6.4266.   AR AR

Growth is an aspiration from the earth to the sky. Born to crawl, the caterpillar seeks to become a butterfly, seed - tree, etc.

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8.2913.   AR AR


9.3476.   AR AR

Initially, people are born to crawl, to learn to fly, they should die, rethink themselves and be reborn...

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5.2258.   AR AR

Sisyphus resembles a dung beetle, which rolls a lump of his fear up the mountain, and the higher the bigger and heavier.

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10.18149. Purposefulness.   AR AR

True love is when the snail climbs to the top  Fujiyama.

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10.17002.   AR AR

Born to crawl can't fly because it's in too much of a hurry.  First, you should learn to walk and run.

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10.19710.   AR AR

You need to love the worm in yourself.

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10.21226. The snail is happy.   AR AR

Be happy because  Maybe it's just slow movement.  The slower the movement, the greater the potential for joy. 

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10.21681. The armless worm.   AR AR

Self-satisfaction breeds pride, and pride is a big problem, because it turns a person into a worm.  The proud man's arms and legs fall off, he is overcome by procrastination and loses the ability to do something on his own.  The proud are obsessed with the desire for power and try to force others to work, but they can only talk and give "valuable instructions".

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8.799.   AR AR

Pridefullness  is  something  that  makes  you  crawl  in  front  of  someone  superior. 

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5.799.   AR AR

The demand to hurry should be answered that it is better to spend a day on flight training and an hour to fly than to walk for three hours. This is the essence of the greatness of the human mind. The mind that knows the meaning of this idea is the mind that has attained enlightenment and rebirth from caterpillar to butterfly. Born to crawl can learn to fly, but it needs intelligence.

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5.219.   AR AR

Born to crawl is someone who lives within one point of view and leans on the ground with his whole body. Ordinary people lean on the ground with two legs and can perceive two opposite points of view. Those who can fly have learned three-dimensional thinking.

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3.231.   AR AR

The scarab is a symbol of wealth.  Watching the scarab, you will understand what money is, from what and how they are extracted.  Plenty of money.  Money is the unity of dust, love, ideas and shit.  Idea and shit, it's a metaphor for truth and lies.

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1392. Prisoners of a better future   AR AR

Of  course, 
on  the  top  step  of  the  stairs 
there  are  flying  angels, 
and  we're  -  things  of  squares 
born  to  crawl. 

It  does  not  suit  everyone… 

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393.   AR AR

Like a snail crawling to the top of Fujiyama, so do I
crawling ...who knows, really, where.

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The beginning of the book

180.   AR AR

It's  much  easier  to  be  unhappy  rather  than  happy... 
Happiness  implies  being  active  while  unhappiness 
means  hiding  into  a  snail  house  and  doing  nothing... 

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6.16.   AR AR

How to walk straight when everyone is pulling you in different directions?  You can't move, you either fall or, finding balance, you stand still.  The second is correct.  Find a balance and, freezing, put down roots.  Your goal is high, not low, your goal is to grow, not crawl.

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9.52. Evolution of human into a radio-controlled ant.   AR AR

The   technology   of   an   electronic   assistant   based   on   artificial   intelligence,   which   will   help   human   to   remember   information   and   suggest   something,   will   most   likely   lead   to   total   degradation   of   the   human   brain,   which   will   quickly   destroy   humanity.   Now,   when   it`s   not   necessary   to   think,   the   brains   will   be   reduced   even   more   and   human   will   turn   into   an   insect.   The   assistant   will   manage   human   through   a   radio   channel,   and   human,   as   it   befits   an   ant,   will   crawl   and   collect   energy,   dragging   it   in   the   anthill.   The   more   energy   the   ant   gets,   the   happier   it   will   be.

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1738.   AR AR

A  paper  ship  floats  in  the  sea  of  paper... 

In  the  wonderland  each  one  worships  a  personal  snail... 
Having  been  cultished  a  snail  becomes  a  symbol  of  everything. 
It  is  the  slowest  who  wins  the  speed  race. 
Softness  under  a  thick  layer  of  mucus  becomes  a  standard  of  life. 

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3143. Insects.   AR AR

Every  person  needs  a  spiritual  skeleton  of  beliefs.  As  absence  of  such  a  skeleton  makes  it  difficult  even  to  crawl,  not  to  speak  of  walking.  A  person  without  beliefs  is  a  person  without  a  back  bone,  or  a  paralyzed  person. 

