10.10050.   AR AR

A single entity similar to a lie.  When the three Magi came to Jesus, individually, each of them saw what they wanted, but when they came together, they saw reality and truth.

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10.10421.   AR AR

Truth is the Trinity of time, place, and purpose.  All other things being equal, the truth is highly dependent on the goal, if the entity does not meet the current goals – it is a lie.

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10.10463.   AR AR

The one God is the Trinity. The Trinity is the unity of point, form , and purpose. The dot loves and serves its form (idol). Forms are combined into whole compositions. All together, the Trinity is a metaphor for beauty, truth , and love.

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10.10823.   AR AR


In three-dimensional reality, it is impossible to build an objective 3d model without having three opposite points of view.  If there are two points, you get a flat 2d model.  If there is one point, it will be something very small and extremely limited.


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10.10824.   AR AR

The concept of "God is all" is revealed through the concept of the Trinity of unity of point, form, and picture as a whole.  "Everything is God" is a point, a form, and the universe as a whole.  And more than that, there is a goal that generates movement.  Movement is life.

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10.11098.   AR AR

In a three-dimensional world, there are always three choices: heads, tails, or don't judge.
If you do not judge your lot, but simply do what you must, you will save yourself unnecessary suffering.

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10.18901. Harmony of the Trinity.   AR AR

The Trinity is the unity of reason, beauty, and love.  The unity and equality of the Trinity is the basis of life.  None of them should prevail or degrade.

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10.19299.   AR AR

The absolute is the Trinity of idea, energy, and vehicle between them.  Here hope is an idea, faith is a movement, and love is a guide.

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10.19375.   AR AR

Love is a Trinity of "I want, I must and I must".

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10.19502.   AR AR

In the dispute between the forest and the trees for power, no one will win, because the main one in this Trinity is nothing…  Emptiness and nothingness, that's who's in charge in this world.  Their first servants are water, earth, air, and light.  Everything else is tertiary.

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10.19975.   AR AR

Faith is  Now, for now it is a movement.  Love is the past, that is, the joy of what is.  Hope is the future.  The essence of integrity  God is the unity of time and all three of its entities.

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10.19994. The Trinity of God.   AR AR

God is the unity of the past, present, and future.  That is, the unity of what has been done, what is being done, and what is potential.  That is, the unity of love (what is already there), faith (movement)  and hope (potential).

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10.20309. The third element.   AR AR

The Trinity in Hinduism is Brahman (the absolute and soul of the world), Atman (intuition, subconsciousness and It), as well as human consciousness (I, pride, Ego).  Thinking sensibly, you can see that the third element is salt (a metaphor for bread with salt), which is enough for 1%. too Much  Ego (pride)  spoil the bread.

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10.20688.   AR AR

Trinity is a system of checks and balances.

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10.20868. The Trinity of Want, Must, and Need.   AR AR

Pride to believe that  I want to ... correctly say, the love and idea that live in me, want, and I, their slave, must do what they want.  I want and I must be simultaneous.  Moreover, what I Must and Want-I need, because it is useful and brings good.

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10.20889.   AR AR

Considering that  God is everything.  Everything is one.  Therefore, love, faith and hope are equal to each other.  Love is  God the father.  Faith is man the son of God.  Hope is the Holy spirit, beauty, idea, forms of the real world.  Thus, man is equal in importance to love, idea, Holy spirit, and beauty.  It is wrong to talk about the second-handedness of a person to something.  At the same time, of course, it is love that generates faith, but the opposite is also true, that faith generates love.

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10.21092.   AR AR

God is love, a source of pure energy.  The son is the light.  Light is the darkness that has taken in the energy of love.  The son is a conductor of energy.  The son is faith and movement.  The Holy spirit is the forms and boundaries of the real world.  The Holy spirit is the embodiment of the beauty and desires of being.

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10.21104.   AR AR

Man is the essence of the law (semiconductor), located on the border of being and non-being.  The essence of being and non-being is not a double essence, but a triple essence, where there is still a border, a semiconductor, love and pride.  Man is the guardian of borders.

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10.21915.   AR AR

The Trinity is faith, hope, and love.  Where God the father is love.  Man is faith, and hope is the Holy spirit.

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The beginning of the book

3.7.   AR AR

The mistake is that you try to push or pull, and you need to push and pull at the same time the same thing.  You're pulling one and pushing the other.  However, think about it over those, to achieve Trinity.

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4.13. The three-dimensionality of being.   AR AR

Reality   is   the   borderline   between   firmness   and   softness…   Reality   is   the   borderline   between   water,   the   shore   and   atmosphere.

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5.20.   AR AR

They say there is a cause and effect, but it is in two-dimensional illusions, and in the real three-dimensional world everything consists of at least three parts.  In three-dimensional reality there is always a cause, a consequence, a consequence and their dynamics (trajectory) of movement in time.

