10.6898.   AR AR

Well, they will offer you a virtual Paradise ... eternal life...  any worlds...  Sunny...  freebies... any fantasies...

And what will you do?  Go first and run to heaven.  By the way, you read about the classic experiment Rat Paradise, when the rats created a Paradise, and they took and died all.  It was really sad...  even the Pope came ...find out why rats can't live in Paradise...

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10.6472.   AR AR

In the rat race, the favorite rat wins, not the best one.  The best are the favorites.  The best may be objectively much worse than the good ones, but it doesn't matter to those who are in love.

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10.4848. A clever trap.   AR AR

The mouse's desire to eat cheese in a mousetrap with impunity is understandable and fortunately unfeasible.  Cheese in a mousetrap, a worm on a hook and other free pleasures are poisoned.  In small quantities they are safe, but do greedy souls know a sense of proportion?

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10.4794. Universe 25.   AR AR

The increase in life expectancy increases the time the tenure of dominant males.  Young people, having lost hope for social growth, fall into chronic metrosexuality.  Eventually, all the rats died of old age.  La La La...

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10.3942. I'm not a RAT!!!   AR AR

Addicts want to believe that the beauty they behold and the joy they experience are of a divine nature.  The realization that a rat with an electrode implanted in the brain feels the same causes them great mental suffering.

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10.2514. Joy is not a toy for children.   AR AR

The moth flies into the fire and burns because it is obsessed with the thirst for pleasure.  The fire is joyful, and a rat with an electrode implanted in the brain will press the button until it dies.

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9.6528.   AR AR

A  cat  won’t  live  by  mice,  it  should  also  be  fed.

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9.7417. It's very useful for business to get rid of the unnecessary.   AR AR

Stress  therapy  is  very  useful  for  business,  when  all  rats  desert  a  sinking  ship  it  resembles  throwing  off  all  dead  weight  from    a  balloon.

Translate: lushchenko Marina


10.2316.   AR AR

Rats are cowardly, voracious and greedy for pleasure.  You a rat?

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10.7148. Their Own Game.   AR AR

Don't be upset that you didn't win, on the contrary, be happy.  Defeat is freedom.  Winners become slaves of the game.  Beginners are lucky, the first doses of drugs are free.  It is very dangerous to win someone else's game.  Winning is not about winning someone else's game and becoming the best rat in the rat race.  The victory is to create your own game.

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10.13054.   AR AR

Hell is like sticky tape for flies.  Hell is very sweet and delicious...  Hell is perfect.  In hell, smooth as butter.  The rat is attracted to the rat trap like a magnet.

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10.13625.   AR AR

A half-liter mouse is a symbol of a deceitful and cowardly person who has found solace in alcoholism.

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10.14238.   AR AR

A cat with gloves won't catch a mouse.  Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty when you get started.  Roll up your sleeves, be patient and don't be afraid.

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10.15206.   AR AR

The desire to participate in the rat race is pride, a greedy thirst for a prize.

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10.19135.   AR AR

Winning someone else's game is not as interesting as creating your own game and watching the rat race.

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10.19213.   AR AR

The rat is a symbol of everything superfluous that causes the ship to sink.  On the other hand, when the rats leave the ship, it will sink.  A ship with rats is like a barrel of honey with a fly in the ointment.  Remove the tar, the ship will deteriorate and sink.

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10.19830.   AR AR

When the ship sinks-this is a revolution, the meaning of which is to separate the grain from the chaff.  The ship is full of rats, the rats are dragging the ship to the bottom.

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The beginning of the book

6.11.   AR AR

The devil builds Paradise in illusions, and God - in reality.  But the devil invented a lie - a sham Paradise on earth, like cheese in a mousetrap, beckoning rats to his illusory Paradise.  The problem with the Paradise of illusions is that he is afraid of time and inevitably plunges into the darkness of nothing.  Millions of years of loneliness in the darkness alone with their vices are so terrible that the righteous always sympathize with sinful souls.

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7.51. Lab rat and sugar.   AR AR

The riddles and puzzles of all sorts they not only train the brain how much to feed him happy, as laboratory rats are fed sugar.

