1130.   AR AR

In  the  world,  where  everything  is  hidden  behind  beautiful  masks  it  is  sometimes  a  very  outstanding  act  to  take  off  your  mask… 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


6.80.   AR AR

The scenario of "bad - good COP" is a complication of the scenario "on offended carry water".  Bad offends, and for good you carry water.

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10.12330.   AR AR

A man calls a woman to play, she can't refuse.  Women love games, they love being played with.  Feel like Alice rushing down the rabbit hole, this is a favorite women's game.

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10.12653.   AR AR

In fact, all items differ from each other only in their shape, that is, packaging.  Beautiful and attract the attention of packaging is more expensive.

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10.13666.   AR AR

What are mortal sins?  This is the sin of pride and all its masks.

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10.13800.   AR AR

Pride and lust for power are perfectly sublimated into lust, masquerading as love.

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10.17834.   AR AR

Suffering and sorrow are chains of slavery that make us slaves to vices.  The usual mask of Vice is a consolation against suffering.

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10.18484.   AR AR

The indifference and indecision of the safest facial expression of the players.

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10.19058.   AR AR

Stupidity is different, but usually under the mask of stupidity hides pride, ignorance and fear.

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10.19721.   AR AR

The predator is not what they think, the real predator is very smiling.

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10.19728.   AR AR

There are so:  or chaos pretending to be order, or the order pretending to be chaos.

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10.19759.   AR AR

Man is a monster disguised as a man.  When you remove a man's mask, you turn him into a monster.

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10.20249.   AR AR

Don't care if it's just a realisation that everything is happening for real.  This is a game, a performance, a role and a script that can be changed or not changed if you want.  It doesn't matter.

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10.20489.   AR AR

When you try  It seems that you spend a huge amount of energy on this and spoil your health.  Don't lie, be real.

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10.20732.   AR AR

You see that a person is playing, play along with him.

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10.21611. In the land of porcelain dolls.   AR AR

All people are the same in the sense that everyone's sins are the same, the masks seem different, but even the masks are the same.

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The beginning of the book

46.   AR AR

We never take off our masks...
We live in masks.
We are changing the masks from one to another. 
......And it makes perfect sense.
Why would anyone see and know,
what they are  - 
    ...real people:
psychopaths, feeble-minded, obsessed,
the vengeful, sadists, killers.
Masks are much more human...

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97.   AR AR

The  desire  to  take  without  giving  anything  back 
is  often  disguised  by 
the  desire  to  give  what  they  don't  ask  for... 
      …  and  then  angrily  demand  what  they  don't  give 
back  in  response... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


116.   AR AR

Everyone  who  knows  you 
sees  you  in  his  own  way.  Even  though 
you're  the  same.  That's  because  people 
differ.  They  see  you  through  their  own  eyes. 
You're  the  character  of  their  world... 
inhabited  by  their  demons,  angels  and  idiots. 
And  the  part  you'll  play 
is  just  a  matter  of  cast... 

P.S.  Although  quite  often  actors 
choose  to  play  the  same  parts... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


4.53.   AR AR

Having ceased to amuse oneself with illusion, a person can get rid of the mask of this illusion.  The mask gave the person a form and imposed on him methods and properties of this mask.  Attempt not to obey the mask caused a feeling of guilt and pain in his chest.  Answer yourself – who am I... I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a citizen, I am a Christian, I am a good person, I am an honest person, I am a good daughter, I am a good granddaughter, I am a good friend.  Every single one of these masks puts obligations on you that need to be followed.  However, you can override the properties of the mask, more accurately defining what is also good and bad.  A man must be good.  When he's bad, his own Self starts to self-destruct, howling with pain and suffering.

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5.84.   AR AR

Politics reminds me of the extension of the tail of the dog.  There is a puppeteer whose job it is to make a show and take the attention of the viewer, and there are a number of actors.  Actors saying emotional dialogues, swearing and declarations of love, ...the task is simple – to keep the attention of viewers.

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731. Living philosophy.   AR AR

Real philosophy is alive in the sense that it helps to live.  It creates life, it is life itself.  The meaning of life is precisely to create life.  You will never see her real face, because there is only her essence and thousands of her different masks… 

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Art by Evgeniy Slinko



8.61. Political sketch.   AR AR

What would they cry, no matter what slogans nor raised... All their thoughts usually come down to ordinary money. Actors are paid a salary, puppets are fed, puppeteers take money for the spectacle, and the owner of the theater...

