10.9741.   AR AR

There's nothing personal about pain.  Pain is the universal essence of being, which is evenly distributed among all living beings.  In fact, we live in pain, you can't run away from it, you don't need to run after it.

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10.9487.   AR AR

What is the offense?  The usual pride and lust for power.  Someone doesn't behave the way you want them to, but they don't behave the way you want them to...  Scoundrel...  Anger and contempt overwhelms the proud man's soul for anyone who does not want to be his slave.

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10.10053.   AR AR

If you want to save a man from self-pity, make him work.  Don't ask, but demand...

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10.10190. Blind instrument of doom.   AR AR

Don't feel sorry for yourself, don't feel sorry for yourself under any circumstances.  If you feel sorry for yourself even for a second, you will fall into despondency, and you will strangle yourself with anguish.  There is no reason for self-pity, you are the blind weapon of fate.  You do what the rock tells you to do.

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10.10261.   AR AR

You made up all your fears when you cheated yourself.  Now, when you try to break your fear, you prove to yourself that you are a liar.  The problem is that you also invented all your joys and exploits.  You made up the whole world around you, and now that the whole world is collapsing, you're crying.

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10.19283.   AR AR

To succeed in your business, you should work harder and less resent the unfairness of life.

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10.19446. The wheel of suffering.   AR AR

The inability to satisfy greed breeds despondency.  The greed of pride inevitably breeds exhaustion and despondency.  Despondency is a loss of faith.  There is no faith, no love, no movement, but there is fear.  Fear breeds pride.

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10.19622.   AR AR

A just punishment is joyous and there is no resentment in it. 

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10.19729.   AR AR

There is no disrespect.  What you think of as disrespect is that people have done you a huge favor, put up with you for a long time and react very gently to the situation.

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10.19808.   AR AR

You suffer from greed about earning less than you expected... your suffering from ignorance.    Only an ignoramus shares the skin of an unkillable bear.

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10.19938.   AR AR

Resentment is a situation when an addict was not given another dose of the drug.  "I want, I need, but they don't give me" - the addict cries, decrying the injustice of the world.  Don't respect me, don't love me, ignore me, unfair to me…

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10.19969.   AR AR

You can't repent of being honest.  He who repents of honesty, I call a liar and a proud man.

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10.20121.   AR AR

Don't lie to yourself, self-pity is joyous.  You like to feel sorry for yourself, so you suffer.  So stop crying and start rejoicing openly.

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10.20622.   AR AR

Everything is easy until a person starts judging and complaining.

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10.20398.   AR AR

What is depression?  In fact, this is a post-traumatic syndrome generated by fear.  Fear created self-pity.  Depression is a long-term self-pity.

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10.20413.   AR AR

The problem is that you are afraid of your own weakness.  I'm afraid of the pain.  You're afraid when you feel bad.  And don't be afraid, treat this case as a service function for cleaning the soul from soot and soot associated with an excess of joy and pleasure in the body.  To be happy, you need to suffer periodically.

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10.20426.   AR AR

Self-pity can be seen as a drug breakdown, due to lack of external love. They don’t love me, a person dependent on love experiences and cries. To stabilize the situation, you need to fast and suffer steadily, waiting for the body to clear itself and be ready to love again.

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10.20472.   AR AR

Do not confuse self-love and self-pity.  Self-pity is more like self-hatred, because it creates chronic suffering.

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The beginning of the book

6.71. On offended water carry.   AR AR

First it scares and attacks you to offend.  Then you run away from him, offended.  Then hurt you sit and cry, feeling sorry for myself, and it is ideal friendly and smiling...  Then you carry water for him.  If you want to run away, it repeats everything again.

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2244. One exception.   AR AR

Indeed,  pity  is  just  a  sophisticated  form  of  humiliation. 

-  Some  people  demand  pity  for  themselves. 

We  don't  like  people  who  demand  something.  Even  the  fact  of  demanding  makes  them  unpleasant  to  us. 

Well  brought  up  people  ask  politely  and  then  thank  politely  if  they  get  what  they  asked.  And  if  they  don't  get  what  they  asked  for,  they  don't  put  themselves  into  victim  role  in  order  to  make  others  feel  guilty. 

Normal  people  need  respect  but  pity  or  handouts  offend  and  humiliate  these  people. 

But  there  is  one  exception:  it  happens  when 
«We  don't  demand  what  belongs  to  others.  We  demand  what's  ours». 

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3128.   AR AR

To regret good decisions is foolish, and wrong is pointless.