A  person  without  beliefs  is  an  insect.  By  the  way,  a  new  idea.  Bees,  ants,  roaches,  caterpillars  are  backboneless.  The  only  nice  thing  about  the  backboneless  is  that  despite  being  unpleasant  they  are  doomed  to  be  weak  and  small.  While  a  strong  person  who  has  a  spiritual  skeleton  is  a  hundred,  if  not  a  thousand  times  stronger  than  any  insect. 
People  who  got  no  beliefs,  turn  into  insects.  However,  this  state  of  things  doesn't  suit  "Nature".  Nature  has  already  created  both  anthills  and  beehives  and  it's  a  relic  of  the  past  that  should  be  followed  by  some  new  sequence  of  events. 

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3.232. Arrogance is the lack of resignation.   AR AR

A   scarab   is   the   metaphor   of   Sisyphus.   The   only   difference   between   Sisyphus   and   the   beetle   is   that   the   scarab   resigned   itself   to   life   and   enjoys   it   whereas   Sisyphus   hypocritically   refuses   to   admit   he   is   a   dorbeetle.  

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4.318.   AR AR

Because movement is life, life is designed to prevent a person from lying, sitting, and standing. Better bad creep than a good lie.

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5.223.   AR AR

Why are they gnawing the granite of science? Are they worms? Have they forgotten that born to crawl can't fly? Science is a flight of thought, it does not need to be gnawed and slobbered. Everything you eat will turn into manure, distilled water and simple sugars... You can't do that with science. Knowledge does not need to eat, the knowledge you need to carefully contemplate, rejoice and enjoy their beauty. No need to eat flowers and trample the grass like a cloven-hoofed animal. Just enjoy their beauty, like butterflies and bees, collecting the nectar of knowledge.

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5.269. Born to crawl.   AR AR

You ask how I know so much about demons and their sins. I have nothing to hide, this book is the lament of my own soul, I wrote all about myself. My whole life has been spent on the edge of the abyss of fear. My whole life has been a hell of misery, pain and torment. My whole life is a hell of stupidity, malice, and my innumerable vices. You know, I'm not even a fallen angel, I was born that way. I've never had anything like wings... I had nothing. I was a brainless, armless, legless, blind and deaf caterpillar from the darkest depths of hell. The only thing that was strange about me was that I loved flowers and envied butterflies. 

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6.371.   AR AR

They say it is better to lose a day and fly in five minutes than to walk in an hour - this is true, because knowing the truth, you will become an angel, and not knowing, you will crawl on.

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7.151. When something is wrong with a man’s brains.   AR AR

A  bad  initiative  is  what  gives  the  damned  one  living  inside  man  the  opportunity  to  crawl  outside  and  do  dumb  and  harmful  things.

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8.784. Inferiority complex.   AR AR

Note  that  it's  not  fear  but  only  vanity  that  makes  you  be  obsequious  in  the  presence  of  those  superior.  You  get  flattered  when  gods  pay  attention  to  a  lousy  worm. 

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9.594.   AR AR

The relationship of dinosaurs and birds are related, but such that born to crawl can not fly, and flying do not want to crawl.

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10.194.   AR AR

A snail is faster than a hare because a snail moves at the speed of light.

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10.324.   AR AR

The snail is the fastest animal in the world, it never stops.

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3.1109. Sweet dust.   AR AR

What’s   the   point   of   your   life?   Are   you   a   dorbeetle   pushing   dust   balls?   Or   an   ant   focused   on   building   anthills?   Or   maybe   you   are   a   bee   always   buzzing   with   pleasure   and   pretending   to   work?   Have   you   pushed   many   balls   so   far?   Have   you   built   many   anthills?   Haven’t   you   had   enough   pleasures?   Say,   are   you   happy?

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3.1150.   AR AR

Work must be accompanied by growth and fruitfulness, otherwise it breeds neurosis and suffering.  If your job in this sense you do not like, forget about the money and quit as quickly as possible.  Money is dust, dust is everywhere.  The dung beetle, who loves his job, will find dust and dung everywhere to roll his balls.

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3.1499.   AR AR

Syntalism   offers   the   algorithms   of   truth   to   all   of   its   adherents.   Truth   is   power,   money   and   power.   He   who   is   born   to   crawl   can   get   wings   if   he   changes   the   algorithms   of   his   thinking.   Everything   is   very   simple:   either   you   perfect   yourself   or   you   will   be   looped   and   thrown   out   of   reality.   A   red   pill   and   a   white   one:   the   former   will   transform   you   into   the   hamster   and   the   latter,   into   a   human.

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3.1647. The fastest beast.   AR AR

The hero is joyful, but his joy is lies and drug addiction, and he is struck by pride.  The real hero is a snail, her main feat is that she is restrained and does not think of herself as a hero to maintain her self-esteem.  The snail has good self-esteem.  The snail knows that it is the fastest and most dangerous animal in the forest.

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3.1650.   AR AR

The secret of the fastest beast in the forest is very simple.  The snail does not think of itself as a hero, but it never stops and knows exactly what it wants.

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