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5.26.   AR AR

In the three-dimensional world there are four entities – form, energy, purpose and movement.  Energy, moving, takes different forms depending on these or those purposes.  Goals are formed automatically, based on the desire of energy to beauty.  The pursuit of energy for beauty is called love.  A system that has the ability to love and create beauty is called Mind (spirit).

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9.63. Multidimensional world.   AR AR

Everything   has   at   least   three   sides,   because   we   live   in   a   three-dimensional   world.   But   usually   there   are   four   or   more   sides,   because   there   is   still   time   and   that   makes   the   world   at   least   four-dimensional.   Illusions   make   the   world   multidimensional.

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2886. God Of Novelty.   AR AR

Chaos is the God of the new. People by their nature represent the forces of Order and strive in his person to Perfection (beauty and structure). From perfection man seeks to benefit. But in order for perfection to be Useful, you also need Novelty. For the essence of this world consists of the Trinity of " Novelty-Perfection-Benefit."

Novelty comes from chaos. People perceive chaos as something negative.

And then I would like to quote Ludwig Feuerbach:

"Only he has the power to create new things, who has the courage to be absolutely negative."

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3.530.   AR AR

There  are  exceptions  to  all  laws,  so,  basically,  you  can  apply  any  rule  the  other  way  round  and  see  what  happens.  However,  it  would  be  more  original  to  apply  it  differently  rather  than  the  other  way  round  because  truth  is  not  a  double-edged  sword  but  a  three-dimensional  sphere.

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3.639. The pyramid of time.   AR AR

Time   does   not   exist   in   space   –   it   is   space   that   exists   in   time.   There   is   one   unidimensional   point,   time,   and   then   there   are   its   three   dimensions   known   to   us   as   a   three-dimensional   space.   We   live   in   a   three-dimensional   space   inside   a   unidimensional   one.

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4.402.   AR AR

In the three-dimensional essence of being there is creation, preservation and destruction, as well as their unity and movement.

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4.693.   AR AR

Three-dimensionality  of  living  is  that  there  is  a  micro-controller,  a  signal  handler  between  a  stimulus  and  a  reaction.  And  you,  certainly,  won’t  believe  but.  A  feed  can  be  handled  according  to  the  logic  that  you  like  and  that  you  like.  Moreover,  you  can  change  this  logic  in  line  with  changing  of  your  goals.

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4.858.   AR AR

Do you know why 7 is a mystical number? The first three are the Trinity, and the seven are the angels. 3 and 7 are parts of the harmonious division of 10. In an ideal world, 10 should not be divided in half for equality, but by 3 and 7, or use the "Golden ratio" of 38% and 62%. In this system, the 3rd perfect and 7 almost perfect.

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5.101. Harmony of three-dimensional entities.   AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel revolves around the object of his love and this movement gives it the hardness of a form compatible with life. A squirrel may look like the earth, or it may look like the moon. If a squirrel is the moon, its joy is the growth of life, thanks to it on earth. The world is multidimensional, so ideally the squirrel is both the moon, the earth, and the sun in relation to the same three-dimensional entities.

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5.102. Strong centrifugal force.   AR AR

The Trinity of being is that the harmonious man is at once the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Harmonious people, bonding with harmonious another man, forming with him the attitude of harmony, being the Land for its Sun, its moon, the Earth, the Earth to the Moon to Sun Earth. Movement within these movements give firmness to the form of man, give birth to life and truth.

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5.110. Holy Trinity.   AR AR

Father God is love. The son is the Mind of man. The Holy spirit is beauty. All together, this Holy Trinity begets life.

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5.219.   AR AR

Born to crawl is someone who lives within one point of view and leans on the ground with his whole body. Ordinary people lean on the ground with two legs and can perceive two opposite points of view. Those who can fly have learned three-dimensional thinking.

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5.375.   AR AR

God   is   ONE   –   it’s   a   goal.   The   trinity   of   God   is   Being,   Doing   and   Having   united   around   their   common   goal.   The   goal   is   beauty,   truth   and   life.   Being,   Doing   and   Having   united   around   their   common   goal   is   called   love.   God   is   love.

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5.584.   AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   philosophy   of   artists   and   artists,   builders   and   creators,   scientists   and   druids.   The   Trinity   of   soul,   mind   and   nature.  

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5.771.   AR AR

Water is the oldest entity in our world, even older than the sun. In fact, water is one of the first transitional forms of energy. The first forms of energy - time, light, hydrogen and water in this series is one of the first complex forms of energy. In fact, water is a symbol of the Trinity, where two sources of hydrogen energy feed one life.

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5.772. The symbol of the Trinity is water.   AR AR

In the Christian concept of the Trinity-the Father, the son, and the Holy spirit-we see the symbol of Water. Where there are two sources of energy, the Holy spirit, the external father, and the man himself, the son, who uses this energy for life.

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6.160.   AR AR

God loves the Trinity, and where there are three, there are seven. Of course, you can try until it turns out, but it is better to know the measure.

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