10.19579.   AR AR

To get access to energy, you must first reach a critical mass, and then restrain yourself from growing and dividing.  When you reach critical mass, you will become a star or a universe.  By holding yourself back, you will accumulate energy.  If you don't restrain yourself, you will quickly burn out and turn into a black hole.

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10.19582. The principle of the big Bang.   AR AR

Everything in our system works on the same principle, which can be called the principle of a controlled chain reaction.  The system, striving for perfection, reaches a critical mass, and begins an avalanche of explosive decay and growth, which must be restrained and diverted excess energy.  So the universe works, stars, society, government, business, people, knowledge, etc.

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10.19647.   AR AR

Truth (absolute)  this is a kind of integrity that has reached a critical mass and divided itself into an infinite number of new forms.  It is impossible to know the truth, because the truth is the whole real world, which is infinite, because the division of the absolute can take place indefinitely.  In fact, what you call the evolution of the system is the continuing degradation and disintegration of the system from a simple and unified absolute to some sophisticated and very complex forms.

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10.19827.   AR AR

Evolution inevitably results in revolution.  Evolution is the process of gradually reaching a critical mass, the initial stage of an exponential curve.  Upon reaching a critical mass occurs and the detonation of the explosive growth of the system – it's called a revolution.  Evolution and revolution are in dialectical inseparable unity.

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10.19849.   AR AR

The critical mass of a system is a point after which even a small increase in the system outside begins to generate a significant division within itself and expansion in other dimensions.  The system gradually evolves from one-dimensional to three-dimensional and generates an explosive energy flow that could be called time or money.

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10.21455.   AR AR

Growth does not require any effort, growth is a disintegration, it is an explosion, it is like falling into an abyss.  If you relax and don't twitch, you can run endlessly.

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10.21467.   AR AR

Holding back your desires from within, you are like a spring that accumulates energy.  If your desires are restrained from the outside, then you are like someone who leans against a wall in the hope of moving it.  The more you push, the more the wall resists.  Both options have a place to be.  In the first case, you can reach critical mass and explode.  The second option can be used as a dam.

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10.22262. A heavenly place.   AR AR

When you do good, don't be afraid to just throw it around.  It doesn't matter that no one needs it and no one takes it.  Sooner or later, flies will fly into the soup and turn it into a Paradise.

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10.22282.   AR AR

What seems useless to you is a necessary stage of experience accumulation, as a result of which everything superfluous and false is eliminated.

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10.22284.   AR AR

The point is that you should not just reach critical mass, but increase the size of the system, avoid detonation.  In other words, the system must be restrained.  However, when the system reaches the maximum possible mass, all barriers must be removed and the system  first it will fold under its weight to a point, and then it will explode and a new universe will be created.

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10.22322.   AR AR

The accumulation of critical mass in the system must occur simultaneously in time and space.  It is not enough to accumulate material entities, you need to accumulate time.  The average critical mass accumulation time for a system to detonate is five years.  The more material accumulated over five years, the stronger the growth will be.

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10.22323.   AR AR

The accumulation of quantitative changes with the transition to quality occurs on average once every five years.  The main thing here is the length of effort in time.

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3.46.   AR AR

The   strategy   is   as   follows.   Accumulate   critical   mass   for   several   years   and   then,   in   a   single   stroke,   throw   it   all   away,   thus   triggering   an   explosion.

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The beginning of the book

1654.   AR AR

It  is  not  enough  to  be  able  to  read,  it  is  necessary  to  learn  to  see  the  essence,  to  understand  the  sense,  to  discard  the  unnecessary...  and,  perhaps,  the  most  important  thing  is  the  ability  to  critically  perceive  information.

Still,  it  doesn`t  actually  matter  who  has  written  what.  The  truth  of  the  information  will  only  be  demonstrated  by  a  competent  experiment  and  by  an  attempt  of  practical  personal  application  of  this  information  in  real  life.

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2246. Everything happens gradually, and then suddenly.   AR AR  gain  critical  mass  ... 
...and  then... 
...and  then  everything  happens  very  rapidly... 

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2394. Murphy's fifth law implementation in dynamical astronomy.   AR AR

The   Universe   craves   for   chaos   (the   inkblot   concept).   The   forces   of   order   are   aimed   at   creating   perfection   and   some   structure.   Hence,   there   are   two   types   of   forces   which   are   opposed   to   each   other.

When   it   comes   to   human   life,   the   force   of   order   is   represented   by   human   beings   (while   wild   nature   has   its   own   laws).

Thus,   any   unruly   thing   that   a   person   leaves   unattended,   will   definitely   go   wrong:   slowly   at   first,   gradually   gaining   speed   until   it   gains   critical   mass   after   which   there   will   be   a   blow   and   the   whole   thing   will   turn   into   chaos.

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2516. Anger gathered bit by bit.   AR AR

Before you strike it makes sense to accumulate anger. Blow with extreme anger, has vsesokrushayuschaya force.

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2525. Something that is difficult to destroy.   AR AR

The  big  differs  from  the  small  by  the  way  it  grew  for  a  long  time  and  nothing  managed  to  destroy  it. 

Nothing  can  become  big  suddenly  or  unexpectedly.  It  takes  time  to  grow.  And  during  this  growth  there  will  always  be  something  eager  to  break  or  destroy  you.  Sometimes  it's  better  to  withdraw  into  yourself  and  save  strength  until  branches  and  bark  become  strong  enough.  And  sometimes  it's  necessary  to  oppose  the  wind  to  make  muscles  grow.  All  in  all,  all  this  process  takes  time  and  right  strategies. 

