The history of religion. The civilization of reason.






7.7162. Adam, contemplating fire.   AR AR

They say the first man was Adam. It is likely that it was. Man is mind, the first monkey to receive revelation from the contemplation of fire, was called Adam. Then Adam found a wife and her name was eve. Eve admired and believed in her husband, and took from him his vision of the world. The mind gave Adam greater force and power, he became head of tribe and priest. The tribe quickly gained power and subdued other tribes. This couple had many children, which parents have got power, the beginnings of perfection and reason. Mind gave these people power and they became the dominant species, gradually began to control the whole world.

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7.6570.   AR AR

The first man-made clothing was made of the skins of bears and bulls. The cave people worshipped bears, wolves, and bulls, putting on their skins, they tried to join their power.

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7.6454.   AR AR

The emergence of metals is associated with religious rituals of communion with the power of the earth. The symbol of the victory of the God of fire over the chaos of the underworld. Take the ore, crush it (the principle of "divide and conquer"), then sacrifice it to the fire, burning out her sins. After cleansing, from sins remain clean metals and different alloys.

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7.6275.   AR AR

God created the human mind. The sacred fire, sent down by God to the earth, taught people to make flint weapons, to hunt, to fish, to eat fried food. The cult of grain opened the idea of burials, temples, sedentary lifestyle, cloth, bread, cereals and legumes. The cult of truth and reason created science. Thoughts of God have taught man to think. Attempts to communicate with God created writing and art.

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7.5480. Flowers and butterflies.   AR AR

The symbol of the coffin is associated with the symbol of the butterfly and the idea that death is the rebirth of the caterpillar into a butterfly. A coffin or sarcophagus is a pupa from which the soul, being reborn, turns from a man into a winged angel. Flowers at the funeral is also about butterflies, victory over death and rebirth.

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7.5476.   AR AR

Have ancient people the most the first God was the fire. Making sacrifices to the fire, trying to achieve unity with God, people learned to fry meat and subsequently developed cooking.

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7.5406.   AR AR

It's  faith  what  created  the  human  reason.  It's  faith  in  reason  what  made  humans  start  building  temples,  invent  labor,  settle  down,  master  industrial  economy  and  agriculture,  start  creating,  not  only  consuming.

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7.3695.   AR AR

Writing was invented to record the words of God, so as not to forget or distort the words of God. God doesn't talk to people that often and there was a need to keep the divine revelations in mind. The words of God brought law and order into the world, became the Foundation of society and the state.

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7.3692.   AR AR

It is said that European civilization stands on the Foundation of Greek philosophy. But the Foundation of Greek philosophy is the philosophy of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Vedas and Zoroastrianism. And even the traditions of Judaism stem from the same roots. It is said that Moses was taught the wisdom of Egypt, and Abraham was a connoisseur of the wisdom of Mesopotamia.

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6.4501.   AR AR

When a person comes to Church, he does not come to God, but to his wife, whose mission is to comfort and compassion. The Church relieves the pain and gives strength to man to find reason and to realize the realization of God. Those who took advantage of this opportunity, we call the chosen.

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6.1532.   AR AR

First came the priests, who gave power to the leaders and tyrants. Then the priests turned into philosophers who raised emperors. Afterwards, when philosophy died ... there were people who we now call psychologists, psychotherapists, managers, leaders, clergymen and all that sort of thing.

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5.3446. Equal among equals.   AR AR

If right understanding of idols and idolatry, we should realize that the worship of human reason does not deny love and attention to his body, liver, heart, muscles, etc. the Main thing to remember is that idol should be useful and beautiful, and it is always less than the whole and total. Moreover, the heart is no better than the liver, and the brain is no better than the rectum.

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5.3182.   AR AR

Monkeys have always had at least four idols... The most cowardly prayed to the bear, for he was terribly afraid. The wood was praying at the tree. The weakest, who were driven away from the tree, began to pray for the cow and the bull, for they saved them from hunger. Well, the most visionary began to pray to the fire, for they noticed that love and passion are the strongest.