And that the owner of the theater... he is interested in games for adults-land, real estate, the struggle for markets, for spheres of influence, he needs the theater as a symbol, as one of the cards in his big game...

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911. [In brevi]   AR AR

The  world  consists  of  illusions. 
They  put  glasses  and  masks  on  people... 
They  surround  people  with  acting  and  mummery... 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


9.35. Prometheus ' Self-Justification.   AR AR

I   am   not   afraid   to   write   the   truth,   because   to   understand   and   accept   it   requires   great   strength   of   mind   and   spirit,   but   most   people   are   weak.   Moreover,   they   do   not   even   read   books,   but   eat   them.   Most   people   just   read   "Variothoughts"   will   not   have   the   strength   of   mind   or   spirit,   and   of   those   who   will   master   and   read,   only   a   few   will   understand   the   meaning.   So   I   don't   take   masks   off   anyone   or   anything.

Translate: SD


1516.   AR AR

Don't  judge  people  by  their  calm  expression  on  the  face  or  their  looks.  People  like  to  put  on  masks  and  the  more  experienced  a  person  is,  the  more  masks  this  person  has.  Behind  a  totally  calm  and  nice  face  a  real  psycho  or  an  utter  idiot  may  hide.  And  taking  into  account  that  there  are  no  normal  people  at  all,  then  the  nicer  and  more  normal  a  person  seems  to  be,  the  heavier  and  worse  this  person's  sins  will  seem  in  close  up.   

Anyway,  it's  better  to  be  careful  with  people  from  the  very  beginning  as  only  time  and  working  together  will  let  you  get  to  know  them  better.   

With  all  other  things  being  equal,  the  only  thing  that  matters  is  how  well  one  does  one's  job  and  on's  ability  to  engage  in  personalities. 

It's  rational  to  ignore  and  not  deal  with  people  who  like  to  engage  in  personalities.  Any  profit  or  money  gained  from  them  don't  matter  at  all.  There  are  many  perhaps  not  quite  normal  but  quite  sane  people  in  the  world.   

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1522.   AR AR

There's  no  need  to  overestimate  people  or  consider  them  better  than  they  are.  Generally,  people  are  approximately  equal.  We  often  think  that  we're  special  or  not  like  others.  But  secretly  we  often  consider  ourselves  worse  than  others;  sillier,  weaker,  less  lucky  etc.  But  actually  thoughts  like  these  probably  torture  many  people  (regardless  of  their  age),  no  matter  how  successful,  strong  or  smart...   

In  essence,  any  person  may  get  the  following  thoughts  and  emotions  on  the  inside:  uncertainty,  doubts,  complexes,  permanent  lack  of  understanding  of  what  goes  on  and  what  to  do  next  or  how  to  live  in  general,  lack  of  self-belief. 

A  person  is  always  full  of  many  desires  most  of  which  won't  come  true.  As  a  rule,  no  matter  how  old  one  looks  on  the  outside,  on  the  inside  a  person  remains  the  same  little  young  gold  fish  swimming  in  a  huge  ocean  of  emotions  and  passions  that  overwhelm  human  soul.   

And  anything  on  the  outside  is  a  mask.  A  shell.  A  shield. 

That's  why  let's  not  be  judgemental  towards  people.  Take  off  a  person's  mask  and  he  or  she  will  cry  or  laugh  like  a  child...   

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1627.   AR AR

Girls  become  mature  quite  early,  much  earlier  than  boys  do.  And  not  to  seem  strange,  they  put  on  masks  and  pretend  to  be  little  girls  and  habitually  stay  in  this  role  up  to  the  old  age. 

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1632.   AR AR

Avoid  people  who  try  to  make  you  feel  pity  or  guilt  complex.  In  essence  it's  just  a  reason  to  make  you  do  something  you  don't  feel  like  doing. 

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1767.   AR AR

A  real  man  is  terrible  by  nature...  As  one  is  stupid,  jealous,  evil...  One  is  full  of  sins  like  a  vessel  is  full  of  wine... 

