliness allows you to get out of the influence of temptations and vices, to buy time to get stronger and gain strength.

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10.19244.   AR AR

The forked tongue of the serpent is a metaphor for "divide and conquer".  The serpent-tempter is always trying to bring a split in the unity of love.

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10.20759.   AR AR

Humility is the realization that beauty is poison in large quantities.  Restraint is the ability to close your eyes when you see beauty.  You can't look at beauty for a long time, an excess of pleasure will quickly turn into pain.

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10.20847.   AR AR

Unnecessary and foolish hope of distracting attention, energy and time from the really important things.  I recommend that you do not seek happiness and freebies, and do business.

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10.20961.   AR AR

I am happy to be.  I'm happy to move.  I am happy to have.  I'm happy not to be.  I'm happy not to move.  I'm happy not to have one.  What can you do to scare me?  Pain that is an illusion?  How can you seduce me?  Joy and things that are illusory?  I have my own illusions infinitely many, why do I need your illusions?

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10.21025.   AR AR

By offering people freebies, freebies, and discounts, we are tempting people by evoking their worst traits and vices.  Of course, you as a serpent tempter wanted to cause greed, but in the end, like a fool, you caused greed and did not sell anything.  Still so it is possible to cause distrust, stupidity, laziness, etc.

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10.21159.   AR AR

When you are slow, you are time-saving, because you know that you have no time to spare.  The one who is fast believes that he has a lot of time, and therefore becomes an easy victim of temptations and temptations.

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10.21446. The promotion of sin.   AR AR


The one who endures insults and rudeness is like the one who tempts a thief to steal.  The tempter is the same sinner as his victims.


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10.21539.   AR AR

Faith is movement, and the devil is a symbol of falsehood, which tempts with sweet illusions or frightens with fears, hindering movement.  By distracting a man from his work, the devil undermines his faith.  Instead of doing business (that is, believing), a person is given to sweet dreams, illusions, and conversations with himself.

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10.21550.   AR AR

The essence of the devil's temptations is to steal a person's hope and undermine their faith.  You should pray  God is about preserving faith and hope.  Hopes are inspiring goals and dreams, and faith is a movement toward them.  The devil, the king of lies and fear, tries to do everything possible to prevent movement to the goal.  The devil under any pretext tries to stop the person, tempting him with pleasures, doubts and fears.

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10.21650. Don't believe it…   AR AR

The purpose of the devil's temptations is to deprive you of your faith... that is, to restrict your movements.  The devil undermines your faith with doubts.  The devil tempts you with pleasure and rest... " Why should you go anywhere?  - says the devil... - lie down, rest, and let it make itself.  I'll give you everything, just wait."

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10.21732.   AR AR

They like to give you one piece of candy first, and then demand a kilo from you.

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10.21952. Strengthen me in the service of God.   AR AR

We should pray that God will strengthen our faith and give us the strength to resist the temptations that tempt us to go astray.  An act of faith is a movement along the true path to serve one's purpose.  Serving an idea, a dream, beauty, purpose, hope, God ... love.


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10.22112. We wanted the best, it turned out as always.   AR AR

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, for the devil tempts the best, the right, and the good.  The devil thinks he's better than God, so when we want the best, it's the same as always.

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4.91.   AR AR

The forbidden fruit is always a tragic end.

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The beginning of the book

3.40. A perpetual motion machine.   AR AR

The strategy of motivating a person by God is as follows.  First, through temptations, man becomes infected with desires and vices, and then, by limiting these desires, he receives the energy necessary for the service of life.  Vice need then, to, limiting his, obtain energy.

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6.12.   AR AR

The weaker one needs the one in front.  If the weak go alone, he will not resist the temptation to turn from the path of the righteous.

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818.   AR AR

God made men equal...
and put them in Paradise.
Then the devil invented the Apple of temptation.
And this stump divided people into
smart and stupid, strong and weak
(in the fight for stump some were stronger, others were weaker, stupid ran behind the stump, smart avoided to waste energy to fight for LINKWAY).
In other words, the devil divided the people...
The devil made people different.
And then God came back to Earth
in the form of Colonel Colt
and again all made equal.
Long live the Colt.
Nice tramp Colt, old colt.

