10.17369.   AR AR

Asceticism is self-restraint.  Restraint breeds strength.  Austerity is freedom, freedom is power

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10.10872.   AR AR

A real gourmet is an ascetic.  Gourmet saves his pleasure, avoiding all unnecessary and overkill.

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10.10871.   AR AR

Asceticism is self-denial in unnecessary things.  Asceticism is self-restraint and thrift.  You save energy on the harmful and useless in order to spend it for good.

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10.9200.   AR AR

The goals are austerity and self-restraint.  To achieve your goals, you need to cut off excess and avoid the temptation to deviate from the path of truth.

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10.5786.   AR AR

Overcoming fear, phobias and laziness is a training of courage and getting used to pain.  Helps pouring cold water, running, fighting, asceticism, etc.

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10.4092.   AR AR

Asceticism is the greatest pleasure, because the greatest pleasure is the victory over fear.

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10.4088.   AR AR

Asceticism is the renunciation of pleasure, because pleasure is the other side of fear and pain.  Pleasure breeds pain, ennui, boredom and fear.

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4.1497.   AR AR

There is no other way to make a person out of a child than sports, books, work and austerity.

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3.3221.   AR AR

The essence of austerity is the preservation of love and joy.  Exhaustion and overabundance kill happiness, love, joy, and all the other pleasures of life.

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The beginning of the book

3.2443.   AR AR

By   what   things   should   a   mentally   ill   person   be   treated   ?     
-   By   austerity,   word   of   the   truth   and   preaching   of   humility.

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4.3550. Element of cowardice.   AR AR

Money and luxury breed pride, the source of inhuman suffering. That is why many philosophers and saints preferred asceticism.

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8.5095.   AR AR

Soloinc   is   a   hermit   and   ascetic   from   music,   who   creates   in   solitude   and   recluse.   Soloinc   does   not   publish,   does   not   advertise,   and   almost   does   not   give   concerts...   Estranged   from   people,   Soloinc   has   dedicated   his   life   to   achieving   excellence   and   uniqueness   in   art.

Each   Soloinc   song   is   a   unique   piece,   played   just   once   impromptu.   Imbued   with   the   spirit   of   harmony   and   music,   Soloinc   has   been   creating   one   song   every   day   for   many   years.   Once   a   week,   he   listens   to   seven   finished   songs   and   deletes   four,   leaving   the   top   three...  

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8.5222. Harmony   AR AR

My children, boys, are engaged in martial arts, foreign languages, swimming and group games, athletics and all-around.

Of martial arts they are personally interested-Boxing, Thai Boxing, hand-to-hand combat (you can still Sambo, Aikido, karate).

From group-football (can be still basketball, American football, hockey and even paintball).

The choice of martial arts and group sports is not fundamental. In sports, a lot depends on the coach. The main thing in this case is the balance of individual and group sports.

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10.2364.   AR AR

The Manichaeans claimed that our world is an arena of struggle between good and evil, and the only way to defeat evil is asceticism...  This statement is not far from the truth, asceticism saves the human soul from many sufferings and allows, having conquered their vices, to refrain from falling into hell.

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10.3358.   AR AR

Dialectics teaches us that whatever we desire, we receive in reverse.  Here it is necessary to understand what means "we wish".  We wish this means you admire and love.  Therefore, the rich admire the Holy ascetics and simplicity.  The poor are jealous of wealth.

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10.4315.   AR AR

Devotion and love are impossible without asceticism.  Love is the joy and the Ministry that takes time.  Why do you of joy?  Do you want to steal the energy from your love to serve other pleasures?

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10.8225.   AR AR

When you are focused, you are happy and there is no fear in you.  But when there is no fear in you, you become weaned from fear, and this makes you sensitive to it.  Pain requires humility and asceticism, otherwise every return to reality will be extremely painful for you.

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10.10870.   AR AR

Asceticism is an action that you would rather not do, but you do it because it is insurance against problems that could otherwise become a disaster for you.

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10.17370. The Laws Of Manu.   AR AR

Three periods of a person's life: education, household, and work.  At the third stage, when the face will go wrinkles, and children will get children, you should find freedom from vices and go to the forest.  Austerity is freedom.

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10.17397.   AR AR

Extreme asceticism is as extreme as any other extreme.

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10.17476.   AR AR

Neuroticism is an increased sensitivity against the background of fear of your feelings and dependence on them.  For thousands of years, philosophers and warriors have sought this state through asceticism in order to feel the truth and gain power.  The problem with the neurotic is that the philosophers and warriors knew what they were doing and why, but the neurotic does not know.  The neurotic does not understand what he feels and is afraid of himself.

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10.20215.   AR AR

Sweet, delicious, warm and comfortable create fear, discourage courage and firmness.

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10.21027.   AR AR

Especially harmful is too much pleasure and food for an old person.  It seems that you need to be happy before you die, but this is not so.  All these joys monstrously destroy the health and psyche, causing a person to rot alive.  Asceticism and some activities or work will help you live through old age without unnecessary suffering.

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10.21097. Stoic.   AR AR

The manly one who is dispassionate.  Cultivate dispassion in yourself through asceticism, self-restraint, fasting in food, avoiding sharp tastes and sources of pleasure.

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10.21347.   AR AR

Pain should be enjoyed, because it trains the strength of the spirit, and joys should be feared, because they deprive of strength.  Asceticism from all sides is useful for the soul and body.

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10.22626.   AR AR

Extremes should not deny themselves anything. If the humility, the austerity. If it's vanity, it's Caesar's Laurel wreath.

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