But  in  real  life  one  wears  masks  and  from  afar  resembles  a  normal  human  being... 

The  only  problem  is  that  wearing  masks  constantly  is  difficult.  It's  necessary  to  have  a  rest  sometimes.  And  as  a  rule,  one  takes  a  rest  at  home.  As  one  takes  off  all  masks  at  home  and  shows  one's  own  nature... 

And  here,  it  may  certainly  mean  that  a  beauty  should  love  a  beast  and  a  prince  should  see  the  princess  in  a  frog... 

...or,  what's  even  more  likely  is  that  a  beast  and  a  frog  will  have  to  find  something  in  common. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1839.   AR AR

A loving person does not hurt a loved one because his love is false. Rather, the reason here is that next to your loved one you want to remove all your masks, you want to be loved as you are. And man, as you know, is a monster. Knowing that your love is monstrous hurts everyone.

There are, however, two more reasons.

Close people are so close to each other that their feelings about each other are tens of times more acute. Therefore, even the smallest rudeness is perceived as a hellish pain.

Often intimacy comes to such an extent that you begin to feel a partner part of yourself. And with yourself people usually talk without any constraints. Moreover, it is impossible to take offense at himself. So quite strange and it's a shame, when your "other half" all -??? takes offense. Why, why?

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1886.   AR AR

A   three-level   person.   With   the   face   hidden   under   various   masks.   The   masks   hide   a   monster.   The   monster   guards   the   soul   made   for   love   and   light.   Hence,   masks   hide   the   monster   who   guards   a   tender   kind   soul.

The   monster   is   necessary   so   that   no   one   would   ever   smear   a   fragile   clean   soul.And   the   masks   are   necessary   so   that   no   one   would   panic   at   the   sight   of   the   monster...

Translate: Sodmis


1891.   AR AR

A  woman's  desire  to  tame  a  raging  animal  of  a  man  results  from  her  primal  instincts.  And  the  stronger  the  man  and  his  rage  are,  the  more  pleasure  a  woman  will  get  out  of  taming  him...  A  weak  woman  who  tamed  a  Strong  man…  The  stronger  he  is,  the  more  rage  he's  got  and  the  nicer  a  woman  feels  while  taming  him.  A  raging  animal  wants  freedom,  but...  a  female  needs  the  strongest  of  all  males  and  only  after  making  him  tamed  she  will  be  happy. 

When  a  woman  looks  at  the  best  man,  she  imagines  her  future  children. 
These  children  will  be  wonderful.  As  it's  exactly  her  Mr.Right.  And  it's  only  him  who  she  will  show  her  real  nature  to.  For  others  she  will  always  be  a  monster  or  a  set  of  masks,  but  the  one  chosen  by  her  will  get  to  know  her  real  nature. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


1916.   AR AR

With  nobody  around,  a  person  can  take  off  all  masks  so  that  there  will  remain  the  person  and  this  person's  monster. 

Not  long  ago  the  monster  was  busy  with  work  and  protected  the  person's  soul  from  the  world  around. 
But  now  the  monster  got  no  work  and  it  starts  to  go  mental  with  boredom.  Or  it  goes  mental  with  hunger  as  it  got  nothing  else  to  eat.  The  soul  and  the  monster  are  face  to  face... 

Perhaps,  the  monster  will  soon  remain  alone. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2174. About self-admiration.   AR AR

An  actor  for  oneself,  playing  to  oneself. 
…Oh,  …  your  inner  audience  member  applauds  you  and  loves  you. 
You're  his  idol  and  he  doesn't  need  anyone  else. 
You  made  for  yourself  a  personal  idol,  so  now  you  have  your  own  God. 
You  denied  the  old  Gods  of  the  Big  world...  And  now  they  curse  you. 
…But  does  it  really  matter?  Your  new  idol  will  certainly  protect  you. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie


2217.   AR AR

Hypocrisy  is  bad  due  to  its  being  a  powerful  energetic  screen  that  consumes  a  lot  of  live  energy.  And  generally  wearing  masks  is  very  exhausting.  As  sometimes  it  would  be  so  nice  to  take  off  a  mask  and  just  be  a  beast  for  a  while. 

Translate: Muhortova Natalie