10.10207. Small doable tasks.   AR AR

Realize for yourself a great and unattainable goal, and then divide this task into small completed sections (puzzles) and strive to complete these small gestalts.  You will never collect the entire puzzle in one lifetime, but the more complete puzzles you collect, the closer you will get to your goal.

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10.10519.   AR AR

Many is when many times little by little.  A lot consists of a little.

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10.10521.   AR AR

Little by little the mountains grow and little by little the mountains disappear.  Watch very carefully for the small, multiplied by time, it becomes very large.

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10.10656.   AR AR

The effectiveness of the work of a person who is in love with his work stems from the fact that he never stops, does not distract himself, strives for beauty and knowledge of his object of love.

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10.12947.   AR AR

Illusions are like water, reality is like stone.  Of course, the waves break on the stone, but the water sharpens the stone.

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10.14095.   AR AR

Treat the matter with patience and it will bear fruit, because patience is love, and love is fruitful.

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10.15718. Ritual of the sacred drop.   AR AR

Drop by drop, the stone is hammering.  Constant minor efforts bring significant results, while not causing exhaustion and boredom.

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10.15787.   AR AR

The sea gathers drop by drop, but to collect the sea, you will need patience.  Patience is the essence of love for your dream.

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10.15826. Don't push.   AR AR

Great is your faith; let it be to you according to your desire.  Remember, the less the more.  A faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains, and a faith the size of a mountain is a lie and pride.  True faith is collected drop by drop, drop by drop, and each drop is worth its weight in gold.

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10.16522.   AR AR

Who understood life, the not hurries, for silent you go, further regulation.  Love is patience and care, and haste is greed and pride.

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10.16717.   AR AR

You can do anything if you show patience and restraint in your actions.

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10.20724.   AR AR

Aggressiveness and petulance can be effectively overcome by patience, calmness, and perseverance.  Water sharpens the stone and extinguishes the flame.

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3.447.   AR AR

If you are restrained, and you do not give up, it allows you to accumulate a huge wave of power and then sweep away the dam.  But fear those who offer you the easy way.

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4.339.   AR AR

You go more quietly, you will be farther, because a man on foot is able to move farther than any other animal on earth. Slow down, keep going. Walking is the most economical and cheap way of transportation of all invented by nature.

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6.518.   AR AR

Your most valuable resource - patience and time, perseverance you will achieve what you want, if you do not retreat, losing hope.

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The beginning of the book

3.46.   AR AR

The   strategy   is   as   follows.   Accumulate   critical   mass   for   several   years   and   then,   in   a   single   stroke,   throw   it   all   away,   thus   triggering   an   explosion.

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4.85.   AR AR

You  know,  raindrops  are  falling  upside  down,  straight  to  the  ground,  and  trees  grow  upside  down,  boldly  hanging  right  out  the  abyss  of  skies.

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2246. Everything happens gradually, and then suddenly.   AR AR  gain  critical  mass  ... 
...and  then... 
...and  then  everything  happens  very  rapidly... 

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265.1.   AR AR

My patience is endless because I'm not waiting for anything.

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6.693.   AR AR

The order gives us the power of virtue to overcome temptation. Start to do good on slightly-slightly, but constantly. Start to follow the plan and so, gradually taking blemish time vitezne him to the edge, take his time, let him weaken.

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6.708.   AR AR

Turn the impulses of your soul into drops, and drop by drop conquer time.

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7.499. Be patient and perseverant.   AR AR

80%   of   our   efforts   are   useless,   15%   of   them   are   harmful   and   the   last   5%   are   the   source   of   success   and   of   profit…

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8.115.   AR AR

You  don't  have  to  run.  Just  don't  stop  and  that's  enough. 

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8.162.   AR AR

Patience  is  not  a  matter  of  expecting  anything  at  all,  but  rather  the  understanding  that  many  things  take  time.  Patience  is  a  matter  of  movement. 

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8.934. Constant dripping wears away a stone.   AR AR

It's  not  about  the  amount,  but  about  the  persistence. 

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10.503. The Power Of God.   AR AR

The enlightened Buddha, by constantly restraining his desires, accumulates such tremendous power that nothing can resist his will.

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10.933.   AR AR

The strategy of picking up a river, here and there by a brook, works if only you love what you're doing.  To do what you do not like in the hope of a little bit to fill the sea is a very stupid idea.

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3.1445. Drop by drop.   AR AR

A dead end is a dam beyond which, if you do not despair, you can accumulate enormous power.

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3.1449. Hopeless confrontation.   AR AR

God has remarkably persistent, resisting God, you be the dam, for which it drop by drop accumulates its power...

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3.1450. Drop by drop.   AR AR

You will see when you notice from what word the word "accumulate"comes.
Resistance is joyful, the dams give you the opportunity to increase your power drop by drop, thus gaining the power of the ocean.  Power happy.

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3.1453.   AR AR

The power of this is when drop by drop.  Take care of all your strength to the last drop.

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3.1636.   AR AR

Desire is the water that creates dams.  Desire, whose source is alive, begins to accumulate its power behind these dams.

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3.2021. Air resistance.   AR AR

Speed generates resistance.  You go quietly, you will continue, because you will not interfere with yourself.

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3.2177.   AR AR

Peace is restraint.  Holding back the flow of energy, you accumulate them.  Calmness is a terrible force.

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4.2209.   AR AR

Slow down, keep going. Take your time if you want to do something really good.

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