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10.20.   AR AR

An adult is someone who knows how to refuse temptations and temptations.  And not from fear, like children, but simply because they do not see it as valuable and useful.

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10.49.   AR AR

Love is that which conquers vices and temptations of pleasure.

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10.66. Avoid temptation.   AR AR

It opens to the power of the spirit ignoring stupid questions.  I understand, want the hugely to answer, but you hold back.

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2085.   AR AR

Women  tend  to  be  tempted  and  worship  the  Devil  more. 
It  happens  because  titans  have  super  power  and  they  are  the  best  among  humans. 
And  women  tend  to  serve  the  best  and  strongest. 
A  woman  is  weak  on  the  inside  and  she  needs  an  external  source  of  power. 
Getting  energy  from  this  source,  she  becomes  stronger  herself. 

Perhaps,  that's  why  there  are  so  many  women  and  weak  men  who  work  for  corporations.  As  the  bosses  of  these  organizations  are  so  powerful  that  resemble  titans. 

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2253. About a mousetrap.   AR AR

In  order  to  resist  a  temptation,  it's  not  necessary  to  have  great  will  power  as  many  people  think. 
It  only  takes  sensibility  and  understanding  towards  the  fact  that  a  temptation  is  a  worm  on  the  hook.  And  if  you  try  to  swallow  it,  your  life  may  never  be  happy  again. 

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2275. How to save up money.   AR AR

The  first  reason  why  it  may  be  difficult  to  save  up  is  that  the  nature  of  money  doesn't  like  it  being  saved  up.  Money  is  like  raw  material,  a  pure  energy  that  wants  to  turn  into  something  more  valuable.  That's  why  when  an  unwealthy  person  tries  to  save  up,  a  thousand  reasons  to  waste  money  appear  out  of  the  blue.  And  these  reasons  are  not  temptations  but  rather  sensible  and  important  ways  of  spending  money.  As  if  these  sensible  reasons…  feel  the  smell  of  money. 
That's  why  as  a  rule,  most  people  fail  to  save  up. 

Ways  of  struggling  with  the  inability  to  save  up: 

It's  necessary  to  find  the  way  to  make  it  impossible  to  spend  money  that  is  meant  to  be  saved  up.  For  example,  one  may  hide  them  in  some  inaccessible  place  so  that  getting  them  would  be  really  difficult.  It's  possible  to  deposit  money  in  a  bank  or  bury  it  in  the  ground...  But  the  main  thing  about  it!!!  It's  very  important  to  save  up  as  soon  as  you  get  your  salary  or  income.  As  there  is  no  possibility  that  you  will  "have  some  money  remained  by  the  end  of  the  month".  "The  excess  of  money"  doesn't  exist  in  nature. 

Money  likes  being  kept  secret.  Not  a  living  soul  should  nose  out  this  secret  about  money.  So  you  should  nurture  humbleness  and  modesty  in  your  nature. 

Don't  save  money  against  a  rainy  day  (or  every  day  will  seem  to  be  such)  but  for  particular  constructive  goals  connected  with  attaining  or  creating  beauty  and  perfection. 

Money  likes  being  invested  in  processes  of  creating  something:  construction,  education,  art,  children,  new  useful  things,  interesting  business  projects  –  all  of  the  mentioned  goals  like  to  be  invested  into.  The  more  you  invest  into  projects  of  this  kind,  the  more  money  you  will  get.  But  remember-  USE,  NOVELTY,  PERFECTION.  The  world  doesn't  need  clowns  and  garbage  as  well  as  anything  useless  and  meaningless. 

In  order  not  to  pay  attention  to  new  reasons  to  waste  money  and  not  to  make  impulse  purchases,  you  should  know  for  sure  what  you  need  money  for.  Plan  how  to  spend  money  according  to  the  3rd  item.  And  if  you  don't  plan  spending  properly,  you'll  get  a  thicket  of  problems.  Your  relatives  will  be  constantly  ill  and  in  need  of  money  for  medication,  and  everything  will  get  broken  and  need  fixing  and  you  will  get  ill  too...  Hence,  aimlessly  kept  money  is  a  magnet  for  problems.  Thus,  after  earning  money  it's  necessary  to  plan  its  spending.  Free  money  will  simply  burn  your  hands. 

