3.1058.   AR AR

Ignorance is a terrible thing.  Ignorant wants to milk the chickens and rooster requires eggs.  "Is he an idiot?"  - No, he's just sick with pride.  Proud people consider themselves extremely intelligent and therefore monstrously ignorant.

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3.1057. Useless is useful.   AR AR

They say turkeys don't fly.  Even if they really want to.  Even if you throw them out of a helicopter.  Why do we even need turkeys?  They are even eggs is not normal!  - The Christmas Turkey is a symbol of wonder. 

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7.525.   AR AR

Zero   is   an   egg,   one   is   a   chick   and   eight   is   an   adult   hen   laying   the   golden   eggs.

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3.164.   AR AR

As for self-motivation, it can be seen that the egg is pecked from the inside, and outside it is broken only to eat.

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10.6515.   AR AR

To realize that man is descended from a worm, look carefully at the sperm.  As soon as the worm got its brain, it turned into a human.  The Union of sperm and egg is a metaphor for the Union of practical experience and theoretical truth.

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10.7250. The best is not necessary.   AR AR

Freedom is the realization that the best is the enemy of the good.  When you realize that you don't need the Golden egg and the diamonds, you will be free.

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10.15442.   AR AR

Love is when the sperm enters the egg and begins to grow.  If there is no growth, it is not love.

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10.15938. Everyone has their drawbacks.   AR AR

You love eggs, you love the clucking of a chicken.  Love to skate, love and sleigh to haul.  If you love, you will have to accept all the shortcomings of your love, otherwise you will lose everything.

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10.17673.   AR AR

What is reality?  The war of sperm over the egg?  The problem is that you are a fool, you are flying in a herd for one egg and you are very likely to lose, because when one of the millions wins – it is a very stupid game.  Take the example of smart people, they are looking for a single egg. 

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10.18487. The fate of eggs.   AR AR

First you give birth to an idea, then you hatch it for a long time around the clock... Then you cackle like a chicken, run around and try to feed the chickens, picking up a grain here and there.  I am glad that the chickens are Autonomous and look for food themselves, you just need to bring them to the right place.  I am not happy that many will become food themselves.

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10.18488. Ideas produce ideas.   AR AR

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?
One idea gave birth to another, the second grew and gave birth to a third.  Over time, ideas hang down and evolve.  The very first idea was very simple, the very last idea will also be the beginning.

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10.18687.   AR AR

Yin and Yang are the egg of life.  The seed from which the tree of life grows, the egg from which the rooster hatches, whose morning crow calls for the beginning of the day.

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10.18886. Circular process.   AR AR

Every entity that generates something can be generated by its own cause.  Cause and effect are equal, and an effect can also generate its own cause.

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10.21831. Keep it simple.   AR AR

The tale of the hen  The pock and the Golden egg is a tale of greedy desires and useless Golden idols that bring only misery.  About a little gray mouse accidentally destroying a Golden idol....  About the despair and depression of the proud who have lost their idol.  And the humility of pride, when people finally realize that the truth is a simple egg.  By the way, the chicken in this story is God.

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The beginning of the book

677. Axiom of Eggs and Chicken [In brevi]   AR AR

Here   comes   an   interesting   conclusion   about   one-moment   existence   of   everything   and   every   thing.
Everything   -   the   Universe,   time   and   space   exist   in   a   single   close   moment,   inside   which   there   already   exists   its   relative   time,   like   a   point   in   a   system   of   coordinates.

In   essence,   the   understanding   of   this   mechanism   helps   to   understand   the   concept   of   an   endless   point   inside   which   there   exists   a   huge   Universe…
The   question   is   only   in   the   effectiveness   of   codes   in   the   energy   of   information   about   its   structure…

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8.42. You will either eat or be eaten.   AR AR

-Not  exactly.

Hens  are  not  always  eaten,  some  of  them  lay  golden  eggs.  A  sheep  is  a  valuable  source  of  wool.  Donkeys  can  work  for  you  well.  And  one  better  buy  a  more  powerful  opponent  off  or  avoid  direct  conflicts,  than  risk  one's  head  fighting  him.

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1305.   AR AR

An  artist  can  foresee 
the  field  in  the  seed  and  two  kissing  sweethearts  in  the  hayloft, 
the  hunger  of  war  in  politicians,  the  bird  in  the  egg,  the  freedom  in  the  bird. 

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1402.   AR AR

And  how  many  eggs  should  be  broken 
to  find  the  needle,  -  I  don't  know, 
I  see  a  mountain  of  shell  growing, 
impressive  in  its  big  form. 

Its  remarkable  sight 
crooks  stares  with  wonder, 
people  come  from  afar 
to  touch  it  with  their  palms... 

