Laozi. Conversations about Tao.






10.3137. The Way Of Tao.   AR AR

The effort of not doing.  You do nothing and everything happens by itself.  You must restrain any attempt to do, to judge, to desire, to change or to change.  The king sits on his throne and contemplates, but under his attentive gaze everything is done by itself.

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10.2850.   AR AR

The fear stems from the denial of intuition.  To follow Tao means to follow your intuition.

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10.5213. Restraint is strength.   AR AR

Calm and balanced people are terrible in anger and fear, because they have huge reserves of energy, before stored intact.

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10.4875.   AR AR

Tao is a kind of inner "Need" that compulsively makes you do something that seems very strange, useless and even scary.

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10.2275.   AR AR

Those who seek the truth are like moths flying to the fire.  Those who seek to lie are like drowned men with a stone around their necks, or fish jumping out of the water.  The impartial is like one who has built a fire and is cooking fish stew in a pot.

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10.2243.   AR AR

Lies and truth do not matter to him who has the way.  Moreover, the unity of falsehood and truth is the way.

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10.2113.   AR AR

Banging on someone's door is a stupid idea.  Happiness is the Tao, that is, the movement towards one's goal, one's doors and one's roads.  Your path will not resist you, it will pull you, beckon to him like a magnet.

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10.1533. Who I Am, where I Am, why I am.   AR AR

Are you searching?  But the path does not exist without the one who follows it.  Therefore, you are the way.  To find the way, you must find yourself.

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10.1492. Yin and Yang universes.   AR AR

There are two universes, one is material, and the second looks at the first through your eyes. 
"Which one does God live in?"

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10.1205.   AR AR

They say the way is what you can't see.  It's a lie.  No one sees the way except the one who walks it.  Once I walked on water and saw the way, from the outside it seemed that I just walked on water.

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10.1189.   AR AR

The way is visible.  The attainment of Tao is insight.

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6.978.   AR AR

Perfection is the highest degree of awareness and clarity. Unconsciousness and obscurity are signs of imperfection.

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6.970.   AR AR

Virtue is constancy in action. Consistency breeds accuracy... Permanence does not require effort and does not consume energy, but creates energy. Consistency helps the movements, as the flow of the river downstream.

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5.449. Superconductor.   AR AR

Directing all your will to the realization of the intention, it is as if you are building drainage channels from an overflowing reservoir, redirecting energy to the right direction. Willpower is weak, but the power of energy flow in such channels is huge. Energy channels, willpower rushing to the intended purpose, generate conductivity.

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5.432.   AR AR

Firmness and strength come from restraint, beauty and the desire for order. Restraint is the pursuit of order

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5.333.   AR AR

He who is calm is like a lake, and he who is not is a stream flowing into that lake. Tranquility is the restraint. Restraint gives form to energy and, like a magnet, attracts it.

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5.239.   AR AR

The way requires courage, courage conquers fear. Fear is the brake that keeps you from walking. Movement, that creates a way, fear prevents movement. When you conquer fear, you will find the way.

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4.428.   AR AR

To learn to win, you must first learn patience. Practice one kick 10,000 times requires great restraint.

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4.285.   AR AR

It's hard when you're carrying someone else's. Its mission and meaning of life is easy. Following the flow of Tao is easy and joyful. What is done with love is easy.

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3.910.   AR AR

Beauty   wants   to   Be…   Catch   the   flow   of   its   desire.

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10.1074.   AR AR

It is not difficult to follow the path, the path is like falling into an abyss.  It is difficult to step into the abyss.  It's hard to let go of affection.  It is difficult to find the wisdom and courage not to die of fear and despondency during the endless fall into the abyss.

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10.2770.   AR AR

Every religion offers its cure for neurosis.  Buddhism offered renunciation of desires and attachments.  Christianity is humility.  Taoism is the effort of not doing.

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10.5414.   AR AR

Don't judge.  Judgments make the world relative by tying you to things, chaining you, building walls, and creating obstruction.

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10.5423. In the flow of love.   AR AR

Everything is predetermined for those in whom there is love.  Those in whom there is no love are condemned to the slavery of chance.

