10.20222.   AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because there are a lot of fools, and only one thing is better.  Choosing the best, you get involved in a competitive struggle, where a crowd of people and a large impassability.  The best is greed, driven horses, insufficient fuel and crowds of people.  Smart people travel light, on foot or on a donkey.

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10.20791. The road of love.   AR AR

Anyone can do anything if they want to and fall in love with their dream.  Love overcomes fear and generates faith and hope.  Faith is a movement toward hope.  God helps the one who goes to his love.  Nothing to be afraid of.  The meaning of the infinite ease of being is that we do not know those who went and did not reach.  All roads lead to Rome, the main thing is not to go astray.

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10.21570.   AR AR

People are daytime predators who were blinded by the idol of the sun.  People have poor eyesight, people don't see anything at night.  Meanwhile, night residents know that it is quite light at night, and the sky is pure white.

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10.21571. Brainstorming.   AR AR

If you think you have only a few options, you are clearly blind.  You should have at least an infinite number of options.  Look around carefully and try to do something very crazy and strange, but extremely simple and worthless, but with hope... without hope is not possible.

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10.21776.   AR AR

There are an infinite number of options, your job is to relax and just flow in the direction of your goal.

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10.21777. The case of the man   AR AR

I stuck to one option, and, meanwhile, there was another simple and cheap solution.

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10.21778.   AR AR

Depression is when you are stuck with one decision and there are no other options.

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10.21827.   AR AR

Too much attention is, in fact, the same inattention, because by focusing on one thing, we begin to not notice many things.

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10.21936.   AR AR

Brainstorming through denial is like this... you Take what's there and deny it as if it's not there, and you think what you're going to do.  When the glare of the fire idol, blinding in the darkness, is gone, ... you will see many small hopes of stars in the night sky.  Try it by giving love (time and attention)  these little hopes, work out a couple of them.  These paths may be different.

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10.21968.   AR AR

Alternative paths are a situation where you have a thousand hopes, not one idol that you pray to and are terribly afraid that it will not work out.  Alternative paths are calculated by negating what is and analyzing the situation in terms of what I would do if it wasn't for what I'm doing.  Alternative paths are paths that should be used when there is a traffic jam on the Central road, so as not to stand in traffic.  The point is to see the stars in the sky... there are not 2 or 3 stars, there are billions of Them...

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10.21969.   AR AR

The idea that there are bad options is inherently flawed, everything is good... if you do it and love it.  You can go to the shittiest job as a free slave and grow up in the very cosmos.

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10.22071. There is no choice.   AR AR

In essence, schizophrenia is a metaphor for winning pride.  The desires of pride are contradictory.  You are torn between greed and greed at the same time.  Unable to make a choice, a person goes mad. 

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10.22173. At arm's length.   AR AR

The closer you get to the problem, the more options it opens up to you.  Accordingly, it is pointless and even harmful to solve problems in advance.

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3.134. Hopelessness.   AR AR

The problem with the squirrel in the wheel is that it feels like it has no other options.

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The beginning of the book

3.473.   AR AR

Life   implements   the   quantum   principle   according   to   which   movement   goes   along   all   possible   paths   simultaneously.   Doing   your   job   with   love   means   not   to   slow   down   and   not   to   doubt   your   path.   Those   who   have   love   in   them   will   come   first.   The   path   does   not   matter.

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3759.   AR AR

To achieve the goal can be a thousand roads. The main thing in this case - not to turn and not to stop. Otherwise, you can get lost, start walking in a circle or be eaten by catching up with the mistakes of the past.

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3.845. Main incentive   AR AR


Everything   is   simultaneously   right   and   wrong.   For   work,   choose   what   you   like   more   or   what   inspires   you   more,   thus   creating   a   better   incentive   for   movement.   Truth   is   the   movement   of   zeroes   and   ones.   For   movement,   it   is   necessary   to   have   an   incentive.   Love   is   usually   such   an   incentive.


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5.779.   AR AR

No dead end. Energy sources exist at any level. Horizontal growth is available everywhere and is cheaper than vertical.