It's  possible  to  save  up  when  you  earn  money  faster  than  you  spend  it.  When  you're  fully  plunged  into  your  goals  or  work,  you  simply  don't  get  time  to  spend  money.  You  don't  get  disturbed  by  friends  or  relatives  who  ask  for  financial  help  and  you  don't  get  theoretically  dangerous  threats  for  money  like  buying  apartments  or  cars... 

A  human  being  is  a  tool  for  transforming  money  into  something  that  possesses  beauty,  perfection  or  use.  The  more  beautiful  and  energy  consuming  (demanding  a  lot  of  money)  goals  a  person  fulfils,  the  more  money  this  person  gets.  Saving  up  will  be  possible  only  after  fulfiling  some  big  goal  or  project  and  selling  it.  This  way  it  creates  new  sum  of  money  that  will  be  possibly  used  for  other  bigger  projects. 

Money  possesses  mass  and  its  own  gravitation.  Money  is  attracted  to  money.  Money  dislikes  loneliness.  That's  why  it  tries  to  sneak  out  from  those  cold  in  hand  and  go  to  those  with  pocketful  of  money.  The  methods  described  above  will  help  you  save  up  some  sum  of  money.  And  this  sum  will  have  its  gravitation  and  will  keep  your  money  around  you. 
8.  Money  dislikes  being  used  for  making  payments  towards  a  loan.  Because  money  likes  when  you  create  a  particular  thing.  And  loans  are  about  already  existing  things  that  are  not  worth  spending  time  and  money  on.  On  the  other  hand,  loans  and  payments  by  instalments  work  well  when  something  is  being  constructed  or  created.  For  example,  when  you  take  on  a  loan  to  build  something  or  to  pay  those  who  build  it,  or  when  you  start  some  business.  Hence,  it  takes  some  progress  payment. 

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2744. Exorcising demons through pain and occupational therapy.   AR AR

Sinners have to burn in hell and this is an ancient as the world truth. The only caveat is that this hell is here on Earth, and burn the person starts during his lifetime. Beating demons is Providence's favorite joke. If life hits a man and hurts him, it just wants to beat the sins out of him.

Very often the man himself does not know and does not see his sins. He may be full of pride, vanity, complacency, greed, stupidity, or be a traitor. It is very difficult for a person to see sin inside himself on his own. If pride can still be recognized in oneself, then greed is more difficult to recognize, and stupidity is almost impossible to recognize. That's what pain is for. When a person is beaten, it means that life expels sins from him.

The classic scheme of exorcising demons is occupational therapy and beating the possessed with sins. The demons of pride and greed demons are lured to hell via "nadrezanno Apple" or "cheese in a mousetrap", so to speak, enter him into temptation, offer him something shiny that he is ready to give his soul (as a rule, is a fiction and deception). Then the Demon put on the yoke and begin to beat him up and piss, forcing to work till the 7th of sweat from morning till night. Under the influence of such occupational therapy, the Demons of sin often leave their master, so as not to be subjected to such bullying, and the person finds freedom.

Such occupational therapy and beating are very useful from all sides:

First, demons are very strong, and if harnessed and forced to plow, they will work very hard and bring great benefit.

Secondly, all other people, seeing such a beating sinners, imbued with fear of sin, so as not to be in such an unpleasant situation.

Third, it is possible to torture a Demon so that he will be frightened and run away, freeing the human soul from its painful presence.

My reader may think that I am telling something from the realm of myths. But no. I tell how in real life greedy, stupid, arrogant people are usually punished by other people. Their "check for lice", tempting bait, and those who gets the hook, take in slavery, heavily exploited and bullied.

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2807. Pridefulness alternative.   AR AR

Use  in  a  humble  way  and  rejoice  silently...  Don't  tempt  people... 

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3097. Training spiritual strength.   AR AR

Victory  is  a  source  of  spiritual  strength.  And  it's  victories  that  help  one  train  spiritual  strength.  Let  it  be  victory  over  your  own  self  first,  and  then  victories  over  life  troubles  and  difficulties. 