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10.5488.   AR AR

He who has Tao has no fear.  Tao is the universal cure for fear.

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10.5489.   AR AR

Who are you? 
I'm Tao.

You are Tao.  To love oneself is to have one's own Tao.

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3.1775.   AR AR

Tao is when you gain strength on the road.  If you don't get strong on the road, you're doomed.  The path of success is the path of growth.

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3.1760.   AR AR

Tao is a mission in life.

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3.1759.   AR AR

All that you got, breaks.  Everything you don't hold is holding on to you.

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3.1758.   AR AR

In the absence of Tao, one cannot meditate, because Tao is the goal...  The idea requires a subject around which to rotate, rising into orbit.

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3.1754.   AR AR

The idea that everything is in our hands gives rise to optimism.  The level of our inner perfection gives shape to the reality around us.

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3.1750.   AR AR

In the absence of a hidden presence...  How's that?  - Empty like negative tends to fill.

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8.328.   AR AR

Karma   is   a   matter   of   access   to   the   source   of   energy   "De".   When   your   karma   is   good,   you   have   more   energy   and   good   luck   and   when   it's   bad   -   less.

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7.748.   AR AR

100 roads, 100 difficulties, it does not matter which way you choose, it only matters whether you are or you are not.

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7.627. Marathon.   AR AR

You often hear "find your way", but you should know that your way is an ultra-long marathon that requires perseverance and endurance.

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6.979.   AR AR

The point of focusing on mindfulness and clarity is to achieve luminosity. Luminosity is the state of the flow of truth energy, the basis of the power of the perfect.

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The beginning of the book

371. Perfection rules the world... [In brevi]   AR AR

In  fact,  the  balance  of  the  unique  and  the  perfect  within  a  person,  is  a  key  to  success.  This  very  balance  of  Yin  and  Yang,  chaos  and  order,  black  and  white... 

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5.17. Paradox of life.   AR AR

Yin is softness, Yang is hardness ...but Yang is incontinence, and Yin is restraint.  Darkness and shadow – a softness and restraint, and day light is the hardness and fierceness.  The paradox is that the soft restrains and gives shape to the hard.

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5.24. Night dreams and day reality.   AR AR

The essence of night and day is that during the day the mind ruled, and at night in a dream gave the opportunity to dominate the animal in man, his illusions and dreams.  It is necessary to relieve tension in system and to keep balance.  Points in Yin and Yang is a symbol of the fact that the day needs a little bit of illusions, and in dreams there is some sense.  Man grows especially well at night, because dreams and illusions are the power of growth.  At night, the form grows, and during the day it is filled with the energy of light.  Create the illusion of form and reality generates energy.

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5.37.   AR AR

Restraint is firmness.  If you decide to do something, take it and do it, regardless of any circumstances and objections.

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5.56.   AR AR

Love is the law that determines the interaction of Yin and Yang, the source of this sun love.  The purpose of love is to create beauty and life. 

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5.57.   AR AR

Softness must fight hardness, this struggle is the basis of its strength and flow of movement.  However, if softness overcomes hardness, it will lose its strength and turn into a swamp.  The strength of softness is given by the process of confrontation with hardness.

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5.58.   AR AR

Man lives on the dam between Yin and Yang.  Both light and darkness are water and softness, and the dam is hardness.  This is the dam, which is the razor blade and the edge of the abyss.  Man always lives on the edge of the abyss and the abyss that surrounds him on both sides.  God is firmness.  Man is firmness, and darkness and light only fight for the soul and mind of man, in order to decide among themselves which of them will serve firmness and which of softness. 

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5.91.   AR AR

There is a deep meaning in getting rid of desires.  Getting rid of desires trains willpower and teaches restraint.  However, before you get rid of something, you need to have it.  Getting rid of desires is useful only for those who have already known passion. 

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605.   AR AR

It's  uncertain  whether  the  right  track  … 
can  be  the  only  one. 

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7.48.   AR AR

Devotion  is  the  same  as  persistence,  you  devotedly  serve  something  you  love  and  this  is  the  only  way  to  success.