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2837. Reaching a critical mass safely.   AR AR

Don't  try  to  do  "something  great"  in  a  crowd.  When  in  the  crowd,  be  like  everyone  else. 
But  do  whatever  you  want  while  being  alone. 

P.S.  But  it  should  be  mentioned  that  it's  not  only  something  great  that  grows  during  your  being  alone.  As  stupidity  and  heresy  grow  well  in  safety  too.  That's  why  it's  better  to  reach  some  level  of  self-awareness  and  wisdom  before  becoming  secluded  for  growing  the  great. 

It's  only  wise  people  who  need  to  become  secluded  to  get  the  enlightenment.  While  stupid  ones  get  the  opposite  result. 

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3.126.   AR AR

It   is   necessary   to   unite   all   extremes   to   achieve   critical   mass.   The   achievement   of   critical   mass   produces   a   Miracle.

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3.163. Waiting for life to happen.   AR AR

The   road   of   expectation   is   the   accumulation   of   critical   mass.   If   you   keep   waiting   but   your   strength   goes   down   rather   than   up,   that’s   called   waiting   for   life   to   happen.

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3.366. The dragon's descent to earth.   AR AR

To begin to grow, you first need to shrink like a spring to a point, getting rid of excess, and then, reaching a critical mass, explode.

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3.416. Humility is calm.   AR AR

Are you being prevented from doing your job?  Prevent to know the truth, to find drawings, to reach critical mass and to explode?  Oh, you're my silly little bomb, I'm so sorry for you. 

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3.518.   AR AR

The   key   to   success   is   to   become   one   and   then   to   find   a   vacant   spot   with   no   ones   but   many   zeroes.   Gravitation   will   help   you   attract   many   zeroes,   thus   incredibly   boosting   your   energy.   In   rare   cases,   you   can   get   together   with   other   ones   and   numbers   in   order   to   create   critical   mass   in   the   face   of   stiff   competition.

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3.608.   AR AR

A   black   body   absorbs   all   the   light   falling   on   it   and,   thus,   accumulates   a   maximum   of   energy.   A   black   body   is   a   maximally   cold   and,   consequently,   motionless   body.   Be   calm   and   passionless   if   you   want   to   accumulate   energy.   On   the   contrary,   if   energy   is   to   be   extracted   from   objects,   you   should   warm   them   up   and   make   them   move.

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3608. Masterhood.   AR AR

Masterhood  comes  the  number  of  training  activities  overcomes  the  critical  mass.  Sometimes  it  takes  a  thousand  tries  to  realize  it.  And  then  the  master  does  it  all  skillfully  and  easily. 

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Art by Martin Anderson



3.684.   AR AR

Beauty is something like a neutron star, it has a huge mass and, therefore, the force of gravity.  Beauty is order and the ability to group chaos, to create density.  In this sense, chaos is a discharged gas whose mass is dispersed.  Beauty, with its gravity, attracts chaos, gaining greater and greater density until it reaches a critical mass.  After that, an explosion occurs and a star or universe is formed.

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3.820. A displaced cycle.   AR AR

The   point   is   that   everything   is   the   other   way   round.   The   last   mile,   i.e.   20%   of   the   road   and   80%   of   time,   is   the   beginning,   in   reality.   At   the   beginning,   we   accumulate   critical   mass   and   move   slowly   and   stubbornly   towards   an   explosion.   Then,   when   explosive   growth   takes   place,   we   walk   80%   of   the   road   in   20%   of   time.   That   is,   your   last   mile   is   not   the   completion   of   your   current   job   but   preparation   for   a   new   stage.   Explosive   growth   following   the   last   mile   is   the   growth   of   something   new.

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3.881. No time to think.   AR AR


In critical situations, you cannot think.  You need to think in advance, this is called planning and principles of life.


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3.942. The sacrifice of love.   AR AR

Love   does   not   obey   the   direct   rational   choice   criterion.   At   the   initial   stage,   love   is   unprofitable,   stupid   and   extremely   disadvantageous.   Love   will   become   profitable   only   when   it   takes   on   critical   mass   and   be   tempered.   The   chosen   ones   serve   love.   Others   are   physically   incapable   of   spending   years   on   a   stupid   and   unprofitable   job,   sacrificing   themselves   and   the   world   around   them   to   their   passion.

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3.966.   AR AR

IQ   is   not   a   constant,   it   is   something   that   grows   or   decreases   according   to   Fibonacci   proportions-   0,   10,   30,   80,   130,   210   etc.   IQ   Growth   occurs   in   spurts   with   the   accumulation   of   critical   mass.    If   accumulation   occurs,   the   IQ   ranges   in   the   vicinity   of   some   equilibrium   point   like   trapped   in   the   wheel   of   the   squirrel.

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3.970. Wave-particle duality.   AR AR

Dualism   is   proper   to   the   nature   of   growth.   On   one   hand,   it   is   a   wave.   That   is,   growth   is   occurring   in   spurts,   as   critical   mass   is   being   accumulated.   On   the   other   hand,   the   accumulation   of   critical   mass   always   occurs   by   putting   together   small   particles,   bricks,   stones,   efforts   and   mosaic   pieces.

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5.155. The birth of a dragon.   AR AR

When does not cease to be added, surely there will be a breakthrough. This is the essence and meaning of personal growth, daily small steps to perfection inevitably lead to the goal of accumulation of critical mass and insight.

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