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5.3181. Wooden idol.   AR AR

Initially  the  monkey  prayed  for  the  tree,  because  the  tree  fed  it.  Then  a  lightning  struck  the  tree  and  it  burned  down.  Thus  the  monkey  realized  that  the  real  God  was  this  fire.  However,  many  idolaters  still  pray  for  the  trees,  so  we  call  them  wooden  and  oak-headed  fools.  Smart  people  are  those  who  pray  for  love,  that  is,  for  fire.  However,  those  who  are  enlightened  know  more  than  anyone  else.

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5.1980.   AR AR

Before the invention of fire, monkeys mostly ate sweet fruits, which did not contribute to the development of intelligence in them. Excess sugar is bad for socialization and the ability to focus. By reducing the consumption of sugar, the monkey became calmer and was able to focus attention, that is, learned to love and think. Concentration is love.

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5.1346.   AR AR

Having carefully studied from the viewpoint of Cybernetics and system logic all on the planet earth religion, philosophy and science, I came to the conclusion that they are all right and saying the same thing, just different words, and sometimes by accenting, then some, in other parts of the whole. 

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3.3118.   AR AR

Religion   and   ability   to   realize   the   God   are   inherent   only   to   the   human   consciousness.   Animals   are   unable   to   get   the   idea   of   religion   and   God   in   principle.

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3.2969.   AR AR

The state was created by God.  God promised people to save them from the devil, that is, from fear.  The state is an institution for the service of God, providing functions such as science and education, order and roads, protection and ritual facilities.  The God that serves the whole state, is very strong and can protect its subjects from anyone.

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10.990. Love is magic.   AR AR

God Ptah first imagined the universe, and then created it with the help of his closest assistants: intelligence, creativity and love.

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10.834.   AR AR

The meaning of any religion is to turn a slave into a free man.  Freedom is joyful, all religions offer freedom.  The problem is, slaves don't need freedom, addicts just need drugs.  Religion promises freedom from dependence, and slaves are interested only in Paradise, joy and bliss.

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10.830.   AR AR

The concept of salvation in Christianity is salvation from slavery.  The slaves of idols and vices desire freedom.  Christianity promises freedom to those who are willing to repent and change their minds.

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10.134.   AR AR

The meaning of the diversity of religions is that the truth is one, but its objective side is very dependent on the place and time.  Objective reality is truth, and objective reality is very diverse.

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The beginning of the book

6.21.   AR AR

A man has come out of the mud and needs to be washed to be cleansed.  Dirt - a symbol of evil and chaos, purity and the procedure saves the soul from suffering.

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10.68. Less people, more oxygen.   AR AR

It's good that people don't believe in God...  This greatly weakens them and facilitates competition.  God will have more resources to help the Elect.

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2284. Fish and bread.   AR AR

Religion  is  a  social  institution  aimed  at  canning  socio-economic  relations.  The  poor  should  remain  poor  and  the  rich  should  be  rich.  The  main  aim  of  this  institution  is  to  reduce  tensions  in  society.  Religious  philosophy  was  made  to  maintain  peace  in  society  and  give  people  consolation  and  strength  for  living  in  this  society. 

The  essence  of  religion  is  in  consoling  people  and  reducing  tensions. 

Sectionalism.  Its  essence  is  in  using  a  person  to  its  advantage  while  giving  this  person  something  nice  in  return,  be  itlove,  happiness,  calmness  or  confidence.  While  the  sect  itself  takes  a  person's  money,  time  or  skills... 

The  essence  of  sectionalism  is  in  giving  what  people  need  in  return  for  what  a  sect  needs. 

Philosophy.  Philosophy  in  its  pure  clear  state  is  aimed  at  giving  a  particular  person  or  particular  people  STRENGTH  to  live.  Philosophy  teaches  a  person  to  live  and  gives  strength  to  live.  Philosophy  makes  a  person  free,  allowing  to  break  «the  bonds  of  slavery».  It  teaches  how  to  survive  in  this  world  of  slaves  and  titans.  Philosophy  turns  slaves  into  noble  strong  people.  Philosophy  makes  noble  strong  people  powerful  enough  to  stand  up  to  the  power  of  titans. 