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7.748.   AR AR

100 roads, 100 difficulties, it does not matter which way you choose, it only matters whether you are or you are not.

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9.237. Hundreds of roads lead in and out of any city.   AR AR

Any  thing  can  be  created  by  myriad  of  ways  and  then  used  in  as  much  directions  as  possible.  I.e  consequence  can  have  hundreds  of  reasons  and  thousands  of  voluntary  consequences.

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3.1008.   AR AR

Arrogance   is   being   categorical.   Resignation   is   accepting   the   uncertainty   and   equality   of   thousands   of   options   of   being.   Arrogance   is   both   better   and   worse.   Resignation   is   the   realization   that   everything   will   be   fine   anyway.

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3.1784.   AR AR

An   outpost   without   gates   is   an   eye   of   the   needle,   an   entrance   to   heaven   ...   Thousands   of   roads   lead   to   those   non-existent   roads..   Piles   of   good   intentions   are   on   the   sides   of   these   roads,   and   one   can   see   on   the   gates   that   this   place   is   created   by   love   and   that   one   has   to   leave   hope   to   enter   here.   But   beware   your   desires,   doubts   and   fear   will   close   the   gates,   and   you   will   stay   on   the   side   where   hell   is,   forever

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3.1998.   AR AR

At the stage of reflection, research and decision-making, a variety of thought options is necessary.  On the action stage requires the monotony.  That is, the trees should be turned into a forest.

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3.3313.   AR AR

A route change should not cause a target change.  Thousands of roads lead to Rome.  A change in purpose should not result in a change in mission.  What can be done in Rome can be done elsewhere.

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4.1366. Don't forget to design a ladder.   AR AR

Think bad thinking shapes the Genesis, so creating unnecessary obstacles. Squirrel got lost in the maze of his own illusions. If she stopped thinking, she would find that there was no maze, and that before her was an endless empty field stretching away beyond the horizon. Realizing this, the squirrel will only follow the guiding star.

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4.1382.   AR AR

You wander through the maze, surrounded by walls and closed doors. You are a child of dead ends, doomed to live in the cage of your wheel. Your problem is you're blind. To see, you must close your eyes, imagine the guiding star, and follow it. No barriers, you come up with all its challenges.

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4.1767.   AR AR

Man not only creates problems and barriers, it also comes up with their solution, keys and ladders. It is true that the labyrinth in which you wander is created by your fears, but the stairway to heaven is born of hope.

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5.1122.   AR AR

You should be comforted by the fact that all three roads lead to the truth. But the bad news is that truth and falsehood are one and the same, but what you take depends only on your awareness. The wise will take the truth, the foolish will take the lie, but both will take the same.

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7.1059.   AR AR

Theoretically,  there  is  one  point  of  balance,  practically-as  much  as  one  wants.

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7.1070. Traffic theory   AR AR

Paradoxically,  whatever  way  you  choose  —  short  or  long  one,  travel  time  will  be  the  same.

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7.7652.   AR AR

A plan is a map, a real idea of how and where we will go. Note, on the map can be many routes to the same goal.

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8.2449. A rattle.   AR AR

There's  no  need  to  break  rules,  there  are  many  other  ways  to  fulfil  goals  safely.  Breaking  rules  is  like  that  very  apple  of  sin  and  the  Serpent's  trick  that  made  people  fall  into  hell  after  the  expulsion  from  paradise.  A  meaningless,  useless  rattle  that  made  humans  sell  their  souls  to  the  devil.

Don't  break  rules  or  laws!  It's  better  to  play  by  the  rules.

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8.2949.   AR AR

Do not retreat and do not give up! Sounds good. On the other hand, they know that's what you're supposed to do. This could all be a trap. You should be more flexible in your tasks. Predictability makes you vulnerable. Remember: you can reach the goal by a thousand roads and it is not always necessary to beat your head against the wall, you can often bypass this wall, dig, bury... and even...

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8.4093.   AR AR

You   will   be   able   to   get   where   you   want   by   any   way,   provided   that   you   want   it   very   much.  

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