Do  something  that  you  don't  feel  like  doing. 
Do  something  you're  lazy  about.  Overcome  your  laziness.  Victory  over  laziness. 
Do  something  you're  scared  of  doing.  Overcome  your  fears.  Victory  over  fears. 
Look  into  the  others'  faces  and  eyes.  A  private  victory  over  external  fear. 
Go  the  whole  hog.  Don't  leave  anything  half  done.  Victory  over  your  weakness. 
Resist  temptations.  Victory  over  temptations  and  seduction. 
Tolerate  pain.  Victory  over  pain  and  fear  of  pain. 
Take  losses  and  hard  times  stoically.  Victory  over  losses. 
In  order  to  gain  strength  for  big  victories  you  may  need  Small  victories. 

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3098. The very first offence. [In brevi]   AR AR

It's  a  sin  to  ignore  a  person  who  likes  to  offend.  As  it  makes  an  offender  even  more  offensive  and  lets  him  or  her  insult  with  impunity. 

Impunity  is  a  source  of  sins.  As  impunity  is  like  a  breeding  ground  that  lets  any  seed  of  sin  grow  up  to  the  sky. 

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3.171.   AR AR

Humility is the ability to focus on doing your job without being distracted.  Ignoring pain, fear, problems, obstacles, threats, temptations and insults.

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3.195. Resignation to your destiny.   AR AR

Resignation   is   the   willpower   to   turn   a   blind   eye   to   temptations   and   seductions   distracting   you   from   serving   your   destiny.

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3.196.   AR AR

If you see temptation, close your eyes.  If you see fear, close your eyes.  Saw reason for anger-close your eyes.

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3.399.   AR AR

You will be tempted by salvation, but you do not succumb to temptations and then you will be really saved.

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3.688.   AR AR

574 entertaining thoughts on all occasions about sex and everything connected with it.  We'll talk about everything, without any embarrassment or shame.  Let's discuss all the speculation and rumors, facts and lies.  Infidelity, impotence, orgasm, seduction, places to have sex, choice of partner, homosexuality, Masturbation, cosmic surrealism... is it not enough for you?  You're greedy, stupid and greedy....  Go away, I don't like sinners.

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3739. Demon tree.   AR AR

The tree of demons, sins, vices and extremes.

Conventionally, the demon-generals 21 PCs, but an innumerable host of them and his name is Legion.

The main demon is pride (a product of demons extremes and perfection), but the Foundation and root of all this nonsense. Therefore, the root of the tree of Vice is stupidity, the trunk is pride, and the branches are sins and vices.

Demons stupidity and ignorance. Stupidity is the root of all sins and vices. The fool is blind and deaf. He thinks he is self-sufficient, but there is a demon within him and controls him. And it's not internal, it's external. This man is totally independent in thinking, vulnerable to templates and stereotypes, to denounce the logic and the truth. When the demon of stupidity turns off a person's brain, he becomes an easy victim of all other sins.

Demon extremes-appeal to extremes, pushing to the edge of the precipice. The demon that condemns moderation and go to extremes. All this fiend black-and-white, all he has either 100% or 0. Two important subspecies of demon - the demons of perfection and the demons of weakness and impotence.

Junior demons of extremes are demons of passions, manias and pleasures-gluttony, lust and fornication, sadism, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, Internet addiction, shopaholism, etc.

The demon of perfection. Perfection is death. A super-powerful demon in one way or another, yet completely degenerating in the rest. Bragging about his superpower, luring fools to go his own way, leading people astray, leading them to hell. After spending 100% of his energy in one direction, such a demon otherwise became a complete degenerate.

This fiend has a lot of subspecies:

Demon perfection forces (very strong, but extremely stupid).

Demon perfection beauty (very handsome, but extremely stupid).

Demon perfection mind (very smart, but weak and afraid of).

Many demons of the extremes of striving for excellence. Subspecies of these demons very much.

The demon of pride and complacency is the main demon of vices. The source of many sins. Pride is the fertilizer of Vice. Where there is pride, there is always megalomania, paranoia and persecution mania, pathological greed, anger, cruelty and contempt for others. Pride is an attempt to create an idol out of oneself. Exalting oneself above fate and Providence. Working tool, sick stellar disease that can be frustrating for a Creator God?