Philosophy  doesn't  give  bread  and  fish  but  it  teaches  how  to  fish  and  make  bread. 
Philosophy  doesn't  console  but  gives  strength  to  live  and  struggle. 
Philosophy  gives  a  person  the  power  of  wisdom  and  true  grit. 
Philosophy  brings  freedom  and  breaks  bonds  of  mind. 

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2706. The hunter is joyful.   AR AR

Religious  books  are  usually  written  by  people  of  great  wisdom. 
You  read  them  and  read...and  see  it's  all  nonsense  nonsense  and  nonsense...and  then  just  a  single  line,  a  thought  of  'diamond  wisdom'.  A  wonderful,  right  thought  that  simply  gets  imprinted  in  your  mind.  It's  like  light,  like  a  revelation.  You'll  never  forget  this  thought.  It  will  always  remain  in  your  mind  and  be  the  light  in  the  dark. 

Besides,  as  far  as  I'm  concerned,  authors  do  it  on  purpose  when  they  consciously  put  this  light  of  wisdom  into  nonsense.  It's  a  contrast  that  makes  wisdom  seem  so  brilliant  that  it  won't  be  forgotten.  You  may  feel  yourself  a  hunter.  You  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  of  obscurantism  and  look  for  some  light.  And  suddenly  you  find  it...  It's  such  a  pleasure  and  happiness  to  find  light  among  the  dark  jungle. 

I've  also  noticed  that  authors  of  such  books  have  a  great  sense  of  moderation  and  harmony  as  they  delicately  put  the  diamonds  of  wisdom  in  the  text-  not  too  frequently  and  not  too  rarely.  It's  not  in  every  line  but  as  soon  as  you  get  a  bit  tired,  you  suddenly  see  it  in  the  text  and  it  makes  you  joyful  and  enthusiastic  about  keeping  on  reading.  And  thus,  you  wander  through  the  dark  jungle  from  one  thought  to  another  and  feel  yourself  a  hunter  and  every  new  catch  brings  you  joy.  It's  not  only  a  hero  who  is  joyful,  as  Nietzsche  once  said.  But  it's  also  a  hunter  who  is  joyful  as  well. 

Any  hunt  is  always  about  searching,  being  excited  and  expending  some  effort.  An  easy  catch  never  brings  joy.  While  something  too  hard  to  get  makes  one  lazy  and  passive. 

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4376. Easter Island.   AR AR

Isolationism.   Old   idols   stand   by   the   sea   and   watch   people   in   order   to   control   their   life.

Policy   of   expansion.   Old   gods   are   broken.   New   gods   are   being   constructed-   gods   of   the   volcano.   These   gods   symbolize   rebellions   and   destruction   of   old   views.   New   idols   look   to   the   outer   world,   to   the   ocean   in   order   to   leave   their   volcano   towards   the   shore.

Old   gods   are   gods   of   the   sea.   Gods   who   control   the   system   from   the   outside.   New   gods   are   gods   of   the   volcano.   Gods   who   symbolize   an   explosion   and   a   protest   agains   external   goals.   These   people   look   for   freedom   and   finally   find   it...   However,   an   excess   of   freedom   never   leads   to   anything   good.

People's   rebellion   against   gods,   people   lose   fear   and   faith,   new   idols   demand   expansion.   Meaningless   expansion   exhausts   resources.   As   usual,   everything   ends   badly.

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4.666.   AR AR

It is believed that the enlightenment of Christ occurred when he was not 33 years old, but 40, and he was born in the 6th year BC. Figure 40 is a mystical figure, is a figure of the ripening of the mind of the Torah and the Vedas. 