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3355.   AR AR

He is always complaining - he has not been pitied…
He cries, "perish", but who would believe…

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3.398.   AR AR

If you feel sorry for yourself for one second, you lose.

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4.165. Ever hurt people.   AR AR

Over-loved children believe that everyone owes them something, should love them. They believe that failure to fulfill any of their whims-a sign of dislike and great resentment. Such people are touchy and vile. The idea that love requires exchange is unknown to them. These people think in terms of"should." On the other hand, they think they owe something to someone. However, they usually owe much less than they owe them. Having received the same equal that gave such people are usually very offended and consider themselves deceived.

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4.195.   AR AR

Self-pity breeds depression, if this samoloty to support, and even external pity that it will cause a depression in Cuba.

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4.262. Toxic shame.   AR AR

Avoid people whose only joy in life is self – pity. However, those who feel sorry for others, just consider it indecent to feel sorry for themselves and transfer their feelings to others.

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4.263.   AR AR

Depression is obsessive-compulsive. The squirrel runs in a wheel of pity, whether it is sorry for itself, or something outside.

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4.265.   AR AR

The pity is Masturbation Vice versa.

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4.266.   AR AR

People full of self-pity like to feel sorry for others. Other people's sufferings console these people, and the opportunity to help and pity those who are worse, will fill the soul with joyous peace. These people will love you while you're sick, but if you get better, they'll take it as a personal insult.

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4.268.   AR AR

The addict thinks the world is very selfish because no one wants to feel sorry for him as much as he feels sorry for himself.

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4.273.   AR AR

A cow died of self-pity.

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4.274. Sticky poison.   AR AR

People love to be pitied, pity is like a drug... and distributors of pity – dragdiller.

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4.614.   AR AR

Don't feel sorry for yourself and don't feel sorry for others. He who pities himself is a suicide, he who pities others is a murderer. The good intentions that line the road to hell are pity and self-pity. Those who live in hell have nothing but pity and self-pity. On the other hand, if pity is a ticket to hell, active repentance is a ticket from hell.

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4.805.   AR AR

The most stupid of all offense is to be offended by people because they don't pity you and not comforting. You're so lucky no one poisoned you with pity, and you took offense like a fool.

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5.637. Suffering is joyful.   AR AR

The problem with a fool is that he knows nothing about his sins. Real suffering happy, for there they the atonement. That said, you are struck on one cheek, turn the other itself, this is because removing the stone from the soul, man finds ease and joy. The suffering of the body strengthens the spirit. But the fool knows nothing of his sins, so his suffering is excruciating. A fool doesn't count his sins for his sins. The suffering of a fool is unjust. Injustice hurts like hell. Injustice is the worst thing in the world. Infinite self-pity fills the soul of the unfortunate, and that is what is called Hell. Humility might have saved him, but where was humility in a fool? He doesn't know the word.

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6.520.   AR AR

You'll be worthy of luck when you stop looking for it. Luck loves those who admire her greatness and courage, not whining its generates pity.

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7.531. Flash people.   AR AR

What  they  like  talking  about  most  is  love  or  its  absence.  They  like  moaning  and  suffering,  asking  for  help  and  support…  Humor  and  other  pleasures,  including  gossip  and  fiction,  rank  third  in  their  eyes.  They  also  like  uploading  and  downloading  information  to  themselves  as  if  they  were  flash  sticks.

‘Praise  me,  see  how  handsome  and  intelligent  I  am’,  some  brag…

‘Have  pity  on  me,  I’m  so  unhappy’,  others  cry…

‘We’ve  had  so  much  fun…’,  still  others  echo  them,  interrupting  each  other  with  stories  about  food,  trips  and  shopping…

The  fourth  always  agree  with  everyone…  ‘Yes…  Yes….  yeah…  yeaah…  You  are  so  handsome,  that’s  just  great…  I  love  that  soooo  much…  soooo  much…  soooo  much…

The  fifth  are  unhappy  about  everything:  they  went  into  hell,  and  nothing  pleases  them  any  longer,  and  they  angrily  and  tediously  tell  everyone  what  they  hate  and  why,  but  nobody  listens  to  them  because  nobody  cares…

The  sixth  keep  telling  lies  all  the  time.  Lying  has  become  for  them  an  addiction  and  a  pleasure  without  which  they  cannot  live…

Only  the  seventh  contemplate  this  maelstrom  of  words,  lazily  pondering  about  whom  to  eat…  who  is  the  fattest  around  here…

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7.939. Don't eat yourself, it's not good.   AR AR

Most regrets are inherently subjective, and therefore false and unreal.

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