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804.   AR AR

No  need  to  wait  for  anything,  it's  a  waste  of  time. 
There  exists  only  now  and  only  what  exists  right  now. 
In  essence,  hopes  and  goals  are  not  what  is  meant  to  be  real  or  exist. 
But  they  are  rather  like  something  showing  the  direction,  like  a  pole-star. 
When  you  follow  the  sun,  it's  silly  to  aim  at  touching  it  with  hands. 

Pleasure  and  meaning  of  life  is  not  about  reaching  the  Sun  but  about  following  it. 

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982.   AR AR

There  are  no  royal  roads.  A  royal  road  is  a  trap  for  naive  silly  people. 
...if  one  follows  one's  way,  everything  will  be  easy... 
...  one's  own  way  is  an  exclusive  one,  the  way  without  a  crowd... 
The  way  of  proud  solitude... 

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1022. Any way is true if you follow it long enough.   AR AR

Wherever  you  go,  you  will  always  come  to  the  truth.  Given  that  you  won’t  perish  on  the  way  or  stop  early.

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10.33.   AR AR

What does it mean to follow the signs?  It means paying attention to detail.

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1053.   AR AR

There  are  only  two  variants:  it's  either  a  person  choosing  one's  way  or  a  way  choosing  the  right  person  for  it. 

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1596.   AR AR

There  are  two  ways  of  thinking,  two  types  of  understanding  the  world: 

•        Logical  thinking  -  logic  typical  of  male  nature. 
•        Mystically  sensual  understanding  of  the  world  -  female  way  of  thinking. 

It's  a  very  disputable  issue  of  what  way  of  thinking  is  better.  Men  think  that  it's  logic  that  rules  the  world.  While  women  say  that  the  world  is  mystically  irrational. 

But  we  know  as  we  remember  that  the  truth  in  this  world  is  always  hidden  in  balance.  In  the  blend  of  Yin  and  Yang,  Chaos  and  Order,  Black  and  White.  It  should  be  said  that  both  types  of  understanding  of  the  world  -  logic  and  feelings  -  taken  separately  are  unable  to  see  the  real  world  view.  Only  after  having  become  united  and  formed  some  symbiosis  to  use  both  of  the  types  of  understanding,  people  can  see  the  world  as  it  is.  The  world  where  both  Rational  and  IRrational  laws  take  place. 

Our  world,  our  reality  is  rational  and  irrational  at  the  same  time.  Some  things  happen  in  it  according  to  logical  laws  and  have  cause-and-effect  connections,  while  other  events  and  phenomena  are  caused  by  its  mystical  sensual  nature.  Really,  besides  logic  there  exist  luck,  fortune,  karma…  There's  hardly  anyone  who  would  deny  it  not  to  jinx  it. 

Everyone  had  periods  in  life  called  a  train  of  misfortunes  and  no  logic  would  explain  that.  And  everyone  had  moments  when  a  run  of  good  luck  would  eclipse  anything.  Why  can't  it  be  so?  And  what  could  not  happen  under  no  circumstances,  sometimes  became  real. 

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2381.   AR AR

If  you  stay  on  the  wrong  way  for  a  very  long  time,  finally  you  realize  it  was  the  only  right  way. 

Wherever  you  go,  you'll  finally  get  somewhere.  And  because  you  don't  know  what  exactly  you're  looking  for,  so  when  you  finally  find  or  get  something  you'll  soon  realize  it's  exactly  what  you've  been  looking  for. 

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3829.   AR AR

In  fact,  it's  only  love  that  can  conquer  evil  as  evil  is  just  the  result  of  the  lack  of  love  and  the  absence  of  the  soulmate.  Yin  and  Yang  that  haven't  met  each  other,  will  be  doomed  to  eternal  suffering. 

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4.198.   AR AR

Love is an endless stream of movement, love cannot stand still or lie still. Love is flame. But you can kindle love by starting to love first.

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4.253.   AR AR

Happiness is a state of motion associated with absolute peace. The state of motion of the energy flow. You disappear in this flow, you become energy yourself.

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