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4.840. The word is light.   AR AR

The Egyptian word "light" was placed by Moses in the ark of the Covenant. The metaphorical verb of light is a symbol of eternal movement, inexhaustible energy of life. Christ turned this word into a living light, and the candles that Christians light in churches are an echo of this word of truth. Fire, as a symbol of movement, is that which lives while it moves.

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4.907. War of bulls and rams.   AR AR

Interestingly, the symbol of the Torah was the bull, and the symbol of Rama was the symbol of Aries, which we can trace in such terms as the Golden fleece, the shepherd and his flock. The symbol of the bull is the Golden calf, a symbol of energy and strength. The bull is stronger than the RAM, but the RAM has a Golden fleece, however, the Golden calf is also not poor.

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5.192.   AR AR

Adam and eve ate the Apple of sin, which the devil gave them not out of evil, but out of curiosity. Children are curious. 

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6.122.   AR AR

In the Christian conception of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost, the father is the sun, the son is fire, and the Holy Ghost is the mind, which, having known God, has learned to control fire and the sun, benefiting from them and avoiding harm.

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7.967. Unity of Western and Eastern philosophy.   AR AR

Although technically Christianity is a worshiper of God, which order, and opposed to the devil that chaos, however... Western civilization honors freedom. Freedom is another name for chaos, that is, the devil. Uniting, order and chaos give birth to harmony, that is, what Eastern religions recognize as the main value.

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7.984. Pagans are those who create idols and do not believe in God.   AR AR

Medieval Inquisition and the practice of anti-witch that was trying to clean the society from the heresy of paganism. Many people, especially women, tend to mystical-pagan thinking, belief in idols, signs and signs. All these ideas are very contagious and are transmitted, including from mother to son, from wife to husband. This whole situation is not happy, so the witch decided to get rid of the strongest.

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9.858.   AR AR

Christianity   absorbed   a   mass   of   legends   from   previous   religions,   primarily   from   Zoroastrianism.,   They   took   the   legend   of   the   flood   from   ancient   Shumers,   they   took   the   rest   from   the   cult   of   Mitra   (1st   century   B.C.   There`s   an   opinion   that   the   cult   was   invented   in   the   ancient   Rome   after   Zoroastrianism   and   Greek   cults   of   God   of   the   Sun   -   Helios.   The   cult   was   widespread   in   the   Roman   army).   The   Christian   philosophy   is   based   on   platonism   and   stoicism.

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10.632.   AR AR

Musical fanaticism is akin to religious fanaticism.  Only, philosophy and life goals in it on order less.

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10.679.   AR AR

The ignorant are poor in spirit, like stem cells.  These people feel what the system needs, do what is necessary and should, becoming organs of the body of being...  The knowledgeable (we call them the enlightened, the Brahmins, the Buddhas, the saints) are essentially the gray cells of the brain.

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10.687.   AR AR

Religion is the opium of the people.  The use of religion as a source of bliss, consolation against pain and medicine against fear, turns people into addicts, addictive and withdrawal.  The enlightened use religion differently from a source of pleasure, but as a source of truth and power.

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10.711. Chief doctor.   AR AR

Religion perfectly heals neurosis, conquering fear, referring to the most important authority of this world.  If you're good, the doctor tells you, don't be afraid, everything will be fine.  When God loves you, a person who no one else loves, the soul is joyful.

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10.788.   AR AR

Religion is like the different grains in the husk.

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10.829. Religion of freedom.   AR AR

They say Christianity is a slave religion.  I do not agree, on the contrary, Christianity is a religion of freedom and strength of spirit.  The fact that there are a huge number of slaves among the adherents of Christianity is a sign that Christianity promises people freedom.  Slaves were before Christianity, and Christianity promises them freedom.  Slaves become Christians in the hope of freedom.  Some succeed, many do not.  Man becomes free himself, religion can only support him morally in this desire.

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10.835. Drug addiction medication.   AR AR

They say religion is the opium of the people.  Not exactly.  Religion is heroin, which was invented as a cure for opium to treat drug addicts.  But cunning addicts have noticed that heroin is a better drug than opium.

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