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3269.   AR AR

Every  mouse  should  know  that  free  cheese  is  typical  of  a  mousetrap. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


3356.   AR AR

When the cat is gone, the mice have fun.
The cat came... it's time to worry…
Not to hide, not to escape, ... what to do?
I should have run while it was singing…

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5.577.   AR AR

Dumping is hypocrisy, deception and cheese in a mousetrap. Giving things away for less than they're worth is a lie. A liar burns in hell and that is God's Providence. But burn they're not alone, mouse, greedy for undeserved cheese, burning near.

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5.935.   AR AR

Lazy hypochondriac, in the cat the lion sees the dog – demon. Paralyzes him with fear and can not move.

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6.886.   AR AR

Inattention is dislike of life. Without paying attention to details, the man deprived of love does not notice money, opportunities, dangers, traps for rats.

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8.534. Internal partitions to break useless.   AR AR

The only chance for the mouse to get out of the maze is to gnaw a hole in the outer (!) wall.

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3.2361. Beginner's luck.   AR AR

Past experience should be viewed with suspicion.  The devil likes to train rats, encouraging sugar negative patterns of behavior.  That is why in gambling beginners are lucky, and the first dose of drugs is free.  Rats, overseeding sugar, be the perfect slaves.

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3.2626.   AR AR

The fastest cat will catch a mouse, because the catcher and the beast runs.

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3.2665. Red button.   AR AR

Black and white dichotomous thinking is thinking in the style of " there is pleasure-good, no pleasure-bad."  In fact, this addiction, generating breaking and hell.  Like a rat, he presses the red button, demanding pleasure until he dies.

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4.1550.   AR AR

An elephant gave birth to a mouse is about those who are wasteful of time.

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4.1739.   AR AR

The symbol of the Golden egg in the tale of the speckled hen is built on the antagonism of a simple egg. The Golden egg is a symbol of the Golden idol, from which there is no sense, but there are a lot of problems and even the destruction of it generates confusion, because many prayed for him. However, when the idol is defeated and the mourning is over, the hen promises a simple egg as a symbol of deliverance from suffering. The true God is a simple egg, he is useful.

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4.1743. Do you remember the needle eye?   AR AR

The   ancient   Slavs   way   to   heaven   ran   through   the   Milky   Way,   which   was   called   the   mouse   path.

Translate: Varvara Uchevatkina


4.1745.   AR AR

The mouse is a symbol of death and all that is not true and love. The mouse destroys all that is unnecessary and unused, all that has no movement and no care. The mouse struggles with idols and the crisis of overproduction, breaking, devouring and killing.

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4.1773. The third option.   AR AR

In the tale of the speckled hen, we clearly see that, first, random circumstances help our desires, and secondly, be afraid of your desires. Grandfather and grandmother tried to break the egg for a long time to no avail, and then, when the mouse broke it, cried over it for a long time, getting what they wanted. As a result, it turned out that they needed something third. That's how people fight all their lives for something brilliant that they don't need, and when they do, they cry.

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4.1809.   AR AR

They say that a child in childhood chooses a fairy tale, which subconsciously puts in the script of his life. These are his favorite fairy tales, the most memorable, the most frequently listened to. And on modern children the greatest impression has a fantasy. For example, I remember from my childhood dunno in the Sunny city and on the moon, "Tarzan", "Steel rat", "Lord of Mars", "river World", "treasure Island", the works of Mark TWAIN and Jack London ...that sort of thing.

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4.1833.   AR AR

Chafer rejected Thumbelina, which greatly dropped her self-esteem. And Thumbelina can not live on her own, because she is small and weak. Having lived until the first cold weather, Thumbelina was forced to seek help from the gray mouse, which eventually sold it to the mole.

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4.1894. The hen ate grain by grain.   AR AR

Do not neglect anything, in the balance of life even the smallest grain has weight. Do not neglect the small, if all the small to collect on the scales it will easily outweigh all the big.

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4.2159.   AR AR

Being can be compared to life on planet Earth. The sun loves all who have a place to Be. Those who exist all receive energy. But that doesn't mean the cat won't eat the mouse, and the mouse won't eat the grain. The survival of a particular mouse does not depend on the sun, but on itself and its enemies. Life competes for energy, and the sun loves everyone equally.

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