And  the  prophet,  throwing  shells  into  dust, 
thoughtfully  says:  «I  don't  even  know 
but  look  for  the  needle  for  now 
and  then...  goodness  knows» 

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1937.   AR AR

An  interesting  observation.  I  come  to  a  table  with  a  jelly  roll  on  it.  Overjoyed,  I  bite  off  a  piece  of  it  and  choke  with  disgust.  What  a  nasty  taste,  what  is  it?  Maybe  the  roll  is  off.  Maybe  it's  been  long  since  its  expiry  date.  -  I  read  its  label  -  "Cheese  spinach  roll". 
Suddenly  a  nasty  taste  in  the  mouth  disappears  and  the  mouth  gets  filled  with  a  nice  aftertaste  of  cheese  and  spinach... 
How  interesting,  right? 

The  content  doesn't  fit  the  form-  what  can  be  worse? 
But  getting  to  know  the  truth  made  life  pleasurable  again... 

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2670.   AR AR

Time  as  well  as  money,  demands  a  balanced  and  deeply  differential  investment  policy.  It's  very  stupid  to  put  all  eggs  into  the  same  basket.

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3373.   AR AR

A braggart and a liar - siblings,
One style, cut their dresses,
They look like eggs,
Like two birds with one stone…

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4.747.   AR AR

Depression is a special case of dementia, a situation where thoughts are locked in the egg and nothing penetrates outside. Options save two. First-the chicken can warm the eggs with love and second - need incoming meaningful information. Well help audiobooks on philosophy and personal growth.

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4.818.   AR AR

Love is wonderful. They say love is a creation out of nothing, but it is a lie. Rather, this creation comes from very small and ordinary, very inexpensive and ordinary. A perfectly fine man can come out of a sperm, an egg, hundreds of tons of grain, and a couple dozen good books.

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9.114.   AR AR

It's  much  more  difficult  to  stop  a  man  from  reproduction  rather  than  a  woman.  Thousands  of  spermatozoa  are  like  a  missile  blow  but  there's  only  one  ovum.

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9.192. Circumlocution. Winged thoughts. Rhetorical observations.   AR AR

When  I  look  at  an  egg,  I  see  a  bird  and  I  see  freedom  in  a  bird.
When  I  look  at  the  sea,  I  see  faraway  countries.
When  I  look  at  life,  I  see  …

«Circumlocution»  is  a  book  of  aphorisms  and  winged  thoughts  that  describe  life  as  it  is  in  a  beautiful  laconic  way.  A  rhetorical  vision  of  reality,  a  dispassionate  view  of  an  observer  on  course  of  life.  The  book  is  full  of  many  fresh  valuable  thoughts  that  help  to  understand  the  essence  of  existence,  causes  and  effects  of  various  events  and  things.  It's  a  very  useful  book  that  helps  to  become  more  broad-minded.

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9.593.   AR AR

Dinosaurs disappeared because their offspring and eggs were eaten by twilight mammals.

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9.686.   AR AR

Is  there  anything  better  than  oatmeal  and  an  egg  for  breakfast  and  meat  for  dinner? 

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3.1005.   AR AR

Take your time, increasing the time of the game, you give yourself more opportunities to statistically win if you play correctly.  Also, your chances increases differentiation baskets for eggs, because the place is also important.  Yeah, and don't forget the most important thing.  The most important thing is God, that is, order, truth, miracle, faith, hope and love.

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3.1165. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket.   AR AR

My dad grew to a certain very large size, and then by an effort of will stopped, realizing the principle that the main thing is to stop in time.  It probably saved him, but did it make him happy?  No, it did not, moreover, stopping, he fell into hell.  What could he do to save himself?  In a situation where both growth and stoppage were deadly, he had to implement a differentiated growth model.  It was necessary to reset the system and start growing in another.  You can't not grow at all. 

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3.1258. Even hope is priceless.   AR AR

True love is when you're ready to cut off your balls or at least your ears for love.  And, clearly realizing that it is likely you have nothing to give.

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3.2726. And the second path accurately will help? – You should try it!   AR AR

How to get into literature?  Simplify the question.  How to get into art?  Correct answer three.  The first and the most important not as.  The second answer, you need to cut off my ears or eggs, someone that does not mind.  And the third answer requires a correct understanding ... not need you to go to literature, and become so perfect and beautiful that the literature has come to you.

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3.2739. That's life.   AR AR

The chickens have grown.  More to grow they will not, eggs also do not need to feed the sense they are not.  The hostess decided to cut.

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4.1129. Sperm-egg relationship.   AR AR

Sex is a symbol that a man gives part of himself and a woman gives all of herself...

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4.1249.   AR AR

In bondage to the words of the man devoid of things like a squirrel in a wheel. He wants fertility, but the egg lacks a vigorous sperm.

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