Pride is a disease of the demons of extremes. Nature believes that the extreme need to destroy. Pride is the mechanism of self-destruction of the demons of extremes.

The demons of doubt (vampires, sucking power and calling failure, to inspire doubts and fears undermine your confidence and business. The killer of faith and a source of discouragement).

Demons consolations and illusions (delusions and justify the flaws of man. They feed on human pain and mistakes. They send a man's soul into a world of illusions, and sell his body into slavery. While the victim cooks in the cauldron for his sins, comfort her and feed on her pain).

Demon of temptation and deception (luring the sinful souls in traps and snares. A merchant of free cheese, freebies and all sorts of temptations and temptations. An important source of slaves for hell).

Demon anger makes you blind and crazy. Rabid blind dog.

Love demons – demons, fallen into "extreme gingerbread". The blind demon, feeding their victims for slaughter, feeding good and bad, but because evil is usually stronger than good, with its hand feed mostly vermin and mosquitoes.

A demon of cruelty is a demon who has fallen into the extreme of the whip. The torturer and torturer is not for good, but for pleasure.

Demons of weakness and impotence. The other side of the demon of perfection. Preaching powerlessness and weakness. Impotence breeds violence. The demons of perfection, depleting their energy and becoming ghouls, really need new blood. Demons of powerlessness cultivate FOOD for GHOULS.

The demons of fear and cowardice - fear weakens and paralyzes. A paralyzed victim becomes an easy victim.

The demons of despondency – a man loses faith in everything, along with a person's faith is leaving power and luck. An exhausted person becomes an easy victim of any sin, loses his independence and passes under the external control of evil.

Demons of misconceptions and pseudoscience (to introduce a person into error in the execution of some of its goals. They don't know what they're doing, but they're doing a lot of things. A kind of demons, deception, demons of stupidity, the demon of the extremes).

Demon vampire – demon of perfection, depleting their hand, and now forced to drink the energy from the weaker. It sucks people's strength, energy, luck and health. Calls on the heads of their victims adversity and problems.

The demon of indifference – a kind of demon of extremes, fills the soul of the person information to the extent that it becomes don't care. A person becomes blind and deaf. He puts on a mask of smiling indifference, but his soul dies.

Demon of envy – makes you waste your energy not on the case, and the meaningless emotions, breeds anger and hatred. The first enemy of the good and beauty, as committed to destroying them.


Many demons are subspecies of each other.

Perfection, pride, extremes-very similar.
Comfort, delusion, the temptation is similar.
Cowardice, doubts, like.
Nonsense – the Queen of the demons…


You can still call sins:

Alcohol, drugs, gluttony and a dozen more of the same kind, but these sins are ruled by demons of extremes, stupidity, temptations.

Violence and cruelty are ruled by demons of perfection and pride.

A great number of sins are the result of stupidity and the fruit of extremes.

Demon Perfection is the demon child of extremes. Perfection is characterized by stupidity, cruelty, and pride


The main demons:
The demon of the extremes (1st chief demon).
A demon of stupidity and ignorance (2nd demon power).
The demons of depression, doubt (destroy faith, inspire fear).
Demons of temptation and consolation (they give poison under the guise of gingerbread and sweets).
Subspecies of demons extremes:
Demons of greed.
Demons vices: alcoholism, drug addiction, gluttony.
The demon of weakness and helplessness (deprived of human forces).
Demons of anger.

There is also a special subspecies of demons whose specialty is to divert a person from his true path, to distract from the true goals.

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3.761. How can the world be saved?   AR AR

My   friends,   I   want   to   save   the   world.   I   do   not   like   the   future   very   much   and   what   I   see   around   me.   I   do   not   quite   understand   now   how   to   do   this,   and   that’s   why   I   ask   if   you   have   any   ideas.   What   shall   we   do?   I   have   some   ideas   and   you   have   some   too.   Let   us   get   together.   How   can   this   world   be   saved?   It   is   terribly   good   and   it   would   be   a   pity   to   lose   it.   We   would   not   like   to   suffer   the   fate   of   numberless   civilizations   that   perished   before   us.   How   could   we   avoid   the   virtual   world’s   temptations?   How   could   we   resist   corporations   and   artificial   intelligence?

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